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Hello Stranger - Recap

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The scene opens with Finn and T.J fighting over a game. Trevor comes in and Roxy asks for help. Pamela calls and asks Roxy and Trevor to Miami for a convention. Roxy asks if they can go and tells him that Roland can take the boys. He agrees to go. Later, Denise, Tanya, Roxy, Roland, Jackie and Claudia toast to Tanya going to Virginia to go be with an E.R. doctor. Denise says that she is going to miss her. Roland says that Roxy is going to have to say hello to Pamela for them. Jackie says that Sophie, her daughter, is going to be down from Boarding School. She says that she is a Junior at the school. Roxy gives Gloria the instructions and she tells her that they are going to have a great time.

Jackie’s daughter, Sophie, gets into town and says that the house is subtle. However, she is clearly sarcastic. Sophie is not happy to be there it seems. Trevor and Roxy get to Miami and say hello to Pamela. She says that Chase will be around in a little bit. Pamela talks to Roxy’s belly and says that they have Spa Treatments. Pamela and Roxy lay out in the son after the Spa Treatment. Pamela says that she will drink for both of them. Roxy asks if Pamela misses the base. She says that she misses her friends. The waiter comes and Pamela orders a Mohito and Roxy orders a Mango Iced Team. A doctor by the name of Hayes goes up to Tanya and says that he needs Heperin administered now. She goes into see a kid who has stomach pain. She gives the Heperin and the boy starts to seize and bleed internally. Hayes comes in asks what Tanya did.

Later, Denise goes in to Tanya and asks what happened and Tanya says that Hayes must have meant Hespan and says that she is positive that she was told her to giver Heperin. She tells Denise that Hayes is taking her to the Risk Management and could ruin her career. Jackie tries to show Sophie around, but she doesn’t show interest. When Michael and Claudia come up, she shows that she is polite. After they leave, she goes back to texting. At Mercer Hospital, Denise tries to go up to Hayes and convince him to drop the charges and Hayes threatens to take Denise to the committee as well. Jackie comes in and tells her that she wanted to jump on looking at colleges. She tries to tell her mother that she doesn’t want to go to her choices. Jackie doesn’t want to hear it and says that she has talked to her college adviser. She tells Jackie that she will look at her options. However, she sits back and listens to her music.

In Miami, Chase tells them that they can go Salsa dancing. Trevor gives him a hard time and says that it is stupid. Chase challenges him. At Joan and Roland’s, Joan asks why Finn is sitting on the couch. He says that David and T.J. say that he is not allowed in the room. Joan goes up to find the door locked. She enters and finds out that they were looking at a Maxmix adult magazine. Joan goes into talk to Roland and says that the magazine was David’s. He says that he is going to have to have “the talk” with him then. At Denise and Frank’s place, Denise is upset that Hayes is getting away with this. Denise says that he is arrogant and Frank says that the man is an officer and it could let her life difficult. The next day, Denise talks to Claudia and she has an idea. They visit Joan and she gives them a list of all the disciplinary actions against others. They feel that they need to find someone to come forward.

Back in Miami, Trevor is tired and says that he danced too much. Chase and Pamela get there and Chase and Trevor walk off to go to the High Dive. At Mercer Hospital, Denise goes up to Susan, another nurse. She asks about her own run-in with Hayes, but she says that she was mistaken. She says that she can’t complain and says that she needs her job. Claudia goes up to Jackie and asks where Sophie is. She says that she is with a friend for dinner. However, they really are at Roxy’s bar. Gloria cards them and their fake IDs check out. Tanya is wondering about the list and Claudia says that they need to find someone outside the system where Hayes cannot reach.

Roland goes into the bedroom and tells Joan that David knew it all and more. Joan says that David is growing up too fast these days. He says that he told David that if he has any questions, to talk to them. At the bar, a guy is watching Sophie. Suddenly a girl comes up and says that she is trying to steal her date. Sophie says that it is nothing and Gloria says that she might call the cops. They leave. Sophie sneaks in the house and Jackie is there. She tells her mother that she went with Kelsey and says that everything was fine. Jackie tells her that she can sleep in. The next day, Tanya, Denise and Claudia go visit Margaret Jones, an elderly woman that was fired from Mercer because of Hayes. She comes out of the bushes and tells the girls that Hayes ruined her life. They take her to see Susan. She tells her to talk so that they can take Hayes down.

In Miami, Roxy and Trevor are talking about how they would hate to leave. Pamela let it slip that Chase has a job for Trevor. Chase apologizes and Roxy is really interested in what this entails. Chase and Trevor are going to play Golf and Chase says that he knows that Trevor is under the contract of the Army and says that they can wait. Hayes gets called into the office of Col. Levinson. He tells Hayes that he is suspended until the end of his investigation. Hayes walks out to find all the women he lied about. Margaret tells Hayes that he is a bad man. At the hotel, Trevor is checking out and Roxy shows properties in California. Trevor tells her that they are not moving and she says that it is good to plan. He ignores it. Roxy says goodbye to Pamela and tells her that she will work on Trevor. They leave. Later at the fundraiser, Sophie is helping out when Gloria comes up. She recognizes Sophie and tells Jackie that she sold alcohol to her and says that she had a convincing ID. Jackie tells her to go inside.

Roxy and Trevor give Joan and Roland a gift and to David as well. Roland tells Trevor that T.J. and David were looking at an adult magazine. Denise, Frank and Tanya are enjoying their celebratory drinks and Tanya thanks Denise for all her help. She tells her that she helped a little bit. At Trevor and Roxy’s place, Roxy tells Trevor that the job offer that Chase gave is a great one. He ignores her again and goes to the bathroom. Jackie talks to Sophie that she lied to her and says that she doesn’t know how she became such a rebel. Sophie bites back and says that Jackie is not a mother and that she doesn’t talk to her at all. Jackie says that it is a two-way street and Sophie says that Patrick gets more attention. Jackie says that she has had everything, but Sophie says that Jackie never cared about her. She leaves crying. The episode ends.