Baby Steps - Recap

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The scene opens with Roxy talking to Trevor. She asks if he looked at the packet that Chase gave him. He says that he is not interested in it. Marty, Roxy’s mother, calls and she reminds her that she is coming. Trevor leaves upset at Roxy’s probing. Michael and Joan talk about the software and she says that it is fine. Joan says that she believes that Frank is being set up with what happened on Operation Javelin. Michael tells her to leave it alone for now and to concentrate on other things. Kevin gets home and Sophie runs up to him and tells her all about her projects. She tells Kevin that she gets to go to New York next month. Jackie says that she didn’t know that and Sophie ignores her. In his office, Kevin brings up the fake ID and Sophie says that it wasn’t that big of a deal. She asks him to talk to Jackie about her punishment. She needs to take the driver’s test and needs her learner’s permit. He says that he will think about it, but no promises.

Denise goes up to Dr. Cooper and says that she feels that the patient that he just diagnosed with Lupus has something else. He says that he is the doctor, not her. Seaver walks up and says she has a point and that it wouldn’t hurt anything. Seaver tells Cooper that a good nurse is good to have. Jackie tells Kevin that the punishment fits the crime and says that Sophie said that she wasn’t a good mother. Kevin says that is just a teenage rant. She says that Sophie’s got him wrapped around his finger and he agrees that the punishment of taking her learner’s permit away for 9 months stands. Roxy and Gloria are at the bar and Roxy says that her mother is coming into town. Gloria says that her marriage counseling is going nowhere. Seaver goes up to Denise and tells her that she was right about the prognosis. He says that she should go and finish her schooling and she says that she is busy. Seaver offers to help her.

Hector and Gloria are in marriage counseling. They are not communicating and Hector tries apologizing again to her. He tells her that she is going to have to move out because the Army is taking away his living expenses and she says that she has nowhere to go. The counselor tells them that they need to figure something out or else they are going to have to think about divorce. Charlie and Nicole walk around and Nicole says that her mother is approving of them now. Charlie brings up children and she says that she would like to carry the baby. Nicole says that they don’t want a stranger’s baby. Charlie goes to Roland and tells him about her plan to have him father the baby. He says that he is flattered, but has to consult with Joan about it. Later at the house, Roland tells Joan about it and she tells him that his sperm only belongs to her. Roxy picks up her mother and she makes herself at home. She gives the boys t-shirts that say “Jamaica Me Crazy” and they love them. Marti complements Roxy on the success and admires her baby bump. She tells her that she is not her little girl anymore and has come a long way.

Michael tells Kevin that he has to leave for Iraq sooner rather than later. Michael asks if he can leave tomorrow and he says that he can. He tells the news to Jackie and Sophie and Sophie asks about the learner’s permit and she realizes that she is not getting it back. She tells Jackie that she can sign her up for Summer School because she is not coming back. Kevin tells her that they can sort this out at dinner, but Jackie tells him that they can’t and that it is not a big deal. Denise tells Frank that she was offered to continue her education and he tells her that she should go for it. She likes the idea. At the dinner table, Marty tells the boys that they should play some Texas Hold’Em. Roxy snaps at her and says that they have homework. She snaps at Trevor too and he leaves.

Later that night, Jackie brings Kevin dinner and Kevin says that it will be alright. Jackie says that he doesn’t have to worry about her and says that he shouldn’t be too late. Charlie and Nicole talk about the baby and Nicole says that she is on board with the sperm donors. Trevor tells Roxy that she shouldn’t snap at her mother and says that he did look at Chase’s offer, but it is not what he wants. Roxy says that she doesn’t like what he does. Trevor reminds her that she married a soldier and that is all he is going to be. He storms off. The next day, Denise gives Seaver her application for advancing her degree and needs a recommendation. At Roxy’s, Marty is getting ready to go and gives Roxy the advice to not mess things up with Trevor. She reminds her that Roxy was with a wife beater and an abandoner. She says that she needs to be happy. However, Roxy tells her that she doesn’t want a soldier. A taxi comes and picks Marty up and she tells Roxy that she would like to be alone.

Kevin says goodbye to his family and tells Sophie to listen to her mother. However, it is clear that isn’t going to happen. He leaves and Jackie offers to take Sophie out to dinner. However, she wants nothing to do with her. Gloria is at home and sees a picture of her and Hector. She goes to church and prays. She sees that Hector is there too. He tells her that he prayed and feels really bad for what he has done to her. Gloria says that she asked for a sign and this must be it. Trevor comes out to find Roxy there. She apologizes and he says that he can’t change who he is. He says that he knows that it is not easy being married to the Army, but hopefully she gets something back. She says that she has him. Roxy runs up and catches up to her mother. She apologizes on how she acted and they make up.

Four Months later, Roxy and Trevor are getting ready for a Baby Shower and they joke with one another. Charlie and Nicole find out that the process to have a baby is not working so far, but it is too early. Charlie says that they should both try to get pregnant. Nicole tells her that it is not going to happen and Charlie tells her that the chances are slim. She says that it is not over. At Joan and Roland’s house, Roland asks where Sophie is and Gloria tells Jackie that she doesn’t know how good she has it. Denise gets in and tells them that classes ran later than she wanted. Trevor calls Roxy down and Roxy realizes that she is going into labor. Gloria comes home to find Hector. She says that Roxy’s in labor and that she is going to the hospital. Gloria answers the door to find a pregnant girl standing there. She is Penny. The episode ends.