Centennial - Recap

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The scene opens with Penny walking into the house when Hector comes out of the room. He tells her that the baby is not his because he used protection. He tells her to leave. Gloria asks Hector about the baby possibly being his and Hector tells her that she is lying. Penny tells him that she needs money, but he refuses to give her any. At the hospital Roxie is being lead by Jackie and Roland to try to induce labor. Denise asks if they have names picked out and Roxie says that they are fighting over another name for the second boy. Trevor says that she hasn’t agreed to his suggestion. Joan and Michael talk about the event coming up and Michael says that he thinks that they are doing well with the preparations with the 100th Anniversary of Fort Marshal. Meanwhile, a man is practicing his shooting clearly with a purpose.

Gloria comes into the hospital to find Jackie, Roland and Denise in the waiting room. Jackie asks things are alright and offers to talk to her. Denise says that Frank got his orders from Kevin and he is not happy. Gloria and Jackie talk and Jackie tells her that they will find a way to deal with it if it is Hector’s baby. In the hospital room, Roxie is in pain and the doctors tell her that there are two feet hanging out. She goes into labor and delivers a boy. They name him Wyatt. Trevor texts that one baby is a boy. In the delivery room thought, they have to do a C-Section for the second. They get into surgery and find that it is a boy, but the umbilical cord is around his neck. They rush to save his life. Trevor watches with tears running down his checks.

In the waiting room, Denise goes to find out more information and Gloria has to pee because being nervous makes her need to pee. Jackie asks Roland if Denise has said anything and says that Frank wasn’t happy. He says that Denise and her need to talk. Denise comes out and says that the other baby is being worked on. In the hospital room, Roxie holds Wyatt and a nurse takes him away. Trevor sits in bed with Roxie when the doctor comes in and says that the baby is on a respirator. They will see in a few days and that he will have to stay in the hospital. Gloria gets back to the house and Hector says that this whole pregnancy is a scam. Gloria asks if he is going to even ask about Trevor and Roxie’s babies. He switches moods and asks about them. She tells him the bad news. She asks if Hector took the test and he says that he did.

Denise goes in to see Roxie and she tells her that she can’t believe this. Denise brings up her case with Molly and how she cried. However, her friends helped her through it. She tells her that they are all there for her. Joan gets into Michael’s office and tells him that Roland is there with Denise and that they are working on the second baby. She also brings up the event and says that it is an honor to be with him on this and that she is not taking any chances of bad things happening during the celebration. Meanwhile, the man who was shooting earlier prepares guns and packs it in a bag. It is clear that he is preparing to kill Michael at the 100th Anniversary Festivities.

Frank meets with Michael and Michael says that Frank needs to get ready for War College so that he can promote. He is happy with the news. Frank gets home and Denise likes the sound that Frank would be called General. Roxie and Trevor see to the other baby and name him Drew. Trevor likes the name. Jackie steps in for Claudia Joy to organize the event and Michael thanks her. Jackie bumps into the same man who was preparing guns. He is an employee for the set-up crew. He asks if she was talking to Michael Holden and she says that she was. He tells her that he is “the man”. Hector gets home and Gloria says that the lab report came back. It turns out that Hector is the father of Penny’s baby. However, he says that they must have mixed up the samples and that it is a scam. However, Gloria doesn’t think so. She gets up to go to work and leaves out the door.

TJ and Finn come in to see their mom and ask about Drew. Roxie says that they will be able to take him home soon, but they have to wait. TJ holds his new baby brother. At the party, Michael makes the rounds and talks to the guests. He makes the announcement that he is proud of everyone and makes a toast. Jackie talks to Denise and tells her that she wants to be friends. Denise agrees and they are friends. The man who is on a mission to kill Michael makes a vlog about taking a stand and revolution. He says that it is his last entry. Gloria gets into work and Penny tells her that she doesn’t want to break up her and Hector’s marriage and says that she only needs money to pay for her medical bills. Gloria gives her $70 and tells her to come back for another $130. She asks if she can give Penny a ride anywhere, but Penny says that she is fine.

At the hospital, Roxie sees Drew again before they leave. She feels bad leaving him, but Trevor tells her that they will be with him soon. As they leave, Drew cries. Hector gets home to find Gloria getting money from a jar. She tells him that she is going to give it to Penny. He tells her not to and that he is not going to pay anything to her. Gloria tells him that he doesn’t take responsibility for anything and says that she is done. She takes off her wedding ring and tells him that she needs a man who can take responsibility for his actions. The celebrations begin and everyone is having fun. Roland has TJ and his family with him and Denise tells him that he has his hands full. Joan tells Michael that everything has been mellow so far. He tells her to keep him posted. The man gets to the party and grabs his gun that he has been hiding.

Roxie and Trevor get home with Wyatt and she asks him how he likes his new place. They lie down and place Wyatt in his bed next to an empty one that they hope is only temporary. Roland agrees not to make the boys sit through the ceremony. The man walks by them. Michael makes a speech that commends every soldier who have served and are currently serving in Afghanistan. The former Chief of Staff of the Army makes a speech before that they need to remember the soldiers. Afterward, Michael walks and Jackie sees the look in the man’s eyes. She tells Michael to watch out. Frank jumps in front of Michael and the man shoots. Both men fall. The episode ends.