The War at Home - Recap

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The scene opens with the commotion of the shooting and Frank is lying unconscious on the grass. He is shot in the abdomen and shoulder, but he is alive for now. They rush him to the hospital and Michael watches as he is taken care of. Denise gets into the hospital and is updated. In the operating room, they operate. Gloria watches the news and calls Jackie. She tells her the news. At Roxy and Trevor’s house, David, TJ and Roland get back and they say that they are fine. Roland says that they were in the car already when shots were fired. Joan gets to the hospital and says that the shooter was Ryan Kelner, a day laborer. On the operating table, they continue to work and patch him up. The doctor comes out and says that everything went off good and that Frank is in recovery now and is stable.

Michael goes to the press and tells them that a lot of people sacrificed to protect everyone. At the hospital, Frank wakes up to see Denise. Trevor and Roxy go to the hospital and Drew is great. Roxy asks about the brain and the nurse says that he is fine and that they can take him home. Michael asks Frank if he wants some company and Frank says that people need to stop worrying about him. Denise comes in just as Michael was going to say something. Gloria and Jackie come over to see Baby Drew and say that he is beautiful. At the hospital, Denise gets back to work and tends to a little girl named Aisha. She has a broken wrist from falling at soccer. She isn’t happy that she has to take six weeks off of soccer. Gloria talks to Jackie and says that Hector and she are getting a divorce. Jackie says that it doesn’t surprise her and asks how she can help and Jackie asks if Hector is going to want a divorce.

Gloria goes home and asks Hector about the divorce. He says that he is not going to agree. Gloria says that it is going to happen with or without lawyers. He still says that he doesn’t want to. She says that it is going to be lawyers then. Trevor is working hard taking care of the twins and day to day chores. He is clearly tired. After a montage of him running around, he tries to relax, but it isn’t over yet. Later at a birthday barbecue, Trevor comes up and asks Roland and Joan if he can go to the store for supplies. Denise says that she will take the boys home when the party is over. Denise sees Aisha at the party and tells Joan and Roland that she treated her broken wrist. Roland says that is David’s girlfriend. David and Aisha come over to them and David asks when cake is going to happen. Denise says hello to Aisha and tells David that she treated her wrist when she fell at soccer. David says that Aisha fell off her bike and told her mother that it was at soccer because she isn’t allowed to ride her bike. However, Denise says that her injury is not consistent of a bike accident. Roland says that she can talk to Aisha’s mother, Laura, when she comes.

At training, Hector tells Sergeant Wisniewski that he needs to talk to him. He tells him that he is getting a divorce and Wisniewski says that he needs to allow it. He tells Hector that he is on his second wife and says that he will find another woman; he just needs to let Gloria go. After the party, Aisha’s father, Brad, comes up and Denise asks how Aisha broke her wrist. He gets angry at the accusation of him beating on his daughter. She tells Roland that she is going to call in a social worker. Hector gets to the bar and tells Gloria that he won’t contest the divorce. He apologizes to her and walks away. Gloria asks what changed his mind and he says that it is time to let go. Later at the hospital, Brad comes in and yells at Denise because they took Aisha away. She tells him to back off and the MAJ Weller comes in and asks what is going on. Before Denise can say, an MP comes up and asks if there is a problem. Weller says that Brad assaulted Denise and the MP takes him away.

Gloria meets with Jackie and says that she doesn’t know what is going to happen with her and she tells Gloria that she doesn’t have to worry about others. Gloria says that she can stay with her sister and says that she needs to go back to New York. Jackie tells her that Roxy will understand. At the hospital, Denise is told that she should press charges because there is a history of abuse with Aisha. Denise looks at the records and calls up Joan. She asks if she can do her a favor and it involves Brad. Gloria goes to talk to Roxy and she tells Gloria that she has her work and friends with her. Gloria tells Roxy that she is going back to New York. She says that she misses her family. Roxy says that she has to do what works for her and says that she wants to see her happy. They hug. At the hospital, Michael walks into Frank’s room and brings him a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake. Michael says that Frank is being put up for a Soldier’s Medal. He says that they have walked a long road together.

Aisha is over at Roland’s and Denise asks more about her wrist. She tells her that she won’t tell when the doorbell rings. Laura is there and she tells Denise that she doesn’t want to talk to her because she had Brad arrested. However, Denise reveals that she knows that Brad didn’t hurt Aisha, but that she knows that she did. Laura tells Roland and Denise that it is hard to raise Aisha by herself because she doesn’t listen and Brad is always getting deployed. They tell her that she is going to get the help that she needs, but she can’t see Aisha. Later that night, Roland and Joan talk to David and he says that he feels bad for Asia. They reassure him that it all will be alright. They say goodnight to him. They go to the bedroom and Joan asks Roland if David understands. He says probably not. Joan says that the endless deployments do take a toll. Trevor and Roxie are in bed when the baby starts to cry. Trevor says that he has it. However, he is too tired and it is clear that he is not holding the baby. Roxie takes over and allows Trevor to get some sleep.

The next day, Trevor is back and Wisniewski asks if he is going to have enough energy to make it and he says that he does. Brad comes up to Denise and apologizes to her. He thanks her for not pressing charges. He says that he could never imagine that his wife doing this. Denise asks about Aisha and he says that she thinks that this is all her fault. Denise says that with family counseling, things will work out. Gloria has everything packed and Jackie is helping her with her things when she gets a call. Kevin has been in an accident in Afghanistan and is in critical condition. The episode ends.