Handicap - Recap

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The scene opens with Roland and Denise over at Roxy and Trevor’s and Roxy tells them that Gloria is in New York. Roland asks if she is going to come back. Roxy asks if it is true that Kevin is paralyzed. At Jackie’s home, Kevin returns in a wheelchair. He gets wheeled inside and Jackie has everything set up for him. Roland has Marcus Williams comes in and he is shivering. Marcus says that he is on withdrawals from Heroin. He says that Chicago didn’t work out for him. He says that he has nowhere to go. Roland says that he can’t take him in and Marcus says that he wouldn’t want David to see him like this. Roland tells him that he only came to him because he has nowhere else to go. Marcus begs for Roland’s help to get him clean again.

Frank is on his feet and goes into Kevin’s office. He asks about recovery and he says that he is ready to go. Frank says that everything is quiet. Roland tells Patty, his secretary, that Marcus is going to stay in his office. Patty doesn’t trust Marcus. Trevor gets home and tells her that his orders came in and he is being deployed, but they have to leave in 30 days. She says that they can do that. Trevor is shocked that she is so cooperative. Kevin is at the hospital and the doctor sees that there is no improvement. Kevin says that he will walk again. Jackie tells Denise that it has been crazy. Denise says that it is good to have a good attitude and Jackie asks about Denise’s training. She tells Jackie that she will be around if Jackie wants to talk. This is clearly taking a toll on her. Roland takes Marcus to a Methadone Clinic and says that he has a spot in Rehab in 3 weeks.

Kevin is with Captain Carrigan and Jackie and he tells Kevin the way that he is to work out. Jackie is there to know so that she can spot him if Carrigan isn’t there. Kevin is clearly upset about that. He uses the equipment and is not at all happy. Roland prepares a bed for Marcus on the couch and Patty says that this is a bad idea. Roland says that he has no place to go. Patty asks about how Joan feels about this and he says that she doesn’t need to know. Patty takes pictures of the room to make sure nothing is stolen. Roxy and Trevor talk to TJ and Finn and TJ is alright with everything. However, Finn says that he is not going when they tell him that he is going to miss the Science Fair. At Jackie’s and Kevin’s place, Jackie asks if she can help him and he says that it is not necessary. She kisses him and goes upstairs. The next morning, Roland goes to work and Joan wonders why it is so early. He kisses her and leaves.

When he gets in to work, Marcus is not in his room. He comes up behind him and says he is still here. Roland says that Marcus is to attend Narcotics Anonymous. Marcus tries to decline, but Marcus says that if he is going to stay there then he is going to go to meetings. Roland says that Marcus can stay in his office while he attends meetings. Roxy takes Finn to school and tells him that he can still contact his friends. He says that he doesn’t like the Army. Roxy says that she is going to need help with the move and he says that he understands. However, it is clear he is not happy. Jackie gets into Kevin’s room to find him not there. She finds him lifting free-weights. She tells him that Carrigan told him not to use those. He says that he needs to be active and Jackie tells him that she is only trying to help. He says that when he needs her help, then he will asks her for it. She is clearly upset.

Joan sees that Roland forgot his phone. She goes to his office and Patty tells her that she can take it to him. Joan goes into his office and finds Marcus there. She goes to Roland and Roland says that Marcus is his patient. Joan tells him that he is going to get rid of him. Jackie goes for a run with Denise and she tells Jackie that she needs to still get out and do things. Jackie says that Kevin has made it clear that he doesn’t want her around. Denise tells her to give it time. However, Jackie is worried that it won’t get better. Michael talks to Kevin and says that his men continue to impress in Afghanistan. He asks about his recovery and Kevin says that he is never going to recover. If he can’t jump from a plane, he can’t lead a squad.

Denise gives Dr. Campbell reports and he says that she is going to always need to think fast for things if she is going to be a doctor one day when she tells him that she ordered an MRI for the patient as well. They hear a call for the Trauma Team to report and he says that is them. They get on a helicopter and take off to their destination. They land and find out that it is a soldier that fell into the gun barrel of a Hum-V. They gut the gun barrel off and transport him with the gun barrel inside of his chest. Jackie walks into Kevin’s office and says that the Sinclair’s have invited them to a party. Kevin says that she should go without him. On the helicopter, the soldier says that he is fine. However, they loose an engine and the helicopter goes down. They manage not to get hurt, but the pilot doesn’t make it. The soldier says that his name is Wayne and that it was only a routine practice jump. She tells him that it is going to be alright.

Campbell comes over and gives Denise the update that help is on the way. Campbell starts to breathe heavy and Denise asks if he is alright. Campbell falls over and he has a serious injury. She begins to look at Campbell and realizes that he has Attention Pnemothorax and that he is going to die if she doesn’t put a tube to help him breathe. Campbell passes out. Frank is at home feeding the baby when he gets the call that there has been an accident involving Denise. Back at the crash site, Wayne holds the light for Denise while she cuts open Campbell. She tells Wayne that she is not a doctor and he says that she is now. Just as Denise gets Campbell stable, the helicopter comes to rescue them. They see them because Denise takes a page from Frank’s book of tricks and attaches a glow stick to her shoelace. She swings it around and the helicopter sees them.

Jackie leaves to go to the party and Kevin tells her to give his best. She tells him that she won’t be long. Roxy goes in to check on Finn and tells him that dinner is almost ready. She tells him that she knows how he feels and says that he loves adventures. Roxy says that he can go to a school for the gifted and there is an electron microscope there. He is excited for the opportunity. Denise gets into the hospital and Wayne and Campbell are transported. Frank gets in and says that everything is fine. Later that night, Roland says that he can’t turn Marcus away. Joan says that she doesn’t care. She tells Roland that Marcus is a drug addict and says that she is through talking about this. Jackie goes home to find Kevin on the ground in the weight room. She helps him up and Kevin tells her that he isn’t getting better and they need to face it that he is through. The episode ends.