Domestic Maneuvers - Recap

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The scene opens with Joan remembering her time with a boy when she was younger and how hard it was. Roland wakes her up and she says that she is fine. The next day, Joan tells Roland that she doesn’t remember what the dream was about. She tells him that he is housing a drug addict. She says that she is being realistic and that Marcus is playing him and that Marcus does things different than she says. Roxy says that everything is going well and Trevor says that they need to sale “The Hump” bar. She says that she has a buyer. It is the sleazy restaurant owner, Lou. She says that it is not good that they have to do this, but it is the only way. Roland gets into work and Marcus says that he doesn’t have to keep bringing him food. He tells him that he found a clinic that will take him in 3 days. He is happy about it.

Sophie gets home and Jackie says that Kevin is in no mood for visitors. Sophie tells her that she is family. She gets in and Kevin says hello. She asks if he is doing any better and Kevin says that he isn’t. He asks about school and she starts to tell him, but he says that he has work to do. Jackie tries to apologize for Kevin, but Sophie tells her that she is fine. Nicole and Charlie go to Denise and Frank’s house and they say that they are going to have the reception here. Charlie says that she is still trying to get pregnant. Charlie helps Denise with the baby and Frank tells Nicole that when it is going to happen, it will. Denise asks Charlie what she is doing to help to get pregnant. She says that she has been doing remedies. Denise warns her about the natural remedies and how all of them are old wives tales. Charlie tells Denise that all those “Old Wives” had a lot of babies and so maybe it is good to listen.

Jackie gets into Frank’s office and says that he should spend time with Sophie. Kevin says that he got a call to make sure that he wasn’t improving and they are going to remove him from Division Command. Kevin says that he has shown zero progress. Jackie says that there are plenty of positions. However, Kevin says that he won’t take it. Roland tells Joan that Marcus is leaving in 3 days to Florida for 3 months. Joan says that she doesn’t want Marcus around the family ever again. Roland asks where she is going and she tells him that they are out of coffee. Roxy is having seller’s remorse and says that it is hard to let go. She looks at the Deed and Trevor says that she is doing the right thing. Joan gets into Roland’s office and tells Marcus that she knows that he will betray everyone around him and that he will fall off of rehab again. She says that he will never see David again. She leaves. Roland gets into his office the next day to find Marcus unconscious with a needle in his hand. Roland calls Joan and tells her that Marcus OD’d last night. She asks if he is dead and he says that he is recovering in the hospital to see if there is any permanent damage. He says that he was doing so well. It is clear that Joan feels guilty.

Jackie goes on a walk with Denise and tells her that Kevin is depressed. Denise says that he needs help, but Jackie says that he isn’t going to go for that. Jackie says that the Army has been his entire life. She says that she doesn’t know what is going to happen next. Charlie takes another test and Nicole says that it could be a faulty test. Nicole says that it may be time that the re-examine the game plan and say that they should consider adoption. Charlie says that she can handle everything and says that she is not giving up. She says that she will never give up. At the Hump, Gloria comes in to see Roxy. She tells her that she is back. Roxy tells Gloria that she is selling the bar because they are leaving. She tells Roxy that it is cool and that she shouldn’t worry about her. She says that she will see her tomorrow.

At the hospital, Roland is there with Marcus and he asks how long he has to be there. Marcus tells Roland that he isn’t going to Florida. Roland says that he needs to allow Methadone to kick in. Joan is there at the hospital and tells Roland that it is her fault and says that she saw Marcus last night and that no matter what he did; he would never see David again. Roland says that she derailed Marcus’ recovery and Roland walks out. Later that night, Joan tells Roland that she is sorry. He says that she doesn’t understand why she would behave that way. She tells Roland that there is something that she never told anyone. She used drugs in High School and that her boyfriend at the time, Dwayne, got her hooked. Dwayne was found dead by Joan. She tells him that her coach challenged her and changed her outlook on life. She says that Marcus brings all of that bad stuff in her life back. Roland says that he gets it.

Gloria and Roxy meet with Lou and Roxy tells him that Gloria is a hard worker and that she can be manager. However, he doubts Gloria and tells her to put in an application. Charlie gets into the hospital and winces in pain. She had an allergic reaction to some fertility tea she bought on the internet. Nicole gets in and Charlie tells her that she will consider adoption. Frank invites Michael to dinner with him and Denise and he says that he is going to have to work late. Michael asks Frank if he had ever worked with General Booth. Frank realizes that he is Kevin’s replacement if it comes to that. At Kevin and Jackie’s place, Jackie tells Sophie to give her present to Kevin. She says that she hasn’t wrapped it, but gives it to him. It is a thermos with a kitten hanging on to a tree with the message “Hang in There”. Sophie tries to remain positive, but Kevin is blunt with her and leaves the room. Sophie hides her emotion and Jackie throws down her napkin.

She goes to Kevin and tells him that she doesn’t have any right to take it out on Sophie. She goes in her room to clean herself up and Sophie brings her some Chamomile tea. Jackie breaks down and Sophie hugs her. She apologizes to Jackie. At “The Hump”, Chief comes in and says that he is not going to take the job because Lou is a scumbag. She shuffles through some paperwork and sees a picture of the old owner. She goes out to see Lou measuring the place. She tells him that the deal is off and that she is not going to sale to him. She says that she has a no scumbag clause. He tells her that she will hear from his lawyer. Roxy says that Gloria is going to manage the place when she is gone and says that an old owner took a chance on her once and now she is doing the same to Gloria and “The Hump”. Everyone is happy. Frank and Denise go out to dinner and Denise sees Michael with another woman. She tells Frank that he has to talk to Michael. She tells him that if he doesn’t, then she will tell Claudia Joy.

Jackie tells Kevin that she is going to take Sophie to the airport. He apologizes to Sophie and she tells him to promise her that he won’t give up. He does and she leaves. Jackie drops Sophie off at the airport and asks if she has everything. Sophie tells her to keep her posted. She says that she will. Sophie says that she was thinking of giving Brown University a look and offers her to come with her. She agrees. Joan goes in to see Marcus and apologizes. She says that she should have never said that. She tells him that it is not fair to him or David to deny Marcus to see him. Joan says that all of them will be there for him when he gets out of Rehab. Frank gets into Michael’s office and asks about the mystery woman. Michael tells Frank to close the door. The episode ends.