Onward - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank sitting in Michael’s office. Michael says that there is nothing to his meeting and says that the mystery woman was Cornel Olivia Sawyer from the United States Air Force. Frank asks if they are thinking of closing Fort Marshall. Michael tells him that they are merging with the Air Force Base. He says that they have been working on this for months and Frank apologizes. Michael says that it is not a big deal. Kevin tells Jackie to come in the house. He shows her that he can move his legs. Roxy goes over the details for Gloria and she tells her not to sweat it. Penny comes into “The Hump” and tells her that she can’t do this by herself. Gloria says that she and Hector are getting a divorce. Penny says that she can’t keep the baby.

On the Afghan-Pakistan Border, a row of Hum-V’s is hit by an IED. A soldier dies. Kevin gives Frank orders that he is to leave immediately. Joan goes in to see Michael and talks about Cornel Cole’s death. He says that she is going to be the new Brigade Commander. Trevor tells Roxy that he might be deploying. Roxy can’t believe it. Nicole gets home and Charlie gets off the phone with the adoption agency. She tells Charlie that she is going to have to cancel because she is getting deployed. Gloria goes to see Hector and tells him that Penny is going to need help raising the baby. He tells her that he is not ready to be a father. He says that it doesn’t matter anyway because he is getting deployed. Joan tells Roland the news of her deployment and she tells him that David will get through this. Roland says that she can retire. Roland doesn’t like that she is replacing a commander who was killed by an IED. She tells him that she needs him behind her and he hugs her.

The wives and Roland meet and Gloria says that Penny can’t raise the baby and Denise says that they will get through this. Kevin gets to a gym and Hernandez, the manager, tells him that he is going to have to come up with a mission statement before working out. Trevor goes into Frank’s office and tells him that he wants to deploy with his men despite Roxy knowing. Charlie goes into Denise’s house and asks her to talk to Frank about changing Nicole’s orders. She says that she couldn’t ever ask him that and says that when duty calls, soldiers respond. Charlie says that it is going to be hard convincing anyone to give them a baby. Denise says that she might have an answer for them. They sit down and talk with Penny and she tells them that she doesn’t think that she can allow her baby to be raised by two women. She gets up to leave and asks Gloria to take her home. Gloria talks to Hector and he tells her that Nicole saved them in Africa and says that he will talk to Penny.

At the gym, Hernandez tells Kevin to do simple routines and Kevin tells him that he can do more than this. He attempts to stand and falls on his face. He picks himself up and Hernandez tells Kevin that he is there to help him. Trevor gets home and tells Roxy that he should get his orders soon. Frank calls him and tells him the news that he is going to Tacoma, Washington. The spot as Ranger Battalion is safe. Roxy celebrates, but it is clear that Trevor is not happy. Jackie brings in dinner to Kevin and he tells her that it will be nice to eat together. He thanks Jackie for putting up with him and says that he hasn’t been good at receiving help and says that besides loving her, he appreciates her. The wives and Roland give Roxy an album of them. She says thank you and tells them that they have all had an impact in her life. She tells Roland that he loved his advice and Denise is like a sister to her. They hug.

Hector meets with Penny and tells her that he thinks that Nicole and Charlie would make great parents. She asks what kind of values they are going to teach their child. He says that she met them and says they are good people. At the gym, Hernandez gives Kevin a walking stick and tells him that he is going to accomplish his mission statement. He attempts to stand, but fails. The other soldiers clap and Kevin tries again. He fails, but says that this is for them and says that he will walk again. Penny goes over to Nicole and Charlie’s and says that she wants them to raise their child. Joan and Roland sit down with David and tell him the news. He tells her to promise that she will come back and that everything will be alright. She promises.

The next day, Gloria goes up to Hector and says that she wanted to meet Nicole and Charlie. They thank him for allowing them to raise her baby. Nicole says goodbye to Charlie with a kiss. Denise sees Frank off and Frank gives her a letter. She gives him a letter and a handprint from their daughter. He says that he loves them and leaves. Michael comes up and asks how Joan and everyone are doing. She wishes her luck. Joan says her goodbyes and tells David that he needs to do everything they talked about and David gives her a picture or him and her. She cries and says that she loves him. Trevor and Roxy pack up everything.

They leave for Tacoma, Washington. Kevin arrives to the 1st Brigade and Kevin stands with the support of his cane. He tells them that he couldn’t be prouder of them. Roxy remembers the things that went on in the Town and the memories that she will take with her. The 1st brigade gets loaded in the plane and get ready to deploy. Roxy, Trevor, TJ and Finn leave Fort Marshall. On the plane, they hit turbulence and are told to buckle up. Michael is at his office when he gets a call. He says “Oh my God.” The episode ends.