Blowback - Recap

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The episode begins where Maggie and her family are still in the single motel room, and Caroline and Tanner are having a tough time getting along. Maggie is tired of this. Denis is taking care of David and Sarah, Roland’s children while he is searching for a temporary house in Baltimore. Frank calls and Denise tells him that taking care of the three children and her work, helps her keep other things off her mind. She still is unable to believe that her best friend is dead.

At home, Holden receives a call from Emmalin. She tells him that she called to check on him. Holden is glad that she called. He tells her to send him a ticket for her upcoming game. Emmalin is excited. Kevin is eager to rejoin his troops, but Jackie thinks that he should rest a little longer. Clarke leaves. In Afghanistan, Mont Clair is asked to gather the troops; they are moving out. Truman tells Cruz that he is missing his wife, Holly. At the Hump, Holly arrives with more pies and Gloria tells her that the pies are selling fast. Holly tells Gloria that she is worried and upset because she hasn’t heard from her husband. Gloria tells her that the soldiers need to take permission to call or email and it is a long process.

Next, Denise and Jackie are out for their morning jog and Jackie tells Denise that she thinks that Kevin returned to the battle too soon. At school, David and his friends make a small explosive mixing few things in a bottle. They are about to test it and their teacher arrives. They try to run and the bottle explodes in the teacher’s face. The Principal summons Maggie, Latasha and Denise and tells them that their kids were making a “bomb” with some water and hot sauce to create a tear gas effect. According to the Principal, Tanner told them that he got the idea from Maggie. Maggie tells Principal Davis that she was only answering some of her son’s questions. Davis tells them that she will be placing the boys in detention and also they need to submit a project in a week.

The three mothers are dismissed. Maggie feels awful, but Denise and Latasha tells her that they can expect all sorts of things with kids. They decide to do the project in Denise’s basement, because Latasha’s house is full of kids and Maggie is living in a single motel room. Next, Kevin arrives in Afghanistan and Frank welcomes him. Gloria receives a mail from Hector, telling her that they are moving out of their current location. Mont Clair is on a video call with Latasha and their son and he is not happy about what his son has been up to. His son apologizes for his mistake. Maggie too has punished Tanner by grounding him for two weeks.

Eddie is not too sure about Maggie going to Denise’s house for the project because Denise is the Brigade Commander’s wife. Maggie assures him that she will not behave recklessly in front of Denise. Holly talks to Tim on a video call and tells him that the pies are selling fast and everyone loves them. She tells him that she misses him a lot. Joan updates Frank and Kevin about the current issue they are facing with a particular area. She says that despite every IED sweep, the soldiers end up getting hit. Kevin looks tired and Frank thinks they should wind up and continue the discussion the next day. Joan agrees.

Moments after they leave, a huge explosion rocks the base. Next, Maggie and Latasha are at Denise’s house and Jackie arrives. She looks worried and tells Denise to turn on the television. Everyone is watching the news about the explosion. Holden calls Jackie and tells her that Mac Arthur is blacked out and he has not received any official news from the base. There are no casualties being reported yet. Holden then tells her that a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the camp. He tells her not to share it with any outsider before the news is confirmed. She tells him she knows the drill. Eddie arrives at Holden’s office. Holden wants him to liaise with the division families.

Jackie tells Denise about the suicide bomber. Gloria and Holly arrive. Denise introduces Jackie to the group, but both Denise and Jackie do not discuss the suicide bomber with the other wives. In the kitchen, Gloria tells Denise that she is worried about Hector. She tells her that she is sure that she no longer wants to be married to him, but she admits that she can’t stop worrying about him. Denise tells her that just because she is getting a divorce doesn’t mean that they should stop caring for each other. At the office, Eddie is making calls to the families. Holden goes through Eddie’s files and learns that Eddie has been with them for a month. He also notes that he is being demoted.

Holden wants to know what happened. Eddie begins to tell his story and the phone rings. Holden answers the call and learns that six soldiers are injured and two fatalities, but no names yet. He decides to keep the news a secret till they hear more. The wives are watching the news and David arrives, asking for snacks. Denise quickly turns off the television. Gloria tells Holly that David’s mother, Joan is in Afghanistan. Jackie and Denise have still not shared any news with the wives. In the hall, Holly, Maggie and Latasha share their stories with the group; the stories of how they first met their husbands.

At that moment, the phone rings. Holden tells Jackie that no Americans were hurt in the attack. This means that all their husbands are safe. The ladies are happy and relieved. Next, Kevin tells Frank and Joan that the bomber was wearing an A&A uniform and he entered with an Afghan platoon and that is how he went undetected. However, one of the officers got suspicious about him and that is when the suicide bomber decided to blow himself off. He tells Joan that she would be heading back home with her brigade. Joan is not happy. Next, Emmalin calls Holden. She has sent him an email on tofu recipes. She tells her father that he needs to stay off red meat and Holden tells her that she sounds just like her mother.

At the Hump, Gloria is contemplating on sending a message to Hector. Holly arrives and she looks happy. Gloria is sure that he heard from her husband. Kevin calls Jackie and tells her that everything is good. Jackie tells him that she heard the rumor that the bomber was going after Kevin. Kevin tells her not to believe everything she hears. Frank calls Denise and Denise tells him about the bomb that David and his friends made.

Jackie calls Maggie and tells her to meet her in half an hour. Maggie arrives in front of a house and Jackie tells her that the house became available last night. Maggie is delighted. They are surprised to learn that Latasha is Maggie’s neighbor. The three of them go inside to see Maggie’s new house. The episode ends.