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Hearth And Home - Recap

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The episode begins with the families waiting for the brigade to arrive. Roland and his children are there too. The buses arrive and Joan steps out. The children are happy to see their mother and Roland hugs her. At home, Joan sees that her children have decorated the house for her welcome. Joan is upset about the fact that she had to come back home early. At the Hump, Holly arrives with Tim’s favorite pie. She is happy because she got a letter from Tim. Gloria too received a letter, the divorce letter. She tells Holly that Hector cheated on her and on top of it, impregnated the girl. Holly is shocked and now understands why Gloria wanted the divorce. Despite all that, Gloria is a little upset.

At their new house, Caroline is having a fashion crisis because her shoes were in one of the boxes that the movers lost. Tanner is upset that there is going to be no cable for a week. At home, Joan is about to take shower when Roland comes up behind her and asks her if she needs company. Joan is not in the mood. Roland asks if something is wrong. Joan says that she is disappointed that she was sent to Afghanistan for a job and they didn’t let her stay long enough for her to complete it. She then asks Roland about his job. He tells her that John’s Hopkins will be starting soon. Joan is surprised at the fact that Roland is going to go because she thought that since she is back, he wouldn’t go. Roland tells her that he signed a contract, paid the deposit for a house and also enrolled the children in a new school. Joan is pissed.

Next, Latasha meets Maggie and tells her that they should think about car pooling. Maggie tells her that driving Caroline to school wouldn’t be easy. Latasha knows what is going on in Maggie’s house because the walls are thin. Maggie tells her that Caroline blames Maggie for breaking up her father’s first marriage. Latasha tells Maggie that she can always talk to her if she wants. Maggie thanks her and goes back into the house.

At the hospital, Roland tells Denise that he doesn’t think that Joan will be able to handle the kids alone because she has never been a single parent. He feels that she has no idea about what is involved. He tells Denise that he has decided to take the kids with him. Next, Jackie arrives to meet Holly and tells her that she is holding an event and there would be very important people attending the event. She tells Holly that she is a fan of her pies and wants her to make two dozen pies for the event. Holly is excited and agrees. In Afghanistan, the troops are placed at a new location. It is remote and very dangerous.

At the Hump, Holly is freaking out about the two dozen orders. She is scared that people might not like her pies. She is also worried that if people like them, they would place more orders and she might not be able to keep up the quality control. Gloria tells her to take it easy and offers to help. At the new post, there is a sudden explosion heard and one of the old troop members tell the new ones that this is a regular feature and they will get used to it. Next, Jackie tells Holden about the Community Leader luncheon. Holden tells Jackie that he forgot about it and that he promised Emmalin that he would visit her to watch her hockey match. Jackie understands and tells Holden that meeting Emmalin is more important.

Joan is at the hospital, getting some routine checkups done. She is pissed that everyone around knows about Roland going to Baltimore. She thinks that Roland has been taking behind her back. Denise tries to tell her that Roland did no such thing. She says that they weren’t expecting Joan to return so soon and Roland consulted his friends about his new job. Joan storms out of the room.

Next, Gloria is helping Holly makes some pies and it is a disaster. Gloria gets a call telling her that the apartment she was looking for was given to someone else. Holly tells Gloria that she could move in with her. Gloria asks her why she has a two bedroom house. Holly tells her that when she moved here, she was pregnant, but she lost the baby after eight weeks. She says that they wanted an extra room for the nursery. Holly admits that the rent is not very affordable and if Gloria moves in, she could get some help with the rent. Gloria agrees. Next, Denise and Jackie meet for tea and they talk about Roland and Joan. Denise wants to help them, but Jackie tells her to stay out of it. She says that there is no way Denise can help them without taking sides and that could end up being a problem. Denise is upset.

During dinner, Roland tries talking to Joan about their current issue. Joan thinks that Roland is trying to imply that she is not capable of taking care of their kids as a single parent. Roland realizes that there is no point in discussing this any further and he leaves. Maggie has prepared meat loaf and it is horrible. At that moment, they hear sirens outside their house. They go to check and find an ambulance that has arrived to take Latasha’s son. They learn that he has cystic fibrosis. Eddie offers to take care of the other two kids and Maggie tells Latasha that she will meet her at the hospital.

At the hospital, Denise tells Latasha that Gabe’s lung has collapsed and they need to take him for surgery. She assures Latasha that everything will be alright. Latasha tells Maggie that Quincy Mont Clair used to work at a fancy restaurant, but when they learned about their son’s illness, Mont Clair decided to join the Army so that all of Gabe’s medical expenses are covered. Later, Denise arrives and tells Latasha that the surgery was successful and that she could meet Gabe in a while. Latasha is relieved. Next, Joan arrives at the hospital to meet Denise. She apologizes to Denise for her behavior. She tells Denise that she doesn’t want the kids to be taken away from her. Denise tells her to talk to Roland, not as a soldier but as a mother, a wife.

Joan arrives home and tells Roland that she is proud of him as a husband, a father and a doctor. She tells him that she has not been expressing the way she feels because a soldier is not supposed to do that. She tells him that she cannot bear the thought that he and the children will be away from her at the same time. She wants him to let the children stay with her. Roland also apologizes to her and says that he was so fixated on the new job that he did not see how it would affect her and the children. He agrees to let the children be with her.

At the post, the soldiers receive their mail. There are around four letters for Tim and one for Hector. Tim asks Hector if it is his girlfriend and Hector tells him that it is his divorce papers. Tim wants to talk about it but Hector tells him to shut up and leaves. Hector and Tim don’t get along at all and on the other, but Gloria and Holly have formed this new bond and Gloria has moved in with Holly. In the woods, the troops are asked to take their positions. There is an explosion and the enemy opens fire. The episode ends.