Disarmament - Recap

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The episode begins with Eddie telling the wives about the explosion and the gunfight that took place in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border where the troops came in contact with the Taliban insurgents. He tells them that Wisniewski and Brown are in serious condition, but stable. Gloria, Latasha and Holly are worried. Eddie tells them that he cannot reveal any operational details to them. Denise thanks Eddie for his time. At the base, Tim is still not able to believe that Ski and Brown got hurt in the fight. Hector thinks that it was a set up.

Montclair arrives and tells them all that happened and how it was because the Afghan soldier could not read the map. He adds that when the soldier stepped on the IED, it was his body that took most of the impact, and that is why Brown, Ski are still alive. At home, David asks Joan if he can go to Tanner’s house. Joan tells him that she would send him if Tanner’s mother is fine with it. It is Frank’s and Denise’s marriage anniversary. Denise talks to Frank on a video call and Frank tells her that he loved the anniversary gift she sent him. He is upset that this is the fourth anniversary that they haven’t spent together. At the Hump, Gloria meets a new guy. They strike up a conversation where Gloria learns that the guy is not able to handle his mother’s interference in his life.

Moments later, the guy, Patrick, arrives home and Jackie is happy to see her son. Patrick tells Jackie that he wants to join his troops. Jackie is not too happy about that. She tells him that he is hurrying too much. She says that they should discuss this with his father. Patrick tells her that he has already spoken to his father and his father has agreed. Jackie is upset to hear this. Jackie tells Denise about Patrick’s and Kevin’s decision. Denise tells her that she should try and be happy for her son. She tells her that if Patrick wants to become a soldier then she should support him. Joan gets a complaint about her son. She tells Latasha and Maggie that they should have kept a watch on the children and not let them shoot water balloons on the street.

Latasha and Maggie don’t like Joan’s tone. They try to explain, but Joan says that they were irresponsible. Patrick arrives at the Hump and asks Gloria for her number. Gloria tells him that she doesn’t date her customers; especially soldiers. Patrick leaves his number on the counter and tells her to call him in case she changes her mind. At home, Joan tells David that he should stop being friends with Tanner and Deuce. David tells her that they are his best friends. He feels that his father would have never asked him to leave his friends. Joan tells him that his father would be equally disappointed in him. Eddie is also upset with Tanner’s actions. He tells Maggie that Tanner should not be blowing up MRE’s in school and firing water balloons on the street.

He points out that Tanner already has two strikes against him and this would reflect badly on him (Eddie). Maggie tells Eddie that Tanner is only 12 and it is not such a big deal. She then brings up Caroline’s $100 phone bill. Caroline arrives and tells them that Tanner left home. Maggie goes to search for him and finds him in the lawn. She tells him that his actions were wrong and nothing can justify it. Tanner realizes his mistake and apologizes to his mother. Next, Holden calls Denise and tells her that he is holding a delegation of fine officers and their wives tonight. He needs her to be the hostess for the event. Denise agrees.

Maggie tells Latasha that Joan has stopped her son from playing with their children. She also fears that that Tanner’s actions could affect Eddie’s promotion. She says that she left the army so that she could keep her family together, but despite that it seems to be falling apart. Latasha meets Joan in her office and tells her that it is not right on her part to make any other mother feel small. At the Hump, Gloria tells Jackie that she met a new guy and that he asked her out on a date, but she said no. Jackie tells her that she should not punish herself just because she is getting divorced. She tells Gloria that she should go out with this guy and have a nice time.

Gloria decides to call Patrick. Patrick and Gloria have Pilipino cuisine and then go to a dance club. They have a nice time. Denise arrives at Holden’s house and sees that the guests haven’t arrived. He tells her that there are some things she needs to take care before the guests start walking in. He leads to the dining table which is lit with candles. It is a beautiful setting. Holden turns on his laptop. Frank is waiting for Denise. He tells her that he wasn’t going to let another anniversary go by. Denise gets emotional.

After the date, Patrick drops Gloria to her place. They kiss. They decide to take this further and she takes him inside the house. Holly sees them kissing and it becomes a little awkward. Gloria introduces Patrick to Holly and Gloria quickly takes him to her room. In Afghanistan, Tim is writing another letter to Holly. Hector wonders what he writes to her every day. Tim tells him that he writes all sorts of things. That is what people do when they are in love. Hector feels bad. It looks like he is missing Gloria. The next day, Gloria wakes up and is happy to see that Patrick hasn’t left. Patrick tells her that he has to report in. He says that he will call her.

On his way out, he meets Holly. He says hello and Patrick quickly leaves. Later, at the Hump, Gloria tells Holly that she doesn’t want her to think that she will be getting guys home all the time. Holly assures Gloria that she trusts her and knows that she would do no such thing. Holly also tells her that she thinks that Patrick really likes her. Gloria is happy to hear that. Maggie and Latasha talk about Caroline’s phone bills. Maggie tells her that this time Eddie is going to pay them, but the next time onwards it will Caroline’s responsibility to pay her bills. Latasha doesn’t think that is going to happen.

Joan arrives and apologizes for over reacting. She tells them that she was angry at David and she took that out on them. She says that she doesn’t want to come in between their children’s friendship. Latasha and Maggie are glad and they thank Joan. She leaves. Patrick arrives home and Jackie tells him that he should have at least called and informed. He apologizes and tells her that he was with his friend. Jackie is curious about this “friend”. Patrick tells her that there is something else she must know. He tells her that they need a replacement in Afghanistan and he is being deployed tomorrow. Jackie is in tears. She hugs her son. The episode ends.