Losing Battles - Recap

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The episode begins with Holden and Denise clearing Claudia Joy’s closet. Holden has decided to donate Claudia Joy’s clothes after hearing about the ‘clothing drive’. He knows that this is exactly what his wife would have wanted. He tells Denise that she could keep something if she wants and Denise decides to keep a scarf. Maggie and Latasha are helping with the clothing drive. Eddies arrives at the hall and tells Maggie that he is deployed to Afghanistan and he will be leaving the next day. Maggie is shocked.

Patrick messages Gloria and asks her when they can meet. Gloria tells Holly that she doesn’t want to make herself look available. She messages back saying that she can meet only after work. At home, Eddie tells the kids about the deployment. Caroline tells him that she will not stay with Maggie. She says that she will go back to Georgia and stay with her mother. Denise is not herself. She yells at a woman who drops one of Claudia Joy’s dresses on the floor. She also loses her mind on a diabetic patient, Shelly, because she feels that Shelly is taking everything too lightly and is not worried about her health. Her supervisor tells her to go home and get some rest. At home, Caroline tells Eddie that her mother, Sandra, will pick her up the next day. Eddie tries to talk to her, but she leaves.

Maggie tells him that if Caroline wants to live with her mother, they should let her go. Eddie tells her that Sandra is an addict and she is totally incapable of taking care of Caroline. He tells Maggie that he will talk to his lawyer and workout their options. Joan takes David to the doctor and the doctor tells David that his HIV is showing some changes and hence they will have to change his medication. David does not like that because the body takes time to adjust to the new medicines and the process is really terrible. David is also upset about the fact that he had to miss a basketball game for this appointment. All this is new to Joan. Jackie tells Patrick that she made dinner reservations at 8. Patrick was supposed to meet Gloria at 8, but he also doesn’t want to upset his mother. He agrees.

Latasha asks Maggie why they wouldn’t let Caroline stay with her mother. Maggie tells her that Sandra is an alcoholic and Eddie doesn’t trust her when it comes to taking care of Caroline. Patrick arrives at the Hump and Gloria is happy to see him. He tells her that he is deploying the next day. Gloria is furious. She thinks that Patrick was trying to have some fun sex before he left. She tells him that she has played this game once before and doesn’t want to go through it once again. Hollie notices that Gloria is upset and Gloria tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. At home, Joan tells David to take his new meds. He is still afraid that they will make him sick, but he knows that Joan wouldn’t listen to him. He takes the meds.

Frank calls Denise after hearing about what happened at the hospital. He wants to know if Denise is alright. She tells him that she helped Holden clean Claudia Joy’s closet and she suddenly realized how much she missed Claudia Joy. She also tells him that her patient Shelly is diabetic and she is throwing her life away. She did not like that because Claudia Joy was diabetic as well and she tried her best to keep herself alive. She says that she could not tolerate Shelly’s attitude towards life and that is why she lost her cool. Frank understands. At home, Eddie tells Maggie that the lawyer said that Sandra has the right to Caroline’s custody in case he gets deployed. Maggie feels bad for Eddie, and she tries to assure him that Caroline will be fine.

Patrick arrives to meet Gloria and he asks her if they will continue with their relationship after he is gone. Gloria tells him that she does not want to get involved with another soldier and asks him to leave. He tells her that he will be at the assembly point at 1700 hrs the next day. He wants her to come and see him off in case she changes her mind. The next day, David is feeling sick and he tells Joan to spend the morning with him. She tells him that she cannot because there is an important meeting that she has to attend. She calls Latasha and asks her if she can watch David. Latasha readily agrees.

Holden arrives to meet Denise. He heard about what happened at the hospital. He tells Denise that they should do something to honor Claudia Joy, something like a garden or a classroom or some sort of scholarship. Denise thinks that garden would be perfect because Claudia Joy loved working outdoors and also that since Claudia Joy has no grave, the garden would be a nice place for people to visit. Holden likes the thought. Denise decides to arrange a committee and raise some funds.

Caroline is packing her things when Eddie arrives to talk to her. He tells her about Sandra’s drinking problem. She does not believe him and thinks that he is telling lies to keep her from going to Georgia. Eddie tells her that this is her family now. Caroline tells her that this will never be her family. She calls Maggie a nasty name and tells Eddie that she hates him. Joan arrives home and thanks Latasha for watching over David. She asks her how she manages to take care of her children and work. Latasha explains that she does not have a full time job and also that she plans her day according to her children’s calendar. Joan goes to David’s room and is glad to see that he is feeling better. She assures David that she will plan things according to his calendar. David is happy.

Caroline is waiting for her mother when Eddie arrives and tells her that Sandra will not be coming to pick her up. He tells her that Sandra got arrested for DUI and she is in jail. Caroline is upset and goes back inside. Holly tells Gloria that she should go to the assembly point and see Patrick off.

At the assembly point, Jackie tells Patrick to keep in touch and try to call her as often as possible. Eddie’s family bids him goodbye and Maggie assures him that she will take good care of Caroline. Gloria arrives to meet Patrick and Patrick kisses her. Jackie is surprised to learn that Gloria is the girl Patrick spent the night with. Gloria is shocked to learn that Patrick is Jackie’s son. Jackie has a lot of questions, but Patrick has to leave. Jackie and Gloria are at a loss for words. The bus leaves. Gloria begins to explain and Jackie tells her that they should talk about it tomorrow. Gloria thinks that it is a good idea. The women leave. The episode ends.