Brace for Impact - Recap

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The episode begins with Holly and Gloria discussing about Patrick being Jackie’s son. Holly thinks that it is no big deal, but Gloria says that she and Patrick are not in the same league. Patrick is the General’s son, where as she married a private and runs a bar. Jackie arrives to meet Gloria and tells her that they should take a walk. Gloria apologizes to Jackie and tells her that she did not know that Patrick was her son because he did not tell her his last name. She assures Jackie that she will end her relationship with Patrick.

Jackie wants to know why and Gloria explains that their friendship is more important to her, and having a relationship with Jackie’s son, could screw things between them. Jackie does not try to change Gloria’s decision. At home, David tells Joan that he is feeling better now and wants to get back into the team. Joan tells him that she will send a note to the coach and if the coach thinks there is a problem, David will have to sit on the bench. David is happy. He asks her if she could come and watch him play. Joan tells him that she has a busy day, but assures him that she will try her best. Caroline is really upset and Maggie tells Tanner to go easy on Caroline. She explains to him that Caroline is family now and hence they should look out for each other. Tanner agrees.

Jackie tells Denise about Patrick and Gloria. Denise is surprised, but she doesn’t find anything wrong about it. Jackie tells her that Gloria has decided to call it off. Denise cannot understand why and tries to reason with Jackie. Jackie thinks that Denise is trying to argue with her. Denise notes that Jackie desperately wants this relationship to end. Joan manages to make time to watch David’s game. He is happy to see her. Maggie and Latasha are also present. David’s team wins the game and the mothers are happy. Joan checks her phone and she quickly leaves. She arrives at the base and meets Air Force Col. Kat Young. Young wants to know why Joan was late, and Joan tells her that she had a conflict.

At that moment, Holden arrives. Joan is surprised to see him. Young tells her that since she could reach her, she had to call Holden. Holden arrives, and Young tells him that Joan was an hour late, and hence all the flights had to be delayed. One of the flights was for a Presidential meet. Holden tells Young that he will look into and take necessary actions. Young wants to discuss another operational issue, but Holden tells her to call his office and set up an appointment. After Young leaves, Holden tells Joan to report to his office, once she is done. At the Hump, Gloria receives an email from Patrick. She writes back to him, telling him that they should not write to each other anymore. At home, the boys are going on and on about their win.

Caroline arrives and Latasha notices that Caroline is upset. She tells Maggie that she should take Caroline out for shopping, to the salon, etc. She is sure that this would make Caroline feel better. In Afghanistan, Frank meets Eddie and Patrick. Truman and Hector think that it is a good thing that the General’s son is in the platoon. This means they would have access to email. One of the other officers tells them that they need to worry about Eddie because Eddie is an ex-ranger and very tough. Joan arrives at Holden’s office. Holden is angry about the fact that Joan’s lapse strained their relations with the new Wing commander, especially when they were trying to amend their relationship with the Air Force. He is disappointed in Joan.

Patrick calls Jackie and asks her if she met Gloria. He tells her that Gloria has decided not to keep in touch. He tells his mother that this is his life and also that he likes Gloria. He wants her to meet Gloria and convince her to talk to him. Jackie is left with no choice, so she agrees. Maggie asks Caroline if she would like to go shopping the next day. Caroline readily says yes. Denise arrives to meet Gloria. Gloria is busy with the accountant. Denise talks to Holly. Holly tells her that Gloria really likes Patrick, and she wants things to work out between them. Denise tells her that at times it is best to let people make their own decision. In Afghanistan, Patrick tells Frank that he does not want any special treatment. Frank understands.

At the office, Young arrives to meet Holden. Young discusses about a small area of land and its importance. She says that this is a private land and is now up for sale. She says that if that land is developed, it will be a hindrance to the Air Force. She proposes that Army should buy that land and make sure no buildings come up in that area. This plot is being sold for 2 million. Holden tells her that he has an entire city to run and with that kind of money, he could improve the electric and sewage systems. Young says that they need to be mission ready 24/7 and nothing should hinder their mission. Holden tells her that he will look into it. At the base, Eddie gives the platoon a tough time. He is disappointed in their lack of discipline. It looks like Montclair was right about Eddie.

Denise and Jackie have a chat about Patrick’s and Gloria’s situation. Denise suggests that Jackie should talk to Gloria. Next, Young tries to prove her point by flying over the base. Holden is pissed and confronts Young. Holden tells her that her stunt did not help her earlier proposition. Young very well knows that after this, her proposition will not be ignored. Jackie arrives to meet Gloria at the bar. Jackie tells Gloria that it is completely up to her if she wants to continue with her relationship with Patrick. Jackie assures her that she will not stand their way. Gloria is glad. The shopping went really well and Caroline helped Maggie pick up a pair of funky shoes. Latasha is glad that things are working out between Caroline and Maggie. But later, we see Caroline meeting up with some friends. It seems Caroline was nice to Maggie in order to get permission to go out, but she lied about going to the teen center.

Patrick calls Gloria. Gloria tells him that his mother had nothing to do with what she wrote to him. Patrick tells her that he wants to give their relationship a try. Gloria tells him that she is scared that things are going too fast. Patrick tells her that he wants to get to know her better and see how things go. He wants to make it work. Gloria agrees. Gloria then tells Holly about her conversation with Patrick. Holly is happy for her.

In Afghanistan, Tim tells Hector that Gloria and Holly are roommates. Hector is surprised to hear that Gloria moved out of her apartment. Hector tells Tim that he does not care because Gloria is his ex-wife. He goes for a walk. He takes a look at Gloria’s picture. He still misses her. The episode ends.