Jackpot - Recap

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The episode begins at a meeting presided over by Holden, and Young proposes the purchase of the 6 acres of land for training purposes. She tells the team that if the land is not bought, the pilots would be forced to train on the flight route which goes right over the base. Holden tells the group that they cannot spend 2 million dollars for that land. Young suggests that they should put together a study group, who can study the project and come up with some specifics. Holden agrees. At home, Denise tells the wives that they are lagging behind on building Claudia Joy’s ‘Reflection Pool’.

Jackie tells the group that the donations have been far less that they expected. The idea was to build the Reflection pool by Claudia Joy’s birthday, which is just three days away. Jackie tells Denise that it is impossible to raise $2600 in three days. She thinks that they have to go ahead without the palm trees or postpone the date. At the Hump, Gloria finds out that Holly is brilliant with numbers. In Afghanistan, Montclair tells Hector to help him in sorting mails. Again, there are a lot of letters for Tim. Hector thinks that Tim and Hollie are from different planet. Just then Hector notices a mail for Patrick, it is from Gloria. He gets pissed and storms out of the room. Montclair questions Hector. Hector tells him that his ex-wife, Gloria, is dating the Lieutenant. He tells Montclair that she is writing to Patrick.

Hector totally loses it and is about to teach Patrick a lesson. Montclair tells him to calm down and says that he will look into it. At the Hump, Gloria comes up with an idea to raise the money. She asks Holly if she likes playing cards. Holly tells her that she is really good at Black Jack and she has never lost. Later, Gloria tells Latasha and Maggie that they can raise the money by using Holly’s mathematical skills at a casino. They require $500. Latasha tells them that in a casino ‘the house always wins’. Gloria is totally confident that they could win and raise the money. The four of them discuss this with Jackie and Denise. They are skeptical about this whole thing, but when Gloria proves Holly’s skills with numbers, they readily agree. Next, Holden gives a welcome speech to the new cadets.

Jordan Young, a new cadet tells Holden that she loved his speech and that it helped her find her passion. She tells him that she wants to fly the attack helicopters. She goes on to tell him that she comes from an Air Force family and the Air Force doesn’t fly Apaches, the Army does. She wants Holden to talk to her mother and convince her. She tells him that she is Colonel Cat Young’s daughter. Holden agrees to meet Col Young and talk to her. In Afghanistan, Montclair tells Eddie about Hector’s situation. Montclair tells Eddie that Hector is hotheaded but he is also a good soldier, who needs to grow up a little. Eddie tells Montclair to keep Hector away from the Lieutenant. and he assures that he will take it up from here. Eddie talks to Patrick and tells him about Hector.

Patrick is shocked that Gloria was married to Hector. Eddie suggests to Patrick that he should pull the plug because something like this could really affect the morale. Patrick decides to talk to Hector, but Eddie tells him to wait for day and let Hector cool off. At home, the wives learn that Holly has never played at the casino before. She tells them that she has only played with a single deck. Gloria is confident that Holly can pull it off. Maggie and Latasha are unsure. Hollie tells them that she can practice. Gloria decides to help her. Holden meets the Young women. Jordan tells her mother that she wants to go Army after she graduates. Young is not happy about the fact that her daughter asked Holden to talk to her about this.

She tells Holden that she will handle her daughter the way she finds fit. Holden leaves. Young is pissed at Jordan because she involved a General into a family conversation. Young is also not happy about the fact that her daughter wants to move into Army. Jordan apologizes to her mother for wasting her time and leaves. In Afghanistan, Patrick talks to Hector. Eddie explains to Hector that Patrick wasn’t aware of the fact that Gloria was his ex. Patrick assures him that it is over. They are about to shake hands when there is a sudden explosion. It is then followed by two other explosions, but thankfully no one is killed. Montclair reports that everyone is fine. Tim is upset that his chickens were killed in the bombing.

Eddie tells Patrick that they should patrol the surrounding areas and find the source of these explosions. Patrick tries to talk protocol, but Eddie tells them that all that will take time and they will end up losing their men. Later, Montclair calls Hector and Tim to join him on a patrol and he also tells them that the Afghans aren’t coming. Next, the wives go to the casino. Jackie and Denise do not have the guts to stand next to the table and watch Holly play. They go to get a drink. Latasha arrives and tells them that Holly is winning. Cat Young arrives to meet Holden in his office. Young apologizes for her earlier behavior. Holden asks Young about Jordan’s father. Young tells him that she lost her husband during the 9/11 attack.

On her way out, she tells Holden that they got off on the wrong foot and she would like to change things between them. Holden agrees. At the casino, Latasha thinks that Holly should quit because she has already made the money, but Holly doesn’t quit. Instead, the dealer guides Holly to the table with higher stakes. The waitress offers Holly a Long Island Iced Tea. Later, Holly, who is now a bit drunk, ends up losing $1000. They pull Holly away from the table. Latasha tells them that they could try winning back their money. She takes them to the Casino Craps table.

In Afghanistan, the patrol team finds some Afghans planting bombs and preparing for another attack. They gun down the Afghans. Two of them come from behind and Patrick is about to get shot when Hector warns him and takes down both of them. Patrick thanks Hector. At the casino, the wives manage to raise the money required for the memorial. Holly has passed out. The rest of them celebrate their victory. Holden arrives to meet Young in her office. He tells her that the army will not be able to buy the land, but he has some good news for Young.

He says that the Head of the Boy Scouts told him that his team had spotted an endangered species of bird on that land, and if that checks out, then the EPA would not allow any development to take place on that piece of land. Young is relieved. In Afghanistan, Montclair tells Hector that he is being promoted to a team leader. Hector doesn’t seem too happy. He takes out Gloria’s picture from his pocket and tears it into pieces. The episode ends.