Blood and Treasure - Recap

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The episode begins with Holden arriving at the Charleston Children Charity Benefit. This was one of Claudia Joy’s favorite events. Cat Young also arrives at the benefit and they are placed on the same table. Young is looking beautiful and Holden seems mesmerized. At home, Denise is worried because the dedication stone is not yet ready. Jackie agrees to look into it because Denise needs to go to the hospital. Gloria and Penny are having breakfast together, and Gloria assures Penny that things will work out well. Penny is upset about the fact that she is giving away her baby.

Gloria explains to her that she is not yet ready to take care of a baby as she is too young. She tells her that giving the baby up for adoption is a good decision. Roland arrives home and everyone is happy to see him. Later, Joan tells Roland that Sara Elizabeth hid her phone because she thought that is the reason why her mother gets dragged away from her. She also tells him that David spends so much time with Latasha that she thinks that Latasha is more of a mother to him than she is. She is feeling bad about the fact that she is missing their entire childhood. Roland tells her that John Hopkins has offered him a permanent position. Joan doesn’t know what to say.

At the benefit, Holden and Young have a great time together. They bond over drinks, and share their past experiences and goof ups. Later, Young arrives home and Jordan asks her about the benefit. She notices the look on her mother’s face when she spoke about Holden. Jordan tells her mother that her father died 12 years ago, and it is high time that she moved on with her life. Young thanks her daughter. Emmalin calls Holden and tells him that she can come for the ceremony the next day. He tells her that she has got two finals and he doesn’t want her to miss that. Emmalin tells him that she wants to attend her mother’s memorial. Holden assures her that her mother would never want her to miss her finals.

At the Hump, Holly arrives with a letter for Gloria; it is from Patrick. Gloria reads the letter. Gloria is pissed after reading the letter and throws it in the trash can. She tells Holly that Hector, who is in Patrick’s platoon, found out that she and Patrick are writing to each other and got upset about it. Patrick wants to put this on hold till he comes back. Gloria tells Holly that she is done with him because she feels that Patrick is toying with her. Roland meets Denise at the hospital and tells her about his permanent job. He also tells her that Joan is ready to put in her papers and settle down. Denise is really happy for him. He tells her that he will meet her at the ceremony and leaves.

In Afghanistan, Sherwood learns about the unauthorized patrol and he is pissed. He meets Eddie and Patrick and gives them a piece of his mind. Eddie talks to Maggie on a video call. She tells him that Caroline and she are getting along very well. She says that Caroline doesn’t seem too miserable. Eddie wants to talk to Caroline, but Maggie tells him that she is at teen center. She tells him that the teen center has really changed Caroline a lot. It is then seen that Caroline is drinking beer with some of her punk friends. At the hospital, Denise is supposed to leave for the ceremony when a pregnant teen is rushed into the ER. She was hit by a car. Denise takes a look at the patient, and is shocked to see that it is Penny.

Gloria is waiting for Penny at the clinic for Penny’s routine checkup. The other wives are waiting for Gloria and Denise at the reflection pool. Young arrives with her daughter. Jordan tells Holden that she is going army and that too with her mother’s consent. Holden is glad to hear this. Young tells him that the reflection pool is exquisite. Holden tells her that Claudia Joy’s friends are the ones who deserve all the credit for building this memorial. Holden sees Roland and Joan, and he goes to meet them. He tells Joan that she has been selected for class at the army war college, which is pre-requisite for promotion to General.

Roland is about to say something, but Joan tells him that they will talk about this later. At the hospital, the doctors find out that Penny’s child’s heart rate is dropping and Penny cannot handle a C-section at the moment. They need to stabilize her. Penny’s phone is continuously ringing and the doctor tells Denise to get rid of that phone. Denise sees that Gloria is trying to reach Penny. She tells Gloria that Penny was hit by a car and she is at the hospital. Gloria arrives at the hospital but she is not allowed to meet Penny because she is not family. Gloria calls Holly and tells her about what happened. Holly tells Maggie and Latasha about the accident.

Holly decides to go to the hospital to be with Gloria. Later, at the hospital, Gloria is glad to see Holly. She tells Holly that Penny has been inside for a long time and she is having a bad feeling about this. Penny’s condition is worsening and the doctors decide to do an emergency C-section. At the reflection pool, Jackie tells Holden that Denise is stuck at the hospital and cannot make it for the ceremony. Holden wants Jackie to begin with the introduction. At the hospital, Denise manages to revive the baby, but Penny dies on the operation table. Later, Jackie, Latasha and Maggie arrive at the hospital. Denise feels bad that she couldn’t attend the ceremony.

Jackie tells Denise that what she did today was great, and that Claudia Joy would have wanted her to do the same. In Afghanistan, Sherwood tells John that they are pulling out of the valley in the next few weeks. Patrick gives Tim some tips about securing the perimeter. Tim and Hector are surprised to see that Patrick knows his job well. Tim asks Hector why he can’t make amends with Patrick. Hector doesn’t want to talk about it. Holden calls Emmalin and tells her that the ceremony went really well. At home, Maggie finds out that Caroline has been drinking. She also learns that she has been lying to her about going to the teen center.

She tells Caroline that under aged drinking could cost her the post privileges and it would also reflect badly on Eddie. She tells Caroline that she is being grounded. At home, Joan is really excited about the offer and she thinks that it is a great honor. She thinks that she could set a great example for all the young women. Roland points out that she would be missing her kids’ childhood. Joan tells him that things have changed and she wants to make use of this opportunity.

Roland tells her that if she accepts the invitation, their marriage would be over. Gloria writes to Hector about Penny’s death, and also that the baby was saved. She writes that he now has a son. She sends the baby’s picture along with the letter. Denise goes to the reflection pool and spends sometime next to the pool. The episode ends.