Reckoning - Recap

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The episode begins with Latasha struggling with her expenses. Gloria is still upset about Penny’s death. She is also upset about the fact that Penny’s parents didn’t even come to claim the body. Instead, they shipped it down to Florida like it was some package. Holly tries to cheer her up. In Afghanistan, Tim and Montclair look at the picture of Hector’s son. They are happy for him. Hector tells them that he messed up. He cheated on his wife and got another girl pregnant. He is also upset about the fact that he will not be able to be a father to his son because Penny gave away the baby for adoption. Tim tells him that the adoptive parents might let him see the baby.

Patrick tells Eddie that they are all going back home next week. Latasha and Maggie get the news and they are excited. Jackie and Holly too are very excited, but Gloria isn’t. She tells Jackie that Patrick dumped her. Jackie tells her that she wasn’t aware of that. Gloria is irritated and she taunts Jackie. Jackie tells her that she is not happy about the breakup and says again, she wasn’t aware of it. At home, Denise is upset that Frank is not coming back with the brigade. Patrick and Eddie brief their platoon. They tell them that the enemy might learn that they are leaving next week, and they might attack. Eddie tells them that they need keep their heads in the game and stay alert. Holden and Joan have a talk. She isn’t happy that she was sent home so early.

Holden says that they have no options but to follow the orders. Holden wants to know why Joan hasn’t accepted her slot at the army war college. She tells him that she needs to work some things out with her husband. Holden asks her if there is something he needs to know. She says no. Caroline’s friend invites her to a party. Caroline agrees, despite the fact that she is grounded. Gloria is searching for a new house. Holly feels bad because she has gotten used to having Gloria around, and now parting seems painful. Gloria tells Holly that she needs to spend time with Tim and that they would require their privacy. They always knew this would happen. Caroline manages to sneak out of the house through the window, and Maggie is angry. At the party, a football player tries to hit on Caroline.

Caroline seems slightly uncomfortable. David tells Joan that he wants to go for a summer sports camp for two weeks. Joan tells him that she wouldn’t want him to be away for that long all by himself. Moreover, she was hoping that they would spend the summer together. At that moment, Joan gets a call from work. She has to leave. She tells David that they would talk about this later. At home, Denise and Jackie feel that their husbands will be the last ones to leave Afghanistan. Jackie tells Denise about her run-in with Gloria. Denise tells her that Gloria has been through a lot lately, and she is upset about Penny’s death. Jackie understands. At the party, the football player tries to get close to Caroline. Caroline tries to search for her friend Jenna. The guy tells Caroline that Jenna went away with some guy at the party.

He tells her that he can give her a ride home. Caroline declines the offer. He insists. Caroline is scared and she locks herself in a room. She then calls Maggie and tells her to come and get her. Later, Maggie arrives at the party and gets Caroline out of the room. When the football player tries to stop Maggie, she pins him against the wall. At home, Caroline tells Maggie that she got scared when that guy tried to touch her. Maggie tells Caroline that when she was her age, she was wild and used to drink, do drugs, and be with a lot of guys. She says that she made a lot of bad choices and learned things the hard way. Maggie tells her that she is has to be more careful about herself and make the right choices.

Caroline is scared that Eddie will be angry when he learns about this. Maggie tells her that Eddie doesn’t need to know about this incident. Caroline is relieved. Latasha is busy with the kids and her pet, Tucker runs out of the house and meets with an accident. They take Tucker to the vet to get his leg fixed. The hospital hands her a bill of $520. Holly is really excited about Tim returning home, and she goes on a shopping spree for some sexy lingerie. She asks Gloria for some advice. At the office, Joan is told that the war college needs an answer by the end of the day. Denise arrives to meet Gloria at The Hump Bar. Gloria hasn’t been returning her calls. Gloria tells Denise that she can come for the get together. Denise tells Gloria that whatever is happening with her should not affect their friendship.

Gloria finds out that Jackie told Denise about their run-in. Denise tells Gloria that Jackie might want her to make the first move, but she is a very forgiving person. Gloria tells Denise that there is a lot going on in her life, and she is not ready yet. Denise understands. In Afghanistan, Frank calls Patrick and informs him that the neighboring villages are empty; not a single living soul. This means that the people have got a whiff of something. Frank tells Patrick to be alert. At home, Latasha, Maggie, Jackie, Holly, and Denise are having some fun time. The young wives talk about the “welcome” they have planned for their husbands. Later, Gloria arrives. She apologizes to Jackie for her earlier behavior. Jackie assures her that she had nothing to do with Patrick dumping her, and she is not happy about it either.

They make up. Latasha gets a drink for Gloria. In Afghanistan, the enemy bombs the base. The troop is running short of supplies. Eddie calls for back up and also air support. He tells Frank that they will not be able to hold for long. Everyone is running low on ammo. Eddie splits the troop to cover all directions. He tells Tim to supply ammo to every position. The enemy manages to get into the base. Eddie reports it to the HQ. Patrick orders for immediate aerial support.

Montclair gets shot in the arm. Greene gets shot as well. Tim tries to call for medical help. Eddie tells him that there is nothing that they can do for Greene. He tells Tim to keep running the ammo. On his way, Tim runs into an enemy. They get into a fight and Tim strangles him to death. He looks disturbed.

Hector gets shot and Tim is enraged. He picks up a weapon and starts firing at the enemy. Later, when the bombing settles, Eddie tells Sherwood that there are 60 causalities. They are not sure about the number of dead soldiers. At home, Latasha receives a call. She sounds upset and the epidoe ends.