Adjustment Period - Recap

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The episode begins with Latasha telling Maggie that her husband is in Germany. He was shot in one leg and one arm. He is alive though. Maggie tells her that she should go to Germany and be with her husband. Latasha tells her that she doesn’t have the money for the trip, and moreover, there is no one who can take care of the children. Gloria is packing to leave. Holly is upset that Gloria is going to sleep at the Hump bar because her new house is still being painted. Gloria assures Holly that she will be fine. At that moment, Holly receives a call from Maggie.

Later, Gloria and Holly go to meet Denise. Holly hasn’t heard about Tim and she is worried. Denise tells her that, “no news is good news.” Denise checks the casualties list and tells Holly that Tim is not on it. Gloria asks about Hector. Initially, Denise doesn’t reveal any information because Gloria isn’t a family member, but later she tells Gloria that Hector has head injuries and he is returning with the rest of the group. Gloria then asks her about Patrick. Denise tells her that Patrick has sustained some minor injuries, nothing serious. At the base, Patrick goes to meet Kevin. Kevin is relieved to see that his son is absolutely fine. Patrick is upset about the men who died. Kevin points out to Patrick that he also managed to save a lot of lives. Denise and Maggie arrive to meet Latasha.

Denise tells Latasha that they have made arrangements for her to fly to Germany, free of charge. Latasha is very happy. Kevin calls Jackie and tells her that Patrick is absolutely fine. Jackie is relieved. She asks Kevin when he would return. Kevin tells her that he hasn’t got any dates yet. Joan is in Holden’s office. He tells her that the war college needs an answer today. She tells Holden that she is declining the offer. Holden wants to know why. She tells him that she is retiring. Holden is disappointed in her. The next day, the platoon arrives home. Holly hugs Tim, but Tim looks a little lost. Gloria arrives to receive Hector. Hector is surprised. Holly introduces Gloria to Tim and Tim introduces her to Hector.

Tim asks Gloria and Hector to join them for dinner. Holly is not too happy about it. In fact, she is slightly surprised that Tim invited them for dinner instead of wanting to spend time with her. Hector politely declines. Tim and Holly leave. Gloria is really worried about Hector’s wound. She offers him a lift. Patrick sees Gloria and Hector together and he is upset. Latasha meets Montclair in Germany. He is glad that she came. At home, Jackie tries to make a conversation with Patrick, but he looks distracted. Jackie then tells him that Gloria told her that he was the one who dumped her. Patrick is surprised. He tells Jackie that he only told Gloria that they would have to put their relationship on hold because Hector was in his platoon. He gets up and leaves. Holly asks Tim if he would like to do anything “special”.

He tells her that he wants to take a long, hot shower and a longer nap. Holly looks disappointed. Latasha talks to the doctor and learns that the bullet has completely shattered Montclair’s arm. He says that it is possible that Montclair may never regain full use of his hand. Holden meets Joan and apologizes to her for being a little brusque. He tells her that she caught him off guard. Joan tells him that it was her dream to get into War College and serve at the highest level. She tells him that Roland has made a lot of sacrifices for her career, and now it is her turn to do the same for him so that he could pursue his dreams. Holden tells her that he will always be proud of her. Denise meets Jackie and Jackie tells her that Patrick is still not over Gloria.

She tells her that Patrick was really upset when he saw Gloria and Hector together. Hector arrives to meet Gloria at the Hump. He shows her a video of him with his son. He tells her that he is really sorry for hurting her. He also says that he never stopped thinking about her in Afghanistan. At night, Holly tries on her “special outfit” for the night, but Tim is not in a mood. He tells her that he is really tired. The next day, Eddie declares to his platoon that Hector has been promoted to Corporal. Tim is really happy for Hector. Montclair has been shifted to Mercer hospital. Latasha asks Denise about Montclair’s arm. Denise tells her that it is too soon to tell. Latasha is worried that Montclair will be out of the Army and he will lose all medical benefits, in which case Gabe too would lose all benefits.

Denise tells her that Montclair could take up some other job. Latasha tells her that Montclair will not be able to become a chef if he cannot use his arm. Denise tells her that it is too soon to think about all that. Tim and Hector arrive to meet Montclair. Hector tells him that he has been promoted to Corporal. Montclair is happy for him. At the Hump, Gloria notices that Holly is really disturbed. Holly tells her that Tim hasn’t touched since he’s been back. Gloria reminds her that Denise had told her about the adjustments the wives have to make. Eddie is spending time with his family when he receives a call. Tim has had too much to drink and he is barely able to stand. Hector and Eddie bring him home. Holly is surprised to see Tim in this state.

Hector and Eddie are surprised to see Gloria at Holly’s place. Hector tells Gloria that he got promoted to Corporal. Gloria is really happy for him. He asks her out for dinner. Gloria agrees. At that moment, Patrick arrives. He tells Gloria that they need to talk. Gloria tells him that it is not a good time. Patrick walks into the house and sees Hector and Eddie. It is an awkward moment. Patrick quickly leaves. Gloria tells Hector that she didn’t know that Patrick was going to show up. She tells Hector to pick her up at eight for the dinner. At the hospital, Latasha tells Montclair that she should take up a part time job. Montclair tells her that the financial problem is temporary, and things will be back to normal very soon.

Later, Montclair calls Eddie. He tells Eddie that there is a possibility that he might get kicked out of the army. He ask Eddie for help. He tells him that Latasha is already freaking out about losing the benefits. He tells Eddie that the only thing he knows to do on the outside, is to be a chef, but he cannot do that if he cannot use his arm. Eddie promises him that he will do whatever it takes to keep him in. Next, Hector and Gloria had a good time at dinner. He drops her at the Hump. He tells her that they should do this again. He kisses her and leaves. Later, Gloria is asleep. The power goes out. The episode ends.