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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Call It a Lifetime

A motorcycle cop is killed while on the side of the road when a truck slides into him. The truck driver then panics and steals a car to get away from the authorities.
Guest Stars: Anthony Franciosa as Steve Jared | Sue Winton as Mitzi | Don Wilbanks as Patrolman | Cecil Smith as Judge | Cliff Osmond as Porky Flint | Ruta Lee as Colleen Riley | Andrea King as Dr. Koerner | Patsy Kelly as Catalina | George Furth as Melvin
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Herb Meadow

2 :01x02 - Isn't It a Lovely View?

A woman who spends most of her time spying on people through a pair of binoculars might be able to help police solve a waterfront murder.
Guest Stars: Lyle Talbot as Phil Paige | Barbara Nichols as Ginny | Vera Miles as Jean Forbes | Howard Duff as Robert Forbes | Paul Dubov as Murray Becker | Elaine Devry as Miss Burdette | Henry Beckman as Trella
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: Herb Meadow

3 :01x03 - Tears From a Silver Dipper

An AWOL soldier is charged with the murder of a drug dealer.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Gus Ortega | Chris Robinson (1) as Al Rogers | Madlyn Rhue as Christine Ortega | Jim McMullan (1) as Don Williams | Russ Conway as Marks | Michael Callan as George Valdez
Director: Jack Smight

4 :01x04 - A Shield is for Hiding Behind

A seemingly model 19 year old college student uses his 15 year old brother to provide him with alibis for his illegal activities.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Fred Palmer | Michael McGreevey as Timmy Palmer | James MacArthur as Deke Palmer
Director: Earl Bellamy

5 :01x05 - My Name is Martin Burnham

A man who was recently cleared of wrondoing in a case fails to show up at his home or job.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tobey as Bill Latham | Robert F. Simon as Judge | Nina Foch as Ellen Burnham | Richard Eyer as Jerry Burnham | June Dayton as Mrs. Latham | Michael Constantine as Dr. Fowler | James Whitmore as Martin Burnham
Director: Lewis Milestone

6 :01x06 - A Flame in the Dark

Detective Anderson goes after the sniper who killed the mother of a young boy.
Guest Stars: Broderick Crawford as Grant Randolph | Barry Gordon as Bobby Randolph | Ron Hayes as Sam McGann
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

7 :01x07 - Whose Little Girl Are You?

A young girl is unable to answer any questions after undergoing a traumatic experience.
Guest Stars: Joseph Schildkraut as Henry Weber | Ed Peck as Perkins | Joan Freeman as LuAnn | Leif Erickson as Vallos
Director: Jack Smight

8 :01x08 - The Witnesses

A school teacher and her married lover witness a murder.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as George Morrison | Barbara Stuart as Ruth | Teno Pollick as Joey Basile | Quinn O'Hara as Sue Ellen | Doug Lambert as Neal Bradbury | Morgan Jones (1) as Sgt. Phillips | Anne Francis as Alice Wellman
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Max Ehrlich

9 :01x09 - Inquest Into a Bleeding Heart

A former surgeon performs an emergency procedure to save an accident victim but then gets charged with manslaughter after the victim dies.
Guest Stars: H.M. Wynant as Forellen | Kent Smith as Dr. Ferguson | Richard Basehart as Alexander Stafford | Julie Adams as Eleanor
Director: Lewis Milestone

10 :01x10 - The Quality of Justice

Anderson is on the trail of a serial murderer of young children. Unbeknownst to him, the killer is mentally retarded.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Celina | Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Ware | Joe De Santis as Ware | Robert Duvall as Morton Ware | Carol Eve Rossen as Mrs. Celina
Director: Sydney Pollack

11 :01x11 - Signals of an Ancient Flame

Detective Anderson tries to prove that a man poisoned his wife.
Guest Stars: Katharine Ross as Marietta Valera | Charles Irving as Dr. Beck | Diane Brewster as Carole Donahue | Anne Barton as Rose Valera | Martin Balsam as Leo Valera
Director: Jack Smight

12 :01x12 - We May Be Better Strangers

Detective Anderson arrests the son of respected judge for assault and vandalism. Then the fun really begins.
Guest Stars: Carole Wells as Terry | Everett Sloane as Judge Wolcott | Martin Sheen as Dale | Paul Potash as Spike | Michael Parks as Gregory Wade | Lillian Bronson as Irene Wolcott
Director: Earl Bellamy

13 :01x13 - Journey Into Darkness

A writer commits a murder then wonders why the police are unable to solve his crime.
Guest Stars: Martine Bartlett as Miranda | Nicholas Colasanto as Martinez | Anjanette Comer as Annabelle | Roddy McDowall as Paul LeDoux | Jacqueline DeWit (1) as Mrs. Flynn
Director: Lewis Milestone

14 :01x14 - Some Weeks Are All Mondays

A famous playwright is accused of murdering her husband. The police think they have a sure thing but it doesn't turn out that way.
Guest Stars: Kim Hunter as Geraldine Saunders | Joey Heatherton as Edith
Director: Lewis Allen

15 :01x15 - Run, Little Man, Run

A thief is the leading suspect in the death of a woman at a church bazaar.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Mrs. Cash | King Donovan as Fred Stuckey | Shirley Knight as Rhoda Wagner | John McIntire as Antsy Jackson
Director: Richard Irving
Writer: Herb Meadow

16 :01x16 - Funny Man With a Monkey

A drug addicted nightclub comic is the leading suspect in the killing of a physician.
Guest Stars: Joe Mantell as Harry Needles | Mary Murphy (1) as Linda Blair | Mickey Rooney as Hoagy Blair | Roland Winters as Charles Connaught | Bert Freed as Sgt. Gregson | Charla Doherty as Laurie | Forrest Compton as Dr. Harman | Paul Birch as Motel Owner | Merry Anders as Joyce | Rachel Ames as Mrs. Harman
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Jerome Ross

17 :01x17 - Onward and Upward

A junior employee who wants to get ahead agrees to help his boss get rid of the body of a girl who died at the boss's party.
Guest Stars: Sandra White as Loretta | Tom Falk as Mr. Trent | Sharon Farrell as Angela | William Shatner as Larry Tavener | Diana Millay as Yvonne Blair | Richard Carlson as Turner Leigh
Director: Lewis Milestone

18 :01x18 - An Echo of Conscience

A private eye accidentally causes the death of a blackmailing female he was hired to pay off.
Guest Stars: Grace Lee Whitney as Sally Burns | Hugh Marlowe as Lem Rogers | Dorothy Green as Mrs. Rogers | Shelley Fabares as Donna Blaney | Neville Brand as Harry Blaney
Director: Jack Smight

19 :01x19 - Somewhat Lower Than the Angels

A minister refuses to believe that a parishioner is the culprit in the murder of his sister.
Guest Stars: Sandy Dennis as Molly White | Hampton Fancher as Raymond | Steve Forrest as Reverend Hewitt
Director: Lewis Milestone

20 :01x20 - People in Glass Houses

Two defendants shoot their way out of a courthouse.
Guest Stars: Henry Silva as Frank Vose | Bill Quinn as Judge | Dennis Hopper as Coley Mitchum | Katherine Crawford as Frieda Jennison
Writer: Antony Ellis

21 :01x21 - The Best There Is

Egan refuses to defend a murder suspect. This refusal angers his old law professor so much that he comes out of retirement to take the case.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Judge Shaw | Adam Roarke as Sgt. Kelliher | Alejandro Rey as Rudy Sanchez | Arthur O'Connell as Andrew Sheridan | Erin O'Brien as Mrs. Sheridan | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Nello | Ken Lynch as Lt. Handley | Marianna Hill as Dolores Lucio | Steve Brodie as Ed Floyd | Rudy Bond as Placido Sanders | Merry Anders as Joyce
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: George Kirgo

22 :01x22 - A Roll of the Dice

Ronnie Blake thinks he has a sure fire system for winning at the gambling tables but he has to embezzle money from his employer in order to get working capital.
Guest Stars: Alvy Moore as Specs | Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Blake | Janet Dey as Photographer | Kamala Devi as Sandra | Michael Constantine as Dr. Graham | Claire Carleton as Mrs. Payton | Joyce Bulifant as Alice | Whit Bissell as Prescott | Nick Adams as Ronnie Blake
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: George Kirgo

23 :01x23 - The Black Flower

A parolee accuses his wife of being too friendly towards the man he believes was responsible for his imprisonment.
Guest Stars: Dewey Martin as Rick Tobin | Dabbs Greer as Salomon | Andrew Duggan as Ben Challis | Ray Danton as Jess Malloy | Pat Crowley as Ellen | Walter Burke as Hoby
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Don Brinkley

24 :01x24 - A Circle of Strangers

It's shades of Romeo and Juliet when a young couple's romance is jeopardized by their feuding families.
Guest Stars: Janet Margolin as Helen Kazar | Miriam Goldina as Mrs. Bakalyan | Peter Fonda as Alex Bakalyan | Joanna Barnes (1) as Melinda | Michael York as Pete
Director: Lewis Allen

25 :01x25 - Modus Operandi

A man might be convicted of a robbery-murder due to the fact that police records show he was once jailed for a strikingly similar offense.
Guest Stars: Frank Marth as Kruger | Dorothy Malone as Lois Janeway | Fritz Ford as Sgt. Roebuck | Charles Aidman as Tom Janeway | Anna Sten as Mrs. Van de Heuven
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Jerome Rich

26 :01x26 - Tigers are for Jungles

A hitman is out to silence an underworld boss before he can testify in front of a Senate committee.
Guest Stars: Marlo Thomas as Angela Tucci | Peter Soli as Victor Tucci | Walter Reed as Judge | Diane McBain as Elyse Binns | Judy Lang as Deb | Myron Healey as Everett Wynn | Billy Gray (2) as Colin Martin | Juney Ellis as Attendant | Richard Conte as Paul Dunnell | John Biroc as Policeman | Carole Anderson (1) as Hostess
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: George Kirgo

27 :01x27 - The Revenge of the Worm

A truck driver murders the loan shark who assaulted his wife.
Guest Stars: Joan Tabor as Doreen Stack | Telly Savalas as Santo | Penny Santon as Vivian Santo | Edward Platt as Judge | Lee Patterson as Arthur Biggs | Derrik Lewis as Michael Santo | Michael Dunn as Newspaper Vendor
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Ben Maddow

28 :01x28 - He Ran for His Life

A recent parolee kidnaps his son from his ex-wife and her second husband.
Guest Stars: Johnny Jensen as Robbie Wisner | Ted Thorpe as Stage Manager | George Segal as Jack Wisner | Ed Nelson as Jeff Collins | John Matthews as Detective | James Maloney as Doorman | Don Kennedy as Deputy | Kathryn Hays (1) as Joanne Collins | Frank Gerstle as Officer
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Mark Rodgers

29 :01x29 - Those Which Love Has Made

A law professor's lectures on the perfect crime intrigue two of his students so much that they decide to commit one---by killing him.
Guest Stars: Chris Robinson (1) as Bradford Holcombe | Mala Powers as Martha Phipps | Barbara Perry as Clara | Leo Gordon as Fred Kordiak | Joseph Gallison as Stephen Leete | Macdonald Carey as Marcus Kane
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: Mann Rubin

30 :01x30 - Birds of a Feather

A con man leaves his socialite galpal holding the bag after pulling off a swindle.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Welles as Reba Thayer | Nola Thorp as Diane | Victoria Shaw as Kit Patterson | Richard Reeves as Tush | Edward Platt as Judge | Robert Knapp as Holbrook | Fritz Ford as Roebuck | Cesare Danova as Glen Edwards | John Biroc as Les | Don 'Red' Barry as Snyder | Jim Backus as Sam Thayer | Jack Weston as Bernie Allen
Director: Earl Bellamy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Premiere: September 15, 1963
Ended: September 06, 1964
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