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Michael is passed over by George Sr. for partner at The Bluth Co. so he decides to move to Arizona to spend more time with his son, George Michael. However, after George Sr. is arrested for bad accounting and the family's funds are frozen, Michael instead decides to stay in California to help put his family back together and keep them that way.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: ARR-101
Airdate: Sunday November 02nd, 2003
Network: FOX

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TPS Star) Jan 03, 2005

Co-Guest Stars
John Beard (1)John Beard (1)
As Himself
Jonathan SchmockJonathan Schmock
As Captain
Stacey Grenrock-WoodsStacey Grenrock-Woods
As Trisha Thoon
Hira AmbrosinoHira Ambrosino
As Executive
Paul MendozaPaul Mendoza
As Enrique
Chad EinbinderChad Einbinder
As Birthday Party Man
Andy MorrowAndy Morrow
As Teen Magician
J. Hunter AckermanJ. Hunter Ackerman
As Protestor

Channing ChaseChanning Chase
As Saleswoman (Scenes deleted)
Main Cast
Jason BatemanJason Bateman
As Michael Bluth
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
As Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will ArnettWill Arnett
As George "G.O.B." Bluth II
Michael CeraMichael Cera
As George Michael Bluth
Alia ShawkatAlia Shawkat
As Mae "Maeby" Fünke
Tony HaleTony Hale
As Byron "Buster" Bluth
David CrossDavid Cross
As Tobias Fünke
Jessica WalterJessica Walter
As Lucille Bluth
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
As George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Ron HowardRon Howard
voiced Narrator
Episode Notes
Ratings: 8.1 million viewers; ranked #68 in that week's Nielson ratings.

On The Next Arrested Development Gag: George Michael gets a new roommate and Michael finds it difficult to get his father out of jail.

The signs held up by the protestors at the yacht club read: “Why Knot?",”Allow Same Sex Marriage At Sea",“Gay Mariners Unite",“Freedom", and “Sailors For Seamen”.

The Season 1 DVD features a "Creator's Cut" version of this episode including 10 minutes of deleted scenes and extended material.

The role of George Sr. was not originally planned to last past this pilot episode.

The nickname Gob is formed from his initials George Oscar Bluth.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
David Schwartz & Gabriel MannFree at Last 
Nikka CostaEverybody Got There Something 

Episode Quotes
Michael: (about George Michael) Well, I guess he really misses his family.
Lindsay: Well, he doesn't know us very well.
Michael: Yeah, clearly.

Michael: Well I'm sorry it's just it's too late, I'm truly sorry, but I'm moving to Phoenix. I got a job. (long pause) It's something you apply for and then they pay you to umm... nevermind I don't want to ruin the suprise.

Tobias: I'm alright gang...what an adventure gang...I thought that the homosexuals were pirates but it turns out most of them were actors in the local theater...you're right though...it is amazing, I've been waiting for the universe to provide a path for me...and I think it has...

Lindsay: You're gay?
Tobias: No...noo...ha...I'm not gay. How many times must we have this conversation?

Lindsay: (regarding uncircumcised penises) I think it looks frightening when it's cut off. It's a Doberman — let it have its ears.

George Sr.: They cannot arrest a husband and wife for the same crime.
Michael: Yeah? I don't think that that's true, dad.
George Sr.: Really? I've got the worst ****ing attorneys!

Lucille: And I'm putting Buster in charge.
G.O.B.: He's a good choice.
Michael: Buster? The guy who thought that the blue on the map was land?

Maeby: Um, yeah, I bought a frozen banana, and when I bit into it, I found this.
George Michael: It looks like a foot.
Maeby: It tasted like a foot. Which I didn't really mind, but I'm pretty sure I said "no nuts."

Michael: So .. this is the magic trick, huh?
G.O.B.: "Illusion," Michael. A "trick" is something a whore does for money... (kids stare at G.O.B., stunned at his remark) ... or candy!

Narrator: Then, mistaking a group of garishly dressed men for pirates, Tobias boarded a van full of homosexuals.

Michael: They are going to keep Dad in prison at least until this gets all sorted out. Also, the attorney said that they're going to have to put a halt on the company's expense account. (Everyone gasps) Interesting. I would've expected that after "They're keeping Dad in jail."

Michael: Maybe you'll be inspired by the boat party tonight and start a career as a pirate.
Tobias: I haven't packed for that.

Narrator: Thanks to the family’s largesse, Buster has studied everything from Native American tribal ceremonies... to cartography: the mapping of uncharted territories.
Michael: Hasn’t everything already sort of been discovered, though by, like, Magellan and Cortés, ...
Buster: Oh, yeah, yeah.
Michael: ... all those folks.
Buster: Those guys did a pretty good job.

Lucille: Michael, look. Look what happened to my fox. Someone cut off his little foot. Is it ... is it noticeable?

Episode Goofs
When George Sr. is on the boat, you can see the reflection of the cameras in his sunglasses.

During one scene, George Sr. instructs his assistant, Delores, to shred specific documents. However, in "Visiting Ours" his loyal assistant's name is Kitty, not Delores.

Cultural References
George Sr.: (on cell phone) Can you hear me now?

This is a famous line from a commercial for Verizon phones.

Visual: Tobias' audition for the Community Theater of Orange

During Tobias' audition for the Community Theater of Orange, he performs “I’m a Bad, Bad Man”. The song is from the musical Annie Get Your Gun.

Episode References
Sitwell Housing, Inc., the firm Michael lands a job with, is a small detail in this episode but will later pay off in "Switch Hitter".

Tobias' Sexuality

This episode marks the beginning of the running gag that questions Tobias' sexuality. During the episode there are several euphemisms and homosexual connotations used, including the signs held up by the protesters at the yacht club: "Why Knot", "Sailors for Seamen", etc.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMitchell Hurwitz
Executive ProducerBrian Grazer  |  Ron Howard  |  Mitchell Hurwitz  |  David Nevins
ProducerVictor Hsu
Associate ProducerJeff Luini
Production DesignerDenny Dugally
EditorLee Haxall
CastingDeborah Barylski
Unit Production ManagerVictor Hsu
First Assistant DirectorRoss Novie
Second Assistant DirectorKelly Cantley
Music EditorErica Weis
Costume DesignerKatie Sparks
HairstylistMarie Larkin
Key GripMark Polanski
Camera OperatorPeter Berglund  |  Greg Harrington
Set DesignerMark Lucero
Set DecoratorEllen Brill
Location ManagerDianne Friedgen
Transportation CoordinatorSergio Orozco
Property MasterLaurie Dalton
Construction CoordinatorGreg Hamlin
Production Sound MixerJoseph Geisinger
Script SupervisorSuzan Lowitz
Production CoordinatorPaula Kramer
Director of PhotographyJames Hawkinson
Production AccountantDon Bensko
Chief Lighting TechnicianScott Moody
ScoreDavid Schwartz (2)
Assistant To The Executive ProducerDoug Adams
Assistant To The ProducerDavid Silverstein
Makeup ArtistStephanie Coffey