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Arrested Development: Altar Egos (1)

Michael meets a blind attorney, Maggie, and ends up having a one-night stand with her. All seems well until Michael discovers that Maggie is the prosecutor assigned to George, Sr.'s case, forcing Michael to decide whether to tell Maggie the truth about who he is or use this opportunity to gain the upper hand in the case. Meanwhile, G.O.B., on a dare, gets married, and an undercover SEC agent falls in love with George, Sr.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: ARR-117
Airdate: Wednesday March 17th, 2004
Network: FOX

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TPS Star) Feb 27, 2005
DE (Comedy Central) Mar 30, 2007

Special Guest Stars
Julia Louis-DreyfusJulia Louis-Dreyfus
As Maggie Lizer
Henry WinklerHenry Winkler
As Barry Zuckerkorn

Guest Stars
James LiptonJames Lipton
As Warden Stefan Gentles
Amy PoehlerAmy Poehler
As Bride of Gob
Jane LynchJane Lynch
As Cindi Lightballoon
Michael Paul ChanMichael Paul Chan
As Judge Lionel Ping

Co-Guest Stars
Michael BartelMichael Bartel
As Young Michael
Tim StarksTim Starks
As Bailiff

Frank WhitemanFrank Whiteman
As Judge
Steve WittingSteve Witting
As Principal Conrad
Main Cast
Jason BatemanJason Bateman
As Michael Bluth
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
As Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will ArnettWill Arnett
As George "G.O.B." Bluth II
Michael CeraMichael Cera
As George Michael Bluth
Alia ShawkatAlia Shawkat
As Mae "Maeby" Fünke
David CrossDavid Cross
As Tobias Fünke
Jessica WalterJessica Walter
As Lucille Bluth
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
As George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Ron HowardRon Howard
voiced Narrator
Episode Notes
Tony Hale (Buster) does not appear in this episode.

On The Next Arrested Development Gag: Maeby attempts to deposit her check, G.O.B. adapts to married life, and Tobias is sent to sneak into Maggie’s house to steal evidence, only to discover that she’s not blind.

This episode didn't air in it's regular Sunday slot. Fox decided to air it right after American Idol on Tuesday so that it could reach a larger audience and up its ratings.

The music in the courthouse bar is the theme music for Arrested Development.

The courtroom office featured portraits of presidents, all of which were Republican presidents.

Amy Poehler (Wife of G.O.B.) is married to Will Arnet (G.O.B.) in real life.

Episode Quotes
Michael: I actually had a pretty interesting night myself.
G.O.B.: Really? What'd you do, read the plea?

G.O.B.: I told you to walk away. I told you to get a fake name.
Michael: I did. Thanks very much. I'm Chareth Cutestory, a pirate lawyer. It was air tight.

Barry: Do you want to read it?
Michael: No, it is thick. Why don't we just take it?
Barry: I could kiss you on the nuts.
Michael: Yeah, well -- what?

G.O.B.: Michael, you can save this family. Please, do the right thing here. String this blind girl along so that Dad doesn't have to pay his debt to society.
Barry: The solution to all our problems is staring you right in the face, and it can't even see you.

Michael: I didn’t know that you had a dog.
Maggie: How else am I going to get to work?
Michael: You ride a dog to work?

Cindi Lightballoon: I’m a mole.
George, Sr.: You know, God... God doesn’t care how big your teeth are. Yes, you could go to a dentist and you could, whoo... you could grind off about—I don’t know—30%. Maybe more. Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it.

Lucille: We’re taking the plea.
George, Sr.: Lucille, we’re not taking a plea.
Michael: Well, we don’t know what the plea is yet.
Barry: Is that a shot at me? Because makes me want to read it all the less.

Lindsay: We would like you to tutor our daughter.
Tobias: Of course, we’re having a bit of a cash flow problem, but I assure you, if you bring our little girl’s grades up, I will pack your sweet pink mouth with so much ice cream you’ll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block.
George Michael: But we’re the only house on the block.

G.O.B.: These are lawyers. That’s Latin for “liar.”

Michael: I don’t know—I’m so mad at Barry I can’t even focus. That guy’s out dating? I mean, I’d love to be out dating, but I --
G.O.B.: Can’t relax?
Michael: No. I don’t have time for a relationship. This is important.
G.O.B.: I didn’t say anything about a relationship, Michael. If you’d slept with more than four women, you’d know that.
Michael: I have, G.O.B.
G.O.B.: More than five? Let’s say five.

Michael: I can’t believe I’m still reading the same sentence. How can something be “no less than three if it exceeds six?” I mean, six’s still more than three, right?
G.O.B.: Yeah, and it’s still more than five.

Episode Goofs
Michael states that Lindsay had to repeat the ninth grade. But in "Top Banana" their yearbook photos show that they graduated during the same year.

Cultural References
Visual: Barry Zuckercorn (Henry Winkler) in the bathroom while combing his hair.

Barry does the same combing as Fonzie, also played by Henry Winkler, did in Happy Days.

Episode References
Visual: Maeby gives George Michael six twenties and says it's 200 dollars

This is a reference back to "Top Banana" when we first learn that Maeby is horrible at math.

Visual: Cindi Lightballoon’s shirt

Cindi Lightballoon’s shirt has an image on it of Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison, George, Sr.'s inspirational jail videos. Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison was first made by George, Sr. in "Marta Complex".

Visual: Cornballer on Maggie Lizer’s kitchen table

The cornballer was first seen in "Bringing Up Buster".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMitchell Hurwitz
Executive ProducerBrian Grazer  |  Ron Howard  |  David Nevins  |  Mitchell Hurwitz
Co-Executive ProducerRichard Rosenstock  |  John Levenstein
Supervising ProducerChuck Martin
ProducerVictor Hsu  |  Barbie Feldman Adler
Co-ProducerBrad Copeland
Consulting ProducerJames Vallely
Associate ProducerDiane Mercer (2)
Production DesignerDawn Snyder
EditorLee Haxall
CastingGeraldine Leder
Unit Production ManagerChristine Larson-nitzsche
First Assistant DirectorJohn Nelson
Second Assistant DirectorJennie O'Keefe Mills
Music EditorJason Tregoe Newman
Costume DesignerKatie Sparks
HairstylistMarie Larkin
Key GripMark Polanski
Camera OperatorPatrick Rousseau  |  Ian Dodd
Set DecoratorMaureen Osborne
Location ManagerDianne Friedgen
Transportation CoordinatorRick Sanders
Property MasterAl Eisenmann
Construction CoordinatorGreg Hamlin
Production Sound MixerTom Stasinis
Script SupervisorRebecca E. Asher
Production CoordinatorTiffany Sipantzi Moore
Supervising Sound EditorKerri Wilson
Re-Recording MixerNello Torri  |  Peter Kelsey
Director of PhotographyGreg Harrington
Story EditorAbraham Higginbotham
Production AccountantSherry Brooks
Chief Lighting TechnicianDon Bixby
ScoreDavid Schwartz (2)
Original CastingDeborah Barylski
Assistant To The Executive ProducerLisa Parsons
Assistant To The ProducerDavid Silverstein
Makeup ArtistStephanie Coffey
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