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Arrested Development: Afternoon Delight

As a prank, someone throws the banana stand into the nearby bay, forcing Michael to rebuild it. Meanwhile, G.O.B., as acting president of the Bluth Company, prepares for the annual Christmas party, but things take a turn when G.O.B. fires everyone when they use him as a topic for their roast. In turn, Michael is forced to throw another party to win the employees back and decides to double the re-opening of the new banana stand with the party. Meanwhile, Buster ditches the Army for a day and spends his time at an arcade.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x6
Production Number: ARR-206
Airdate: Sunday December 19th, 2004
Network: FOX
Special Airtime: 08:30 pm

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TPS Star) Nov 02, 2005

Guest Stars
Mae WhitmanMae Whitman
As Ann Veal

Co-Guest Stars
Charlie HartsockCharlie Hartsock
As Ted
J.J. WallJ.J. Wall
As Uncle Paul
Tom SaundersTom Saunders
As Tom
Al EisenmannAl Eisenmann
As Al the Maintenance Man
Jim Gaines SullivanJim Gaines Sullivan
As Bus Driver
Main Cast
Jason BatemanJason Bateman
As Michael Bluth
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
As Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will ArnettWill Arnett
As George "G.O.B." Bluth II
Michael CeraMichael Cera
As George Michael Bluth
Alia ShawkatAlia Shawkat
As Mae "Maeby" Fünke
Tony HaleTony Hale
As Byron "Buster" Bluth
David CrossDavid Cross
As Tobias Fünke
Jessica WalterJessica Walter
As Lucille Bluth
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
As George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Ron HowardRon Howard
voiced Narrator
Episode Notes
On The Next Arrested Development Gag: The Blue Man Group finally calls for Tobias with a life-changing opportunity.

This episode was directed by Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth).

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight 

Episode Quotes
G.O.B.: God, how they used to laugh with me.
Michael: At you.

(stuck underneath Lucille's car)
Tobias: Hey, it's Tobias ... who wants to take me to the hospital?

Buster: (holding stuffed animals) These are my awards, Mother. From Army. The seal is for marksmanship, and the gorilla is for sand racing. Now if you'll excuse me, they're putting me in something called Hero Squad.

Maeby: My mom signed me out of school early, so then she wouldn't have to pick me up later, so then she wouldn't be late for the Christmas party.
Michael: That's about the worst thing I've ever heard.
Maeby: I had to drive because she had a little bit of a buzz on.
Michael: No, that's it.

Lucille: Michael, I was almost attacked last night in my own home! I walk in and there's a colored man in my kitchen!
Michael: Colored? What color was he, exactly?
Lucille: Blue.

Michael: My mom is very stressed out, and, uh, she needs something that I can’t give her. Um ... maybe a little “Afternoon Delight”?
Narrator: Oscar thought that Michael was referring to a particular brand of cannabis named “Afternoon Deelite,” a strain famous for slowing behavior.
Oscar: Well, sure. The question is, which way do I try to get it in her?
Michael: I don’t need any details.
Oscar: Maybe I’ll put it in her brownie.
Michael: Hey!

Michael: Another one of Dad’s suits?
G.O.B.: Hey, I’m the President now. Filling Dad’s shoes. Literally. Except his shoes don’t fit. But, I did finally get into Dad’s pants. Although I had to have the crotch taken out a little bit.

G.O.B.: Worse that can happen is can I spill some on my $3,000 suit. Come on! Oh, yeah, yeah. The guy in the ... the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn’t make that in three months. Come on! Oh. Why don’t I just take a whiz through this $5,000 suit?!

George Michael: Oh ... okay. Well, um ... well, I think Ann’s parents are having their party on Bethlehem time, which is pretty early, so maybe I can make an appearance.
Michael: Make an appearance. Uh, uh, no, no. It’s-It’s okay, uh, you be with Yam. It’s fine. It’s good.
George Michael: It’s Ann.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Afternoon Delight

"Afternoon Delight" is a song by the Starland Vocal Band.

Episode References
Visual: Tobias missing a phone call because he temporarily cannot hear

The scene where Tobias misses a phone call from The Blue Man Group because of his hearing loss parallels a scene from "Top Banana" when Tobias misses a call from South Coast Boutique because he couldn't hear the ring in the shower.

Visual: Lucille running over Tobias with her car

This scene parallels a scene from "The One Where Michael Leaves" where Barry Zuckerkorn runs over Tobias with his car.

Big Yellow Joint

The song "Big Yellow Joint" is heard numerous times during the episode. The song first appeared in "Pier Pressure" as a song written by Jimmy Jane in the 1970s about how the frozen banana stand looks like a big, yellow joint.

Visual: The can of Zanotab on the Bluth company refrigerator

Zanotab was first mentioned in "The Best Man for the Gob" in a song sung by Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution.

Buster earning a seal for marksmanship “from Army” foreshadows the events that will take place in "My Hand to God" where Buster's hand is bitten off by a seal.

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