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Arrested Development: The Immaculate Election

George Michael runs for school president. All goes well until Michael gets involved in his son's campaign. Michael asks G.O.B. to help, but G.O.B. sinks George Michael's campaign when he makes an offensive campaign video. Meanwhile, Tobias moves out and Buster sleeps with Lupe.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x14
Production Number: ARR-214
Airdate: Sunday March 20th, 2005
Network: FOX
Special Airtime: 08:30 pm

Alternate Airdates:

FR (TPS Star) Nov 30, 2005

Guest Stars
Abraham HigginbothamAbraham Higginbotham
As Gary
B.W. GonzalezB.W. Gonzalez
As Lupe
Justin Grant WadeJustin Grant Wade
As Steve Holt
Mae WhitmanMae Whitman
As Ann Veal
Rob CorddryRob Corddry
As Moses Taylor
Armie HammerArmie Hammer
As Student #2
Omi VaidyaOmi Vaidya
As Rav Nadir
Ron MichaelsonRon Michaelson
As Himself

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Coleman (2)Michael Coleman (2)
As Security Guard
Main Cast
Jason BatemanJason Bateman
As Michael Bluth
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
As Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will ArnettWill Arnett
As George "G.O.B." Bluth II
Michael CeraMichael Cera
As George Michael Bluth
Alia ShawkatAlia Shawkat
As Mae "Maeby" Fünke
Tony HaleTony Hale
As Byron "Buster" Bluth
David CrossDavid Cross
As Tobias Fünke
Jessica WalterJessica Walter
As Lucille Bluth
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
As George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Ron HowardRon Howard
voiced Narrator
Episode Notes
On The Next Arrested Development Gag: Lucille finds a housekeeper that she won’t lose her son to, and Steve Holt finally tracks down his real father.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
EuropeFinal Countdown 

Episode Quotes
Lucille: And yet you're too good to polish the candlesticks. You're fired!
Buster: You can't fire me. I'm your son. I'm firing you!
Lucille: I was firing Lupe.
Buster: Well, that makes more sense.

Buster: What do you expect, Mother? I'm half machine! I'm a monster!

Maeby: How do you know Steve Holt? Are you in AA?

G.O.B.: I figured out a way to make money while I'm working.
Michael: But that is what we call working.

Lindsay: Can’t you at least come over and Dustbuster or something?
Lupe: I no does Buster anymore!

George, Sr.: We all must seek forgiveness.
Michael: Well, I’ll call the warden for you. You can ask him yourself.
George, Sr.: Well, I think that’s for ... for fresh crimes. Besides, you’ve always tried to lead a clean life. You and G.O.B. were like those biblical brothers, Gallant and, um ... Goofuth.

Lindsay: If you weren’t all the way on the other side of the room, I’d slap your face.

Michael: Is that Qusay Hussein at the omelet bar?

Episode Goofs
While one student shows his video, you can see camera men in the bleachers right behind G.O.B.

The banner for Tony Wonder's website reads tonywonder.com, but the shot of the computer shows that the URL is razzledazzle.org.

Cultural References
Episode Title: The Immaculate Election

The episode title is a play on the immaculate conception which is the belief that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born.

Michael: So that's why we've stopped TiVoing Christopher Lowell.

Christopher Lowell is an interior designer and TV host.

Episode Title: The Immaculate Election

The episode title is a spoof of a famous NFL play, called the Immaculate Reception.

The game was played between the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers (two huge rivals) on 1972, in which a play where Steeler's Quarterback Terry Bradshaw passed to John (Frenchy) Fuqua. The ball converged with Fuqua and Raiders safety Jack Tatum. The ball popped out and in to the hands of rookie running back Franco Harris who took off down the left sideline to score a touchdown, all the while the Raiders celebrated after the supposed dropped pass.

The Raiders argued that Fuqua had batted the ball to Harris (the rules of the time did not permit consecutive touches by offensive players). The touchdown stood and the pass went down in History.

George, Sr.: You and G.O.B. were like those biblical brothers, Gallant and, um ... Goofuth.

George, Sr. is trying to reference the cartoon Goofus & Gallant which was started in 1948 in Highlights magazine. The strip was written to teach children the difference between good and bad.

Tobias: (singing) When you put a squirt of frosting down your throat, before we take our medications.

Tobias' song is a take on the "Spoonful of Sugar" song in Mary Poppins.

Michael: Is that Qusay Hussein at the omelet bar?

Qusay Hussein is the second son of Saddam Hussein and was once the head of the Iraq Intelligence Service.

George Michael: My hand! You cut of my hand!

George Michael's line is a line from Star Wars when Darth Vader's hand is cut off by Luke.

Episode References
Visual: G.O.B.'s negative campaign against Steve Holt

During the negative campaign, an image of the Bananagrabber is used to represent evil. The Bananagrabber character was first seen in "Charity Drive" and during the episode, G.O.B. gave up all animation rights to the Bananagrabber and all Bananagrabber family characters.

Visual: Lindsay's "Slut" shirt

Lindsay's "Slut" shirt was first seen in "My Mother The Car".

Buster: Oh, God. I can’t put the aorta in with this thing.

Buster not being able to put the aorta in, causing a hole in the heart, is a reference to the hole in his heart which was first revealed in "Storming the Castle" by Lucille.

Visual: "Volt for Steve Holt" poster that Maeby makes

Maeby's mispelling on the poster is a reference to "Pier Pressure" where we learn that Maeby is bad a math after she receives a "crocodile" in math from the Sunshine Academy.

(after seeing Steve Holt's campaign video)
G.O.B.: I've made a huge mistake.

The phrase "I made a huge mistake" was first used in "Key Decisions" by G.O.B. after he realizes what committing to Marta meant.

G.O.B.: Oh, yeah? You into magic? (splashes Asian Man) Still, where’d the lighter fluid come from?

G.O.B. accidentally squirts the Asian Man with lighter fluid during his trick, just as he accidentally squirted Sally Sitwell in "Burning Love".

G.O.B.: Tricks ... let me finish ... Around the Office

G.O.B.'s line is a reference to his "macaroni... let me finish... salad" line in "Let 'Em Eat Cake".

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