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Arrested Development: S.O.B.s (Save Our Bluths)

Worried about his family's future, George, Sr. insists upon a fundraiser to raise community awareness. Michael is put in charge of finding a celebrity to serve as emcee for the event and ends up tracking down Andy Richter. Meanwhile, G.O.B. accidentally becomes a waiter and has to deal with a rude customer -- his mother.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x9
Production Number: ARR-309
Airdate: Monday January 02nd, 2006
Network: FOX

Guest Stars
Andy RichterAndy Richter
As Himself, Donnie Richter, Chareth Richter, Rocky Richter-Wang, Emmett Richter
Bob EinsteinBob Einstein
As Larry

Co-Guest Stars
Jack McBrayerJack McBrayer
As Country Club Waiter
John Beard (1)John Beard (1)
As Himself
Caitlin SedioCaitlin Sedio
As Teen Lindsay
Tannis VallelyTannis Vallely
As Casting Director
Helen Slayton-HughesHelen Slayton-Hughes
As Mrs. Van Skoyk
Anne BellamyAnne Bellamy
As Woman at Country Club
Kate LuybenKate Luyben
As Woman in Negligee

Ben StillerBen Stiller
As Himself
Judge ReinholdJudge Reinhold
As Himself
Richard BelzerRichard Belzer
As Himself
Zach BraffZach Braff
As Himself
Main Cast
Jason BatemanJason Bateman
As Michael Bluth
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
As Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Will ArnettWill Arnett
As George "G.O.B." Bluth II
Michael CeraMichael Cera
As George Michael Bluth
Alia ShawkatAlia Shawkat
As Mae "Maeby" Fünke
Tony HaleTony Hale
As Byron "Buster" Bluth
David CrossDavid Cross
As Tobias Fünke
Jessica WalterJessica Walter
As Lucille Bluth
Jeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
As George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Ron HowardRon Howard
voiced Narrator
Episode Notes
On The Next Arrested Development Gag: The Bluth family gets some good news.

The episode contained many references and spoofs on the fact that the show is doing bad in the ratings and would most likely be cancelled after this episode aired.

Episode Quotes
George Michael: OCD? No, I’m just cleaning up after Aunt Lindsay. She never turns things off.
Michael: Well... Guess that explains why I saw the hedge trimmer zipping around the drive way. I did it again, didn’t I? I’m so self-centered. From now on, I want you to just tell me what’s on your mind, okay? And I promise I won’t just hear what I want to hear.
George Michael: I love my cousin.
Michael: Love you, too, pal.

Narrator: Tonight: An Arrested Development you can’t miss. A cavalcade of stars. The shocking final moments will be presented live! And one of these people ... will die.

Michael: Mr. Loblaw no longer works for us, cause someone wanted a boyfriend.
Tobais: Don’t blame me.
Michael: I was talking to Lindsay, actually, but he was clearly turned off to the both of you.

Lucille: You’re going to put Lindsay in charge of the cooking? At least you’ll lose weight.

Lindsay: You know, Mom, I think the only time you ever cooked for us, was the morning Rosa’s mom died.
Buster: You gave us cereal in an ashtray.

Lindsay: You know, I’m actually a really good mom. I think it’s ’cause Maeby’s never around.

John Beard: Do you know the Muffin Man? There’s a reward in it if you do. Then -- would you like some foam in your coffee? It’s called a cuppakeno and wait till you see what it costs.

Buster: Hey, sister.
Lindsay: How’d you get here?
Buster: I walked. I tried hitchhiking, but it’s hard to do without a thumb.

Buster: It’s so watery. And yet there’s a smack of ham to it.
Lindsay: It’s hot ham water.

Buster: Sister’s my new mother, Mother.

Lindsay: It’ll be fine. I’ll just put the sauce on them.
G.O.B.: What kind of sauce is that?
Lindsay: Wait, this is the water I thawed the chicken in.
Buster: Oh. Well, that should go with chicken.
Lindsay: Yeah.
Buster: Fantastic.

G.O.B.: Coming through. Chicken in chicken sauce.

Michael: Muffins? Oh, my God, Dad. You’re the Muffin Man? You poisoned 25 teachers during the ’70s?
George Sr.: Just the first two. The others were copycats.

Cultural References
The "put on 3d glasses now" and the fake 3D scenes are a spoof on the show Medium, which had a special 3D episode, "The Reckoning".

Michael: So what's going on with the fundraiser?
George: Well, I don't think the Home Builders Organisation is going to be supporting us.

The "Home Builders Organisation" is a reference to the cable network HBO, which had been speculated to be interested in picking up the show for a fourth season after is was cancelled by FOX.

Michael: Yeah, the HBO isn't going to want us. What do we do now?
George: Well, I think it's Showtime.

Showtime is another US cable network, which supposedly has shown a serious interest in picking up the show.

Tobias: George Michael has been acting strange lately. (...) I think he may have developed what we in the soft sciences refer to as "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", or, "the OC disorder"

"The OC disorder" is a spoof on the TV show The OC.

George Michael: I thought you looked like that guy Andy Richter. You guys are identical twins?
Donnie: Identical quintuplets, actually.

Andy Richer being a quintuplet in this episode is a reference to his cancelled FOX TV show Quintuplets.

Episode References
Andy Dick hosts “Why We Were Scared of the ’70s” on Y.O.M., which was the TV station that covered spring break in the episode "Spring Breakout".

Visual: Cloud Mir ad on the Variety website

The Cloud Mir vodka was first seen in the episode "Public Relations".

Narrator: There was Andy the showoff, Donnie the sensitive one, Chareth the flirt, Rocky the risk-taker and Andy’s stunt double and Emmett who asked that we not show his picture.

"Chareth the flirt" is a reference to "Alter Egos" when Michael gives Maggie Lizer the nickname "Chareth Cutestory".

George, Sr.: Hey, we can have some celebrities in. You know, Oscar winners like Nicole Kidman.

George Sr.'s comment is a reference to the 5 episodes that Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron appeared in as Rita, her first appearance being in "For British Eyes Only" and final appearance being in "The Ocean Walker".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMitchell Hurwitz
Executive ProducerBrian Grazer  |  Ron Howard  |  Mitchell Hurwitz  |  David Nevins
Co-Executive ProducerTom Saunders  |  Dean Lorey  |  Chuck Tatham  |  Richard Day  |  James Vallely
Supervising ProducerJohn Amodeo  |  Ron Weiner
Co-ProducerDiane Mercer (2)  |  David Shafer
Consulting ProducerMaria Semple
Production DesignerDawn Snyder
EditorStuart Bass
CastingSteven Jacobs (2)  |  Allison Jones
Unit Production ManagerBarbara Black
First Assistant DirectorRoss Novie
Second Assistant DirectorJennie O'Keefe Mills
MusicDavid Schwartz (2)
Music EditorJason Tregoe Newman
HairstylistJean Webber
Key GripJoe Kelly (6)
Camera OperatorStuart Lillas  |  Robert Knouse
Set DecoratorMaureen Osborne
Location ManagerEdward Mazurek
Transportation CoordinatorMalcolm Mazer
Property MasterBrad Elliot
Construction CoordinatorGreg Hamlin
Production Sound MixerTom Stasinis
Script SupervisorRebecca E. Asher
Production CoordinatorJen Mayo
Post Production SupervisorTerri Murphy
Supervising Sound EditorSusan Cahill
Re-Recording MixerGary Alexander  |  Nello Torri
Director of PhotographyGreg Harrington
Art DirectorKandy Stern
Costume SupervisorMarilynn A. Oleksinski  |  Kate Samhat
Production AccountantSherry Brooks
Chief Lighting TechnicianSteve Galvin
Original CastingDeborah Barylski
Assistant To The Executive ProducerAndrew Avner
Makeup ArtistStephanie Coffey
Production Associate ProducerTiffany Sipantzi Moore
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