Honor Thy Father - Recap

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As Arrow, Oliver takes to the rooftops to take on thugs at a helipad. He takes them out and confronts their leader, Marcus Redmond. Oliver orders Redman to call his partner and return the money from the pensioners.

The next day, Oliver meets with his family as they listen to a broadcast about Redman turning over $30 million and claiming the Arrow vigilante coerced him. Walter makes sure that Oliver's ready to give a statement confirming that he isn't dead so they can get the death-in-absentia lifted. Tommy comes by to pick Oliver up and Thea says that she's not going. Diggle comes in and escorts them out to the limo.

When they arrive at the courthouse, the reporters demand answers as Oliver remembers Sarah dying. He goes before the judge and testifies that he was the only survivor when his father's ship went down. Oliver glosses over how his father died and describes how he got to the island, and decided to live for both of them. The lawyer moves to vitiate the claim on Oliver but notes that they won't on Robert's status. Afterward, Oliver tells Moira that the statement was more draining than he thought and he'll go to the company later. Once Moira and Walter leave, Oliver bumps into Laurel who is there with Joanna and their client, Emily Nocenti. Laurel relates how Oliver told her to stay away from him and says that it's good advice, and then walks away.

Outside, Oliver and Tommy see Martin Somers, the man who Emily is testifying again, giving a statement to the press that he's innocent. The press quickly focusses on Oliver and Diggle gets him into the limo. However, when he pushes a reporter away, Oliver drives off on his own.

Laurel makes her opening statement about how Emily's father Victor, a stevedore, was killed when he learned that Somers was taking bribes from the Chinese Triads to smuggle drugs into Starling City. She vows to make sure that Victor receives justice.

At his warehouse hideout, Oliver exercises and prepares to go after Somers, who is on Robert's list.

That night, Somers is telling his lawyer to shut the trial down when the lights go out. When they come back up, Somers discovers that his men have been taken out. Oliver ties him up and shoots at him, and tells him to testify at the trial because he won't receive a second warning.

Later, Moira is berating Diggle for failing to keep an eye on Oliver. Oliver comes in and claims that he's seeing a woman but Moira insists that he take Diggle with him. She insists that he take Diggle with him because she doesn't want to lose him and Oliver agrees. Once she leaves, Oliver apologizes but Diggle warns that he'll quit if Oliver ditches him. As he goes, Thea comes in and says that she's going out and tells her brother not to take her stash this time. Oliver asks if she thinks that's what Robert would want her to do but she says that Oliver is in no position to judge her.

The next day, Quentin comes to see Somers after one of his men calls 911 the previous night. Somers claims that nothing happened there but Quentin points out that he found one of the vigilante's arrows and indicates that it matches a hole in Somers' desk. Somers accuses him of having a conflict of interest because his daughter is prosecuting him and threatens to get emotional if Laurel continues the case.

Oliver goes to Queen Consolidated and Moira and Walter take him to the office and Walter explains that they've been diversifying recently into high-tech industries. They are planning to break ground on a new building and want to announce that Oliver is taking a leadership position at the ceremony. Oliver refuses, saying that Walter is doing a good job, and Walter tries to reassure him. At that, Oliver angrily points out that he's sleeping with his mother and Moira says that Oliver is a lot less charming then he was five years ago.

Oliver leaves the office and gets into the limo with Diggle. As they wait for the driver, Diggle suggests that he might be messed up in the head after five years alone and not thinking clearly.

Oliver wakes up and sees the seagulls clawing at Robert's corpse. He chases them away and then staggers away, vomiting from the smell. Despite that, he returns to carry his father's body away from the life raft.

Laurel and Joanna take Emily back to the office and warn her that Somers' attorney will come after her. They warn her that dangerous people want to stop her from testifying but Emily insists that they will have to kill her to stop her. Quentin comes in with officers and tells them that the trio is going to get police protection. Joanna realizes that there's going to be a fight and takes Emily for coffee. Quentin explains that the vigilante is after Somers and stirring things up, and he's going to protect his daughter no matter what.

That night, Somers calls in China White, the representative from the Chinese Triads. He warns her that if they kill Emily then Laurel won't stop, and China says that then they have to kill Laurel.

Oliver is in his room changing his shirt and listening to a newscast on Somers vowing to continue fighting the case. Thea comes in and sees the scars on Oliver's chest and wonders what happened to him, but he refuses to talk about it. She complains that he never wants to talk to her about anything and starts to go, and Oliver admits that he needs to get better about talking about what happened there before he can talk to her about it. Thea takes Oliver out back to show him the gravestones that they set up for Robert and Oliver. She tells her brother that Moira stopped visiting them after a month and wouldn't talk so Thea came there to talk to Oliver about anything and everything. Now she feels closer to him when he was dead then now that he's alive, and tells Oliver that he has to let someone in.

That night, Oliver comes to see Laurel at her apartment. She points out that he keeps coming to see her even though he told her to stay away from him, and Oliver tells her what Thea said about letting someone in. He explains that he pushed her away to protect her, but realized that he was hurting her. Laurel lets him in and Oliver admits that he was a jerk and always was. She notices that he has a bag with him and Oliver explains that he dreamed for five years of eating ice cream with her. Laurel accepts and as they eat, he explains about Moira's plans for him. He tells Laurel that he has plans and that he can't do them if he's running the company. Laurel suggests that he say no but Oliver says that Moira didn't accept it, so Laurel says that he should show his mother. When Oliver mentions Sarah, Laurel explains that Quentin blames himself for not stopping Sarah from going with Oliver.

Oliver hears someone moving on the fire escape, grabs a knife, and gets Laurel to the door. A killer bursts in and opens fires as Oliver gets Laurel into the next room. China and another killer burst in and prepare to kill them both, but Diggle bursts in and takes out one killer. He fights China and she gets the upper hand and prepares to stab him, and Oliver disarms her with a knife. She runs off as Diggle recovers and tells Oliver that he needs a bodyguard.

Quentin and his men arrive and he admits that the cops he assigned to her are dead. He thanks Diggle and then tells Oliver to stay away from his daughter. Laurel objects but Oliver says that he understands.

Later, Oliver and Diggle go back to the manor. Diggle thanks Oliver, who feigns ignorance and claims that he was lucky. The bodyguard doesn't buy it, pointing out that Oliver accurately threw an unbalanced kitchen knife ten feet. He says that he's just starting to realize who Oliver really is but Oliver says that he's shallow and leaves for his room.

Oliver slips out and goes to his headquarters to gear up.

At his warehouse, Somers packs up, realizing that China will wipe him out to cover the Triad's connection to him. When his bodyguard calls to the men, Oliver answers and Somers realizes that he's in trouble and heads out.

Quentin tells Laurel to recuse herself from the case but she refuses. She insists that she's trying to make Starling City safer, just like Quentin, but he insists that her job isn't to go after mobsters. Laurel disagrees, saying that he taught her better, and then admits that she's fighting dirty. Quentin receives a call from the station that something is going on at Somers' warehouse.

Oliver is taking out Somers' men and dodging gunfire. Once he's disposed of them, Oliver spots Somers running and goes after him into a cargo bay. He pins the mobster to a crate with arrows and demands the truth about Vincent. As Oliver continues firing, Somers finally breaks and says that the Triad killed Vincent on his orders. China slips in but Oliver spins, hearing her, and they fight. Police cars approach the dock, sirens blaring, and order everyone to drop their weapons. China and Oliver both take off in opposite directions and Quentin catches up to Oliver. He draws his gun and orders him to freeze, but Oliver spins and shoots the arrow out of his hand and into a crate. Oliver slips away and Quentin discovers that there's a recorder attached to the arrow with Somers' confession on it.

The next day, Oliver returns to the warehouse and realizes that he has to be the person he needs them to see him as.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Tommy arrives and is surprised to see Laurel there. She says that Oliver invited her and wonders if Tommy is jealous. Walter calls the ceremony to order and starts to speak in honor of Robert, but a drunken Oliver arrives and insists on speaking. He makes a rumbling speech to the crowd, explaining that he's not half the man his father was and never will be. Oliver tells them to stop asking them to be that man and walks away.

Later, Laurel and Joanna watch a news report on Somers' arrest based on the confession. Emily thanks them for their help and Laurel thanks her for being brave enough to let her. Quentin comes in and admits that he's being razzed for letting the vigilante go. Laurel says that the vigilante helped her bring Somers' to justice, but Quentin insists that no one is above the law and promises to find the vigilante and arrest him.

In his room, Oliver crosses Somers' name off of his father's list.

Oliver takes his father's body to higher ground and finds the journal in his pocket. The pages are blank except for a single symbol.

Moira goes to an isolated bridge and assures a man with the symbol that Oliver has no idea that the yacht was sabotaged.

Oliver goes to his father's gravestone and talks about how hard it has been to reconnect with everyone he loves. He vows to right Robert's wrongs, but admits that sometimes he'll have to dishonor his father's memory to honor his promise. Oliver then turns away and tells the workers to take down both gravestones. He goes to the car and tells Diggle that he will definitely be going out that night.

Oliver builds a cairn of stones for his father. As he finishes, someone shoots him through the shoulder with an arrow. Screaming, he turns and sees a hooded figure preparing to fire one more shot as Oliver passes out.