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Lone Gunmen - Recap

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Night in Starling City, and Oliver goes after James Holder, who made money putting defective smoke detectors in low-income housing. Holder is at his penthouse pool and finishes a call to his partner. Oliver shatters his wineglass and Holder warns him that he has armed security. When Holder threatens to call his security men, Oliver tosses him the security men's comm units and demands to know how many people his fires killed. Before Holder can answer, a sniper opens fire from an adjoining rooftop. Oliver returns fire and ducks for cover, but the sniper wounds him in the arm and disappears.

Later, Oliver is binding his wounds at the warehouse and then crosses Holder off his list. He starts to collapse and realizes that the bullet was poisoned. Digging in his crate from the island, he drinks down an antidote before collapsing.

Oliver wakes up in a cave as the man who shot him comes in. The Asian says that he shot Oliver to protect him and offers him some native plants to fight off the infection. He then pulls the arrow out of Oliver's chest.

Oliver wakes up and realizes that he's late. He heads home and discovers that the police are there, having brought Thea in. Diggle explains that Thea and her friends were arrested for breaking into a store and taking dresses. Once the police leaves, Moira complains about how Thea is out of control, but her daughter simply says that she's taking off a sick day from school and goes to her room. Oliver points out to Moira that Thea is testing her and his mother reminds her that he did the same thing. He tells Moira that he could have used more parenting and walks away.

Quentin and Hilton check out Holder's murder scene and Hilton figures that the Arrow vigilante is responsible. However, his partner isn't so sure, pointing out that Holder was shot through the heart.

Oliver takes a sample of the poison from the bullet and confirms that it's coated from curare. He checks the records and discovers that the killer, nicknamed "Deadshot," has struck across the world. He realizes that Deadshot has no morality and that he's now at the top of Oliver's list.

In his rented apartment, Deadshot tattoos Holder's name on his body along with those of all of his other victims.

Oliver takes Tommy to the old factory along with Diggle and says that he plans to turn it into a club. Tommy points out that his friend doesn't have much experience running clubs. He suggests they check out a club belonging to Max Fuller that night. Once he goes, Oliver asks Diggle for his opinion and the bodyguard says that it's in a poor part of town and the people who live there won't see any money. When Oliver says that he hopes to gentrify the area, Diggle points out that he's acting the part of the white knight sweeping in to save everyone on his own.

Laurel is at her office and sees the news about Oliver's new club. When Joanna comes in and notices, she wonders if Laurel is over Oliver after all and reminds her friend that Oliver cheated on her with her own sister. She suggests that Laurel move on but Laurel says that she's been too busy to find someone else. Joanna says that they're going to go clubbing that night and refuses to take no for an answer.

At Queen Manor, Moira tells Thea to come home right after school but she says that she's going shopping with her friend Margot. When Moira grounds Thea, she points out that she's never been grounded. She wonders why Moira cares and says that she shouldn't mess up what they've had going on. Thea figures that Oliver is rubbing off on her and dares her mother to call the cops.

Oliver goes to the street below Holder's apartment and climbs the wall to where the sniper's bullet hit, and then digs it out

At the station, Quentin and Hilton get ballistics back on the shots and determine they were fired a hundred yards away and contained curare. Quentin doesn't believe that Arrow is switching his technique and leaves to get his own evidence.

Back at his hideout, Oliver examines the bullet underneath a microscope and traces them to the Bratva Mob, a Russian organization.

Quentin goes back to Holder's pool and determines where the sniper fired from.

Oliver goes to the auto shop where the Bratva Mob gather and asks to see Alexi Leonov. They deny knowing him and Oliver says that he's in the basement beneath. One of the men draws his gun and Oliver disarms him and then shows him a tattoo on his chest marking him as Bratva. The other man steps forward and introduces himself as Alexi. He says that they meant no disrespect to an American captain as he leads Oliver to the basement. Oliver asks to hire a killer with Deadshot's MO and tells him to find out. Alexi says that they will drink to their health and then he'll look into it... and confirm that Oliver is really a Bratva captain. If Oliver doesn't pass, they will kill Oliver and his family.

Deadshot is in his apartment watching a report on another businessman, Carl Rasmussen. As he watches, he tattoos Rasmussen's name on his chest.

Quentin and Hilton meets with the Queens and Walter explains that both Holder and Rasmussen were looking into buying an alternate energy company, Unidac. Walter says that the auction is tomorrow and that there are dozens of bidders. Hilton warns them to be careful and Walter assures the police that Diggle is taking all the necessary precautions.

That night, Oliver and Tommy go to Fuller's club. The bouncer refuses to let Diggle in and Oliver says he has no idea who he is, leaving him behind. They spot Laurel, who figures that they're back to their old habits. Thea runs up and admits to Oliver that she's wasted, and he wonders why she isn't home. He tells her that she's done for the night and warns her that she's hanging with the wrong people. Thea points out that he doesn't know as much about his friends and tells her brother that Laurel and Tommy were together while he was gone. Tommy starts to explain but Oliver assures him that it's okay. He starts to haul Thea out but she shoves him away and walks off.

Fuller comes over with his men, escorts Oliver into the back, and has them beat him. Tommy intervenes and a fight breaks out. As Fuller watches, Laurel comes in and knocks Fuller down and dares him to have his men attack her as well. Fuller tells them that they're all three banned for life and walks away. Laurel tells Oliver that she's learned some self-defense from her father and starts to go. Oliver starts to talk to her but she says that she and Tommy don't need his forgiveness or his blessing.

Oliver wakes up again and sees his rescuer sleeping nearby. He runs out into the forest and gets caught up in a net trap.

Diggle takes Tommy and Oliver to his sister-in-law Carla's diner to get them some ice and burgers. Oliver notices that she isn't wearing a wedding ring and wonders where the brother is, but Diggle doesn't comment. Tommy tells Oliver that he was looking for the right time to tell him and Oliver says that it's okay. Meanwhile, Carla reminds Diggle that the job got her brother killed and that she can't forget that. Oliver gets a call from Alexi, answers in Russian, and tells Tommy that it's a Russian model. Once Tommy gives him a moment alone, Alexi tells Oliver that the killer is Floyd Lawton and he has the address the sniper stayed at the last time he was in town. He tells Oliver to leave them out of it, assuming that Lawton doesn't kill him first.

Deadshot is in his apartment bringing up floor plans on his laptop when a hooded Oliver breaks in and opens fire. Lawton returns fire with his wrist-guns and ducks out the window, while Oliver takes Deadshot's computer and leaves before the police can get there.

The next day, Oliver goes to see Felicity Smoak, an IT at Queen consolidated. He asks her to examine the laptop, claiming that he spilled a latte on it. She points out that it has bullet holes in it but Oliver just asks her to salvage whatever she can from it.

Moira finds Thea at home and asks her to choose a dress for Walter's stock auction. She says that it's important that Thea come but her daughter doesn't believe it. Moira sits down and tells her about Thea once brought a stray cat home. Robert told her that it was a tiger and they needed to take it home, and Thea somehow understood. Moira admits that she never could get through to Thea the way that her first husband could, and Thea points out that she never talks about Robert. Her mother concedes that it's a bad habit and says that they've gotten into some other bad habits over the years.

Felicity confirms that there are blueprint plans for the Exchange Building where Walter's stock auction is occurring. She wonders why Oliver doesn't recognize the blueprints and says that she doesn't want to get involved. Felicity explains that the computer belongs to Walter Patel, one of the bidders, and Oliver realizes who hired Deadshot. He also realizes that there are three separate towers surrounding the Exchange Building and he can't cover them all on his own.

That night, a hooded Oliver grabs Quentin as he goes to his car and tells him that Deadshot is targeting the buyers and Patel hired him. He asks Quentin to help cover the area and advises him to have his men wear bulletproof vests. He then slips away, leaving the laptop behind.

At the Exchange Building, Moira and Walter are among those gathered. He points out Thea as she comes in, much to Moira's surprise, and thanks her for coming. Mother and daughter embrace as one of the workers, Gina, tells Walter that the auction begins in a few minutes. Hilton arrives and takes Patel into custody while Oliver arrives in a suit. Quentin checks with his men and secures the building... unaware that Deadshot has already taken out his men at one tower.

Tommy goes to see Laurel at the courthouse and talk to her about Oliver. He tells her that Oliver was surprisingly cool and Laurel figures that he knew. She figures he didn't say anything because he figured that he doesn't have the right to judge her. Tommy asks if there is a chance for the two of them now that the truth is out and promises to prove her that he's a one-girl guy by being the person she deserves. Laurel admits that would be a guy she'd be interested in meeting and he offers to take her out.

Quentin finds Oliver, who claims that he's there to support his family. He thanks Quentin for being there for his family and then checks with Diggle. Oliver says that he heard about Deadshot on the radio. As Walter comes over, he's unaware that Deadshot is drawing a bead on him. Walter points out that Thea is attending and Oliver goes to his sister while Deadshot prepares to fire. Oliver tells Walter to get them out of there while Quentin spots Deadshot's laser sight on Walter's chest. He tackles Walter and the shot hits a nearby waiter. The sniper continues opening fire and Quentin gets Walter out while Oliver tells Diggle to get Moira and Thea to safety.

Oliver runs out and recovers his costume from a garbage can. He gets to the roof, fires a grapple arrow across, and swings into the tower. Deadshot opens fire and the two men duck back and forth across the half-empty room. Oliver manages to get in close but Deadshot knocks him back and Oliver hides. As the police close in, Deadshot admits that he admires the vigilante's work but Oliver says that he does it to help others. The killer opens fire and Oliver shoots him in the eye, killing him. However, a stray shot hits Diggle.

Oliver's rescuer frees him, warning that it's too dangerous for anybody to go off on their own. He walks away and Oliver follows him. A few minutes later, hooded mercenaries come by and find the net.

Oliver takes Diggle to his hideout and mixes the antidote he used earlier. He gives it to Diggle and the bodyguard recovers... and finds Oliver sitting there in his Arrow costume.