An Innocent Man - Recap

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Oliver takes Diggle to his warehouse hideout and gives him the antidote for Deadshot's curare bullet. Once Diggle wakes up, he sees Oliver, in his Arrow costume. Oliver greets him and Diggle realizes that he's the vigilante and swings at him. After Oliver gets out of the way, he explains that he could have taken Diggle home, but he brought him there. He explains that Starling is being poisoned by a criminal elite and he plans to take them down... with Diggle's help. Diggle says that he's a murderer and walks away.

Oliver returns to Queen Manor later and Laurel asks where he was. She says that she came to make sure that he was okay when she heard about the shooting. When she checked with his family, they were terrified because they didn't know where Oliver is. Laurel assumes that he was self-centered and tells him he should care about others and leaves. Thea hears the conversation and asks if Oliver was okay, and he admits that it's the second time that a friend has condemned him. He tells his sister good night and goes up to his room and lies down, remembering.

Yao Fei returns to the cave with a bird that he's captured and puts it down in front of Oliver. He indicates that he should cook it and walks away, while Oliver looks at a photo of Laurel and says that he's sorry.

Oliver can't sleep and goes downstairs. Thea is watching a news story about Peter Declan, accused of killing his wife Camille in their baby's room. The news shows tape of Declan insisting that he's innocent. Thea asks why Oliver couldn't sleep and he says that he had bad dreams about Laurel. His sister wonders why he didn't make a play for her but Oliver says that there are reasons. Oliver tells Thea that he's not the same person and she suggests that he show Laurel his real self.

The next day, Oliver comes down and finds a replacement for Diggle waiting for him. Moira informs her son that Diggle tendered his resignation because he doesn't approve of how Oliver spent his evenings. The new bodyguard, Rob Scott, introduces himself and explains he was with SWAT. Moira is watching the news and comments on the fact that Peter is being executed. His dead wife's former employer, Jason Brodeur, gives a statement and Oliver recognizes him as one of the names on his father's list. He tells Rob to get the car for him because he's going into town, but Rob says that he's heard about his tendency to slip away. When Oliver points out that he isn't going anywhere without a car, Rob goes to get it... and Oliver leaves on his motorcycle.

At the hideout, Oliver goes over the information on Peter and confirms that he had no alibi and that all of the evidence pointed to him.

Jason meets with his hired thug, Ankov, who says that Jason should have let him kill Peter as well as Camille. However, the businessman disagrees, saying it could have brought out the fact that Camille was blowing the whistle on his toxic-dumping operation. He's confident that in 48 hours it will all be over.

Oliver prepares more arrows and figures that Peter must be innocent if Jason is involved, and figures that he'll need a good attorney.

Laurel is working and Joanna is complaining that she never goes out as her friend heads home to read over some dispositions. When Laurel arrives at her apartment, she discovers that the lights aren't working. The window is open and she gets her gun from a drawer. A hooded Oliver appears behind her and greets her by name using a voice distorter. He holds up his bow and assures her that he isn't there to harm her. Oliver tells her that he's not who she thinks and that he knows that Peter is innocent and that Camille was going to blow the whistle on Jason. As he talks, he approaches her and gently pushes the gun down. When Laurel wonders why she came to him, Oliver tells her that he knows she'd do anything to save an innocent man and slips out.

The next day, Laurel goes to the prison to meet with Peter. He insists that he's innocent but she points out that the murder knife, covered in Camille's blood, in Peter's trunk. The neighbors heard them arguing and Peter admits that they argued because she told her supervisor what she found. Camille stayed in their daughter Izzy's room and when Peter went to apologize the next morning, he found his wife's body.

At Queen Consolidated, Moira comes to see Walter and reminds him that he missed her lunch date. He tells her that he's discovered a $2.6 million removal from a subsidiary. Walter dismisses it as an error and assures Moira that it's nothing.

Laurel goes to the station to talk to her father about Peter. He tells her that all of the evidence against Peter was good and that he'd look into it. When Laurel says that Camille said she went to her supervisor, Quentin confirms that her supervisor, Matt Istook, denies ever talking to her. As she goes, Quentin is surprised that Laurel is defending a criminal but she suggests that Peter isn't.

Diggle goes to see his sister-in-law Carla, who asks about his injured shoulder. She figures it had something to do with Oliver, just as Oliver and Rob come in. Once Rob makes sure the area is clear, Oliver introduces himself to Carla, who walks away. Oliver sits down with Diggle and asks if he's considered his offer. Diggle doesn't buy Oliver's sudden conversion and Oliver shows him his father's journal. He admits that he lied about how Robert died and that he really killed himself to leave enough food for Oliver. Now Oliver wants to right the wrongs done to his family and is offering the same to Diggle. He points out that the police never caught Andy Diggle's shooter, and the bullets were laced with curare. Diggle is shocked that Oliver took down Andy's killer, and Oliver says that he's giving Diggle the chance to help people that need help. He plans to stop them and he hopes that Diggle will join him. Oliver then tells Rob that he's going to the washroom. A minute and Diggle tells Rob that Oliver is long gone.

At home, Walter is still following the money trail and Moira tells him that she did it. She invested the money in a start-up venture for a friend three years ago, and says she'll call Accounting and clear it up.

Joanna finds Laurel going over Peter's files and wonders who it is that thinks Peter is innocent. After making sure they're in private, Laurel tells Joanna that Arrow approached him. She admits that Arrow goes against everything that she believes in but can feel that he won't hurt her.

Later, Laurel meets Oliver on a rooftop and she admits that Peter might be innocent. Oliver figures that Istook is lying and says that he'll question him personally. Laurel warns the vigilante that she didn't become a lawyer to break the law, but Oliver insists that he's doing what he needs to. She asks why he wears a hood and Oliver says that he does it to protect the people he loves before swinging away.

Walter has Felicity come to his office and she wonders why he's firing her. Walter tells her that he wants her to dig up information on Moira's transaction. Felicity agrees to help and thanks him for not firing her.

Istook is going to his car when Oliver shoots him with a tranq dart. When the supervisor wakes up, he discovers that he's handcuffed to the railroad tracks. Oliver orders him to tell the truth and Istook breaks immediately, admitting that Brodeur paid him off. He offers to give Oliver the file that Camille gave him and Oliver walks away as a train approaches. Istook yells that the file is in his office and Oliver shoots him free just in time.

Oliver watches Yao Fei cook and reaches for the food, but the man shoves him away. He points to the bird and makes a wringing motion, and Oliver realizes that Yao Fei wants him to kill it himself. Oliver says that he won't do it.

Laurel is at the office going over the case files when Oliver slips in and gives her Camille's file. She admits that she couldn't have gotten the file by staying within the law, and tells the vigilante that the people in the city need someone who cares about their lives... someone like him.

At the manor, Thea is surprised to find Oliver smiling and gives him grief over it. He says that he took her advice about Laurel and that it's helping. Rob comes in and Oliver tells him that he has to keep up.

The next day, Quentin comes to see Laurel at her office to tell her that Istook filed a report against the vigilante. He realizes what Laurel did and warns her that she's an accessory, but she insists that she's doing it to save an innocent man's life. Quentin is angry that she lied to him and reminds her that they agreed never to do that, and then walks away.

Laurel goes to see a judge but Swanstrom, Jason's lawyer, arrives with his client. The judge says that the case file doesn't warrant a stay of execution and denies her writ of habeas corpus. As she leaves, Laurel warns Jason that it isn't over and that she won't stop. Back at his office, Jason warns Swanstrom and Ankov that Laurel will keep pushing and Ankov tells him that they have friends at the prison who can dispose of Laurel when she goes to see her client.

That night, Laurel meets with Oliver again and he warns her that they're not done. He asks what Laurel needs to free Peter and she warns that only a signed confession will suffice. He leaves, telling her that he's getting a confession.

Felicity reports to Walter that the money was used to set up an offshore business, Tempest. There is no record of the company but they purchased a warehouse in the city.

Diggle goes back to the diner and Carla tells him to move on. He asks her if it bothers her that they never caught Andy's killer, and says that when he was a soldier he tried to leave Afghanistan a better place. Since he's been home, all he does is protect spoiled punks and misses doing good. Carla tells him to do something he believes in and assures him that if he believes in something, it can't be wrong.

Oliver breaks into Jason's office and orders him to confess. When he tries to bluff it out, Oliver shoots his hand, pinning it to the wall. Jason's phone rings and Oliver tells him to answer it. It's Ankov, who says that the hit is going down in an hour. Jason says that Ankov is killing Peter and Laurel and Oliver knocks him out.

In prison, Peter warns Laurel that there is no hope and that Jason is too powerful. Meanwhile, Ankov makes contact with his man on the inside and has him shut down the power.

Oliver knocks out a guard and takes his uniform.

When the power goes out, the guard orders Laurel to stay put and then leaves to get help. The prisoners pull him down and Laurel and Peter run up in time to see him go down. Oliver arrives in time to shoot one prisoner down and then tells Laurel and Peter to get out while he takes out more prisoners. A squad of riot-control officers runs past and the trio takes a side corridor, but Ankov's men are waiting. Oliver knocks one off of Laurel as he tries to choke Laurel, beating him senseless until she stops him. The officers arrive and take Peter away.

Once the riot is stopped, Quentin arrives and tells Laurel that she was right and that Ankov confessed to Camille's murder. Laurel admits that Quentin was right as well, because she saw the vigilante as a man willing to kill without remorse. Oliver, atop a nearby building, listens to them talk.

Oliver asks Yao Fei to kill the bird, admitting that he's never killed anything before. When he gets no response, Oliver opens the cage and kills the bird.

As they leave, Quentin wonders how Oliver got in and Laurel says that he was wearing a prison uniform and a ski mask. The detective gets an idea and drives his daughter home

Walter goes to the Tempest warehouse and, using Moira's first husband's name as the password, bypasses the keypad. Inside he finds the wreckage of Robert's ship.

At the station, Quentin and Hilton go over the camera security footage from the Deadshot shooting and have the technician look for anything out of the ordinary. They finally spot Oliver in the stairwell, removing his costume from a trash bin.

Peter is released from prison and meets with Laurel, who takes him to see his daughter in the park.

Jason is arrested for murder and toxic-waste disposal violations. At his hideout, Oliver crosses off Jason's name.

As Oliver eats the bird, Yao Fei tells him that he was telling him to survive, speaking English for the first time. He warns that if Oliver wants to survive, he'll have to kill more than a bird. Yao Fei takes the photo of Laurel and tells Oliver to forget her or he won't survive.

Moira meets with the well-dressed man in his limo. He says that he's summoned her because they have a reason to be nervous. He shows him a sketch of the vigilante and points out that he has been going off after all of the people on the list.

Diggle comes to see Oliver after Rob quits, and tells Oliver that he's there to sign on. He says that he needs to fight for the city and figures that there'll be less casualties. Diggle warns Oliver that he has no idea what war does to a person, and that he plans to make sure that Oliver remembers who he is. As they shake, Quentin and his men storm in past Walter and put Oliver under arrest.