Legacies - Recap

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A group of four masked robbers, three men and a woman, break into a bank. Each one has a card symbol on his mask. The clerk warns them that they can't get into the safe but the robbers tell him to shut up. Meanwhile, off-duty cop Stan Washington is among the customers and goes for his gun even though his wife Jana tells him not to. When another customer notices and begs him to stop, one of the robbers, Ace, shoots the cop. The King comes out and tells his teammate to stop firing shots.

Hilton and his men arrive outside. They call on the robbers to surrender, and are surprised when the hostages burst out... all wearing card masks. When Hilton runs into vault, he discovers that the robbers have tunneled out through the floor. Outside, King warns the shooter that they don't kill.

At the warehouse hideout, Oliver and Diggle are sparring and Oliver demonstrates the techniques he learned from Yao Fei. He refuses to give more detail about what happened on the island and takes down Diggle, and then checks the files on his next target, water & power magnate Scott Morgan. Diggle says that it won't be winter for a month and points out an article on the robbers, nicknamed the Royal Flush Gang. He wants Oliver to go after them but Oliver says that he doesn't deal with street crime. Diggle suggests that Oliver think beyond his father's journal but Oliver says that his father sacrificed so he'd have the chance to make up for his crimes. Disgusted, Diggle walks away, noting that Oliver has a narrow definition of being a hero. Behind him, Oliver says that he isn't a hero.

Oliver is in the cave, trapped by Yao Fei's cave-in. He burns a blank page from his father's journal to keep the fire going... and is shocked when his father Robert appears behind him..

Laurel and Joann get word that their major donor is withdrawing funds. Tommy comes in and offers to take Laurel out. When Laurel wonders what he's doing, Tommy insists that he's just showing her his real self. She points out that the legal office has lost their funding and he realizes that it's not a good time.

At the manor, Oliver and Thea are discussing how their mother has been down since Walter went on his business trip. Moira comes in and mentions that she talked with Janie Bowen, the mother of Carter Bowen. Oliver points out that Moira has always talked about how perfect Carter is and says that they're having brunch with them. Oliver and Thea both try to get out but Moira guilts them into accepting. As Moira and Thea leave, Diggle calls to say that Scott Morgan tried to kill himself and is in the hospital.

Oliver prepares to go to the hospital but Tommy arrives and suggests that they try out his new sports car. Oliver begs off, saying something has come up, and slips away. Thea comes in and offers to listen if Tommy has something to talk about. Tommy says that he's interested in a woman and asks for tips, saying that he's known her for a long time and isn't sure the direct approach would work. Thea suggests that he find out what's a big deal to her and make it a big deal to himself, and Tommy gets an idea and thanks her.

At the hospital, Oliver discovers that Diggle lied to him. They're bringing in the cop, Stan Washington, who was shot and is in a coma. His wife Jana thanks Diggle for transferring her husband to better care and Diggle says that Oliver is footing the bill. Jana thanks Oliver for his help and goes, and Diggle says that he doesn't walk away when someone needs help. Oliver immediately heads for his bike and tells Diggle that he's going to catch some bank robbers.

Back at the hideout, Oliver and Diggle go over the video and confirm which robber shot Washington. They notice that he's wearing a ring and Oliver figures that it left an impression and it's in the police lockup. Oliver breaks into the station and downloads the necessary files.

The next day, Laurel arrives at the legal office and finds Tommy there with Joanna. He explains that the Merlyn Global Group is going to sponsor a charity fundraiser. Laurel turns him down but Joanna draws her aside and says that they need the money. She tells Laurel to thank Tommy and let him throw the fundraiser and Laurel reluctantly does so.

Oliver goes over the police evidence and confirms that the mark on the bank manager's jaw matches the insignia of Larchmont High School. They check the records and discover a Kyle Reston who disappeared along with his family before his senior year. The Reston family—Kyle's father, mother, and younger brother—disappeared along with him. Oliver does a headcount of the customers in the bank versus the ones that came out and discovers that there was one extra women, and they figure that the mother was the inside person. Noticing the time, Oliver takes off for the brunch.

At the manor, Oliver arrives just in time and Carter comments that Oliver is a celebrity. He talks about everything that he's done as a doctor and Oliver says that Carter's the hero.

The Royal Flush Gang moves in on a new target and the father, Derek, tells Ace not to shoot anyone.

When Janice wonders what Oliver is going to do now that he's back, he announces that he's running a club. Diggle interrupts and whispers that the bank robbers hit another target. Oliver bows out and goes with Diggle, and they figure that the gang will exit via the sewers again. Moira comes out and demands to know where Oliver is going, but he simply says that something has come up and leaves.

The Reston men drop into the sewers and the police cut them off. Ace opens fire and Hilton and his men return fire. Oliver arrives and shoots the bag with the loot away from the robbers, and then shoots one of them. The other two retreat but are forced to leave the cash when Oliver pins it down. The police move in and spot the vigilante, and Oliver shoots out the lights and hides in the shadows while the police run past.

That night, the family gathers and tries to work out what they should do next. Derek wants to head to Mexico but Kyle's brother Teddy says that they don't have enough money yet to retire. Kyle insists that they stick to their deal and get enough money until they're set for life, and Derek says that they'll do one more job and then they're out.

Oliver and Diggle brings Felicity in and have her track Derek Reston. She discovers that he worked at the Queen steel factory for fifteen years and was out of a job when it shut down in 2007. Derek was the foreman until Robert Queen outsourced the work to China and found a loophole so he didn't have to pay severance packages.

Robert reminds Oliver that he begged him to survive and tells him to kill himself if he can't. He tells his son that his death is made meaningless by his and Oliver takes the gun. Oliver says that he's going to starve and wants his death to be quick, but Robert says that he can survive it. His son says that he can't and puts the gun to his head.

Oliver is heading to the bar where the workers used to hang out. He wants to give Derek a chance to do the right thing, but Diggle says that it's not his fault. Oliver insists that it's his family that ruined things for the Restons which means he has to give them a chance.

As Tommy and Laurel plan the fundraiser, Laurel asks why he's coming after her now. He explains that he picked up a girl and went back to her place, and remembered that he'd been with her two years ago. After he left, Tommy remembered the mornings that he spent with Laurel and realized that it was more than just fun. After a moment, they go back to work.

Derek is playing poker at the bar when Oliver comes in and sits down with him. Oliver explains that his father used to bring him there and Derek says that the last time he heard Robert talk, it was to tell the workers that they weren't moving the factory to China. Considering, Oliver says that when people are hurt they make the wrong choices, but there's always one moment when they can turn it around. Derek isn't impressed and Oliver says that he can get him a job. The former foreman says that he still has pride and doesn't want charity from the son of the man who screwed him over. Oliver gives Derek his card in case he changes his mind and says that they're both dealing with the consequences of Robert's actions. He tells Derek that what they do now is on them. As he goes, he slips a bug into Derek's pocket.

Back at the hideout, Oliver listens in as the Restons discuss what to do. Derek agrees to do the final job despite his reservations and Oliver tells Diggle that they're going to take the Restons down.

At the fundraiser, Oliver gives Diggle an earbud to keep in contact and says that he'll slip away when the Restons make their move. Meanwhile, Laurel comes in and Tommy compliments her. As Joanna comes over, Tommy goes to greet Thea. He explains that Laurel was the woman he was talking about and her plan is working, Thea is less than happy when she realizes that she set Tommy up with her brother's ex-girlfriend.

Carter comes in and Laurel introduces him to Tommy. When Carter comments that he was going to start a free clinic and invites Laurel to have a drink with him while they discuss it, and Tommy realizes that his plan isn't working.

Moira is at the bar ordering a drink when Oliver comes over and apologizes for messing up at the brunch. She admits that she thought the two of them had a connection but now he seems to have no interested in being with her or telling her the truth. Diggle comes and whispers to Oliver that the Restons are going for a bank again. Oliver tells Moira that he has to go and tries to apologize, but she tells him not to bother.

The Restons break into the bank, taking out the guard, and blow the vault door. Working quickly, Kyle and Derek take the money but hear someone moving outside. Kyle goes to check it out and Arrow shoots at him. He discovers that Kyle brought a riot protection shield and his arrow is deflected. Kyle opens fire on him while Derek hears the gunshots. Meanwhile, Oliver shoots Kyle in the chest but he's wearing bulletproof armor and charges at the vigilante. The two men fight while the guard wakes up and grabs a shotgun. As Derek runs out, Oliver shoots the gun out of Derek's hand. The guard shoots at Kyle and Derek jumps in the way, taking the shot. Oliver knocks Kyle out and the guard goes to call an ambulance. As he lies dying, Derek tells Oliver that it's not Kyle's fault and he turned his son into a robber.

The gun doesn't work and Oliver realizes that he's hallucinating. Robert accuses him of making his sacrifice worthless and Oliver says that he's not strong. His father says that it's Oliver's responsibility to right his wrongs. When Oliver wonders how he can do it, Robert apologizes for lying to him and says that he loves him.

As Derek dies, the police pull up out front and Oliver slips away.

At the fundraiser, Tommy watches Laurel and Carter dance. Thea comes over and invites him to dance, and Tommy realizes that she's drunk. Tommy says that she's like his baby sister. However, Thea says that she's not a baby anymore and tells him that Laurel doesn't understand him the way that she does. Tommy tries to usher her away and Thea says that she's used to rejection from everyone. She backs into a waiter and knocks his tray over, and Tommy gets her out.

When Laurel follows them, she discovers Thea vomiting in the alleyway. Tommy assures her that he has it under control and tells her to go back to Carter. Laurel says that Carter is an ass and that she danced with him because he wrote a big check to CNRI. Tommy admits that he's not thinking straight when it comes to her and has Thea get into his car so he can drive her home. As Laurel leaves, she tells Tommy that she owes him a dance. In the car, Thea asks Tommy not to hate her and he assures her that he doesn't.

At the hideout, Diggle finds Oliver brooding in the dark. He tells Oliver that it wasn't his fault and that he gave Derek a chance, but Oliver isn't so sure. Diggle tells him that if Robert could have seen the way Oliver cared about the people he hurt, he'd be honored. He asks Oliver if he believes there's more than one way to save the city, but Oliver isn't so sure. As Oliver goes, Diggle says that Stan woke up and he'll be fine.

Oliver wakes up and starts to burn another page from his father's journal to keep the fire going. Invisible ink comes out on the page due to the heat and he realizes that it's a list of names... and his responsibility. Oliver promises his father that he'll live up to it.

When he gets home, Oliver finds Moira drinking. She apologies for what she said and admits that with Walter gone, she's lonely. Moira admits that she used to know when Oliver was thinking but now he's always distant. Oliver smiles and says that he misses her, and invites her to a diner to get a late dinner. When she starts to eat her hamburger with a knife and fork, Oliver tells her that it's okay to get her hands dirty once and a while. She digs in and says that it's a great burger, and assures Oliver that Carter doesn't know where to find the best burger in Starling City.