Muse of Fire - Recap

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Oliver stops his motorbike at a stoplight when Thea calls to remind him to pick up Moira for lunch.

At Queen Consolidated, Paul Copani asks Moira for the chance to discuss their proposal but she says that she isn't interested. Oliver pulls up across the street just as another motorcyclist pulls up onto the sidewalk and opens fire on Copani before Oliver can do anything. Moira is knocked down but okay and Oliver runs inside and through the building after the killer. He continues on foot through the streets and back alleys, grabs a rebar, and throws it at the motorcycle, grazing it. A truck passes and by the time it clears, the killer is gone.

That night, Oliver and Thea check on Moira at the hospital. She assures them that they're fine and Thea admits that she wasn't able to reach Walter. Dr. Lamb tells them that Moira has a grade 2 concussion and can go home if someone stays with her. Oliver apologizes for leaving her, claiming that he wanted to get the license plate of the killer. As Oliver and Thea leave, she suggests that he's not very good at being a hero or lying. As Thea goes back inside, Quentin and Cross arrive. Oliver isn't able to give them a description of the shooter and Quentin figures that Copani, a reputed mobster, was the target. Upon hearing the news, Oliver leaves without a word.

Laurel is working at home when Tommy stops by with carryout food. He asks if she'll go out with him and when she hesitates, Tommy admits that they're not going at a relationship in the right order. For now he just wants to go to dinner with her.

Oliver is practicing at the hideout when Diggle comes in. His bodyguard suggests that Oliver take a time off and Oliver explains that Copani worked for Bertinelli Construction. Bertinelli is a major mob boss and someone has been targeting his organization recently. Oliver plans to go undercover to get close to Bertinelli but Diggle suggests that he try being there for his family. However, Oliver points out that he tried that and had to lie to Thea, and now he plans to protect his family by stopping the killer... permanently.

The killer goes to a garage and crosses off Copani from her board of photos... and then removes her helmet, revealing she's a woman.

At the manor, Olive sees Thea leaving and says that he has to go out. She points out that she spent the entire day watching Moira and figured that Oliver would take the night shift. Tommy comes by at Oliver's request and Thea realizes that she's staying in to watch over Moira. As Oliver leaves, Tommy tells him about his dinner date with Laurel and Oliver says that they deserve each other.

Oliver goes to Bertinelli's house and meets with the mobster about a business deal. He introduces Oliver to his "associate," Nick Salvati. As Oliver comes in, he sees Bertinelli's daughter Helena come in.

At home, Thea sits with Moira and they discuss Oliver. Thea isn't happy with his behavior and is sick of his lying. Moira suggests that given he spent five years on a desert island, they might want to give him some slack and accept him for the Oliver he is.

Bertinelli pours drinks for Oliver and admits that he was surprised to hear from him since he thought Oliver wasn't going to get involved in the family business. The mobster asks about Moira's condition and then asks why Oliver came back to Starling City. As Nick takes a call, Bertinelli says that he wants the contract to build the new Queen Consolidated building and Oliver is willing to give it to him. Helena comes in to say goodnight to her father as she heads out, and he insists that she take one of his men with him. Nick comes back and says that the meeting he wanted has been scheduled. Bertinelli takes Helena aside and asks her to go to dinner with Oliver because something came up and he needs the deal to go through. They go back in and Bertinelli assures Oliver that Helena speaks for his family.

At the docks, China White arrives at Bertinelli Construction to meet with the mobster. She assures Bertinelli that her people aren't responsible for the attacks on him, but the mobster isn't convinced and promises to come for them if the attacks don't stop. Once they leave, Nick wonders why the Triad would come after him and Bertinelli wonders who else might want his people dead. Meanwhile, Quentin and Hilton listen in via remote surveillance. Quentin figures that the killer was an amateur because half the bullets missed, and warns that it could blow up into an all-out mob war.

Oliver and Helena go to a restaurant and the owner, Mr. Russo, says that he'll take care of them personally. Once they're alone, Helena asks about Moira and Oliver assures her that his mother will be fine. She wonders why Oliver wants to get into bed with her father since he must know what how Bertinelli made his money. Oliver suggests that she might be misjudging him and Helena asks if there was ever a day on the island when he was happy to be away from everything. He admits that there were several days and that those are the days they miss.

Tommy and Laurel go out for supper at an Indian restaurant. They talk and he wishes that they were just meeting for the first time so there wasn't so much of him to forget. The waiter comes over and tells Tommy that his credit card company has been declined.

Oliver and Helena continue talking after the restaurant closes. She realizes that he was changed by what he went through and Oliver notices a cross that she's wearing. Helena explains that it's a gift from her fiancé before he died and the experience changed her. Oliver admits that it's nice to be with someone who understands him, just as his phone rings. It's Diggle, who says that something has come up. Oliver lies and says that it's his about his mother, and Helena says that she'd like to see him again. As he goes, Oliver admits that he didn't want to go out with her but he's glad that he did. Helena warns him to be careful with Frank.

The well-dressed man barges into Moira's bedroom and says that he has something important to talk about. He reminds her that he used to be friends with her and Robert, and that she's an important part of the city's future. Robert feared the future and lost his conviction, and the well-dressed man wonders if her convictions have changed after her brush with death. Moira says that they haven't and he assures her that he could tell.

Outside, Oliver calls Diggle, who tells him that Nick has been visiting everyone who owes them money and is heading for Russo's. Oliver admits that he's there and was dating Helena. Nick and his men pull up and go in, demanding his money. When Russo says that he's already paid, Nick says that he needs to make another payment and starts tearing up the place. Oliver shoots out the lights and charges in, taking out the thugs. Helena comes in and shoots down the thugs as well, and Oliver attacks her. The two of them fight and Oliver manages to pull off her helmet. Shocked, he lets her escape.

Back at the hideout, Oliver wonders why Helena is targeting her own family. Diggle reminds him that Helena shot at Moira and killed four men, but Oliver insists that she must have a reason. He insists that he knows what he's doing but Diggle doesn't believe him and warns that Helena has set off a mob war.

Quentin meets with his tech guy and goes over the security footage at the restaurant. They're unable to get a clear picture of the shooter but Quentin is interested to learn that Oliver was there earlier. He goes to see Oliver and informs him that they know Oliver was at Russo's. The detective warns Oliver to stay away from Helena. When Oliver wonders why he's warning him, Quentin admits that he almost got him killed a few weeks ago by accusing him of being the Arrow vigilante and now he figures that warning him is clearing the books.

Tommy goes to see his father as he fences and asks why his accounts have been frozen. His father removes his mask and the well-dressed man informs him that he's tired of Tommy's sloppy attitude and laziness. Tommy insists that it's his trust fund but Merlyn says that it's comprised of his trust money... and now it isn't.

That night, Helena goes to the grave where her fiancé Michael Staton is buried. Oliver follows her there and asks how losing him changed her. She explains that she loved Michael with all of heart and couldn't just turn her feelings off. Her love became hate but she refuses to explain further and tells Oliver to stay away from her. as she walks out, Nick and his men pull up and capture her and Oliver.

The thugs take their prisoners to a warehouse and Helena warns Nick that Frank will kill him. He slaps her and says that he knew it was someone on the inside. He shows her the crucifix that she dropped at Russo's and starts to slap her again. Oliver interrupts and says that he's glad to make a deal. Helena says that it's not about money and that Frank had Michael killed. Nick says that he knows and that Michael was gathering evidence to give the FBI. When he says that he found Michael's laptop, Helena says that it was her computer and that she was the one going to the FBI. She wanted to destroy her father for the monster he was, and Nick tells her that it's her fault that Michael is dead. Helena realizes that he shot Michael and Nick admits he shot him in the chest so he knew who was killing him.

Nick prepares to shoot Helena but Oliver manages to work his way free of his bonds and knocks the mobster away. Helena works free as well and they take on the mobsters. She breaks Nick's neck and tells Oliver that she didn't have a choice... and that no one can know her secret.

Later, Quentin and Hilton check the case and confirm that someone shot the mobsters and broke Nick's neck. Quentin doesn't figure Arrow for the murders but hopes that Frank does rather than start a mob war.

Tommy goes to Laurel's apartment and tells her what happened. She assures him that he'll be fine and offers him some leftover pizza.

Walter returns home and checks on Moira. He admits that he came home because he missed his wife and they kiss. Oliver watches from the hallway and walks away. Thea comes over and apologizes, explaining that she's worried about him. She figures that he's lonely and suggests that whatever secrets he has, he should share with someone if not his family.

Helena is at her apartment and finds Oliver waiting for her. She has already figured out that he's the Arrow vigilante from his moves and the look in his eyes, and insists that they're the same. Oliver denies it but Helena figures that he feels the same as she does. She breaks into tears and Oliver suggests that it's because it feels good to tell the truth. He kisses her and Helena kisses him back.