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Burned - Recap

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Firefighters are dealing with a blaze at a site and one firefighter, Danny de la Vega, goes inside to clear the upper levels. A man dressed as a firefighter comes out and sprays him with turpentine, setting him on fire, and then calmly walks away.

Oliver goes to his lair and exercises, remembering his fight with the Dark Archer... the fight where he was defeated and barely survived. When he tries shooting at a target, he misses. Diggle comes in and asks how his rehab is going, and Oliver asks if there's been any news about Walter in the last six weeks. The bodyguard admits that he hasn't had any luck and Oliver admits that it's likely that Walter is dead. Diggle asks what Oliver plans to do now that he's been through rehab, and Oliver says that the people on the list aren't going anywhere. He figures that his family needs him more.

Oliver runs away while Yao Fei fights Deathstroke and his men only to be captured.

At the law firm, Laurel is discussing cases with Joanna when Quentin comes in and insists on talking to Joanna. The fire chief, Raynes, comes in and tells Joann that her brother Danny was killed on duty the previous night. Laurel goes to her crying friend to comfort her.

That night, Moira is at home looking at a photo of her and Walter together. Oliver comes in and suggests that they get some takeout, but she declines. He sits down with Thea, who explains that when Oliver and his father disappeared, Moira was depressed until Walter showed up and insisted that she go out to lunch with him. Thea suggests that Walter might have had a mid-life crisis rather than face the fact that he might be dead. They watch a newscast about how the Hood vigilante managed to lower the crime rate in Starling City for the last four months. They wonder where the Hood has been in the last six weeks..

A depressed Laurel returns home and finds Tommy waiting for her. She discovers that he's been writing out reasons that he should have a drawer but figures it's not a good time. Joanna shows up and asks Laurel for help. She comes in and tells Laurel that she thinks Danny was murdered. Laurel points out that she did something similar when her sister died, but Joanna explains that she got an incident file from the investigator. Danny's coat was doused with turpentine even though there was none in the factory, and Danny apparently burned hotter than the fire that killed him.

The next day, Laurel talks to her father at the station. She explains that she did some digging and discovered that another firefighter, Leo Barnes, died under similar circumstances. Laurel suggests that Quentin talk to the fire marshal but Quentin says it's out of his hand. Kelton the CSU tech brings in the phone that Oliver gave Quentin and admits that he wasn't able to find anything out. He sets it down and leaves, and Laurel picks the phone up and takes it with her.

Oliver is at the warehouse when his phone rings. He answers it and Laurel asks for the Hood's help.

That night, Laurel is at her apartment when the Hood comes in. She asks where he's been but the Hood asks what she wants and Laurel explains about Danny's death. The vigilante points out that she called him a killer without remorse and Laurel asks if it's true. Rather than answer, Oliver takes the file and says that he'll look into it.

Diggle is exercising at the warehouse the next day when Oliver comes in and tells him about Laurel's request. The bodyguard doesn't think there's much there but agrees to check with one of his contacts in the fire department. Oliver tells him to tip the police and Diggle suggests that he get back out on the streets. Before Oliver can respond, they hear someone upstairs at the club. Oliver goes up and Tommy tells him that he's having problems with the contractor. He suggests that they throw a fundraiser for the firefighter families at the club and Oliver is impressed.

Laurel talks to Joanna and suggests that she take some time off. Joanna points out that Laurel didn't do that when Sarah died. Quentin comes in and demands that she give him the phone back, warning that it's evidence. When Quentin warns that the Hood is a killer, Sarah doesn't believe it and asks if he would have tried to get closure when Sarah died. Quentin says that that he wouldn't if it had involved lying to family.

When Oliver returns home, Moira is meeting with the company COO, Ned Foster, who warns that Moira needs to step up since Walter is gone. Once he leaves, Moira explains that the company's stock prices have been dropping since Walter disappeared but has no interest in taking over as CEO. Once she leaves, Oliver assures Thea that their mother will be fine. Diggle comes in and calls Oliver off on a fake appointment and then explains that an eyewitness saw a pickup at the scene of Danny's fire. A fire broke out at a chemical plant ten minutes ago and the same pickup has been spotted. Oliver refuses to don his costume but Diggle warns that by the time the police get there it, will be too late.

Oliver manages to start a fire in the woods and hears someone approaching. He douses the fire and hide as a mercenary comes over and spots the remains of the fire. He calls it in while Oliver watches from the brush.

As fire consumes the chemical fire, a firefighter clears the floors. The fake fireman attacks him, knocking him over the balcony and into the fires. Oliver arrives too late and attacks the arsonist, but the man easily Oliver down and prepares to throw a firebomb. As he does, Oliver notices a fire scar and a firefly tattoo on the man's hand but is unable to get to him before the killer throws the firebomb and makes his escape.

Back at the warehouse, Oliver sits in silence.

The mercenary approaches Oliver, who finally brings himself to attack the man. They struggle and fall down a hill, and Oliver falls into a stream when the other man loses his grip.

Oliver takes out the phone and calls Laurel. He passes on the information and points out that all of the men in the company have the firefly tattoo. When Laurel wonders what she should do with the information, Oliver tells her to do what she would have before she met him and hangs up.

When Diggle realizes what has happened, he points out that Oliver left Laurel on her own. He suggests that Oliver might not be back to 100% and attacks Oliver, who fights back and defeats him. Diggle figures that the problem isn't physical and suggests that the Dark Archer undermined Oliver's confidence by beating him. He tells Oliver that he needs to get control of the fear before it eats him up. Tommy sends a text message and Oliver says that he needs to deal with it.

Tommy sends Oliver to the fire station to make sure that the guest list is accurate. Laurel is there to clean out Danny's locker and she thanks Oliver for helping with the gala. He brings up Tommy's issue with the drawer, much to Laurel's surprise, and she explains that she's an all-or-nothing kind of girl. She isn't sure if she wants Tommy to move in and doesn't want to take things slow. Laurel points out that Oliver is the same which is why they spooked each other. Oliver agrees and Laurel says goodbye.

Inside, Laurel talks to Raynes, who explains that the company that used the firefly tattoo has been dispersed and now four of the members have turned up dead. Oliver comes back in and overhears them talking about the Nodell Tower tragedy. Raynes explains that the construction company that built it used cheap materials. The building came down during a fire, killing 38 people. One of them was a company fireman, Garfield Lynns. Raynes doesn't want to be reminded of the people he lost and walks off, and Laurel leaves. Oliver goes after her and asks what is going on, but she says that it's nothing. As she walks away, Laurel calls the Hood and Oliver takes the call. She wonders what she's supposed to do and Oliver says that now it's his turn.

When Oliver wakes up, he discovers that the mercenary broke his back in the fall.

That night, Thea finds Moira looking through old photos. She insists on taking her mother out and refuses to accept Moira's excuse that she's too tired. When Moira tells her not to presume what she's going through, Thea reminds her that she lost her father and is worried about Walter. However, she's worried about Moira and points out that she doesn't ask her to do anything anymore. Moira tells her to stop talking to her mother like that and Thea tells her to start acting like a mother.

At the warehouse, Diggle finds Oliver going through the computer files. Oliver explains that Garfield Lynns was the first "firefly" to die, but Diggle apologizes for being hard on him. After a moment, Oliver admits that he's been close to death before and never feared it because he had nothing to do. However, when the Dark Archer came close to killing him, Oliver remembered all of the people in his life since he came back. Now he's afraid of what will happen to them if they lose him again. Diggle suggests that the people lets in give him an edge and something to live and fight for. Oliver considers that and then notes that the rest of Firefly Company had an alibi. Some of the bodies in the Nodell fire were too badly burned to be identified and Oliver suggests that Lynns was only presumed dead.

At the gala, Laurel arrives and Tommy greets her. She asks if they're okay about the drawers and he assures her that he is. Oliver comes over and takes Laurel off to apologize. Before they can talk, Raynes comes over to thank Oliver. Oliver asks him if they ever found Lynns' body and Laurel realizes that Raynes is hiding something. He admits that he refused to send men in when the fire broke out, and Lynn stayed behind. Raynes admits that he left Lynns to burn, and Oliver tells him that Lynns is still alive.

As they talk, Lynns comes in dressed in his costume. A woman thanks him for his help and sees his badly scarred face. Meanwhile, Raynes insists that Lynns didn't survive. Lynns comes up behind them and uses his turpentine mixture to set the building on fire. He then removes his helmet and advances on Raynes. As Tommy gets the guests out, Lynns tells Oliver and Laurel to run. They take off and Lynns douses Raynes with his chemical accelerant.

Tommy comes back to find Laurel and as they meet, burning wreckage cuts them off. Meanwhile, Oliver goes downstairs and gets his Hood costume.

Lynns accuses Raynes of losing his nerve. He was pulled out of the fire and was too badly burned for anyone to recognize him. Now Lynns plans to cut off Raynes the same way that he cut Lynns off, and prepares to set him on fire with a lighter. Oliver arrives and shoots the lighter out of the air. As Raynes runs, Oliver offers to help him get out. Lynns considers his offer and thanks him, but then says that he's already burned and walks into the flames, setting himself on fire and finally collapsing.

The next day, the news reports about how the Hood vigilante intervened and saved the lives of the guests. Thea and Oliver are watching, and Thea points out that Oliver is smiling despite the fact his club is burned down. Moira comes in, dressed for work, and explains that she's taking Walter's place as CEO. She thanks her family for changing her mind and promises that she will keep looking for Walter until she finds him. Once Moira leaves, Oliver congratulates Thea on getting through to their mother.

At the law office, Joanna tells Laurel that she's taking a leave of absence to help her mother. Before she goes, she gives Laurel Danny's badge. Joanna wants Laurel to get it to the Hood as a thank you and insists that he's a guardian angel. Laurel promises to find a way to get it to him and the two friends share a hug. Quentin comes in and Laurel points out that she already apologized. Her father apologizes and admits that it's a good thing the Hood got involved. He realizes that Laurel still has the phone and she hands it over. However, after a moment, Quentin suggests that she hang onto it, admitting that the Hood has saved her life on several occasions and he can't argue with that.

Back at the station, Quentin meets with Kelton. The CSU tech assures him that he placed an untraceable bug on the cell phone.

At the warehouse, Oliver is exercising and remembering.

Oliver hides the mercenary's body after taking his equipment. He finds a set of keys in the mercenary's vest and a map showing where the island is located.

Diggle comes in and Oliver thanks him, and tells him that now they're going hunting.