Trust But Verify - Recap

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Two guards are driving an armored car through the city when a masked man steps out on the road in front of them. A van pulls up behind them and the man fires a gas grenade into the van. The guards stumble out, choking, and the robbers kill them and take the loot out of the back.

The next day, Thea is preparing for her 18th birthday and wants to get a car. Moira tells her that she won't be getting one and Oliver agrees. Thea leaves with Moira to meet with the party planner while Tommy arrives. They discuss how Moira has been acting erratically and turn on the news. The armored truck robbery is playing on the news.

Later, Oliver is exercising when Diggle comes in. He tells him about the armored robbery and plays back the video, and Diggle realizes that the robbers used military swarming techniques. Oliver explains that he was checking into people with that kind of experience and the trail led to Black Hawk Security and one of its employees, Ted Gaynor. Surprised, Diggle says that Ted was his commanding officer in Afghanistan. He's surprised when Oliver says that Ted is on Robert's list and explains that Ted offered him a job six months ago. Diggle points out that the book was written by the man who hired the Dark Archer, but Oliver insists that he can trust the book and tells Diggle that he's going to talk to Ted.

Oliver puts on the dead mercenary's clothing and mask, and then advances through the jungle to the camp. One mercenary comments on the food to Oliver and figures that he's new, and Oliver asks about Yao Fei. He says that he's there to transfer a prisoner and the other mercenary offers him a ride to the east camp where they took Yao Fei. Before they can go, Fyers limps over and gets in with them.

Tommy is overseeing the construction of the club when he gets a call from his father. Malcolm claims that he was trying to jolt Tommy into adulthood and figures that Tommy getting a job proves he was right. He suggests that they have dinner tonight, and asks Tommy to bring Laurel along. Before he hangs up, Malcolm apologizes for what he said and insists that he still wants the two of them to be close. Tommy says that he'll check with Laurel.

That night, Oliver goes to Black Hawk Security and takes out the security guards. He makes his way to Ted's office, knocks him to the floor, and warns him that things will go badly if he goes for his gun. Before Ted can respond, Diggle arrives, draws his gun, and tells Oliver to put the bow down. Before Diggle can do anything, Oliver shoots out the light and flees. Diggle checks with Ted, who assures him that he's as good as hired. When the bodyguard wonders why the Hood came after him, Ted asks what he thinks and Diggle says that he figures the Hood came after the wrong guy.

Back at the warehouse, Diggle complains that he could have shot Oliver. Oliver explains that his father told him that the names on the list are legitimate, after he left the island. When Diggle is still suspicious, Oliver says that he is sure enough of the list to lie to all of his friends and family. Diggle tells Oliver that Ted got him into Black Hawk and he plans to prove Ted is innocent. When Oliver wonders he'll do if Ted isn't innocent, Diggle says that Oliver owes him at least that much.

Fyers asks for a report from Oliver, unaware of who he really is. Oliver hesitantly stumbles through an answer and Fyers tests him, asking if he came in on the sub. Remembering what he's heard, Oliver says that he came on the plane and Fyers sits back, satisfied.

The next day, Moira and Thea go on a shopping trip and they talk about Robert. Malcolm calls Moira, who says that she's with her daughter, but she reluctantly agrees to meet with him. Thea complains that Moira said she'd be there but Moira says that it's business that can't wait.

At CNRI, Tommy visits Laurel and finally tells her about Malcolm's dinner invitation. He figures that Malcolm has an agenda but Laurel suggests that maybe Tommy's father is sincere and agrees to go.

That night, Moira meets with Malcolm, who tells her that they have a problem with Carl Ballard. He's gentrifying The Glades and Malcolm wants Moira to shut Carl down. She agrees in return for proof that Walter is still alive, Malcolm's word of honor notwithstanding. He agrees and walks away... while Thea secretly watches from the hallway.

Ted and Diggle meet at Carly's diner and they talk about bodyguarding jobs. Carly gets Ted a piece of cake and leaves, and Ted points out that Carly likes Diggle. When Diggle points out that Carly is his sister-in-law, Ted reminds him that his brother is dead. Ted's co-worker Paul Knox comes in and reminds him that they have a job. After shaking Diggle's hand, Paul waits outside and Ted explains that Black Hawk recruited Paul. Diggle is clearly suspicious of Paul based on past experience but Ted insists that everyone deserves a chance to prove that they've changed.

Oliver is at home accessing Black Hawk's computer system via a security fob he stole from Gaynor earlier when Thea comes in and says that they have to talk. She says that Moira is hooking up with Malcolm and says that it's happening all over again. When Oliver wonders what she's talking about, Thea explains that Moira and Robert were arguing a few months before the yacht went down. At the time she had a lot of lunch meetings with Malcolm, and Thea figures that she's doing the same thing again. Oliver doesn't believe it and Thea warns him that their mother isn't as perfect as Oliver thinks she is.

Oliver goes to Moira with Thea's suspicions and Moira finally admits that Robert cheated on her repeatedly. She makes Oliver promise not to tell Thea and ruin her image of her father, and Oliver agrees. Oliver asks why Thea would think that Moira and Malcolm are together and asks if she's been seeing him. Moira claims that she goes to him occasionally for advice and Oliver lets the matter drop.

Night on the island, and Oliver approaches Yao Fei's cage. Fyers punches him and pulls off his mask, well aware that Oliver was in disguise.

Malcolm, Tommy, and Laurel have dinner at a fancy restaurant. They talk about Tommy's childhood and Malcolm admits that his wife would have liked Laurel. She hesitates to mention how she died and Malcolm says that she was murdered and there's no reason to avoid the topic.

At Queen Consolidated, Oliver meets with Felicity and claims a friend is running a scavenger hunt. He asks her to decrypt the security fob he took from Ted so he can win. Felicity confirms that it has a military-grade security protocol and is tied to Black Hawk. Oliver promises her a bottle of wine if she can get through it and takes off, and Felicity goes to work.

Laurel thanks Malcolm for dinner and he asks Tommy for his signature on some papers. Tommy checks them and discovers that Malcolm is shutting down his mother's free clinic. Malcolm says that it wasn't as important to his wife as Tommy thought, but Tommy realizes the whole dinner was a setup to get his signature. He puts the papers down, tells Malcolm that he'll never change, and leaves. Before she goes, Malcolm tells Laurel that he's trying to teach Tommy that the world is a harsh and unrelenting place... and that his wife learned that when she was shot in the head in a street.

Ted gives Diggle a tour of Black Hawk and admits that he isn't a big fan of Paul, but he wanted to give his former squad mate a chance.

Felicity calls Oliver and tells him that the security fob had a directory with detailed routes and schedules of the seven armored car companies, including three that have been robbed. When she suggests that they go to the police, Oliver asks her to forward the information to him and he'll take it to the police.

The robbers hit another armored car... and Oliver arrives and opens fire on them, wounding one man. The armored car drivers get away while the leader fires at Oliver with a grenade launcher. He manages to block it with a trashcan lid but is knocked back, and two of the robbers get the wounded men into the van. Knox takes the wheel and drives away.

At Thea's 18th birthday party at the manor, everyone is partying, when Oliver gives her the keys to her new convertible. She says that everything is perfect except that Robert isn't there, and Oliver assures her that Robert would say she was beautiful. As Thea goes off, Diggle comes in and talks to Oliver privately. Oliver knows that Ted wasn't involved and Diggle confirms that Ted was with him during the robbery. They figure that Paul is involved and Oliver says that they should check the vans in the motor pool and see which one has blood in it. Diggle insists on handling it himself and assures Oliver that he'll call if he needs help.

As Thea dances, two of her friends give her a dose of a new designer drug, Vertigo. As she goes upstairs to put it in her room, she sees Malcolm and Moira together. Thea assumes that Moira is cheating and confronts her mother after Malcolm leaves after showing Moira a photo of Walter. Moira insists that there's nothing going on but Thea says that she wishes it had been Moira on the room and goes back downstairs. She takes out the Vertigo drug and walks out.

Digger goes to the motor pool and finds blood in one of the vans. It has a fake logo on it and Diggle confirms it was the van at the robbery. Paul comes in with a gun, aware that someone hacked their security system, and admits their boss figured Diggle wouldn't be cooperative. Ted comes in and explains that the whole thing is his mission. He's disgusted that he's reduced to bodyguarding rich spoiled brats and plans to convince Diggle to join him. Ted explains that they're down a man and Diggle is qualified to fill in. When Diggle refuses, Ted has his man Cavanaugh bring in Carly. Meanwhile, Oliver is listening in on the bug he put on Diggle and leaves the party.

Later that night, Diggle puts on a gas mask and fires a grenade launcher at an oncoming armored car. Ted and the others are in the van with Carly, watching. Diggle refuses to fire and the car drives past, and Ted and Paul get out and prepare to kill Diggle and Carly. However, Diggle fires the grenade launcher at them, knocking them down. Ted chases after Carly and Diggle goes after Ted, while Oliver arrives and drops Paul before he can shoot Diggle in the back.

Diggle corners Ted in an alleyway but his former commanding officer knows that Diggle won't shoot him. Oliver arrives and shoots Ted in the chest, and Diggle reveals that he knew about the bug all along. He wishes Oliver had trusted him, and Oliver tells him that he trusts him... but not Ted. Oliver slips away as Carly comes back and the police pull up.

Thea goes driving in her new car, takes a curve, and just misses an oncoming car. She goes off her road and crashes.

Oliver and Moira are called to the hospital and she tells them that she's okay except for a concussion. When Moira asks if she remembers what happened, Thea tells her to go away.

The next day, Tommy is at Laurel's apartment and she tells him that her father is trying to call both of them. She suggests that Malcolm is somehow trying to protect him but Tommy doesn't believe it. Laurel asks about Tommy's mother and he admits that he doesn't remember much at the time. Afterward, however, Malcolm completely shut him out and then went away for a couple of years.

At his lair, Malcolm looks at a photo of himself, his wife, and a young Tommy.

Oliver returns to the warehouse and Diggle tells him that he gave the police a story and convinced them he was coerced. He admits that he screwed up about Ted and Oliver admits that it's difficult for him to trust anything after what happened on the island. Diggle sees the best in people and that's why Oliver chose him as his partner. Oliver gives Diggle the list and the bodyguard crosses Ted off of the list. He hands it back and tells Oliver that he doesn't want to know who else is on the list until Oliver tells him.

Later, Oliver talks to Thea at the hospital and assures her that Moira said that she isn't having an affair. Thea doesn't believe it, but before Oliver can respond, the police arrive. They have a report from her doctor that she was using Vertigo and arrest her.

Fyers puts Oliver in a cage and tells him that his trust in Yao Fei was misplaced. The man Oliver met at the camp removes his mask, revealing that he's Yao Fei.