Vertigo - Recap

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Night in Starling City, and the Hood chases a criminal through the alleyways. The crook finally runs to a rooftop and climbs a tower, and the Hood pins his sleeve to the girder with an arrow. Arrow demands to know who is providing him with Vertigo, and the dealer finally says all he knows is that his supplier is called "The Count."

Back at the warehouse, Oliver tells Diggle what he's learned and plans to go back out and find the supplier. Diggle points out that Thea's hearing is in a few hours and wants Oliver at her side. The next morning, Oliver goes to pick up Thea, who wishes that their father was there. Moira comes in and says that it's time to go.

At the courthouse, Oliver takes Thea's hand as the reporters bombard her with comics. In court, Thea's lawyer says that they've plead out with the district attorney for her to be treated as a juvenile delinquent. As the judge talks, Oliver sees Laurel come in at the back. The judge refuses to give Thea any breaks and wants to make an example of her, denying the plea arraignment and taking it to trial. Back at home, Moira complains about what the judge is doing and their lawyer warns that they can file an interlocutory appeal but it probably won't go their way. Once he leaves, Moira tells Thea that they'll handle it and Thea reminds her of her mother's supposed affair with Malcolm. Once she walks, off, Moira complains to Oliver that Thea isn't taking things seriously. Oliver says that he has something to do and makes sure that his mother will be okay.

Yao Fei comes to see Oliver in his cage, and he asks why the man who saved his life turned him over to the mercenaries. When Oliver asks him to let him go, Yao Fei says that he can't and walks away as Oliver yells that he came back him.

Oliver goes to the station to meet with Detective Hall in Vice, and realizes that it's McKenna Hall, an old friend from his clubbing days. McKenna admits that she still goes to clubs but undercover, and Oliver expresses an interest in The Count. She tells him that they already know the name but haven't been able to find out anything, and Oliver asks her to let him know if she finds out anything. As he leaves, Quentin comes by and asks what Oliver was looking for.

That night, The Count talks to the dealer who gave up his name. He injects with him with an overdose of Vertigo, driving him into spasms of agony. The Count offers him a gun with one bullet and invites him to either shoot The Count and get revenge, or kill himself and end the pain. After a moment, the dealer kills himself.

Tommy wakes up and finds Laurel going over the news on Thea's case. Oliver comes by and asks Laurel if she could have her father call in a favor with the judge while he does what he can to help Thea. Laurel says that she'll see what she can do and Oliver leaves.

Later, Laurel talks to Quentin, who is eager to see the Queen family pay for a crime they've committed. His daughter reminds him that her sister Sarah did the same thing and that Quentin made her shoplifting crime go away. Quentin points out that if he had let her to go jail then she might have been on the boat, but Laurel insists that Thea has the same potential as Sarah and she's been through a lot. She asks Quentin to help and he agrees to make some calls.

Oliver takes Diggle to the garage where the Bratva operates. Alexi greets him and Oliver gives him a bag of money and says that he's wants to invest in Vertigo. He wants Alexi to do him a favor and arrange a meeting with The Count, and hands over The Count's police file to buy his favor. Alexi agrees if Oliver will do him a favor, mentioning that Anatoli Knzayev speaks highly of him. Oliver says that he saved Anatoli's life and Alexi has his mechanic bring out a prisoner. The mobster says that if Oliver kills the man for him then he'll know that Oliver is sincere. Ignoring Diggle's warning, Oliver grabs the man and chokes him until he dies. The mechanic confirms that he's dead and Alexi thanks him.

Yao Fei lets Oliver out of his cage and escorts him to a circle where Deathstroke is fighting a prisoner. He easily beats the man, looks to Fyers for instruction, and then kills the prisoner. Yao Fei shoves Oliver into the circle and Fyers tells Yao Fei to fight him in the interest of building morale.

Diggle and Oliver haul the prisoner's body out and dump him in the trunk of their car. Oliver revises the man with a touch and then punches him unconscious, and tells Diggle to create a new identity for the man. Rather than go in as the Hood, Oliver plans to meet with The Count so he can maintain his relationship with the Bratva. As they drive off, Alexi calls Vertigo, who agrees to meet with Oliver.

At Queen Manor, Laurel tells Thea and Oliver that Quentin got Judge Brackett to back off and give her two years of probation and 500 hours of community service. However, the court has appointed Laurel to take responsibility for Thea. Thea refuses, saying she's now an adult, and Laurel leaves. Once she's gone, Oliver warns his sister that she's in real trouble. Thea says that she already has a mother and wants to go to jail to ruin Moira's life for betraying Robert. Oliver finally tells Thea that Robert cheated on Moira and admitted before he died that he wasn't the man they thought he was. She doesn't believe him and tells Oliver to leave her alone. Moira overhears them and complains to Oliver, who says that Thea is old enough to know the truth. As she leaves, Diggle comes in and tells Oliver that the meeting is set with The Count for that night.

As they wait with Alexi, the Bratva man explains that The Count experimented on runaways and prostitutes and left a mark on their neck like a vampire. The Count arrives and has his men frisk Oliver and Diggle. He thanks Oliver for the file and asks why he's going into drugs, and Oliver explains that he's opening a night club. The Count agrees and explains that 56 people died to perfect the drug. He takes the money and hands over the drugs... and the police pull up. As Quentin yells at them to surrender, Diggle and Oliver take cover while The Count and his men run to the nearby subway entrance. Oliver goes after them and Vertigo jabs him with two syringes of the drug. McKenna arrives and cuts off Alexi from escaping, while Diggle gets Oliver away.

When they get to the warehouse, Diggle pulls out Oliver's crate and starts mixing an antidote. When he comes over, Oliver tries to choke him and Diggle pries him loose and forces him to drink.

Yao Fei ruthlessly attacks Oliver, finally putting him in a choke hold until he passes out.

The next morning, Oliver wakes up and discovers that Diggle handcuffed him to the table. After Diggle frees him, Oliver manages to stand and the bodyguard explains that The Count gave him half a dose. He suggests that Oliver give it a few hours but Oliver says that he can't abandon Thea and walks away.

When Oliver gets to the manor, Quentin and McKenna are there. They tell him about the drug bust and Quentin says that an eyewitness put Oliver at the scene. McKenna says that she's the one who saw him. Oliver explains that he was checking into The Count, spent money to arrange a face-to-face meeting, and tries to find out what he looked like so he could give the police a description. However, he claims that he didn't get a good look at The Count. Quentin doesn't press charges but warns Oliver that if he gets involved again then he will go to jail. Oliver thanks Quentin for helping Thea but he says he only did it for Thea and leaves. As McKenna leaves, Oliver tells her that he knows she was just doing her job. Once they're alone, Moira wonders what Oliver is doing, but he figures that she's mad at him for telling Thea about Robert. Thea comes in and agrees that Oliver did the right thing, and Moira explains that she was trying to preserve Thea's memories of her father. Thea hugs her mother and apologizes for what she said about wishing she was dead.

As Oliver leaves them alone and meets with Diggle in the hall, the drug takes hold of him and he collapses.

The next morning, one of the mercenaries prepares to throw Oliver off a cliff into the river below. Yao Fei asks for the privilege and Fyers agrees. After a moment, Yao Fei rolls Oliver off the cliff and he falls into the waters below.

When Oliver recovers, they go to Queen Consolidated to meet with Felicity. He ignores Diggle's advice and tells Felicity that he wants her to analyze the drug. Oliver claims that a friend wants him to invest in an energy drink and asks her to analyze it and see where the water used to make it came from. Felicity points out that it's in a syringe and Oliver makes up a lame story.

That night, Felicity sends the results to Oliver, who confirms that it's in the East Glades at an abandoned juvenile delinquent center. Oliver prepares to go out before The Count takes the drug nationwide, and Diggle refuses to let him go. When Oliver dares him to try, Diggle holds up a tennis ball and says that Oliver can leave if he hits it. Oliver tries to aim it but can't focus, and then leaves without his bow.

Oliver breaks into the center, fighting his way past The Count's guards. As the drug continues to affect his system, he has more trouble making his way upward.

The police pull up outside the center and McKenna tells Quentin that her CI says that it's the place.

Oliver enters the main drug lab, taking down The Count's guards. He insists that he's providing a public service and Oliver disarms him. As they fight, Oliver jabs The Count with his own drug. Quentin and his men run in and Quentin says that the Hood is a killer, not a hero. Oliver throws The Count at him and ducks out the back, and Quentin calls for an ambulance.

The next morning, Oliver brings Thea in to CNRI to start working with Laurel. Laurel puts her to work and Thea thanks Laurel for giving her a chance. Once Thea leaves, Oliver thanks Laurel for her help and says that Thea needs a good role model. He gets a call and takes it privately. It's McKenna, who informs him that they got The Count and he'll be gone for a long time. She says that it was great seeing him and they cut off.

At the hospital, Quentin checks with the doctor treating The Count. She tells him that the damage to his brain was irreparable and she has no idea what the effects could be.

That night, Oliver waits at a diner and looks out at the storm.

Oliver wakes up when he hits the water and swims to shore. He discovers that Yao Fei slipped the map of the island into his jacket and drew a route for him to follow. Yao Fei also wrote one word on it: "survive."

Felicity arrives for their meeting and she says that she trusts him even though it's clear he's been lying to her. Oliver assures her that he can trust her and she shows him the book that Walter gave her to analyze. Felicity asks if he's seen it before and Oliver honestly says that he hasn't, and she tells him that Walter gave it to her after he found it in Moira's belongings... and it may have cost him his life.