Betrayal - Recap

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At Iron Heights Prison, Cyrus Vanch is released on a technicality and a woman, Vivian, greets him. Cyrus kisses her and then goes to his old home. His attorney, George Wolfman, is there and surprised to see Cyrus out of prison. The lawyer claims that there were recent contingencies that he couldn't anticipate, including the arrival of The Hood in Starling City. After hugging George, Cyrus tells him that he'll be taking his home... and then lowers the dead man to the floor after removing his knife from his back.

At the warehouse, Diggle and Oliver discuss the two books. Diggle wonders where Moira got the second copy, but Oliver doesn't believe that she would have made Walter disappear. The bodyguard figures that the innocent party is the missing person.

Moving through the jungle along the path Yao Fei indicated, Oliver finds the wreckage of a downed plane. He looks inside and a man drops down from behind him, holding a sword to Oliver's neck. The man demands to know who is with him and Oliver says that Yao Fei sent him.

At the station, Quentin objects when his superior, Lt. Frank Pike, gives him a new assignment. When Quentin insists that he's getting close to The Hood, Frank points out that The Hood has been helping them recently. He refuses to keep Quentin on the case until he has something solid.

At the manor, Oliver goes to see Moira and she notices that something is wrong. He finally shows her the book and tells Moira that Walter gave him the book before he disappeared. Moira explains that it was Robert's list of all the people that owed him favors. Oliver points out that they're not good people based on his research, and Moira claims that her husband wasn't honest with her and she didn't know everything he was doing. When Oliver says that they need to find out, Moira throws the book in the fire and says that for everyone to stay safe, they have to stop asking questions.

Thea meets with Laurel at CNRI for her first day of community service. Laurel introduces Anastasia, who is there on a pro bono assignment. Anastasia tells Laurel that Cyrus was released and they represent a citizen's advocacy group that tries to keep him looked up. DA Kate Spencer has already said not to call her without evidence on Cyrus' crimes. As Laurel considers what to do next, Tommy calls and invites her to come with him to sample chefs. She begs off until the next night and says that she has to call someone.

At the warehouse, Oliver insists that Moira burned the book to keep him safe. Diggle doesn't believe it but Oliver insists that his mother is innocent. He takes Laurel's call and she asks him to look into Cyrus since the police can't move on him without evidence. Oliver says that he doesn't gather evidence but Laurel insists that Cyrus is dangerous. As he goes to help her, Diggle asks if he's trying to help Laurel or running away from the truth about his mother, but Oliver ignores the question and leaves.

Kelton at CTU goes to see Quentin and tells him that Laurel has called in The Hood, and Quentin vows to put a task force together to be there when she meets the vigilante.

Cyrus and Vivian are enjoying themselves at George's home and he figures that he can fill in the power vacuum caused by the Traid and Bertinelli deaths. Oliver takes out the guards and fires an arrow with an electronic transmitter into the wall near Cyrus. As Cyrus says that he needs to do something to get the mobs' respect, he hears gunfire and spots the arrow. Pulling it out of the wall, he says that he needs to establish respect by taking out the biggest guy and taking him down.

Laurel and Tommy are going out when The Hood calls. He asks for a meet and gives her an address. Quentin, listening in, tells his task force to make sure Laurel is unharmed but to do anything else it takes to bring in the vigilante. When his partner Hilton wonders if Laurel will be happy at her father's betrayal, Quentin reminds him that he told Laurel to stay away from The Hood but she disobeyed him. Meanwhile, Laurel tells Tommy that something has come up at work and she'll meet him at the club in an hour or so.

When Moira's driver doesn't show up for work, Diggle fills in. They discuss Oliver and Diggle assures Moira that Oliver is staying in. She has him drop her off and she insists on going in on her own. Diggle then goes in and discovers that she's at a friend's 50th birthday party. When Moira sees him, Diggle claims that he's looking for the restroom.

Oliver meets Laurel on the roof and gives her the recording he made of Cyrus' conversation. He hears something just as Quentin and his men come out. Oliver uses Laurel as a shield, apologizes to her, and then jumps off the roof to the sidewalk below. Quentin goes after him but Oliver knocks him out from behind.

Back at the station, Laurel confronts her father and complains that he endangered her life. When he points out that she shouldn't have been there, Laurel points out that he wanted her there and used her as bait. She asks what happens when Quentin captures The Hood and if he'll blame someone else for his drinking and Sarah dying. When Quentin says that it's enough, she agrees and walks away. Her father tells her to give the phone and Laurel slams it down on his desk.

At the warehouse, Diggle warns Oliver that he's not seeing straight with Laurel or Moira. Oliver says it's not the time to discuss it, and Diggle tells him that he's spying on Moira to see if she's meeting with anyone. When Oliver objects, Diggle says that someone needs to take an objective look at her and refuses to back down.

When Laurel meets with Tommy, she tells him what happened and he's surprised to learn that she willingly met with The Hood. He's unhappy that she's been keeping secrets from him and agrees with Quentin that The Hood is dangerous. When Laurel complains that her father has been lying to her for weeks, Tommy points out that she's been doing the same and walks away.

The next morning, Cyrus is watching the news about the botched arrest of The Hood. Vivian comes in and tells Cyrus that her contact in the police has told her a way to get The Hood out in the open using Laurel.

Tommy comes to see Oliver at the manor and tells him about how Laurel has been working with The Hood and he just found out about it. Oliver is surprised that Laurel is lying to him, and Tommy figures that Laurel has an infatuation with the vigilante. He's surprised that she would lie to Tommy and figures it's always the people closest to him that do so, and Oliver tells him to fix things with her before it's unfixable.

The man, Slade Wilson, explains that he and Yao Fei have been studying the island for months, trying to find a way off. They had located an airfield but Yao Fei was compromised before they could take it. Slade gives Oliver a machete and tells him that he'll need his help. He swings at Oliver, who simply blocks the blow. Slade then continues attacking, saying that he needs to learn, but Oliver insists that he's no soldier. When Oliver explains that Yao Fei told him to run and he did, Slade punches him.

Laurel leaves a message on Tommy's voice mail asking him to call her. two of Cyrus' men burst in and Laurel manages to fight them off... only for Cyrus to taser her unconscious.

Diggle drops Moira off at her accountant and she tells him to take the night off. She goes inside and Diggle ducks into a supply closet next to the office. He uses a listening device to hear Moira tell Malcolm that Carl Ballard no longer poses a danger to the undertaking. Malcolm, satisfied, tells her to dispose of the wreckage of Robert's yacht. When Moira points out that she knows it was sabotaged, Malcolm says that there's no need to find evidence of that. Meanwhile, a man comes into the supply closet and Diggle says that he's on Moira's team. Diggle pockets the listening device and the bodyguard says that he's with the man Moira is meeting. He demands to see the device and Diggle shows him a cigarette lawyer and claims that he went in here to smoke.

Tommy comes to see Laurel and finds her apartment in disarray. The Hood's transmitter arrows is stuck in the wall and Tommy plays the recording back. Tommy takes it to Quentin and they listen to Cyrus' mention demanding a meeting with the Hood. Quentin wonders how Cyrus knew that Laurel was connected to The Hood, and realizes that someone in the police gave him away. He tells Tommy that he can't use his own men and goes to make a call.

Diggle meets with Oliver and plays him a recording of the conversation between Moira and Malcolm. Oliver is shocked that someone tried to kill his father and insists that Moira wasn't involved, but Diggle figures that she has something to hide. Quentin calls to tell Oliver that Laurel has been kidnapped and he needs his help.

Slade ties up Oliver and says he can't take the airfield on his own. He holds his sword to Oliver and says that he has to kill him so that Oliver won't be captured and give up his location. Struggling, Oliver manages to dislocate his hands and rip himself free, and then stands and punches Slade. Impressed, Slade shakes his hand and says that Oliver might be a fighter after all.

Quentin waits on a roof and The Hood comes up behind him. The officer admits that he hates everything that The Hood stands for, but he has no choice. The Hood figures that Cyrus will kill Laurel no matter what, and Quentin explains that someone at the precinct talked. The vigilante explains that he can't take Cyrus' fortified position by himself and says that he'll need Quentin's help to get in.

At the lawyer's house, Cyrus warns Laurel that time is running out for her. He assures her that The Hood will be going up against trained men with assault weapons... unaware that outside, The Hood is taking out his men, including the sharpshooters on the roof. Cyrus knows that The Hood has 24 weapons, and he has more men than that. A guard captures The Hood and brings him in, and then tells his man to kill the vigilante. Quentin comes in, shoots the last man, and prepares to shoot Cyrus. The Hood disarms him, reminding him that he's the vigilante and Quentin is the cop, and then slips away as Quentin knocks Cyrus out.

At the station, Quentin makes sure Laurel is okay and then offers to driver her home. She refuses, saying that she'll need some distance from him for awhile because she can't trust him. Laurel admits that she understands, but can't tolerate him using her. As Laurel goes to her car, The Hood steps out of the shadows and asks if she's okay. Laurel says that her father has the phone back and says that she knew the risks, and The Hood says that he's not willing to take those risks with her. The vigilante fades back into the shadows as Tommy runs up. She apologizes and Tommy hugs her, saying that nothing else matters as long as she's okay.

Slade tells Oliver that he'll kill him if he compromises his chance to get off the island. Oliver figures that they both need each other and asks what the next step is, and Slade tells him to choose a weapon. As Oliver goes through Slade's weapon cache, he finds a Deathstroke mask. Slade explains that he and his partner both wore the mask as members of Australian Intelligence, and that they both came there to free Yao Fei.

Back at the warehouse, Oliver replays the recording of Moira. He tells her Diggle that he can't believe it's his mother, and Diggle warns his employer that blind trust can be dangerous. They figure that they need to know what the undertaking is, and Oliver says that he's going to have another chat with Moira.

Moira is in a meeting when The Hood swings into her office and takes out her guards. He then accuses her of failing the city and prepares to shoot her...