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The Odyssey - Recap

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The Hood bursts into Moira's office at Queen Consolidated, takes out her guards, and secretly plants a bug. He then tells her that she has failed this city and fires an arrow at her desk when she tries to reach for the phone. The Hood asks her about Walter and she says that she doesn't know what happened to him, and then he asks about the Undertaking. Rather than answer, Moira shows The Hood a photo of her family and begs him not to hurt her. Once the vigilante lowers his bow, Moira grabs a hidden gun and shoots him, hitting him in the neck. She grabs her cell phone and calls for help, and then looks over the desk and discovers that her attacker is gone.

Felicity is going to her car in the parking garage of Queen Consolidated and discovers that Oliver is in the front seat of her car. She realizes that he's The Hood and Oliver asks her to take him to his father's factory and nowhere else. Felicity agrees and drives off.

Diggle is watching a newscast about the attack on Moira when Felicity comes in carrying Oliver. The bodyguard examines the wound and realizes that it nicked the carotid, and starts treating him. Diggle produces blood that Oliver stored and tells Felicity that he has some medical training and goes to work.

Slade spars with Oliver, constantly beating him down. He explains that they have ten days until the supply plane arrives so that he can turn Oliver into a soldier. When Oliver complains that they're training with bamboo staffs when the guards have guns, and Slade gives him a gun and tells him to use it on him. Slade promptly disarms him and takes the gun, and Oliver says that he gives up. His trainer warns him that there is no giving up to their opponents and Oliver has to either escape or die. He asks which he chooses and Oliver chooses escape.

Back at the plane, Slade goes over the map of the island and explains that Fyers held him for over a year. Oliver suggests that they contact Yao Fei but Slade tells him to forget about the Asian. The satellite photos show ten guards and another man in a PTAC tower with bulletproof glass. Oliver will have to take the tower man out, up close and personal. When he asks if Oliver is ready, Oliver asks if Slade thinks he's ready, and Slade simply says that there's only one supply plane every three months. If they don't board it, they'll die. As he lies down to sleep, Oliver looks at a photo of Laurel.

Oliver hallucinates waking up in bed next to Laurel. He apologizes for cheating on her with Sarah, and she asks if it hurt when they killed him… and Slade wakes Oliver up. They get their gear and Slade looks briefly at his Deathstroke mask before moving out. The two men make their way to the airfield and Oliver steps on a leftover World War II land mine. Slade clears away the dirt but before he can do anything, soldiers come down the path toward them.

Slade grabs the equipment from Oliver and runs off into the woods. Oliver pulls his hood down just as the mercenaries arrive, and they mistake him for one of their own. They spot the mine and start to examine it... and Slade leaps out of the woods and kills them. He then pushes Oliver off the mine but it doesn't go off.

At the main camp, Yao Fei enters Fyers' tent and the lead mercenary asks him about the bow he was using. He says that 25 compound bows will be arriving on the next plane and he wants Yao Fei to train them how to us them. Yao Fei warns that it can take years and Fyers reminds him that he needs to be fully committed to their cause... for "her" sake.

That night, Oliver tries to start a fire. After two hours, Slade finally uses his cigarette lighter to light it. Oliver takes out Laurel's photo again and finally explains that he needs to get back to her. When he explains that he cheated on Laurel with her sister, Slade warns him that she won't want him back. He explains that he knows that people can't be trusted because his fellow agent, Billy Wintergreen, accepted Fyers' invitation to join them when their plane was shot down on the island. Slade insists that everybody is out for themselves, including the man he considered a friend.

Oliver and Slade approach the airfield and Slade tells him to dispose of the tower guard.

Diggle stitches up Oliver's wound and thanks Felicity for her help. He wonders why she isn't surprised about learning Oliver's secret, and Felicity admits that she had she had already figured out something was going on. Diggle confirms that they gave her a vial of Vertigo so they could take down The Count, and she realizes that she helped them bring down the drug lord. Felicity asks why they came to her and Diggle says that Oliver has trouble admitting that he needs help.

Slade starts taking out the guards with a sniper rifle. Oliver runs for the tower and a mercenary intercepts him, but Slade takes the man out. One guard descends from the tower and Slade kills him, and Oliver runs up the stairs to the top. While Slade attacks the remaining mercenaries with his sword, Oliver attacks the tower man. The man disarms him and draws his gun...

Oliver's heart stops and Felicity says that she's going to call 911. Diggle says that they can't risk it and starts up the fibrillator, but it's not working. Felicity makes some hurried repairs and they shock Oliver's heart back to life.

The guard reaches for the radio but Slade arrives and kills him. He complains that Oliver screwed up and then goes to make sure that everything is clear. Before he goes, Slade gives him a gun and tells him not to shoot himself by mistake. Oliver quickly puts down the gun and notices a phone on the desk. He picks it up and dials a number, and Laurel answers the phone. Before he can say anything, Slade returns and pulls out the phone, warning Oliver that they could be monitoring calls. The supply plane calls in, saying it will be there in three hours, and Slade responds. The pilot gives a challenge code, and Slade stalls for time. Oliver says that he knows it from the one book he read in college, from The Odyssey. he comes up with the next sentence.
Slade recites the code respond and the pilot confirms that he'll be there, and Slade says that he's going to radio an airstrike in on the location. Oliver tells him that he can't do it while Yao Fei is still out there, but Slade figures that Fyers has plans for both of them that involve Yao Fei. When Oliver says that Yao Fei saved his life, Slade says that's his debt and Oliver says that he won't be the person he was that betrayed everyone he loved. Slade warns him that he'll be leaving in three hours, and Oliver tells him to call his family if he doesn't go back.

The leads on the monitor come loose and Felicity fixes them. She notices Oliver's bow and Diggle insists that they've gone after bad people. When Felicity wonders why it doesn't bother him, Diggle explains that when he was in Afghanistan, he was guarding a ruthless warlord. Insurgents attacked them and Diggle and his men fought back. The insurgent who he killed was just a boy of 18 and Diggle wondered if he was still a good man. He tells Felicity that doing what he does with Oliver, he feels good for the first time. Diggle tells Felicity that he hasn't killed anyone but admits that Oliver has and there are casualties in a war.

Oliver makes it to Fyers' camp and sees Yao Fei go into Fyers' tent. He slips inside and tells Yao Fei that he found Slade and they have a way off the island. Yao Fei refuses, explaining that there is someone on the island keeping him there. Fyers enters the tent and Yao Fei knocks Oliver unconscious as Deathstroke comes in to join his employer.

At the airfield, the supply plane approaches and Slade tells them that they're clear to land.

At the camp, Yao Fei shoves Oliver into a circle of mercenaries and Fyers asks how he survived Yao Fei apparently killing him. Oliver simply says that Yao Fei isn't as strong as he looks, and asks if Fyers wants him to fight Yao Fei again. Fyers says that it's an execution and Deathstroke enters the circle. When Oliver addresses him by his real name, Wintergreen, Deathstroke slaps him. Oliver continues, saying that he used to stand for something, but Deathstroke beats him and draws his sword. The mercenary grabs him and Oliver offers him triple… and one of the mercenaries' vehicles explodes. As they return fire, Slade steps out and attacks Deathstroke. The two men fight and Slade finally kills him with a knife thrust through the eye. As Oliver steps out, Fyers shoots Slade. Oliver grabs a gun, returns fire, and gets his injured rescuer away. When a mercenary attacks them, Oliver subdues him and takes his gun. After a moment, he simply clubs the man unconscious. Oliver and then Slade then look up as the supply plane flies away.

Back at the plane, Slade has Oliver tie him up and then has him cut the bullet out. Slade admits that he's impressed that Oliver didn't throw up. Once Oliver gets him free, Slade says that hopefully the explosions will set Fyers back and encourage the people he works for to call him back. He tells Oliver that they have to make sure neither one of them die on the island. When Oliver points out that Slade said they would die, Slade admits that Oliver might now have a chance.

At the camp, Fyers gets a call from his employer when they detect the heat signatures from the explosions. His employer tells him that their close to the end and can't afford complications, and asks about Yao Fei. Fyers says that he has him under his control. When Yao Fei comes over, Fyers grants him five minutes with the hostage in return for his help with Oliver. Yao Fei goes to his daughter, Shado, and tells her that it will soon be over.

Oliver wakes up and finds Diggle and Felicity standing over him. As he checks his scar, Felicity upgrades their computer systems and erases the police files on the sample of Oliver's blood that they took from Moira's office. Oliver asks if she's going to join them and Felicity says that she won't. However, she wants to find Walter and will only help them rescue her employer. Once they rescue Walter, she'll go back to her boring life. Oliver accepts and Felicity asks if they have a bathroom. As she goes, Oliver shakes her hand and thanks her. Once she leaves, Diggle warns that they're getting Felicity involved in some dangerous stuff. Oliver says that they can protect her and insists that Moira only shot him because she was afraid. Diggle doesn't believe it but Oliver says that Moira begged him to spare her on behalf of Oliver and Thea. Diggle points out that they don't know what the Undertaking is, but insists that Moira is off-limits until they do know. Diggle reluctantly agrees but wonders if he's saying it because he believes she's innocent, or doesn't want to face the fact that his mother is guilty.

The next morning, Oliver goes to the manor and finds Quentin interviewing Moira while Thea looks on. They tell him what happened and Quentin admits that they lost the evidence. Once he leaves, Moira hugs Oliver and admits that she was scared. Oliver promises her that The Hood will never bother her again.