Dead to Rights - Recap

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At a helipad in Starling City, a chopper lands. Meanwhile, McKenna is taking a squad across the city to intercept it after discovering that the helicopter has arrived early. Meanwhile, Guillermo Barrera steps out of the chopper and calls his employer, who forwards him the first half of his million-dollar contract. The Hood arrives and shoots the phone out of his hand, and Guillermo draws two knives and throws them. They close and fight hand-to-hand, and the Hood finally drives an arrow into Guillermo's chest. The vigilante grabs the phone and runs off, while McKenna and her men arrive and she picks up the arrow.

At the lair, Diggle is showing Felicity how to fight so she can protect herself. Oliver comes in and tells them what happened as he crosses Guillermo's name off the list, and then asks Felicity to hack Guillermo's phone. He explains that Guillermo goes after high-profile targets and figures that the intended target is still at risk. As Oliver leaves, Diggle warns him that dating the cop who is hunting him down might not be a good idea.

At the wrecked plane, Slade exercises since they have nothing else to do. Oliver wants to come up with another way to escape the island before Fyers finds them. He tries to repair the radio that was destroyed in the crash, explaining that he used to help his father. However, Slade warns Oliver that he should be training for the fight that's coming.

Oliver meets McKenna for their date--Tommy's birthday at Laurel's apartment. Laurel and McKenna know each other from the courthouse. As Tommy opens a bottle of champagne, McKenna notices a photo of Quentin with a daughter. Laurel explains that it's Sarah, not her. Tommy offers a toast to having his friend back and to his new love. There's a knock at the door and Laurel goes to get it, expecting their food. She's surprise to discover Malcolm at her doorstep. He asks to come in and when Laurel invites him inside, he gives a birthday present to Tommy.

Tommy takes his father outside to talk privately, Malcolm explains that he's receiving a humanitarian award and would like Tommy to come. When Tommy refuses, Malcolm says that he always wanted him to be happiness and offers to let him have his money. Tommy refuses but Malcolm gives him a ticket and starts to walk away. As he goes, Tommy reminds him that he taught Tommy that the people that someone wants there the most aren't. Tommy gives the ticket back and goes into Laurel's apartment.

Floyd Lawton returns his apartment and pours himself a drink, and China White steps out of the shadows and wonders if his edge has dulled. He asks what she wants and China explains that her organization has been hired to eliminate a target. Floyd isn't interested, pointing out that his vision is messed up after The Hood drove an arrow into his eye. China offers him a vision replacement and Floyd immediately asks who she wants dead.

The next morning, Frank meets with Moira at Queen Consolidated and asks if the hit will go down at the humanitarian ceremony. She says that it is, figuring that no one will expect it in a public place. They then meet with Malcolm and several of their allies, who says that thanks to recent technological developments, they are close to completing the Undertaking. Moira assures him that everyone there is with him.

At the lair, Felicity is hacking the phone for Oliver and having a hard time of it. All she can get from it so far is the last number he dialed: a restaurant in Chinatown. Diggle notes that it's a front for the Chinese Mafia, and Oliver has Diggle make a reservation for two that night.

That night, Oliver and Tommy go to the restaurant for a private dinner. Oliver points out that Malcolm was trying to be a father and it couldn't have been easy for him after his mother died. Tommy points out that his father left him for two years and came back cold, which is why Tommy spent so much time at Oliver's house. He explains that Robert was the one who was there for him, and Oliver says that he wasn't perfect. Still, he says that he'd give everything to have Robert back. Tommy echoes his words from the previous night about how he's glad to be back.

As they eat, a mobster walks past. Oliver tells Tommy that he has to go to the restroom and follows the man. The Chinese Mafia is running a money-laundering operation in the back and Oliver turns off the lights and then takes out the two men. He demands to know who hired Guillermo and the one man says that it's supposed to happen the next day. By the time the mobsters recover and go outside, Oliver is back at his table.

Oliver is still working on the radio when Slade comes back with supper. He tells Oliver to give it a rest and is surprised when it comes on. Slade tries to contact a passing plane but discovers that they can only receive, not transmit.

Later, Oliver calls Quentin and tells him that the Triad is after someone and will keep trying. Quentin isn't interested in helping and tells The Hood to call him when he has a name. The sergeant then grabs McKenna and tells her that they're going after the vigilante.

China meets with Deadshot and her men and reviews how they will drive Malcolm out of the auditorium with the rest of the audience. Once he's outside, Deadshot will kill him.

Felicity continues trying to hack the cell phone.

Tommy looks at a photo of his family in happier times.

Moira prepares for the ceremony, her hands shaking.

Laurel checks on Tommy, who is dressing for the ceremony. He admits that he decided to accept Malcolm's invitation but says that he knows Laurel has work. Once he leaves, Laurel gets a call from her mother and ignores it.

At the reception, Malcolm greets Moira and invites her to dinner after the ceremony. She says that she would like that as Malcolm is called away. Frank comes over and she warns him that if they hadn't come, it would have looked suspicious. When he wonders how she can keep up the lie, Moira says that she's been doing it for five years. The head of the committee calls Malcolm up to the pedestal. As he prepares to talk, China--wearing a black wig--heads toward the front of the stage. The Triad men have taken out the wait staff and donned their uniforms.

Oliver brings McKenna to the factory to show off his plans for the club. He finally admits that he has a lot going on in his life and he's having trouble fitting it all in. McKenna says that she's having similar problems and suggests that they should be honest with each other.

Below them, Felicity finishes decrypting the cellphone. Diggle comes over and they realize who the target is. He goes upstairs and tells Oliver that he's needed. Oliver comes over and Diggle tells him that Malcolm is the target... and Tommy is at the ceremony. He goes over and tells McKenna that he has business to attend to. He then calls Quentin and tells him that Malcolm is the target and that he should keep his men back.

At the ceremony, Malcolm talks about how his wife Rebecca was the true humanitarian. As Tommy looks on, Malcolm says that he's failed his city but promises that he will make it better for everyone. Tommy smiles in satisfaction and Moira looks over and sees him. As the audience applauds, China hits a remote, setting off the fire alarm. The fake waiters take out Malcolm's security team while Malcolm runs to find Tommy. Across the street, Deadshot prepares to shoot Malcolm as soon as he comes outside.

As Frank and Moira go outside, they spot Deadshot preparing to shoot. Malcolm doesn't come out and Deadshot tells China to drive his target to his penthouse apartment. Meanwhile, Malcolm finds Tommy and takes him to an exit on the second floor. When they get there, the Triad killers open fire. The Hood arrives, takes out one of them, and tells Malcolm to get Tommy to safety while he holds off the mobsters. Malcolm and Tommy run up to the panic room in his office.

China calls Deadshot to tell him that Malcolm is heading for his penthouse. She then catches up to The Hood just as he takes out the rest of her men. She attacks him and the two of them struggle.

Two of the Triad killers catch up to Malcolm, who disarms them and kills them with their own guns. As they get into the panic room, Tommy wonders how Malcolm knows how to fight like that. In response, Malcolm opens a hidden panel and starts to show Tommy his Dark Archer uniform. However, Deadshot fires a grenade round in through the bulletproof window before Tommy can see it.

Oliver finally gets the upper hand and draws his bow on China. McKenna arrives and tells The Hood to put the bow down.

As Malcolm goes to check on Tommy, Deadshot fires three rounds into his chest. Tommy runs to his father.

McKenna tells The Hood to turn around, but he fires into a nearby fire extinguisher and ducks away as it explodes.

Tommy pulls Malcolm away and discovers that he's wearing a bulletproof vest and was only grazed. The Hood comes in and Tommy grabs his father's gun and aims it at him. The vigilante insists that he isn't there to hurt Malcolm, and picks up one of the bullets. He tells Tommy that the bullet is covered in curare and Malcolm will die in three minutes if he doesn't get a blood transfusion to delay the poison. The Hood tells Tommy that they're out of time and Tommy wonders how he can trust him. After a moment, Oliver removes his hood and says that Tommy has always trusted him.

Oliver grabs an emergency first aid kit and rigs up a tube so that Tommy can give Malcolm a transfusion. Tommy tells him to do it. As they wait, Tommy asks Oliver why but Oliver says that they'll talk later. Tommy thanks his friend for helping and takes his father's hand. While Oliver slips away, Malcolm wakes up and calls to his son.

Later, Quentin and McKenna question Tommy. He claims that he doesn't know why The Hood spared him and insists that he doesn't know who the vigilante really is. As Moira watches from the crowd, Oliver watches from a nearby rooftop.

Slade works on the radio and finally manages to tune into the soldiers' frequency. Fyers receives word from his superior that "Scylla" is on it its way. Oliver points out that Scylla is a monster from "The Odyssey," and Slade says that he wants to meet the monster. He asks if he's going alone and Oliver picks up a knife and leaves with his friend.

Oliver returns to the factory and Diggle and Felicity tell him that Malcolm is recovering at the hospital. Diggle is shocked to learn that Malcolm was poisoned with curare, and he realizes that Deadshot--the man who killed his brother--is alive. As Diggle walks away, Oliver tells Felicity that Deadshot killed Diggle's brother.

Slade leads Oliver back to the mercenary camp. He confirms that "Scylla" is an anti-aircraft rocket launcher that can shoot down a commercial airliner... or start a war.

Oliver goes to the hospital and finds McKenna. He apologizes for running out on her but she admits that that she would have had to leave in a few minutes if he hadn't. McKenna admits that their lives are complicated but is willing to work them out, and Oliver says that he'll do so as well.

Malcolm wakes up and Tommy goes to his side. When Malcolm wonders how he survived, Tommy explains about the blood transfusion and how The Hood came up with the idea. Malcolm says that he isn't going anywhere and Tommy reminds him that he said the same thing after Rebecca died. When Tommy wonders where he went, Malcolm explains that he went to a place called Nanda Parbat and met a man who helped him make sense of things. The man also helped Malcolm find a purpose for his life: to make Starling City a better place for everyone, especially Tommy.

Before Malcolm can explain, Moira comes in and Malcolm asks Tommy to give them a minute alone. Once they're alone, Malcolm tells Moira that they have a traitor among them and he wants her to find out whom.

Out in the hallway, Tommy thanks Oliver for saving Malcolm. He wonders what happened to Oliver on the island, reminding him that he saw The Hood kill the criminals when he first got back. He then asks Oliver if he was ever going to tell him, and Oliver admits that he wasn't. At that, Tommy walks away without another word.

Laurel is at her apartment and calls Tommy. As she goes out, she finds her mother Dinah walking up. When Laurel wonders why she's there, Dinah says that she needs to talk to Laurel about the mistakes that she's made. Laurel says that she has to go but Dinah insists that she has to talk to her about Sarah: she thinks that she may be alive.