The Huntress Returns - Recap

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At a strip club, Helena poses as a lap dancer and approaches a mob lawyer, Gus Sabatoni. She invites him in back and he realizes who she is. Helena orders her father's attorney to tell her where she can find her father, and Gus says that after Frank made his plea deal with the Feds, they put him into protective custody. The lawyer insists that he doesn't know where Frank is and Helena says that she believes him. She walks out a minute later and drives off on her motorcycle. Meanwhile, a bouncer checks on Gus and discovers that he's dead, crossbow bolts in his chest.

Oliver takes McKenna to the remodeled club, Verdant, and explains that they're having Steve Aoki there to perform. He asks her to be there for the grand opening and McKenna agrees.

Quentin gets a call from Laurel to meet her at the diner. As soon as he gets there, Quentin apologizes for using her to get at The Hood, and Laurel apologizes as well. Dinah comes out and explains that she believes Sarah is still alive. She shows them a map of the China Sea where Oliver went down and says that Sarah could have washed up on any of a hundred islands. Dinah also has a photo of a girl that looks like Sarah that a tourist took. Shocked and upset, Quentin reminds Dinah that she disappeared for years and asks her why she's making him relive his loss, and walks out.

Thea and her friend Morgan are walking down the street through The Glades discussing their dates when Thea sees Roy. He points out that she's spending a lot of time there and Thea explains that she has a job there. She suggests he should get out a job and Roy asks if she knows anybody wants to hire a high school dropout. Thea tells him that her brother is hiring valets for Verdant and dares Roy to take the job, and he agrees.

At the lair, Oliver comes in late and tells Diggle that he's going on a sixth date with McKenna, and he's late because he decided to take a break. Diggle brings up the club footage of Helena and they wonder why she came back and killed the lawyer. However, Diggle warns Oliver that eventually she'll tell people what she knows about Oliver's secret ID. Oliver tells Diggle to contact the Bratva and find out what she's really in town for.

When Oliver arrives home, he finds Thea chatting with Helena. Thea asks Oliver if the club is still hiring and he tells her to call to Tommy... immediately. Once she leaves, Helena tells Oliver that she was traveling through Europe trying to forget who she is. He tells her that he knows about Gus' death and tells her that she got her revenge, but Helena explains that in return for his testimony, Frank will disappear into Witness Protection. She insists that Frank doesn't deserve a second chance and she needs Oliver to help her take on the U.S. Marshals guarding him. Oliver refuses to commit murder, just as Moira comes in. He introduces her and says that she's going, and walks her to the door. As she goes, Helena says that she'll have to be more persuasive... and her plans involve his family.

Back at the club, Oliver tells Diggle about Helena's threat and the bodyguard starts putting security in place. Tommy comes in and Oliver asks where he's been, and then says that they need to talk. Oliver apologizes, explaining that he kept it a secret to protect the people close to him. Tommy says that his issue is that Oliver is a murderer and he doesn't know him, and doesn't want to hear what Oliver has to say because he wouldn't believe him.

Slade and Oliver watch the missile launcher and Slade figures that Fyers wants to start a war. Oliver points out that they can't steal a missile launcher even if they get through the soldiers, and suggests that they try and get the six soldiers in one place. Slade looks at him and agrees.

Laurel comes to see her father at the station and apologizes for lying to him to get him to the diner to meet Dinah. He asks if Laurel believes Dinah's claim and she suggests that they at least check it out. Quentin tells her to tell Dinah that he's not making any promises.

That night, Oliver and McKenna meet with Moira and Thea, and Moira offers her congratulations and assures her son that Robert would be proud. Tommy is at the bar when Laurel comes in and she quickly realizes that something is wrong with him. She tells him about Quentin's meeting with Dinah and reminds Tommy that he said he'd be there, and he apologizes for forgetting. Thea comes over and asks if he called Roy, and Tommy tells her that Roy starts tomorrow. As he goes to the office, Helena approaches him and reminds him that they met.

Oliver comes down and gets a message from Diggle telling him to come to the basement. When he gets there, he finds Helena holding Tommy hostage. Oliver tries to get through to her but she insists that Frank is a mobster and a murderer. He reminds her that he tried to teach her how to separate murder from justice, and she threatens to kill Tommy and then the club goers if Oliver doesn't help her. He agrees to help her and Helena releases Tommy.

The next morning, Diggle arrives and figures that Oliver still has feelings for Helena or he would have stopped her. Oliver insists that Helena isn't evil and asks what Diggle would do if his brother's killer was standing there. Diggle says that he wouldn't blackmail someone and Oliver admits that he doesn't have any options except to minimize her damage. Helena returns and Oliver admits that he hasn't been able to find Frank's safe house. Felicity comes in and immediately offers to help, and Oliver tells her to get out because it's a private situation. She awkwardly leaves and Oliver tells Helena that the Justice Department is taking Frank to a hearing that night. However, they're using two vans and one is a decoy. Oliver suggests that they call it off but Helena refuses.

Oliver, disguised as a mercenary, drags Slade up to the missile launcher. The mercenaries recognize Slade, and, and Slade shoots them with the guns he's been holding.

Tommy comes to see Laurel at CNRI, but first tells Thea that Roy never showed. Laurel asks for the truth and he lies about how his wrist is injured, but she realizes that he's still lying. Tommy admits that he can't tell her the truth or why he can't, and Laurel says that she needs him right now. She says that her life is falling apart and Tommy is too distant to help.

Thea goes to Roy's house and he explains that he didn't want the job because it felt like he was taking charity. She insists that money isn't everything but Roy points out that she has plenty. As she walks away, a mugger approaches her and asks for directions. His friend comes up from behind, but Roy jumps in and takes them both out. One of them manages to stab him and Thea goes to his side.

That night, Oliver and Helena get on motorcycles and prepare to intercept the vans. They split up and Oliver takes out one van, only to realize that it's the decoy. Meanwhile, Helena shoots out the engine on the other van and forces it to a halt. However, armed men come out of the back while Quentin, McKenna, and a squad pull up and cut off her escape. Oliver arrives just in time to see Helena taken away.

At the station, Quentin and McKenna question Huntress and asks why she wants to kill Frank. She refuses to talk and they figure that she knows who The Hood really is. Helena remains silent and Quentin offers that they can make things better for her if she gives them the vigilante's name. She finally tells them Oliver Queen and tells McKenna that she and Oliver are lovers. McKenna figures that she's toying with them but Helena warns them that Oliver uses people and advises McKenna to break off her relationship with him. Quentin still doesn't believe her and as they talk, the lights go out. McKenna and Quentin leave and discover that someone has set off a smoke bomb. The Hood slips in during the confusion and gets Helena out. When Quentin tries to stop him, The Hood shoots him with a tranquilizer dart.

Thea gets Roy to her doctor and he starts to panic when he sees the doctor preparing an injection. She tries to get him to calm down and finally kisses him to keep Roy distracted.

Once Oliver and Helena get clear, she thanks him for the rescue and says that he should admit his feelings for her. Oliver takes out a plane ticket and passport so that she can get out of the country and his city. Helena takes them and Oliver drives off.

Slade and Oliver find plastic explosives and plant them on the launcher. They hear the backup squad on the radio, coming closer, and Oliver checks the control system. He removes the circuit board, rendering the missile launchers useless, and Slade congratulates him on finding leverage as they escape.

Oliver comes to see McKenna at her apartment. He apologizes for letting everyone down, including McKenna, because of his work. McKenna assures him that she understands and that they both have demanding jobs. When Oliver wonders how she makes it work, McKenna tells him to find someone he never has to apologize to. They kiss and end up in bed. Felicity calls Oliver's phone from the IT lab and leaves a message that someone stole a high-powered crossbow from a sporting goods store. As she finishes, Helena comes in.

When Oliver checks his messages, he goes to the IT lab and finds Felicity tied up on the floor. He frees her just as Diggle comes in response to Oliver's call. Felicity tells them that Helena made her hack the FBI database and get her father's address. Diggle asks Oliver what he's going to do and he says what he should have in the first place.

At a quiet home in the country, Helen takes out the U.S. Marshals guarding the house. Oliver arrives and shoots at her, taking out her crossbow, but Helena grabs a discarded shotgun and blasts her way into her father's room. He's fled out the window and is running across the yard, and Helena prepares to shoot him. Oliver circles around and tells Helena to stop.

McKenna gets a report on the shots and moves in, ignoring Quentin's orders.

Helena reminds Oliver that he's not a murderer, but he points out that if he lets her go then the blood will be on his hands. He shoots and Helena catches the arrow, and realizes that he would have killed her. She attacks him and Oliver gets the upper hand just as McKenna arrives and orders them both to surrender. As Oliver puts his bow on the ground, Helena fires and shoots McKenna, and runs off as Oliver goes to his girlfriend.

The next morning, Oliver goes to the hospital to see McKenna. She tells him that she has a shattered femur and she'll be in rehab for at least a year. Oliver assures her that she's still a cop, but McKenna says that she's moving to Coast City to live with her sister and get the best rehab possible. Oliver immediately offers to move there, but McKenna says that he just started a club and has responsibilities. When he persists, McKenna tells him not to make it harder than it already is, and he agrees.

At the station, Quentin is cleaning out McKenna's desk when Dinah comes in at his request. He tells her that he's ready to listen and takes out the girl's photo.

At Verdant, Tommy stops by to see Oliver and asks how his friend is doing. Oliver admits that he isn't doing well and Tommy apologizes for being a jerk. He admits that he couldn't understand how Oliver could keep a huge secret from him, but has realized the toll that it's taken. Oliver admits that lying to the his friends and family is the hardest part and that he's wrong to think he could do what he does and still have a normal life. Tommy tells him that he'll never be happy if he's alone, but Oliver figures that carrying on his quest is what is important.

That night, Slade lets Oliver do the talking. Oliver calls Fyers on the radio and tells him that they have the circuit board. Fyers warns that his men are scouring the island, but Oliver warns him that if he dies then his men will never find the circuit board. He offers Fyers a trade: the circuit board for a way off the island.