Salvation - Recap

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Diggle and Felicity watch a newscast about John Nickel, who has escaped indictment. Oliver is exercising and notes that Nickel is a slum lord who was responsible for a recent fire because the wiring wasn't up to code. He plans to take on Nickel and asks Felicity if she's okay with that, and she says that she as she looks at the list book... and the symbol that she showed to Walter.

That night Nickel is at home watching TV when he hears someone moving downstairs. He goes down and grabs a knife from the kitchen rack, but someone grabs him and knocks him to the floor.

A few minutes later, Oliver arrives and discovers signs of a struggle, but no sign of Nickel.

Nickel's captor throws the man into a van.

Oliver returns to the lair and tells Felicity and Diggle that Nickel has disappeared. He wants Felicity to check for anyone who might have a grudge against him. She finally points out that Oliver wants to rescue the man he was going to go after, and he points out that he would go easier on Nickel then most vigilantes. As Oliver prepares to go back out, Diggle suggests that he take some time off and offers to take him to dinner... whether he wants to or not.

Oliver offers the circuit board to Fyers in return for a boat. Fyers says that he can do it but will take time. When Oliver argues, Slade takes the radio and says that they'll give him the time he needs. The mercenary taunts Slade, pointing out that Oliver seemed to be in charge.

Roy and Thea are at his house kissing when there's a knock at the door. He answers it and a man, Thea, comes in. He sees Thea and thins that she looks familiar, but doesn't believe her when she says that she's Thea Queen. Turk then tells Roy that Joe wants them at the rendezvous the next night at 11 and gives him a bag. Once he leaves, Thea manages to grab the bag and discovers that it contains a gun. Roy says that the owner of the convenience store he's going to rob deserves it and promises that he won't leave the bullets in. Angry, Thea storms off and tells Roy not to bother following her.

Laurel returns home and finds Dinah and Quentin looking into Dinah's leads on Sarah. They have put maps up and Laurel is clearly unhappy. Dinah gets off the phone from a consulate and says that the staff there will check Sarah's photo for a match. Laurel finally says that she thought Quentin was going to help Dinah accept Sarah's death. Quentin says that the photo looks convincing but Laurel realizes that there's more going on between them.

At the diner, Diggle finally points out that Oliver has been out a lot as The Hood and figures that he's trying to avoid entanglements. When the bodyguard says that Oliver is too calm, Oliver says that he doesn't need a life right now and he's used to isolation. Diggle figures that Oliver hasn't let the island behind, mentally. As they talk, the cell phones of everyone in the diner ring. Felicity sends Oliver a URL and says that someone is transmitting. When everyone tunes in, they hear the mysterious abductor explaining that Nickel is preying on the innocent and the police can't do anything. Nickel is tied up and the vigilante ungags him and tells him to defend himself. The slum lord confesses but insists that at least he gave people somewhere to live. The vigilante angrily says that people like him are nothing to men like Nickel, finds him guilty, and shoots him dead. He then says that there are plenty of others that need to answer for their crimes and asks who's next.

Oliver and Diggle return to the lair and Felicity admits that she hasn't been able to track the URL. Diggle checks with his sources and confirms that the vigilante has been on boards and goes by the name The Savior. A year ago, he disappeared. They're interrupted when The Savior goes back on the air with a new captive, DA Gavin Carnahan. The vigilante talks about how his wife was killed at a bodega and Carnahan didn't press charges. Felicity checks and discovers that the dead woman is Emma Falk, and her husband Joseph Falk was a Department of Transportation worker. Meanwhile, The Savior gives Carnahan ten minutes to defend what he did.

Frank meets with Moira and she tells him that Malcolm wants her to find his assassin. She figures that Malcolm doesn't know that they're responsible... yet. When Moira realizes that Frank is worried, he assures her that he wired the money through an off-shore account. Frank tells Moira that he's sending his daughter Amanda to London for a few weeks and suggests that Moira should do the same for her children. She says that she'd do anything to protect her children and walks away.

At CNRI, Laurel is doing research when Thea ask to talk to her about something personal. When she says that she's busy, Thea starts to walk off and Laurel apologizes. Thea asks for some advice and explains that she's dating a bad boy. Laurel advises her to run, but is interrupted when she gets a call from the Chinese Embassy. She tells Thea that she'll get back to her later and then talks to a friend at the Chinese embassy about the photo. The friend tells her that the person she's looking for is in the States and Laurel asks for her address.

Felicity tracks The Savior's IP address and Oliver takes off on his motorcycle. He drives through the traffic, wearing his helmet.

Carnahan argues that he had too many cases to take on every one, but The Savior is unimpressed. Oliver arrives at the office building and starts a floor by floor search. He works his way to the roof and confirms that The Savior isn't there. Felicity double-checks and discovers that The Savior moved. Oliver jumps across the roofs to the new address. Meanwhile, The Savior sentences Carnahan to death and shoots him, just as Oliver gets to an empty lot. Angry and upset, Felicity storms off and Diggle tells Oliver that Carnahan is dead.

When Oliver returns, he finds Felicity alone. She explains that she told Diggle to give her some time alone and Oliver assures her that it wasn't her fault. Felicity doesn't believe it and admits that she's never seen anyone die. Oliver tells her that's what they do and sometimes they lose, and Felicity figures that maybe she's better off being alone.

The next day, Oliver and Slade meet Fyers in the woods. Oliver offers him the circuit board's location once they get to the boat, but Fyers has his own offer. He has his men drag Yao Fei's daughter Shado out and threatens to kill her if Oliver doesn't give them the circuit board. When Yao Fei tries to fight, the mercenaries knock him out and Fyers tells Oliver that he's counting on his principles.

Quentin and Dinah arrive at CNRI and Laurel tells them that she checked with a friend in law school who works at the Chinese Embassy. He confirmed that Sarah is in the U.S. A woman, Jenn, comes over and asks to borrow Quentin's phone. Laurel explains that she told Jenn about the photos and Jenn confirmed that she was the one in the photos. Shocked, Dinah walks out as Quentin looks at his daughter.

Thea goes to Roy's house and meets him as he comes out. He tells her that The Glades are his home and he either starves or does things he doesn't want to. Thea refuses to accept that and Roy figures that she isn't him. Before Thea can respond, The Savior comes up, injects Roy with a syringe of knockout drugs, and knocks Thea away. Roy tries to fire the empty gun at him and The Savior easily disarms him and drives away with his prisoner.

Tommy is at the club when he hears the newscast about The Savior's new live broadcast. The Savior introduces Roy Harper and accuses him of multiple robbery and aggravated assault charges. Oliver comes in as Tommy realizes that he recognizes Roy. Thea comes running in and realizes what is happening, and explains that she and Roy are friends. Oliver promises his sister that Roy will be okay and has her stay with Tommy as he leaves.

Moira is in her office when Malcolm calls to tell her that a high-ranked member of the Triad has been arrested. Malcolm has offered him a reduced sentence in return for the name of the person who hired the Triad to kill him.

When Laurel and Quentin return to the apartment, Dinah is packing up and says that she knows that they don't have the stomach to keep looking. Quentin insists that Sarah is gone and tells his ex-wife that she has to let it go. Laurel asks why Dinah was so sure the girl in the photo was Sarah because of the hat she was wearing, and asks how she knew that Sarah had the hat on the boat. Dinah admits that she saw Sarah that day because she came home early. She told Sarah not to go with Oliver, but Sarah insists that she had to follow her heart... just like Dinah once told her that she did with Quentin. When she heard her own words, Dinah let her go and she blames herself for killing her daughter. As she breaks down in tears, Quentin goes to her.

Felicity goes through all the video and manages to pick out a rhythmic ambient sound. Diggle goes over a map of the abductions and discovers that all of the IP addresses were near old abandoned subway station. Falk used to work for the Department of Transportation and knows all of the routes. Felicity works out Falk's next location and Oliver heads out.

Slade draws a gun on Fyers and tells him to let Shado go. He refuses and orders his men to kill her. Slade and Oliver attack the mercenaries and Shado and Yao Fei leap into action. Shado manages to grab Fyers and knocks him down, but more mercenaries arrive and open fire. As the foursome runs, Yao Fei takes a bullet to the leg. He tells the others to go and they reluctantly leave him, dragging Shado along.

Oliver descends into a service tunnel and hugs the walls as a train passes. Meanwhile, The Savior gives Roy ten minutes to state his case. He admits that he doesn't deserve to live and tells The Savior to kill him. The Savior asks if he cares if he lives or dies, and Roy says that he's just a waste. His captor agrees, saying the world is better off without him. Before he can shoot, The Savior hears someone moving in and drops his camera.

At the club, Tommy holds a sobbing Thea.

As The Savior tries to find Oliver, he swings in through the window. Drawing an arrow on him, he tells The Savior to let Roy live so he can have a chance to change. Falk insists that they're the same and that his wife never got a second chance. Oliver tells him that he understands being alone, but it doesn't give anyone the right to murder. As they talk, Roy manages to pull himself free. Falk turns and shoots him, and Oliver puts an arrow in his chest.

Dinah tells Laurel that she's heading home to Central City. Laurel takes her hand and asks her mother to call her sometime, much to Dinah's surprise. They hug and assure the other that they love each other.

Roy meets Thea at the club and she hugs him in relief. Oliver watches them for a moment and walks away. Meanwhile, Roy takes out the arrowhead that Oliver used on Falk. As Oliver goes outside, he sees Laurel pull up in a taxi. She sees Oliver as he starts to walk away and calls to him. He braces himself and turns, and realizes that Roy is more than just Thea's friend. Oliver tells Laurel that Tommy went home for the night and asks if she's all right, and Laurel explains that Dinah came to town and thought that Sarah was still alive. She admits that her mother was so sure that she had her believing it, but she has accepted that her mother is dead. Laurel thanks Oliver for listening and as she turns to go, he asks if she'd like to have dinner or coffee sometime. When she wonders why, he says that he doesn't want to be on an island anymore. Laurel accepts his offer and walks away.

That night, Oliver checks the hiding spot and realizes that the circuit board is gone. Slade realizes that Fyers was delaying them while his men searched the island. Shado speaks up in English and says that Fyers was never going to risk his plan... and she knows what the plan is.

Moira arranges a meeting with Frank and tells him that she had no choice but to turn over the money he used to pay the Triads to assassinate Malcolm. The Dark Archer shoots Frank twice, killing him, and then tells Moira that Frank's family is next. Moira pleads for Amanda's life, insisting that she's suffered enough after losing her family. The Dark Archer agrees and slips off into the shadows. Moira gest into her car and sees the blood on her hands, and wipes it off, crying.

Oliver goes to the lair and Felicity and Diggle know that Roy is upstairs with Thea. Diggle asks if Oliver is okay and he says that he's getting there. He then tells Felicity that he's there for her if she needs to talk about her day. As he turns to go, Oliver notices that Felicity has pulled up a map of the old subway lines beneath The Glades. He realizes that the pattern matches the symbol in the diary and that The Glades are a critical part of The Undertaking.