Unfinished Business - Recap

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At Verdant a girl, Veronica Sparks, staggers out and wanders into traffic. One finally hits and kills her.

Later, Tommy tells Oliver that they're making a profit. Quentin comes in and tells them that a girl was hit a couple of blocks from the club. The girl has a Verdant wristband and was high on Vertigo. Tommy and Oliver assure him that they don't allow drugs in there, and Quentin tells them to control their customers. Once he leaves, Oliver asks Tommy for a list of employees so Felicity can cross-reference it for drug arrests. When Tommy asks if The Hood finished off The Count, Oliver says that he did.

Quentin goes to the hospital to talk to The Count, and Dr. Webb, the attending physician, warns him that the OD that The Count took fried most of his brain. Meanwhile, Oliver sneaks into The Count's room and demands to know who is selling Vertigo. The Count remembers him and shows a sketch that he's made. When Dr. Webb unlocks the door, Oliver ducks into the shadows and The Count starts rambling. Realizing that he'll get nothing, Quentin leaves while Oliver watches from the rooftop.

Shado and Slade are sparring at the wrecked plane as Oliver watches. She is every bit his equal in fighting. As they watch, Oliver fiddles with a bow but is unable to pull it back. He finally suggests that they make a plan to rescue Yao Fei. When Shado wonders if he can fight, Slade admits that he hasn't had much luck and Shado suggests that she give it a try.

Diggle is at Carly's home reading about a new sniper attack. After Carly sends her son Andy to bed, Diggle apologizes to her for being distracted. She says that he can talk to her about anything. His phone rings and he tells Carly that Oliver has an emergency and he has to go. When he gets to the lair, Oliver shows him a news broadcast about the recent outbreak of Vertigo cases. He tells Diggle that The Count is useless and now he has no idea where to go. Felicity comes in and shows them a newscast about The Count's escape from the mental hospital and an angry Oliver tosses over a table.

Quentin and Hilton talk to Dr. Webb, who explains that The Count took him by surprise. As the detectives leave, Dr. Webb warns them not to underestimate his patient. As they leave, Hilton explains that he checked the dead girl's phone log and confirmed that she called Tommy shortly before her death. He's also determined that there's $10,000 missing from the club funds. Hilton offers to check it out but Quentin says that he'll handle it.

Diggle goes to a safehouse to buy some of the drugs and gives them tagged money. He returns to the lair and Felicity starts tracking the money. Diggle then has her check on Deadshot, who has been calling an Alberto Garcia, an underworld talent house who books all of the assassin's hit. She gives Diggle a flash drive and wonders if Oliver should know, but Diggle says that it's personal.

Quentin comes to see Laurel and Tommy at her apartment as they have dinner and asks Tommy about the text message. Tommy is surprised to discover that she left a message, "can you hook me up?" for him. He tells Quentin that he didn't see the message, and the detective tells Tommy about the $10,000. Laurel advises Tommy not to say anything, and Quentin explains that he came there so that another cop wouldn't. Once he leaves, Tommy tells Laurel that he's not hungry anymore and walks out.

Oliver hits the streets and waits for Felicity to direct him to the money.

Shado fills a bowl with water and tells Oliver to hit it. He does and she tells him to continue, harder. Oliver does so but wonders why, and she tells him that it's the start of his training. When he knocks the water out, she tells him to fill it and start again.

Felicity calls Oliver and tells him that the money is on the move.

Elsewhere on the docks, a couple of drug runners drive to a homeless camp and start handing out Vertigo. When some of them can't pay, their boss speaks from the back of the car and tells his people to give out samples. However, The Hood arrives and shoots one package. While their boss drives off, the driver of the other car opens fire. Oliver takes him out and then ducks for cover as the lead car doubles back and tries to run him over before escaping.

One of the homeless men goes to the Starling City Aquarium and starts mumbling to the fish. A guard comes over and the man grabs his gun, pistol whips him, and threatens the other visitors. Felicity picks up the alarm and hacks the surveillance system, and Oliver mixes up a potion. When Felicity wonders what he's doing, Oliver explains that he's preparing some medicinal herbs that will counter the effects of Vertigo. Felicity wonders why he doesn't just kill the man, and Oliver says that the city failed the man, and so did Oliver. He blames himself for not killing The Count when he had the chance, finishes his work, and tells Felicity to call Diggle in.

Diggle meets with an old Army friend, Lyla, who is now a member of ARGUS. When he sees Felicity's call, he ignores it and asks Lyla if her organization is looking for Deadshot. Diggle gives her the flash drive and Lyla wonders why he's looking for the killer. Lyla isn't convinced that Diggle just wants to help but takes the flash drive and leaves.

Quentin tracks down Tommy and tells him that he's confirmed that Tommy paid $10,000 to a crooked city commissioner to bypass the club inspection. Tommy invites him to look around... once he has a search warrant. Disgusted, Quentin assumes that he's covering for something and walks off.

At the aquarium, the addict takes some more Vertigo just as Oliver shoots the gun out of his hand. The man runs for it And Oliver chases him through the maintenance section. Oliver finally shoots a water pipe, letting the stream knock the man down, and the man goes into cardiac arrest.

Oliver watches as Shado meditates and finally asks her what she knows about Fyers' plan. She explains that Yao Fei was a general in the liberation army. Fyers and his people want Yao Fei to be the front of their organization. Shado tells Oliver that the Chinese government committed a massacre, chose Yao Fei to take the blame, and sent him to the island for life. Shado spent years looking for him and finally a man claimed that he had information for her. He tasered her instead and brought her to the island. She admits that she worried that the island might have changed her father, but Oliver assures her that Yao Fei is still a good man. She fills the water bowl and tells Oliver to begin again.

Laurel comes to the club after Tommy forgets their dinner date. He apologizes and Laurel assures him that she believes in him no matter what. As Oliver comes down, Quentin arrives with a search warrant and Oliver asks what he has on the club. Quentin explains about the inspector's bribe and explains that he pulled the country records and found blueprints showing a sublevel. He asks Oliver to open the door, and Olive warns him that he's making a mistake. Quentin, unimpressed, tells him to open the door and Oliver enters the keypad number. Everyone goes down and they discover that the sublevel holds the club's inventory. Tommy invites Quentin to go through the boxes and the detective discovers that there's nothing but alcohol. Quentin wonders why he didn't want the inspector down there and Tommy explains that the ventilation system is out of date and they shouldn't be open.

After Quentin leaves, Laurel apologizes for her father. Tommy admits that he did bribe an inspector but Laurel is fine with that. Once she leaves, Tommy asks Oliver why he believed that he might have sold drugs. Oliver points out that before he disappeared, Tommy run with a lot of bad people. Furious, Tommy says Oliver was just the same and says that he doesn't understand him at all. As Tommy leaves, Diggle comes in and Oliver demands to know where he was when the aquarium emergency happened. Diggle finally admits that he was looking for Deadshot and Oliver tells him that it's not the time for a personal vendetta. The bodyguard says that Oliver's vendetta with The Count is personal, and that he can't move on with his life until he brings Lawton to justice.

Felicity arrives as Oliver moves the boxes and crates back into position. He tells her to check the toxicology report, and Felicity confirms that he died of an allergic reaction to chlorpromazine, an anti-psychotic. Veronica had the same drug in her system and Oliver figures that The Count added it as a new ingredient to Vertigo. The only place he could get it is a mental institution, and Oliver figures that The Count faked his escape and never left the hospital.

Later that night, Oliver breaks into the hospital through the sewers. He finds The Count sitting in a lab, moves up to him, and places the arrow to his neck. Despite the fact he draws blood, he gets no reaction. When Oliver steps in front of the man, he discovers that The Count is hooked up in a chair and comatose. An orderly knocks Oliver out from behind and Dr. Webb comes in. He removes Oliver's hood and confirms his secret identity.

When Oliver wakes up, he finds himself strapped to a table. Webb comes in and Oliver asks how he got The Count to give him the formula. His captor explains that he ran a biopsy on The Count's liver, reverse-engineered it, and synthesized a new version. When the cops arrived, Webb faked The Count's escape. He orderly pries open Oliver's mouth and administers the drug, and Oliver starts to pass out. He uses a remote to trigger an explosive arrowhead in his nearby quiver, knocking over the table. Fighting off the drug's effects, Oliver manages to tear himself free. As the orderly comes after Oliver, Diggle arrives and fights the man while Webb slips away. Oliver injects himself with the antidote he brewed earlier and throws up the drug, and then goes after Webb. Meanwhile, Diggle takes out the orderly with a defibrillator.

Oliver catches up to Webb in the tunnels and orders him to stop. Webb dares him to try and shoot him, and then walks toward Oliver. Oliver raises the bow and strings three arrows, steadies himself, and shoots Webb in the chest with the middle arrow. He goes back to the lab and The Count wakes up and rambles about something he has to do. Oliver prepares to kill him and The Count dares him to shoot. After a moment, Oliver lowers his bow and tells Diggle that they're finished there.

Later, Oliver returns to the club and asks Tommy how he's doing. Tommy says that they're in the black and ask about The Count, and then tells Oliver that he's quitting because his friend can't see what he's become.

Oliver is going through his drill when Slade comes back. When Oliver wonders when they'll do real fighting, Shado tells a story about how the monks had a boy slap water in a barrel for a year. When the boy demonstrated what he could do, he shattered a table in half. Shado gives Oliver the bow and invites him to pull it. Much to his and Slade's surprise, he can now pull the bow. When Oliver wonders what is next, Shado says that she'll each him how to shoot.

Laurel tracks Quentin down to a bar but confirms that he's only drinking soda. He says that he didn't find the need to drink, and tells Laurel that Veronica got the Vertigo from a co-worker. Quentin wonders if he screwed things up between him and his daughter, and Laurel assures him that he didn't. He admits that he couldn't let things go no matter who else it hurts, but Laurel figures that he's working on that. She tells him that people can change.

When Diggle checks on Oliver, he explains that Felicity told him where Oliver was going. Oliver thanks him for having his back and wonders if he's okay with killing. Diggle assures him that he's killed before and wonders why Oliver didn't kill The Count, and Oliver says that he's changed. He didn't see the point of killing The Count, but says that not everyone deserves mercy. He brings up a photo of Lawton and tells Diggle that the two of them have unfinished business. Diggle wonders where they start.

Tommy goes to his father and says that he needs a stable job because the nightclub isn't working out. Malcolm smiles and hugs him.