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Home Invasion - Recap

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Diggle is sparring with Oliver, angry that they haven't got Deadshot yet.

In Germany, Deadshot takes aim and then kills the US ambassador.

Oliver promises Diggle that they'll stop Deadshot once he returns to the U.S. Felicity speaks up and tells them that she's decrypted ARGUS computer logs. ARGUS is setting a trap with Deadshot to lure him in to meet a new client. Oliver says that he's having a lunch date with Laurel, much to Diggle's surprise, and Felicity points out that's kind of complicated. However, Oliver insists that they're just friends.

Slade and Shado work out how to attack Fyers' camp, and Shado says that they'll have Oliver provide cover fire using a bow and arrows. Oliver agrees with Slade that he's not ready, but Shado says that she'll train Oliver to hit his mark by sundown, or they'll go with Slade's plan.

Diggle approaches his friend Lyla at ARGUS headquarters to check on their progress. She reveals that she's checked and confirmed that Diggle is using her to get at his brother's killer. Lyla refuses to let Diggle use her agency for a blood feud and threatens to arrest him if he doesn't stay away from Deadshot.

At CNRI, Laurel is reviewing files on an Edward Rasmus when Oliver comes in. She explains that she's too busy for their lunch date, and they briefly discuss how Tommy is now working for his father. Eric Moore and his wife Nancy come in for a deposition along with their son Taylor. Oliver wishes them well and leaves, and Laurel warns the couple that Rasmus is a dangerous man. Eric insists on bringing the man to justice after he stole their funds and they go to work.

That night, Eric gets a knock at the door from a man claiming that he has some paperwork from Laurel. Once he's inside, the killer shoots Eric dead and messes the place up to make it look like a break -in. He then walks down the hallway and shoots Nancy. Taylor sees him and slams his bedroom door shut, and then climbs out the window. As the assassin looks for him, he gets a call from Rasmus and assures employer that he'll kill the boy.

The next morning, Oliver hears about the Moores' deaths on the news.

At CNRI, Tommy is reassuring Laurel that she shouldn't feel guilty. Quentin tells Laurel to stay out of it, while the social worker prepares to take Taylor in. She explains that the boy will be the temporary ward of the state, and Laurel assigns herself temporary guardianship as his lawyer. Once the social worker leaves, Quentin tells Tommy to keep an eye on Laurel and Taylor. Oliver comes in and Tommy intercepts him, and things get awkward when Oliver says that he was going on a lunch date with Laurel. Tommy didn't know about it, but before he can comment, Laurel comes over and says that they're ready to leave. Oliver watches as the three of them leave.

Shado takes Oliver out into the woods to practice. He misses his first shot and Shado moves in close to direct him. Oliver stares at her for a moment but they're interrupted when Slade comes over to complain briefly. Once he leaves, Oliver aims and shoots again.

Back at the lair, Felicity continues hacking the ARGUS computers and confirms that Deadshot is meeting with the undercover agent the next night at 8. Oliver wonders if Diggle wants Lawton arrested, and Diggle says that he doesn't. Until then, Oliver has Felicity look into the records to get a lead on Rasmus. He then heads out to Laurel's.

At the station, Quentin is checking in with his men at Laurel's apartment when Roy comes in. The youth says that he wants The Hood to be captured just like everyone else. As Quentin walks off, Roy picks up a police radio.

At Laurel's apartment, Taylor is upset about the death of his parent's. Tommy comforts him, saying that he lost his mother but he can still see her in his imagination. Laurel admits that Tommy still manages to surprise her. There's a knock at the door and the killer, Mr. Blank, claims to be a police officer. He holds up a fake badge so Laurel can check it through the peephole, but Laurel realizes that it's a fake. Blank busts in, shooting, and Tommy gets Taylor to cover. The killer fires a few shots into the furniture and misses, and Laurel shoots at him with a shotgun. When the shotgun jams, Blank prepares to kill her, but The Hood breaks in through the window and fires an arrow, disarming him. The killer ducks, fires backs with a second gun, and manages to escape while Tommy looks at his friend.

The next morning, Quentin and his people secure the crime scene. Laurel figures that the killer will keep coming and her father puts them all into protective custody. She's sure that The Hood will take care of her, but Quentin figures that the vigilante has better things to do. Tommy suggests that they take refuge at the Queen manor because of all of the security. He assures Quentin that the best thing for Laurel is to stay close to Oliver. They soon head there and Diggle assigns a security guard, Mr. Robbins, to them and assures them that the grounds are secure. Moira leads Taylor off for cookies and Diggle tells Oliver that he'll take him to the "Lawton meeting." Oliver says that he'll rendezvous with him, but once he's alone, Tommy insists that Oliver is the reason that they're there. Despite that, Oliver says that he'll be there later.

That night, Thea and Roy are on a date when she hears the police radio in his pocket. They call in a sighting at the docks and Roy tells Thea that he has to run. He drives down to the docks only to finds Quentin waiting for him. The detective is well aware that Roy took the radio and has his men arrest the teenager.

Felicity downloads a satellite view of the plaza where Lawton's meeting is occurring. As she works, she picks up an airline reservation that Rasmus made to Shanghai. Oliver realizes that he has to choose Deadshot or Rasmus.

Diggle is at the plaza and watches as Lyla coordinates with her undercover agents. The bodyguard realizes that Oliver isn't there.

Rasmus is taking a chauffeured car to the airport when Oliver fires two shots through the windshield.

A man enters the plaza but they soon realize that it isn't Deadshot. Diggle spots the killer on the upper balcony just as Deadshot opens fire, killing Lyla's men. Diggle shoves her out of the way and returns fire, and Deadshot runs off. The bodyguard gives chase and Lawton intercepts him in the stairwell. The two of them fight until Deadshot draws two guns and orders Diggle down. The assassin says that Diggle's presence tipped him off and says that he would kill him if he was being paid. He shows Diggle a spot on his chest next to where he tattooed Andy Diggle's name, and then pistol-whips Diggle out and walks away.

Back at the lair, Felicity is treating Diggle's wounds when Oliver arrives. He explains that Rasmus was leaving town, but Diggle tells him that he could have stopped Deadshot from killing four men. Diggle is furious that Oliver chose Laurel over him as always, and walks away. Felicity hesitates and Oliver asks her what she has to say, and the hacker tells her that it's nothing he wants to hear.

Oliver continues to practice and miss, and Shado tells him that he's overthinking. She then takes the bow and fires off two shots, hitting the target each time. Shado explains that she simply attunes her senses to the bow and fires on instinct. As she draws close, they kiss for a moment. Oliver then backs away and says that there's someone else and it's complicated. He promises that as soon as he's home, Laurel will know how much he cares about her.

Moira and Laurel look at some photos of Laurel and Oliver together, and Moira says that Oliver considered Quentin as a second father. She also admits that she liked who Oliver was when he was around Laurel. Oliver comes in and tells them that Rasmus was captured and confessed to everything. Tommy overhears him as Oliver says that The Hood convinced Rasmus to confess. Moira invites them to stay until morning rather than wake up Taylor, and Laurel accepts her offer.

Blank comes to see Rasmus at the police station, posing as the financier's lawyer. Rasmus tells him that he's already confessed and tells the killer to drop the job. Blank refuses, explaining that Taylor saw his face... and so did Rasmus. He applies pressure to Rasmus' wrist, creating an embolism, tells him that he'll be dead in 15 seconds, and walks out. Meanwhile, Thea comes in looking for Roy. He's handcuffed to a chair and Thea wonders what he was thinking. Quentin takes them down the morgue and shows him the corpse of one of the 26 people that The Hood has killed. Roy suggests that the man may have deserved it, but Quentin warns that it's a dangerous power. When Roy says that The Hood saved his life, Quentin warns him that the vigilante could just as easily take it and orders them out.

Laurel checks on Taylor and then steps out in the hallway with Oliver. He assures her that Taylor is lucky to have her in his life. Laurel admits that Oliver has changed and it's good to see, and he hugs her. Down the hall, Tommy secretly watches them together.

The front gate security lets a deliveryman through. When Robbins lets him in, Blank fires through the man and kills both of them. The charge he's planted takes out the lights, and Oliver tells Tommy to look after Laurel and Taylor while he checks the fuses. Once they're in the bedroom, Oliver locks the door and kicks off the doorknob.

Blank makes his way through the house, wounding one guard and ordering him to reveal where Taylor is hiding. When the guard doesn't say anything the assassin kills him and keeps moving. He spots Oliver and opens fire, but misses in the darkness. Oliver then circles around and attacks Blank, who wonders what happened to him on the island. Oliver finally manages to stab him through the chest with a poker.

Quentin and his people arrive, and Oliver claims that Robbins killed Blank before he died. Tommy backs up his story and Quentin leaves with the corpses. Oliver talks privately to Tommy and says that he can never be with Laurel because of what he does. He promises that Laurel won't learn his secret, but Tommy says that he can't be with Laurel when he has to worry about how she would choose Oliver if she knew who he really is.

The next morning, Taylor's grandparents arrive at Laurel's apartment to pick up their grandson. Laurel hugs the boy and wishes him well, and then calls for Tommy. He comes out carrying his luggage and says that he's not ready for the kind of commitment that she wants. Laurel can't believe that he's serious and wonders how he can do it if he's changed. Tommy tells her that he hasn't changed as much as she thought and walks away.

Thea meets with Roy and wonders why he wants to find The Hood. Roy explains that he owes The Hood for saving his life and that it's his chance to be something better. He tells Thea that somehow he's connected to the vigilante. Thea considers and then says that they'll find The Hood... together.

At the lair, Diggle tells Oliver that they're not working together anymore. When Oliver says that he did what he had to, Diggle says that he's doing the same and informs Oliver that they're done. Diggle walks out past Felicity, who asks Oliver where their friend is going.

Oliver and Shado return to the plane and Slade figures that Oliver isn't ready. Yao Fei comes in and Shado runs to embrace her father. Slade wonders how he escapes and Yao Fei says that he didn't. The mercenaries enter the plane and surround the three prisoners. Yao Fei tells Oliver that his time on the island is at an end.