The Undertaking - Recap

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A mob accountant, Harold Backman, is in his office preparing for a flight to the Cayman Islands. The elevator opens despite the fact it's on a key and Backman sends his men to investigate. When they get there, The Hood drops down from the ceiling, takes out one man, and then goes after the other. Backman tries to run but The Hood grabs him and tells him that he's failed the city. The Hood then takes his laptop, says that his people will deal with him, and leaves.

Back at the lair, Oliver gives Felicity the laptop and tells her to return the money to the people that Backman stole it from. He tells her to get started on decrypting it, and she suggests that he apologize to Diggle. Oliver insists that it was Diggle's choice and that he made the choice he had to live with, and tells her to get to work.

The next morning at the manor, Moira is on the phone telling the insurance company that she hasn't given up hope on Walter. Thea overhears her mother and says that she misses Walter.

Malcolm arrives at the Queen manor for a meeting with the other members of the Undertaking. Moira guides him in and they make small chat about their children. As Robert greets Malcolm, Walter arrives at the door with some papers for Robert to sign. They talk about their family and Moira jokingly advises him never to have teenagers.

Robert, Frank, and Malcolm discuss their plans to help Starling City. Malcolm points out that they've been leveraging the worst in the city to help them, but the crime and poverty are still spreading in The Glades. Robert advises taking more time, but Malcolm points out that his wife, and Frank's raped daughter, didn't get more time. He suggests that they abandon the project in favor of a new undertaking: destroying The Glades to save it. Robert points out that it's 24 square blocks, and Frank warns that suspicion would fall on them. Malcolm says that they can make it look like a natural disaster and says that a small company, Unidac Industries, has an idea that they can use. They're five years away from a prototype, and Malcolm tells Robert that they both know that one man can't save the city.

Laurel comes in to Verdant and Oliver soon realizes that something is wrong. She explains that Tommy broke up with her and she has no idea why. Oliver admits that he hasn't been talking with Tommy but says that his friend will come around. He suggests that she talk to Tommy and be honest, things that they never did. Felicity barges in and says that she has news for Oliver, and realizes that she broke up a moment. After stuttering through an excuse, Laurel says that she has to go. As they go downstairs, Felicity tells Oliver that she has tracked all of the deposits that Backman made. The biggest one was on the day that Walter disappeared. Felicity figures that one of Backman's clients was paid to kidnap Walter, and if they can find that client then they'll find Walter.

Felicity follows the money to Dominic Alonzo, who owns the biggest casino in Starling City and runs a kidnapping ring. Dominic has a small army guarding him, so they have to access his computer without setting off alarms. Felicity implies that they could use Diggle's help, but Oliver refuses so Felicity suggests that she go in. When Oliver objects, Felicity reminds him that she started working with him to find Walter. Oliver agrees but says that they'll do it his way.

After the meeting breaks up, Robert meets with Walter, who asks if everything is all right. Robert thanks him for his concern and then goes back to the study. He's surprised to discover that Malcolm is there, and Malcolm wants his answer. Robert points out that leveling The Glades won't undo anything that happened to them, but Malcolm says that it still feels like he just lost his wife. He remembers how he shut his phone off rather than take her calls, and the police eventually found him and told him that Rebecca had been shot. Later, Malcolm listened to the message that his wife left, begging for his help as she died. He tells Robert to think what it would be like if he lost Moira.

Felicity goes to see Diggle at his apartment and he reluctantly invites her in. She asks him to come back and help them find Walter, and assures Diggle that Oliver doesn't know that she's there. Felicity says that Oliver would be there if it was Diggle's life on the line, but Diggle doesn't want a relationship with qualifications. He tells Felicity that he'll give in when Oliver apologizes, and she leaves.

Laurel goes to see Tommy at his new office and says that they need to talk. He doesn't want to talk, but Laurel insists that she loves him and wants to understand. When Laurel wants honesty, Tommy tells her that she belongs with Oliver, who is still in love with her. He walks off, leaving Laurel to stare in shock.

That night, Oliver and Felicity go to the casino and review the plan. She is supposed to get caught counting cards so that Dominic will take her to his office and give her a friendly warning. When that happens, Felicity will plant a bug on his computer. Oliver then watches from outside, listens in, and gets the password. He relays it to Felicity and she gets in. Once inside, Felicity describes the staff for Oliver and then starts gambling.

Moira comes to see Malcolm when he tells her that he has news. He informs her that the Markov Device is ready and his Applied Sciences division is shipping it to Starling City. Moira offers her congratulations and they share a toast, and Malcolm thanks her for giving him the support to carry on. She wishes that Robert was there and Malcolm apologizes for having to take her husband from her. They offer a toast to their spouses.

After they return home from a fundraiser, Robert tells Moira that he needs to talk to her. He explains about Malcolm's plans for The Glades and admits that he's not the man she thought he is. Robert explains that a local councilman demanded money from him to open a factory in The Glades. They argued and Robert ended up knocking him down and killing him. Now he's working with Malcolm and the list as penance. Moira tells her husband that preventing the deaths of thousands is his chance to make things right.

Felicity continues winning at blackjack until a pit boss escorts her to Dominic's office. As they go, Felicity talks out loud about the direction they're taking her. Once she's alone in Dominic's office, Felicity manages to attach a bug to his computer. The casino owner tells her that she's banned from the club. However, as she starts to go, the security guard scans her and confirms that she has an earbud. He smashes it and Felicity warns him that that he's going to be upset when her partner arrives.

The Hood storms into the club and takes out the security men. After disposing of them, the vigilante breaks into Dominic's office. Dominic is holding a gun to Felicity's head, and The Hood fires an explosive arrow into the wall behind him. The shock knocks Dominic forward and Oliver demands to know where Walter is. The casino owner finally says that he delivered Walter to his employers and then he heard the gunshot. Oliver knocks him out and turns to Felicity, who breaks into tears.

Moira and Thea are at home looking at an online shopping site when Oliver comes in. He claims that one of Diggle's friends with the FBI got news that Walter is dead. Moira says that it isn't possible and walks out, saying that she needs some air, while Oliver holds Thea.

Robert meets with Frank and insists that they can't kill thousands of people. Frank warns his friend that they'll lose if they go up against Malcolm and Robert agrees. Robert has confirmed that Malcolm has been buying buildings in The Glades for months. He figures that if Malcolm can't rebuild The Glades, then he'll call off the project. They figure that they'll need capital to buy up the rest of the properties and Frank asks Robert to come with him to Shanghai to make the arrangements. Robert figures that it will be less conspicuous if he takes a trip on his yacht. Oliver comes in and asks change to pay the pizza guy, and Robert introduces him to Frank.

Once Oliver has the pizza, he takes it to Laurel, who is in his room. As they get out a bottle of wine, they talk about their relationship and Laurel suggests that they take the next step and move in together. Oliver hesitates at first but then agrees.

Moira goes to see Malcolm in his office and accuses him of breaking their deal. He ushers his clients out and assures her that Walter hasn't been harmed. When Moira says that she knows he had Walter killed, Malcolm calls his people and has them provide a live broadcast of Walter in a cell. Oliver is outside, listening in.

Later, Felicity returns to the lair and finds Oliver sitting in the dark. When she blames herself for Walter's death, Oliver tells her that Walter is alive. He asks Felicity to pull up Malcolm's phone records and trace the call that he made. When Felicity wonders why Malcolm would do it, Oliver tells her to make the trace. She goes to work and learns that the call went to a tenement complex in Bludhaven. They access the satellites and confirm that there are guards at all of the exits except the roof. There are no nearby buildings and Felicity points out that Oliver will have to jump onto the roof from something. He says that has something and walks out.

In Bludhaven, Oliver lands on the roof using a paraglider and takes out the guard. He then enters the building and takes out the guards, and the man in the security center spots him on the cameras. Oliver fights his way through the guards and finds Walter in a cell... and tells him that he's going home.

The next day, Moira, Thea, and Oliver visit Walter in the hospital. Felicity comes in with flowers and Oliver and Walter explains that she's their friend. She leaves the family alone and Moira tells everyone that now that they're together, everything will be all right.

Moira accompanies Robert to his yacht and worries that it's not a good idea. He says that he'll be gone for a few weeks and says that he loves her. Oliver comes up and asks if Robert has room, and offers to keep his father company. Robert agree to take him on and Moira reluctantly gives in. As Moira hugs him, Oliver sees Laurel park on the dock and goes up. As he does, he calls Sara and tells her to circle the block a few times because her sister is there. Laurel kisses Oliver and gives him a photo of her in case he gets lonely at sea. She makes sure that he isn't freaked out about her asking him to move in with her, and Oliver assures her that he's fine. As he goes back to the yacht, Malcolm watches and then checks with... Frank. Frank assures him that the bomb will go off when they're at sea and no one will suspect anything.

Malcolm goes to the hospital that night and talks to Oliver. He's eager to learn if Walter has identified any of his captors, and Oliver says that he hasn't... but that they'll get what is coming to them. Laurel comes by to check on Walter, and Oliver realizes that she's upset. She tells Oliver what Tommy said about them belonging together, and Oliver tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy. Laurel asks Oliver to tell Tommy that he's not still in love with her, but Oliver says that he can't because it wouldn't be true.

Later, Oliver goes to Diggle's apartment and apologizes. He admits that Diggle was right about everything, including the fact that Moira was involved with The Undertaking. Oliver tells Diggle that Moira is working with Malcolm and they're planning something terrible... and he needs Diggle to help stop them.

The truck with the Unidac equipment arrives in Starling City.