Sacrifice - Recap

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Oliver remembers Robert telling him to make it home and right his wrongs, and then shooting the other sailor and then himself. He then wakes up as Malcolm's thug throws water in his face. Looking around, Oliver discovers that he's been strung up. Malcolm steps out of the shadows and apologizes for hurting him, and thanks him for saving his life. He hopes to explain what he's doing so that Oliver will understand, and Oliver reminds him that he sentenced him to five years on the island. Oliver insists that Malcolm won't honor his wife by destroying The Glades, and vows to kill Malcolm. The businessman points out that Oliver always comes up short against him because he doesn't know what he's fighting for. Malcolm assures Oliver that no one can stop what will happen next and walks away.

Durand detects the Ferris jet approaching and Fyers has his people lock the missile on the heat trail. Oliver cuts himself free and knocks Fyers aside, and then stabs Durand. As he cuts Shado free. Fyers gives the orders on the radio to fire the missile. Oliver, Slade, and Shado finish off their opponents and run outside just in time to see the mercenaries fire the missile.

Once he's alone, Oliver swings up and climbs the chain until he's upside down, and then breaks the pipe. He uses his manacles to take out two guards, but a third one prepares to shoot him. Diggle arrives in time to kill him, having followed the tracking device in Oliver's boot.

Back at the lair, Diggle tells Oliver that Felicity is at Queen Consolidated studying the downloaded plans, which include a schematic of the earthquake machine. They call Felicity and tell her that Oliver is safe, and she says that she's on the way. As she leaves the company, Quentin comes over and asks where she's going in such a hurry. He takes her in and tells her that he knows she's been hacking on behalf of The Hood. Before Felicity has to respond, Oliver calls Quentin as The Hood and tells him about Malcolm's plans. Oliver asks Quentin to evacuate The Glades and to believe him. Once the vigilante hangs up, Quentin reluctantly tells Felicity to go for the time being. As she leaves, she points out that she used to think that The Hood was a criminal, but he's sacrificed a lot for Starling City and that he's a hero.

Oliver goes up to Verdant and finds a drunken Tommy pouring himself a drink. He explains that he went to Laurel's and saw Oliver together with her. Oliver tells his friend that both of their fathers made a plan to destroy The Glades, and that Malcolm is going to complete the plan to avenge his wife's death. Tommy takes a swing at him and misses, and Oliver tells him that he found out the truth about his father until it was too late. He figures that Tommy always knew what Malcolm really was, and Tommy tells him that he wishes Oliver had died on the island.

The mercenaries open fire and Slade provides cover fire while Shado and Oliver go to the missile launcher. She reprograms the missile and tells Oliver to put the chip in. He fights off a mercenary as another one drives the missile launcher away. Oliver disposes of his opponent, puts the chip in, and the missile swerves and crashes into the camp.

Quentin tells Lt. Pike what The Hood has told him and admits that the vigilante has been helping him. The detective insists that he's doing what he has to so he can protect people, but Pike tells him to turn in his badge.

At the manor, Oliver goes to see Moira and tells her that they need to stop The Undertaking. She insists that her responsibility is to her children, not the people in The Glades. Oliver tells his mother that he spoke with Malcolm, and explains that Robert survived the wreck but finally killed himself to leave his son enough food to survive. He refuses to let Moira sacrifice thousands in his name and asks her to tell him where the device is. Before she can answer, the phone rings. It's Malcolm, who tells Moira that The Undertaking is happening that night. Oliver walks out, telling his mother that someone in the family needs to put an end to it no matter what the cost.

As Oliver leaves, Laurel comes in and wonders if he took off early because he's scared. He assures her that's not the problem, and explains that the five years on the island scraped away all of the things that he wasn't: the person she always saw. They kiss and Oliver asks Laurel to stay out of The Glades that night.

Tommy returns to his company and tells Malcolm that things are over between him and Laurel. Malcolm admits that Oliver was telling the truth about the earthquake device. As Tommy stares in shock, Malcolm plays the message that Rebecca left on the night she died. He tells Tommy that people passed Rebecca on the streets even though she had built a clinic to help them, and that the people in The Glades don't want to be saved. Malcolm yells that they all deserve to die the same way that his wife did.

Oliver goes back to the lair and tells them about the accelerated me schedule. Felicity figures that the symbol on the book indicates where the device is hidden. There's a fault that runs along the subway line beneath The Glades, and Oliver realizes where it is. Before he can leave, Thea calls to tell Oliver that Moira has called reporters to the manor for a press conference. Felicity brings up the news and they watch as Moira admits that she has failed the city. She admits that she participated in The Undertaking due to the threat to her family, and tells the world that Malcolm Merlyn is the one responsible.

In his office, Malcolm smashes his TV in anger.

Moira continues, announcing all of the people that Malcolm killed She begs everyone in The Glades to get out and then steps away from the podium and goes to Thea. Thea tells her mother that she loves Roy and that he is in The Glades. She runs off while Hilton arrests Moira on conspiracy charges.

Tommy asks his father if he killed all of the people, and Malcolm insists that he did what he had to. Malcolm then goes to a hidden compartment, revealing his Dark Archer costume. The police come in and put Malcolm under arrest, and he grabs his weapons from the compartment and kills the men. Tommy draws a gun on him and orders him to stay back, but Malcolm tells him that he can't stop him and knocks him out.

At the lair, Oliver says that Moira gave the people in The Glades a chance. He takes his spare bow out of the crate from the island, and Felicity says that the device can be set for a timed detonation or via a remote transmitter. Oliver tells Diggle to find the device and disarm it while he goes after Malcolm alone. When Diggle says that Malcolm will kill him, Oliver says that he knows and admits that he doesn't know how to stop him. Diggle offers to go with him and reminds Oliver that he's no longer alone. Felicity agrees, figuring that she's the only one who can deactivate the device in time. Oliver then calls Quentin and tells him that the device is in the abandoned subway station where Rebecca was killed. He wants Quentin to go there and let Felicity talk him through defusing the device. When Quentin echoes what Felicity said about the city needing The Hood, Oliver tells him that right now Starling City needs Quentin.

The people in The Glades riot while Roy hears about Moira's announcement on the TV. He goes outside and sees the panic in the streets.

Quentin drives to the subway station and breaks in.

Oliver and Diggle enter Malcolm's office and find Tommy unconscious on the floor.

That night, Oliver searches the wreckage of the camp for Shado and Slade. He finds a suitcase with a bow in it and strings an arrow, and a wounded Slade staggers out of the shadows. Fyers comes out with Shado as his hostage, and Oliver aims an arrow at him and tells the mercenary to let him go. The mercenary tells Oliver that he can call a rescue ship to take him home, and asks if he'll sacrifice his freedom for Shado. Shado nods at Oliver, who fires an arrow and kills Fyers.

Tommy wakes up and says that he doesn't know where his father is. He admits that Oliver was right about Malcolm, and asks if he's going to kill him. Oliver tells him to get to safety and then joins Diggle, who has found a false wall to the compartment. Malcolm is inside, waiting for them. They both attack him but Malcolm holds them both off. He throws an arrow into Diggle's chest and runs to the roof, and Oliver goes after him. Malcolm turns to fight him and asks if Oliver is ready to die.

Following Felicity's directions, Quentin finds the device. She talks him through disarming it and they realize that they have seven minutes.

Roy makes his way through the streets and sees two punks beating up an old man. A third one steps out of the shadows as Roy tries to stop them. He takes out the first two as the old man runs off, and the third one draws a gun. However, Thea arrives and knocks the thug out from behind.

Oliver and Malcolm fire arrows until they can get close enough to fight. When Oliver fires another arrow, Malcolm catches it again... and the explosive arrowhead blows up, stunning him.

Quentin cuts the wrong wire, accelerating the countdown. Felicity realizes there's an anti-temper mechanism and tries to work it out, but Quentin figures that there's not enough time. He calls Laurel at CNRI and tells her to get out of The Glade. Laurel realizes that there's something wrong and Quentin tells her that he's not going to make it. He makes her promise to go on with her life, and that he stopped living when Sara died. They both say that they love each other and Quentin hangs up. Felicity tells the detective to listen carefully to her.

Roy and Thea drive down the street and a man runs out and begs them to help. After he brakes the van, Roy realizes that there are people trapped in a bus and refuses to leave them behind. Thea insists that he's not the vigilante, but Roy says that he can't do it unless he knows she's safe. They kiss and Thea drives off.

Oliver and Malcolm continue fighting while Diggle climbs out on the roof. Malcolm gets Oliver in a choke hold, but Oliver grabs an arrow and rams it through Malcolm's chest. He thanks Malcolm for teaching him what he was fighting for, and punches him as he says that Robert taught him how to fight.

Quentin defuses the device just in time, and Felicity tells Oliver. Oliver tells Malcolm that it's over, but Malcolm says that he has a backup as he dies. They realize that there's a second device. Across the city, the streets rip apart. Oliver and Diggle go to the edge of the roof and watch as The Glades collapse.

At CNRI, Laurel and Joanna try and seek cover, but Laurel is trapped under falling rubble. Joanna runs out and then realizes that Laurel hasn't followed her.

Felicity confirms that she's okay and tells Oliver that the damage is contained on the east side... and Oliver realizes that's where CNRI is. Diggle tells him to go.

Sobbing, Laurel begs someone to help him. Tommy runs in, realizing where she was going to go, and tells Laurel that he loves her. He clears the rubble off and Laurel runs out onto the street. Quentin arrives and embraces his daughter, just as the CNRI building collapses. Laurel tries to run in but Quentin holds her back, while Oliver pulls up nearby and runs in. He tries to move the debris off of Tommy, but a piece of rebar has punctured his chest. Oliver assures his friend that he got Laurel to safety, and Tommy apologizes for everything. He admits that he was just like his father, but Oliver assures him that he's not. Oliver admits that he didn't kill Malcolm, and Tommy thanks him as he dies. Crying, Oliver says that it should have been him and begs Tommy to open his eyes.