Broken Dolls - Recap

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In the DA office, SWAT officers surround the Hood, guns ready. Laurel tells him to surrender, but the Hood insists that he's not his enemy. As he starts to lower his bow, Black Canary drops in through the skylight and triggers a sonic device, deafening everyone present. She then grabs the Hood and runs out the window with him. In the alley below, the Hood asks why she helped him, but she takes off without a word.

Back at the lair, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity what happened. Diggle wonders why Oliver went to see Laurel, and he explains that went there to show her that he's doing things differently this time.

Oliver and the others take one of the skeletons back to the plane and Shado examines it. She explains that she was pre-med in college, while Slade take Oliver out to establish a position on higher ground. Oliver is reluctant to leave Shado there but she insists that she'll be fine.

Quentin is out on patrol when he hears a radio request. However, when he checks in, he's told that Lt. Pike has told him to disregard the call. Quentin goes anyway and talks to his former partner, Hilton. He demands to know why Pike ordered him away, just as he sees a woman's corpse strung up. Quentin realizes that it's the work of Barton Mathis, and Hilton tells him that Mathis escaped during the breakout at Iron Heights. Hilton says that he has all of Quentin's files and that Pike will have Quentin arrested for obstruction if he goes anywhere near the case.

At the lair that night, Oliver and Diggle are sparring while Felicity brings up police reports on the woman. She's targeting rapists but Oliver insists that they capture her so the city isn't overrun by vigilantes. They're interrupted when Felicity gets a call from Quentin.

Quentin meets the Hood on a rooftop and the officer asks if it's true that the vigilante is now trying to avoid killing. The Hood avoids the question, and Quentin admits that he's not sure that the law is the answer. He tells the Hood about Mathis, aka "The Dollmaker," because he suffocates his victims by pouring a polymer down their throat and then dressing them up as dolls. The Hood suggests that the case is personal for Quentin, who admits that he doesn't want any more deaths on his conscience. Quentin figures that if the Hood is trying another way, then so can he.

A woman is heading to her car and gets in. A man grabs her from behind and compliments her on her skin.

At the lair, the trio go over Quentin's files and figures they have two days until Mathis strikes again. None of the victims were connected. Oliver gets an idea and tells them to have Quentin set up a meeting with the attorney who defended Mathis six years ago. When Felicity asks about their hunt for the Canary, Oliver says that he has it covered.

Roy takes some garbage out to the dumpster and finds the Hood waiting for him. The vigilante tells Roy to find the Canary but to let him engage.

Laurel and DA Donner are in Laurel's office watching the workers clean up. Quentin comes in and talks to Laurel privately, and explains that he's looking for Mathis' attorney. He admits that he's doing some digging off the books, and Laurel warns him that the case took him to a dark place the last time Mathis went on a killing spree. Quentin points out that wasn't the reason but Laurel figures that he's using his guilt to justify a vendetta. He notices that she has clippings of the Hood up and says that he may not be the only one.

Thea comes to see Moira in prison to accompany her to her pre-trial hearing. She tries to put a good face on her, but Moira warns that it doesn't look good and that she's ready to accept her punishment for the people who died because of the Undertaking.

Quentin goes to see Tony Daniel, Mathis' former lawyer. The defense attorney tells him that he'll only talk if they have a court order. Quentin smirks as the Hood comes in and demands to know where Mathis is. Daniel is surprised to learn that Mathis escaped prison and insists that he has no idea where Mathis would go. The Hood fires an arrow into the defense attorney's shoulder and Daniel admits that Mathis covered his cell wall with drawings of the Bisque Museum. Quentin apologizes for the Hood and leaves.

Quentin and the Hood go to an apartment across from the Bisque Museum and confirm that a man matching Mathis' description took a room a week ago and paid in cash. They approach the room and Quentin says that they're to arrest Mathis, not torture him. The Hood asks if he wants to question him or not and they both go in. There's no sign of Mathis, but Mathis has left a doll with a newspaper article of his capture. The phone rings and Quentin answers it, while the Hood tells Felicity to run a trace. Quentin says that he'll capture Mathis, who says that he has someone who would like to hello. He puts a woman on the line and has her scream. Quentin begs the killer to let his victim go, but Mathis insists that she deserves better and pours polymer down her throat to preserve her beauty forever. Felicity is unable to trace the call and Mathis hangs up.

The police eventually find Mathis' most recent victim, propped up in an alleyway. At the lair, Felicity checks the private lab where the results were sent and discovers that they've taken their computers off-line to prevent hacking. The Hood takes Quentin into the lab and tranqs the guard unconscious. He then gives Felicity access to the computers. She brings up the chemical tests and Quentin recognizes traces of skin cream from the victim. One of Mathis' others victims had the same cream, and they figure that's the common factor.

Oliver complains that they shouldn't have left Shado behind, and Slade says that he should listen to his advice to avoid attachments. He tells Oliver that he's an idiot when he disagree, and Oliver insists that he won't change. Slade slips on the edge of the cliff and Oliver pulls him up, pointing out that he wouldn't be there if he hadn't formed an attachment to him.

The next day, Roy takes some of the liquor to a fence. He sells it to the man in return for some information, and the fence suggests that he look up a girl named Cindy, nicknamed Sin, who has been seen hanging around the Canary. Roy gets an address and takes off.

Back at the lair, Felicity checks on the skin cream and learns that it's a high-end product. Only four stores care it and three of them have cameras, and Felicity hasn't spotted Mathis using facial recognition software. She suggests that she go to each store and buy the cream, acting as bait. When the men object, Felicity insists that it's her life and her choice.

As they get to the top, Slade suggests that they steal whatever vehicle the pirates used to get to the island. They spot a freighter off-shore, just as it starts bombarding the plane. Oliver immediately runs back to help Shado despite Slade's warning.

That night, Felicity goes to all four stores, while the Hood, Quentin, and Diggle keep watch on her. As they watch, Quentin admits that Laurel suffered a loss and grief shifted her beliefs. He figures that the Hood lost someone, and admits that after Sara died, he threw himself into the Dollmaker case. Felicity spots someone coming but the man goes into a store instead. However, Mathis grabs Felicity and drags her into a nearby construction site. Quentin calls for backup while the Hood shoots Mathis in the shoulder. The killer drops Felicity, who hits her head. Quentin and the Hood go after Mathis separately. Mathis hits Quentin with a board and prepares to shoot him, but the Hood arrives and shoots the board out of his hand. The police arrive and the Hood is forced to flee, while Hilton arrests Quentin for obstruction.

The next day, Felicity calls Oliver as he goes to his mother's hearing. She informs him that she's put a defective-product warning out on the skin cream to slow Mathis down. At the hearing, Moira's attorney Jean Loring asks for bail but the judge refuses given how many people were died. Donner doesn't make any pre-trial motions, but serves notice that they will be asking for the death sentence. He points out that Moira aided and abetted the death of 503 people. Oliver leans over and assures Moira that they'll fight it with everything they got.

Oliver and Slade run back to the plane, dodging explosions. One blast stuns Oliver and he looks up to see Slade on fire.

Laurel visits her father to tell him that she got the charges dropped. She admits that she had to call in favors, and wonders that he's changing sides. Quentin asks her if she's changed her mind because of Tommy, and she admits that she did. He figures that there's something else going on and wonders what's eating her up. Laurel refuses to discuss it and tells him to stay away from the case for his own sake.

Roy tracks down Sin to her address and asks about the Canary. She immediately runs and Roy chases her. He finally chases her into a clocktower and someone knocks him out from behind.

As Quentin goes to his car, he finds a homeless man crouched down by his car. When Quentin approaches him, Mathis tasers him and then dumps him into a van... along with Laurel.

At Verdant, Thea is talking with her vendors when Oliver comes in. He assures her that Moira will be okay and they'll fight for her as a family, and promises he won't let them kill her. Oliver gets a message from Felicity to check the news, and he sees a broadcast about the Lances' abduction. He goes to the lair and Felicity confirms that Mathis abducted Quentin and escaped in a chemical company van. The company was abandoned during the quake, and Oliver heads out to stop Mathis.

Sin slaps Roy awake and the Canary demands to know if he's one of "them." He doesn't know what she's talking about, and Canary prepares to hit him. His cell phone rings and after checking the caller, Canary tells Sin to let him go and takes off. Roy checks his phone and discovers that it's a call from Thea about Laurel's abduction.

Mathis straps Laurel to a table and prepares to asphyxiate her. Quentin begs the killer to let her go, but Mathis figures the best way to hurt Quentin is to kill Laurel. As Mathis pours the polymer into the tube, the Hood drops in and fires. Mathis runs off and Quentin tells the Hood to stop him while he frees his daughter.

As Mathis runs off, the Canary arrives and takes him down. Mathis manages to drop some pipes on her and moves in for the kill, but the Hood fires two arrows into his shoulders. Before he can take him off to prison, the Canary kills him and flees.

As Quentin gets Laurel out, she remembers that Oliver told her to get out of CNRI. Tommy was only there because she ignored Tommy and went back to her office, and she's the one responsible for Tommy's death. The Hood looks on from the shadows as Quentin comforts his daughter.

Later, Quentin takes Laurel home and puts her to bed. He goes out to the living room and finds the Hood waiting for him. Quentin assures him that Laurel will be okay eventually, and admits that he can't argue with his results. He thanks the Hood for saving his daughter--again--and the Hood says that she needed help.

At Iron Heights, Moira meets with Jean and says that she's not afraid of Donner's call for the death penalty. Moira tells her that she has her family back, but she doesn't want some things to be spoken of.

Black Canary returns to the clocktower and finds a black-clad Dark Archer waiting for her. He tells her that Ra's al Ghul has ordered her return, but the Canary refuses to go back. She begs the man to tell them that she ran, but he puts a knife to his throat and says that he won't lie for her. The Canary grabs him and kills him.

At the lair, Oliver and the others wonder what to do about the Canary. He admits that it depends on what side that she's on.

Oliver wakes up in the hold of the freighter, locked in a cage. Armed men are on guard, and the freighter is anchored off the island.