State v. Queen - Recap

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Six Months Ago

Moira gives a statement to the press admitting that she was complicit in the Undertaking. She then goes on the air and tells everyone to leave. At the prison, the guards prepare to evacuate, leaving the inmates trapped inside.

In his cell, the Count is reading a book when the earthquake hits. It bursts open the cell doors and the Count strolls out, taking the keys from a dead guard. The Count then goes down the hall, spots the Dollmaker and concludes that he's suitable for his plans, and gives him the keys. The villain then steps out through a break in the wall and out into Starling City.


Oliver and Thea go to the courthouse for the first day of Moira's trail. Laurel and Adam watch and Laurel points out that Moira's children aren't on trial. He points out that Moira confessed on live television, and Laurel realizes that he's holding something back. All Adam will say is that it will be a good trial. As they go inside, Oliver and Laurel briefly make eye contact.

Four Years Ago

Ivo, the Captain, and their men take Oliver and Sara to the wrecked plane. The Captain has his mercenaries open fire, and then confirms that no one was inside. Ivo has them plant an explosive to make sure that Shado and Slade have nowhere to retreat to, and then leaves. Inside, Shado manages to defuse the bomb just in time while the injured Slade looks on. Once she's done, Shado heads out after Oliver and Slade insists on going with her.


As they go to the courtroom, Oliver notes that Diggle appears ill. His bodyguard insists that he's fine. Oliver tells him to go get some rest and Diggle reluctantly stays back. Once everyone has gathered in the courtroom, Moira comes in and looks briefly at her children. For his opening statement, Adam plays the tape of Moira's confession to the press. He insists that her remorse came too late. Jean then plays the part about how she said that Merlyn threatened herself and her family.

Diggle returns to Oliver's office and Felicity tells him to go home. He says that he will as soon as he finds a replacement bodyguard, and confirms that he got his flu shot... and then collapses.

The Count meets with his hired pharmacist and collects a briefcase with his research. The man asks an additional $50,000, and the Count injects him with his new drug. As the doctor dies, the Count tells him that soon everyone will see the results of his work and will beg for it to end.

Felicity calls Oliver in and tells him that she ran a blood sample and Diggle was exposed to Vertigo. She confirms that the Count escaped during the earthquake and the prison officials kept it secret to prevent a panic. Oliver takes out an arrow with the cure he developed and tells Felicity to give it to Diggle and work out how it was entered into his system without his knowledge.

Adam calls Thea to testify and questions why she didn't visit Moira for five months. As they talk, Adam starts to waver and then returns to questioning. Thea says that she needed time because she was angry, and Adam says that the jury shouldn't forgive Moira either. As he goes back to the table, Adam collapses.

Four Years Ago

Oliver leads the group to the cave and Ivo demands to know where the hosen arrowhead is. When Oliver doesn't answer, Ivo has the Captain take him outside with orders to force him to lead them to his friends. As the Captain prepares to blow off Oliver's hand, Shado and Slade emerge from the jungle and order them to surrender.


Oliver checks on Thea, who insists that she's fine. The EMTs get Adam into the hospital, unaware that the Count is driving the ambulance.

Jean warns Moira that Thea's testimony didn't go well and that she has to testify. Moira refuses and Oliver asks for a moment alone with his mother. When he pursues the matter, Moira warns that her testimony will destroy their family. Oliver points out that secrets and lies are what have torn their family apart and it's time for the truth.

That night, Diggle is at the lair watching the news when Oliver comes in. Felicity says that the Court altered Vertigo and the antidote didn't work. The Count takes over the local station feeds and reveals that he has Adam prisoner. The criminal explains that the disease he gave is cured by Vertigo, and tells anyone who wants the cure to buy it from a drug dealer. Adam finally cracks and begs for Vertigo, and the Count injects him. Oliver vows to find the Count and shut him down. Felicity isn't able to trace the signal and Oliver tells her to scrub the video and find any clues. They figure that Count Vertigo contaminated the city with some drug that not everyone was exposed to.

Laurel meets with DA Kate Spencer, who tells her that she's now the lead counsel. She assures a shocked Laurel that she'll do fine, and Laurel goes through Adam's files and finds his secret weapon.

Roy visits Thea at Verdant, gives her a pair of boxing gloves, and invites her to hit him. When she wonders what he's talking about, Roy explains that he became a vigilante in part for a way to release his aggressions. He figures that she has a lot of anger. Thea hesitantly hits him and Roy coaches her in how to make it count. She starts hitting him harder and harder, sobbing, until she collapses into his arms.

At the lair, Felicity finds a reflection in Adam's eye. She enhances the image and discovers that it's the city seal, which is found at the abandoned Starling Municipal Records Department.

Laurel comes to see Moira at prison and says that what she has is a family matter. She admits that she could be disbarred for what she's doing and then tells Moira that she can't testify. Laurel says that if Moira testifies then she'll cross-examine her to the best of her ability. She then shows Moira the file and warns that it could undermine her entire case. Moira considers and Laurel begs her not to testify and force her to destroy her.

At the abandoned building, Count Vertigo is supervising the creation of more of his drug. The Arrow drops down next to the captive Adam, cuts him free, and tells him to run. The Count's man come after the vigilante, who takes them down. However, Count Vertigo steps forward and dares him to shoot him, well aware that Arrow has stopped killing. One of Vertigo's men grabs Adam, and Arrow takes out the man with a throwing blade, then shoots a gas tank, setting off an explosion. The vigilante then escapes with Adam.

The next day, Moira tells Oliver and Thea that she's going to testify. However, she warns them that they don't know the truth but Laurel does. When they wonder what it is, Moira finally tells them that Robert was having an extramarital affair and she had one as well... with Malcolm. Thea points out that she asked about it a year ago, and Moira insists that it was nothing.

In court, Laurel has Moira testify that Malcolm attended parties at the Queen home and was with him a great deal of the time. She asks why Malcolm didn't kill Walter and Moira admits that she convinced him not to, and Laurel points out that she was able to influence him. Laurel says that Moira was the only danger to herself and her family and ends her case.

Afterward, Laurel comes out of the courtroom and sees Oliver, and tries to leave. He follows her and says that he knows how difficult it was for him, and just wanted to see if she was okay. Laurel can't understand how anyone could forgive her for what she did and walks off.

Four Years Ago

Ivo asks for the hosen so they can negotiate. When one of the men goes for his gun, Slade shoots him. Ivo tells the Captain to cut Oliver loose, and he grabs Sara and runs off with his friends. The mercenaries give chase... and stumble into the explosive from the airplane that Shado left behind. It explodes, scattering them.


At the lair, Felicity shows Diggle the pattern of infected people. There's no pattern to their homes and Diggle has her analyze their work patterns. Diggle realizes that they're tied into a flu vaccination tour throughout the city. Once Felicity locates the truck's current location, Diggle insists on going because Oliver is too busy with his family, but he's too weak. Felicity insists on going and promises that she'll call.

Felicity approaches the truck and goes inside. She searches and finds the Vertigo drug... just as the Count comes in behind her.

Jean tells Thea and Oliver that the jury has said that they will have a verdict, and warns them to prepare for the worst. Oliver gets a call on Felicity's cellphone, and discovers that it's Count Vertigo. He's in Oliver's office with a captive Felicity, and has worked out that Oliver is Arrow. Oliver hangs up and tells Thea that he has to go.

Oliver enters his office in his Arrow costume, and Count Vertigo explains that he hates him for poisoning him and putting him in prison. He says that someone else hates Arrow just as much and set him up in his new operation, just to lure Arrow out. The Count opens fire and Oliver ducks for cover, and then gets the drop on him. When the criminal threatens to inject Felicity with the drug, Oliver shoots him repeatedly in the chest, knocking him back through the window. Once he makes sure that Felicity is safe, he goes to the window and sees Count Vertigo's body far below.

Later, Oliver returns to the courthouse and tells Thea that something happened. She wonders what he would have done if there was a verdict, and a shocked Olive admits that he doesn't know. Jean calls them into the courtroom and the judge has his clerk read the verdict. Moira is found not guilty on all charges. Oliver and Thea go to hug their mother, while Laurel walks away.

Back at the lair, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that the verdict doesn't make sense. He came to check on both of them. Felicity explains that with the contaminated vaccine as a sample, the applied science division could formulate a non-addictive treatment. Diggle is doing better, and Oliver tells them to go home and get some rest while he meets with his family. As he goes, Felicity thanks him and apologizes for getting herself into trouble again, forcing Oliver to have to choose to kill someone. Oliver says that there was no choice to make and he's fine.

Four Years Ago

Once they escape their pursuers, Sara wonders why Oliver brought her with him, and he points out that they would have killed her. When Oliver describes the hosen, Shado says that she brought it with her. There are four numbers on one side and they realize that they're the coordinates for the submarine that ran aground during World War II. Sara says that what's on it will save the human race, and Oliver wonders if it will save the injured Slade.

Ivo finds the wounded Captain and shoots him for his failure. He then gives the gun to the Butcher and tells him that he's the new captain.


Blood is watching the news piece on the Count's death, furious that he failed to accomplish anything but reignite Arrow's killing spree. Officer Daily comes in and tells him that there's been a development, and Blood dons his costume and goes to his secret base. One of the test subjects, Cyrus, says that he's feeling the stronger, and Blood says that he's ready.

Jean and Moira leave the courthouse and Jean runs interference while the driver takes Moira away. However, he says that he was instructed not to take her home yet. The driver goes to a deserted parking lot and Malcolm kills him. He then tells Moira that he came back to help her, and convinced the jury to acquit her. Moira wonders what he wants and Malcolm says that after seeing how easily she lied about the two of them and their long-standing affair, he wondered if she had lied to him. He ran a simple genetic test and learned that Thea is his daughter.