Greg Berlanti     Developer92 Eps
Marc Guggenheim     Developer92 Eps
Andrew Kreisberg     Developer92 Eps
Wendy Mericle     Executive Producer23 Eps
Sarah Schechter     Executive Producer46 Eps
David Nutter     Executive Producer1 Eps
Andrew Kreisberg     Executive Producer92 Eps
Greg Berlanti     Executive Producer92 Eps
Marc Guggenheim     Executive Producer92 Eps
Speed Weed     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Wendy Mericle     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Erik Oleson     Co-Executive Producer23 Eps
Jake Coburn     Co-Executive Producer46 Eps
Drew Z. Greenberg     Co-Executive Producer32 Eps
Moira Kirland Dekker     Co-Executive Producer18 Eps
Melissa Berman     Co-Executive Producer46 Eps
Jake Coburn     Supervising Producer9 Eps
Ben Sokolowski     Producer23 Eps
Keto Shimizu     Producer23 Eps
Glen Winter     Producer23 Eps
Todd Pittson     Producer54 Eps
Wendy Mericle     Producer23 Eps
Joseph Patrick Finn     Producer46 Eps
Beth Schwartz     Co-Producer23 Eps
Ben Sokolowski     Co-Producer23 Eps
Keto Shimizu     Co-Producer23 Eps
Jon Wallace     Co-Producer51 Eps
Wendy Mericle     Co-Producer22 Eps
Carl Ogawa     Co-Producer92 Eps
Jennifer Lence     Co-Producer92 Eps
Jon Wallace     Associate Producer46 Eps
Richard Hudolin     Production Designer75 Eps
Carol Stutz     Editor3 Eps
Jessie Murray     Editor5 Eps
Thomas Wallerstein     Editor15 Eps
Kristin Windell     Editor21 Eps
Andi Armaganian     Editor22 Eps
Paul Karasick     Editor13 Eps
Lyndsey Baldasare     Casting92 Eps
David Rapaport     Casting92 Eps
Jack Hardy     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Ken Shane     First Assistant Director39 Eps
Mark Bunting     First Assistant Director39 Eps
Mark Bunting     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
Yannick Leray     Second Assistant Director56 Eps
Neil Allan     Second Assistant Director22 Eps
Blake Neely     Music92 Eps
Shie Rozow     Music Editor23 Eps
Zed Starkovich     Music Editor68 Eps
Tom Trafalski     Music Editor1 Eps
Season Kent     Music Supervisor92 Eps
Tish Monaghan     Costume Designer1 Eps
Maya Mani     Costume Designer91 Eps
Sanna Seppanen     Hairstylist1 Eps
Paul J. Edwards     Hairstylist91 Eps
Connie Parker     Make-up1 Eps
Danielle Fowler     Make-up69 Eps
John O'Neill (2)     Key Grip73 Eps
Dominique Fauquet-LeMaitre     Set Decorator92 Eps
Robert Murdoch     Location Manager15 Eps
Kirk Adamson     Location Manager23 Eps
Catou Kearney     Location Manager4 Eps
Bill Burns (1)     Location Manager16 Eps
John O'Toole (2)     Transportation Coordinator12 Eps
Ken Hawryliw     Property Master92 Eps
Chris Claridge     Construction Coordinator12 Eps
Janice Melnyk     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Beth Mercer     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Susan Williams (1)     Script Supervisor3 Eps
Corey Jones     Script Supervisor3 Eps
Portia Belmont     Script Supervisor4 Eps
Fawn McDonald     Production Coordinator13 Eps
Mary Iacono     Script Coordinator7 Eps
Oscar Balderrama     Script Coordinator3 Eps
Jeane Wong     Script Coordinator2 Eps
Hilary Bolger     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Patrick Brian     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Jessie Murray     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Yoshie Ishiguro     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Thomas Wallerstein     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Jordan Menn     Post Production Supervisor8 Eps
Joanie L. Woehler     Post Production Supervisor3 Eps
Robert W. Egami     Post Production Supervisor7 Eps
Michael E. Lawshe     Supervising Sound Editor92 Eps
Dan Hiland     Re-Recording Mixer92 Eps
Gary D. Rogers     Re-Recording Mixer92 Eps
Trevor Carabin     Gaffer1 Eps
David McClung     Gaffer3 Eps
Shamus Whiting-Hewlett     Gaffer62 Eps
Shamus Whiting-Hewlett     Director of Photography1 Eps
Corey Robson     Director of Photography16 Eps
C. Kim Miles     Director of Photography5 Eps
Greg Middleton     Director of Photography1 Eps
Gordon Verheul     Director of Photography38 Eps
Glen Winter     Director of Photography18 Eps
J.J. Makaro     Stunt Coordinator59 Eps
James Bamford     Stunt Coordinator4 Eps
Eli Zagoudakis     Stunt Coordinator (On-Set)37 Eps
Jon Kraft     Stunt Coordinator (On-Set)18 Eps
Bridgit McGuire     Art Director73 Eps
Jill Righton     Assistant Production Coordinator8 Eps
Tarryn Lee     Assistant Production Coordinator1 Eps
Jordan Menn     Post Production Coordinator3 Eps
Michael Potkins     Production Manager54 Eps
Chris Rudolph     Production Management1 Eps
Todd Pittson     Production Management37 Eps
William Skinner     Sound Mixer4 Eps
Dave Griffiths     Sound Mixer17 Eps
Patrick Ramsay     Sound Mixer56 Eps
Ben Sokolowski     Executive Story Editor23 Eps
Keto Shimizu     Executive Story Editor23 Eps
Beth Schwartz     Executive Story Editor23 Eps
Armen V. Kevorkian     Visual Effects Supervisor1 Eps
Chris Jones (6)     Visual Effects Supervisor1 Eps
Jean-Luc Dinsdale     Visual Effects Supervisor8 Eps
Josee Brodeur     Production Accountant5 Eps
Jackie Sollitino     Casting Associate56 Eps
J.J. Ogilvy     Casting Associate23 Eps
Mike Page     Casting Associate33 Eps
Leslie-ann Reale     Casting Associate1 Eps
Dave Gauthier     Special Effects Supervisor3 Eps
Leigh Dodson     Post Production Assistant2 Eps
Jackeline Gonzalez     Post Production Assistant1 Eps
Katherine Walczak     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Andrew Kreisberg)3 Eps
Lauren Certo     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Andrew Kreisberg)3 Eps
Emilio Ortega Aldrich     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Andrew Kreisberg)3 Eps
Nolan Dunbar     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Marc Guggenheim)4 Eps
Grace Devoll     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Marc Guggenheim)3 Eps
Tiffany L. Williams     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Marc Guggenheim)3 Eps
Rebecca Bellotto     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Wendy Mericle)1 Eps
Kevin Knight (1)     Assistant Costume Designer6 Eps
Miya Brummitt     Assistant Costume Designer1 Eps
Hailey Hume     Assistant To The Producer2 Eps
Dave Gauthier     Special Effects Coordinator11 Eps
David Maclean     Assistant Art Director3 Eps
Rodrigo Segovia     Assistant Art Director6 Eps
Ken Rabhel     Assistant Art Director6 Eps
Ivana Vasak     Assistant Art Director2 Eps
Patricia Murray     Makeup Artist22 Eps
Sean Finnan     Assistant Location Manager6 Eps
Darryl Griffiths     Assistant Location Manager4 Eps
Corrie Alexander     Assistant Location Manager1 Eps
Bonny Northcott     Assistant Location Manager1 Eps
Selena Diepold     Assistant Location Manager2 Eps
Michael Legresley     Assistant Location Manager2 Eps
Curtis Braconnier     Fight Coordinator1 Eps
James Bamford     Fight Coordinator53 Eps
Coreen Mayrs     Canadian Casting23 Eps
Heike Brandstatter     Canadian Casting23 Eps
Sean Cossey     Canadian Casting69 Eps
J.J. Ogilvy     Canadian Casting46 Eps
Ryan Doucette     Producers Assistant5 Eps
Tony N. Kung'u     Producers Assistant1 Eps
Hailey Hume     Producers Assistant1 Eps
Nerissa McCormack     1st Assistant Accountant9 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Super Heroes
Status: Returning Series
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 10, 2012
This guide is currently edited by:
Gadfly (Challenge)