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 Season 7
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
96 7x01 7-01 08/Oct/2002 Cast Away/The Great Sock Mystery 0 N/A
97 7x02 7-02 09/Oct/2002 Francine's Split Decision/Muffy Goes Metropolitan 0 N/A
98 7x03 7-03 10/Oct/2002 Ants in Arthur's Pants/Don't Ask Muffy 0 N/A
99 7x04 7-04 11/Oct/2002 To Tibble the Truth/Waiting to Go 0 N/A
100 7x05 7-05 14/Oct/2002 Elwood City Turns 100! 0 N/A
101 7x06 7-09 28/Nov/2002 Prunella Sees the Light/Return of the Snowball 0 N/A
102 7x07 7-07 26/Nov/2002 D.W.'s Time Trouble/Buster's Amish Mismatch 0 N/A
103 7x08 7-08 27/Nov/2002 The World of Tomorrow/Is There a Doctor in the House? 0 N/A
104 7x09 7-06 25/Nov/2002 Pick a Car, Any Car/Jenna's Bedtime Blues 0 N/A
105 7x10 7-10 29/Nov/2002 April 9th 0 N/A

 Season 8
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
106 8x01   15/Sep/2003 Dear Adil/Bitzi's Break-Up 0 N/A
107 8x02   16/Sep/2003 Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain/Thanks a Lot, Binky 0 N/A
108 8x03   17/Sep/2003 Arthur's Snow Biz/Bugged 0 N/A
109 8x04   18/Sep/2003 Fernkenstein's Monster/D.W., Dancing Queen 0 N/A
110 8x05   19/Sep/2003 Vomitrocious!/Sue Ellen Chickens Out 0 N/A
111 8x06   22/Dec/2003 Postcards From Buster! 0 N/A
112 8x07   23/Dec/2003 Desk Wars/Desperately Seeking Stanley 0 N/A
113 8x08   24/Dec/2003 Muffy's Art Attack/Tales from the Crib 0 N/A
114 8x09   25/Dec/2003 Flea to Be You and Me/Kiss and Tell 0 N/A
115 8x10   26/Dec/2003 Big Horns George/*Bleep* 0 N/A

 Season 9
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
116 9x01   27/Dec/2004 Castle in the Sky/Tipping the Scales 0 N/A
117 9x02   28/Dec/2004 Francine's Big Top Trouble/George Blows His Top 0 N/A
118 9x03   29/Dec/2004 Arthur Weighs In/The Law of the Jungle Gym 0 N/A
119 9x04   30/Dec/2004 Buster's Green Thumb/My Fair Tommy 0 N/A
120 9x05   31/Dec/2004 Lights, Camera, Opera!/All Worked Up! 0 N/A
121 9x06   04/Apr/2005 Arthur Makes Waves/It Came From Beyond 0 N/A
122 9x07 123B / NA 05/Apr/2005 Three's a Crowd/"A" is for Angry 0 N/A
123 9x08   06/Apr/2005 The "A" Team/Emily Swallows a Horse 0 N/A
124 9x09   07/Apr/2005 D.W. Beats All/Buster the Myth Maker 0 N/A
125 9x10   08/Apr/2005 Binky Goes Nuts/Breezy Listening Blues 0 N/A

 Season 10
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
126 10x01   15/May/2006 Happy Anniversary 0 N/A
127 10x02   16/May/2006 The Squirrels/Fern & Persimmony Glitchet 0 N/A
128 10x03   17/May/2006 Desert Island Dish/The Secret About Secrets 0 N/A
129 10x04   18/May/2006 Feeling Flush/Family Fortune 0 N/A
130 10x05   19/May/2006 D.W. Aims High/Flaw and Order 0 N/A
131 10x06   22/May/2006 The Curse of the Grebes/Arthur Changes Gears 0 N/A
132 10x07   23/May/2006 Unfinished/D.W., Bossy Boots 0 N/A
133 10x08   24/May/2006 Binky vs. Binky/Operation D.W. 0 N/A
134 10x09   25/May/2006 Do You Speak George?/World Girls 0 N/A
135 10x10   26/May/2006 What's Cooking?/Buster's Special Delivery 0 N/A

 Season 11
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
136 11x01   25/Jun/2007 Swept Away/Germophobia 0 N/A
137 11x02   26/Jun/2007 Arthur Sells Out/Mind Your Manners 0 N/A
138 11x03   27/Jun/2007 Buenas Noches, Vicita/Prunella Packs It In 0 N/A
139 11x04   28/Jun/2007 Phony Fern/Brain's Shocking Secret 0 N/A
140 11x05   29/Jun/2007 Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery/Strangers on a Train 0 N/A
141 11x06   04/Sep/2007 The Making of Arthur/Dancing Fools 0 N/A
142 11x07   05/Sep/2007 Hic or Treat/Mr. Alwaysright 0 N/A
143 11x08   06/Sep/2007 Francine's Pilfered Paper/Buster Gets Real 0 N/A
144 11x09   07/Sep/2007 D.W. on Ice/Spoiled Rotten 0 N/A
145 11x10   08/Sep/2007 Big Brother Binky 0 N/A

 Season 12
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
146 12x01   06/Oct/2008 Is That Kosher?/Never, Never, Never 0 N/A
147 12x02   13/Oct/2008 Room to Ride/The Frensky Family Fiasco 0 N/A
148 12x03   20/Oct/2008 D.W's Stray Netkitten/Bats in the Belfry 0 N/A
149 12x04   27/Oct/2008 For the Birds/Ungifted 0 N/A
150 12x05   03/Nov/2008 The Chronicles of Buster/On This Spot 0 N/A
151 12x06   20/Apr/2009 The Cherry Tree/Matchmaker Matchbreaker 0 N/A
152 12x07   21/Apr/2009 War of the Worms/I Owe You One 0 N/A
153 12x08   22/Apr/2009 The Blackout/Mei Lin Takes a Stand 0 N/A
154 12x09   23/Apr/2009 Home Sweet Home/Do You Believe in Magic 0 N/A
155 12x10   24/Apr/2009 The Perfect Game/D.W.'s Furry Freakout 0 N/A

 Season 13
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
156 13x01   12/Oct/2009 No Acting Please/Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending 0 N/A
157 13x02   13/Oct/2009 The Silent Treatment/Kung Fool 0 N/A
158 13x03   14/Oct/2009 Arthur's Number Nightmare/Brain Gets Hooked 0 N/A
159 13x04   15/Oct/2009 MacFrensky/The Good, the Bad, and the Binky 0 N/A
160 13x05   19/Oct/2009 The Great MacGrady 0 N/A
161 13x06   05/Apr/2010 George and the Missing Puzzle Piece/D.W. Swims with the Fishes 0 N/A
162 13x07   06/Apr/2010 The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble/The Secret Guardians 0 N/A
163 13x08   07/Apr/2010 Fernlets by Fern/Prunella and the Haunted Locker 0 N/A
164 13x09   08/Apr/2010 Paradise Lost/The Pride of Lakewood 0 N/A
165 13x10   09/Apr/2010 Looking for Bonnie/The Secret Origin of Supernova 0 N/A

 Season 14
Episode # Prod # Air Date Title Revs. Rating
166 14x01   11/Oct/2010 The Wheel Deal/The Buster Report 0 N/A
167 14x02   12/Oct/2010 The Agent of Change/D.W. Unties the Knot 0 N/A
168 14x03   13/Oct/2010 Nicked by a Name/The Play's the Thing 0 N/A
169 14x04   25/Oct/2010 Falafelosophy/The Great Lint Rush 0 N/A
170 14x05   29/Oct/2010 Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny/Pet Projects 0 N/A
171 14x06   22/Apr/2011 Follow the Bouncing Ball/Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea 0 N/A
172 14x07   25/Apr/2011 Around the World in 11 Minutes/Muffy and the Big Bad Blog 0 N/A
173 14x08   26/Apr/2011 Arthur Unravels/All the Rage 0 N/A
174 14x09   27/Apr/2011 D.W., Queen of the Comeback/In My Africa 0 N/A
175 14x10   28/Apr/2011 Buster Spaces Out/The Long Road Home 0 N/A

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Premiere: September 02, 1996
Episode Order: 10
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