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As The World Turns

Season 49

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Season 49

12230 :49x01 - Ep. #12230

Susan presents Chris with the check from Alisons college fund. Chris is beyond touched but refuses the money. He explains that he wants Alison to go to college once his practice is up and running. Both Alison and Susan are thrilled. Later, Chris suggests they join a group of his colleagues at the Rose Foundation benefit tomorrow night. Alison is overjoyed until they run into Tish and a couple of nurses from the hospital who fan over Chris and virtually ignore Alison. Carly tells Paul as per Rosannas ultimatum, she will not work for him. Paul blames Molly for spilling the beans, but realizes she isnt responsible. Jordan is searching for clues to prove Rosannas theory in Barbaras office. He hides and overhears Walker inform Barbara that she may have a brain tumor. She is rattled but refuses to go in for treatment until after the fashion show. After Walker leaves, Jordan reveals himself and that he heard all. He urges her to undergo treatment ASAP, but Barbara insists she has to go through with the fashion show for her children. Jordan agrees to keep her secret. At the police station, Rosanna doesnt want to press any charges for the break-in. Jack will book De Grassi for the assault on the maid. Later, Rosanna is pleased when Carly tells her she broke off her partnership with Paul. Jack warns Rosanna he knows shes up to something and hell be watching her from now on. Jessica informs Sarah that she will be allowed to remain with Jessica and Ben. She admits they both made mistakes but wants to bring Sarah home. When they arrive, Ben has a surprise: Bonnie, who got an early release. Jessica and Sarah are thrilled to see her. When Ben and Bonnie are alone, Bonnie reveals she is keeping something from Jessica.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Napiera Danielle as Bonnie McKechnie

12231 :49x02 - Ep. #12231

Before the Rose Foundation fundraiser, Paul asks Lily to accept a donation from him. He admits that he feels terrible about the way he treated Rose and is determined to make reparations for what happened to her. Dusty wants to refuse the money but Holden insists its what Rose would have wanted. During the fundraiser, Lily gives a speech and announces that she accepts Pauls donation. Later in the evening, the singer who was supposed to perform Roses favorite song doesnt show up and Lily sings the song herself. Rosanna meets with Jordan and tells him that Paul had planned to take the company from Barbara. She advises Jordan to quit BRO and come to work for her. Surprised, he agrees to think it over. At the fundraiser, there is tension between Jordan and Paul. Jennifer urges Jordan to get along with Paul and hopes that Lilys acceptance of the donation marks a new era of hope for the family. At the same time, Barbaras vision problems are increasing. She has a close call with Jennifer, who wonders what her mother is keeping from her. Jordan finds Barbara struggling with her condition and decides not to mention the offer from Rosanna. Alison opts for a sophisticated new look for the fundraiser. Tish tries to work her way into the Hughes familys good graces at the event, but Alison comes out on top. In the ladies room, Tish taunts Alison that she slept with Chris and will be there for him when Alison screws up again. Alison dunks Tishs head in the toilet and leaves with Chris as Tish vows revenge. Bonnie finally tells Jessica that she plans to move to Florida and marry Isaac. She adds that she and Isaac have discussed having Sarah with them.

Source: CBS

12232 :49x03 - Ep. #12232

Katie has enlisted Henry and a sketch artist to help find Pilars mystery man. Henry doubts Pilar is a threat to Mike and Katie is upset that nobody believes her. After, Henry follows Russ to the Wagon Wheel and learns that Pilar is registered there. Meanwhile, Mike is looking all over town for Pilar. Pilar calls him and drops a hint so he will find her. At the hotel, Pilar makes an emotional plea to Mike, telling him that she met the dangerous man and he asked for money. She doesnt want Mike involved but he convinces her to stay with him so he can protect her. Meanwhile, Henry calls Katie and tells her to bring a camera and meet him at the Wagon Wheel. Katie arrives with the camera, but ends up snapping a picture of Pilar and Mike walking out of the room. At Metro, Lily explains to Dusty how close singing makes her feel to Rose. In a vision, Rose encourages Lily to sing, but Lily is hesitant. Later, Dusty mentions a trip to Chicago on behalf of the foundation, and Lily offers to attend - alone. Jessica wrestles with her decision to let Sarah go with Bonnie. At first, Jessica wont allow it, but after witnessing an intimate moment between the two girls, Jessica realizes they belong together. Sarah thanks Jessica and she and Bonnie go off to pack. Ben comforts Jessica, who feels saddened and alone. Carly confides in Jack that she quit BRO for Rosanna. He isnt pleased that Rosanna is emotionally blackmailing Carly and thinks something is going on with her. Meanwhile, Craig gets back the stolen items and discovers Cabots hairbrush missing. He tells Jack that he thinks Rosanna is losing it but Jack dismisses it. Carly is sorry about the divorce but Craig assures her hes not giving up yet.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Napiera Danielle as Bonnie McKechnie
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12233 :49x04 - Ep. #12233

Rosanna is alarmed when she sees Jennifer and Jordan bonding after their evening together at the fundraiser. She calls Craig to her suite where she demands a divorce immediately. She gets hysterical and Craig finally signs but is further alerted that something is going on with her. Meanwhile, Jordan confesses to Jennifer that Rosanna told him about Pauls plans to take over BRO. Jennifer wont believe it, but realizes Jordan is sincerely torn. She vows to get to the bottom of it with Paul. Mike confronts Katie about harassing Pilar. Katie tries to explain to Mike that Pilar is in cahoots with the guy she saw him with. Mike reveals to Katie that the guy is threatening Pilar and that Katies actions are putting Pilar in danger. Later, Katie confides in Henry that they can get to the bottom of things if Pilar thinks they are off her trail for good. Shes stunned when Tom issues her a restraining order against Pilar. At the same time, Pilar comes on to Mike, who insists that hes not interested in anything right now. Lily and Holden share a romantic evening together. Holden suggests that they go away together, but Lily informs him she is going to Chicago to pick up a check for the foundation. Holden offers to join her, but Lily convinces him she can handle it alone.

Source: CBS

12234 :49x05 - Ep. #12234

Carly admits to Jack shes delighted to be out of the mess with BRO. At the same time, Walker warns Barbara that her condition could be terminal if she doesnt have surgery. Barbara assures Walker that shell have surgery as soon as the company is on its feet. Carly is stunned when Barbara shows up to offer her a job and possibly a partnership at BRO. Jennifer questions Paul about Jordans claims that he is trying to ruin Barbara and threatens that if they are true, he no longer has a sister. Paul swears that Rosanna is lying and confesses to Jennifer that he informed the authorities about Cabot. He promises that he will not try to get back at their mother. Craig meets with Lucy to urge her to reach out to Rosanna. He is pleased when Lucy reveals that Rosanna is no longer speaking to Paul. Later, Jack accuses Craig of using his daughter to get information. Craig insists that he is only thinking about his daughter but if Lucy learns something about Rosannas state of mind, hell certainly use it. Alison is stunned when Tish has her arrested for assault. Alison is also suspended from the hospital. Chris tries to come to her defense, but Alison is forced to admit that Tishs charges are true. Later, Chris spots Tish without her neck brace and realizes that she is faking her injury. Jessica admits to Ben that she is feeling a little lost now that Bonnie and Sarah have left.

Source: CBS

12235 :49x06 - Ep. #12235

Barbara tells Jordan about her job offer to Carly, and a shocked Jordan fears Barbara might have made a mistake. He reveals his concerns about Paul and Carly but Barbara insists that she is racing against the clock to save her company, her family and her life. Simultaneously, Carly stuns Paul with news of Barbaras proposal and Paul promises to get to the bottom of it. Paul confronts Barbara, who pulls out all the stops to convince him that her offer to Carly was legitimate. Later, Paul advises Carly that if she wont work from him, she shouldnt work for Barbara either. Meanwhile, Rosanna gets the scoop from Jordan about Barbaras offer to Carly and urges her sister to take the job. Aaron is able to get Alison a job at Metro but Molly steps in to object. Aaron and Alison try to change her mind. When Molly hears about Alisons romp with Tish, she realizes Alison is her kind of girl and hires her. Chris calls Alison to the hospital. In front of Alison, Tish, John and Tom, Chris explains that he made some phone calls and found out that Tish danced the night away at Metro after her run-in with Alison. In addition, upon investigation of the hospital inventory, it turns out that a neck brace is missing from the supply closet. Tish is busted and Tom announces that the D.As office will drop the assault charges against Alison. Alison is thrilled. After, she excitedly tells Chris about getting a job at Metro, but is shocked when Chris forbids her to work there. Holden calls Lily in Chicago to find out when shes coming home. She lies that her fundraiser meeting is still going on, and heads to a caf where it is open mike night. Using the alias Violet Palmer, Lily heads for the stage.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Blair Ross as Laura Cleary

12236 :49x07 - Ep. #12236

Rosanna urges Carly to take the job at BRO. Carly is puzzled and ultimately suspicious, fearing that Rosanna wants her to take the job in order to get back at Paul. Rosanna reveals the reason has nothing to do with Paul its because of Jordan. Rosanna declares that she needs to get close to Jordan as soon as possible. When Carly presses for an explanation, an emotional Rosanna insists that for now, she can only tell her that this is to make everything right. Rosanna pulls out all the stops and Carly, though privately troubled, agrees to help her sister. Coleman Doc Reese arrives in town and blows almost everyone away. Molly remains unimpressed and explains that Doc has a history of trouble with the law and especially with women. Margo is taken with Docs appearance and Doc is smitten with Margo. When they have a moment alone together, Doc makes a pass at her. Margo tries to defuse the situation by revealing she is married. She is horrified when Doc makes it clear he doesnt care. Chris lets Alison know he does not want her working at Metro and Alison realizes it has to do with Aaron. Chris admits he fears that Alison and Aaron spending too much time together could get her in trouble and he doesnt want to be so worried about her. Alison reluctantly agrees to Chriss demand but when she goes to break the news to Aaron that she wont be taking the job, she sees how much money he is making and tells him she can start tomorrow.

Source: CBS

12237 :49x08 - Ep. #12237

Lily forgot her cell phone at the caf in Chicago and she hears Roses voice urging her to go back and sing. Lily tells Holden she wants to go back to Chicago and he tries to talk her out of it. She goes anyway and this time she sings, later promising the manager that shell return. Dusty calls her when shes still at the caf. He hears music in the background and becomes very suspicious. Henry surprises Katie with information that Russ, Pilars accomplice, is a con man and is staying at the Wagon Wheel. Katie and Henry head there to see what they can find about him and Pilar. At the cottage, Mike refuses Pilars advances, maintaining that he cant help her forget her problems. He encourages her to make a plan to get away from her abusive relationship. Later, an upset Pilar leaves a message for Russ telling him that Mikes attachment to Katie is still strong and something has to be done about it. Meanwhile, Russ walks in on Katie searching his motel room. Doc comes on to Margo, who tells him off. Doc realizes that he just propositioned his potential employers daughter-in-law. Molly lets him have it but ultimately agrees to put in a good word if he promises to behave. Meanwhile, Margo admits to Jessica that it was exciting to have this man come on to her. Casey is upset that Sarah is gone and Jessica admits that she misses her, too. She confides in Margo that she wants to have a baby but hasnt told Ben yet.

Source: CBS

12238 :49x09 - Ep. #12238

Carly and Jack discuss Carly going back to BRO. Jack thinks its a horrible idea but supports her because he knows she wants it so much. Carly goes to share the good news and her designs with Barbara. Meanwhile, Walker comes to Barbaras room and says he may try to force the issue if she doesnt get help. She trips because she cant see and has a vulnerable moment. He admits he doesnt want to lose her as a friend. They are interrupted when Carly arrives. Barbara tires to put off looking at Carlys designs, which Carly finds suspicious. She calls Barbara on her hesitation. At the Wagon Wheel, Katie realizes that Russ is actually a wimp. She terrorizes him until he reveals that Pilar is trying to kill Mike and is setting it up right now. Meanwhile, Pilar asks Mike if hell go to Russ on her behalf and Mike agrees. Russ escapes from Katie and Katie runs off to warn Mike. Jessica starts to tell Ben she wants to have a baby. Their conversation goes badly at first due to a misunderstanding where Ben expresses relief that Jessica isnt pregnant. When she finally reveals the truth, he suspects she is feeling this way because of the loss of Bonnie and Sarah, but she insists thats not it. He warns her of the risks but agrees to think about it.

Source: CBS

12239 :49x10 - Ep. #12239

Katie runs to the cottage and blurts out that Pilars accomplice told her that Pilar intends to kill Mike. Katies urgency gets to Mike until Margo shows up and reports that Russ told Katie these things after she hit him with a baseball bat. Margo arrests Katie and takes her to the police station to book her. Mike goes to talk to Russ, but hes gone. Russ shows up at the cottage and Pilar wants him to rough her up. Carly pushes Barbara to look at her sketches and Barbara pretends to. Carly deduces that Barbara is hiding something, but Barbara claims shes just concerned about Will, having just received a report saying that he is becoming withdrawn. After, a frightened Barbara calls Walker who finds her unable to see her kids pictures in her albums. Walker declares that he wont let her sacrifice herself to save her company and that he will reveal her identity to Ben if she doesnt do something to help herself. She will see Ben if Walker can get her in to have a look at Will. Walker agrees to try. Rosanna has invited Jordan over when Paul shows up. Paul gets rid of Jordan and asks Rosanna if they can get past what he did. Rosanna says she doesnt think so and wont agree to Pauls request that she not talk to Jordan about him. Later, Paul informs Jordan that he has decided that Jordan will report only to him. Jordan refuses and Paul fires him. Carly tells Rosanna that she is officially going to work for BRO. Rosanna wants Carly to help her get to know Jordan better. Carly pushes Rosanna for the reason why and Rosanna finally admits that she intends to marry the guy.

Source: CBS

12240 :49x11 - Ep. #12240

Jack is beginning to figure out what Rosanna is up to. Meanwhile, Rosanna warns Carly that if she tells Jack her plans for marrying Jordan, Carly could be destroying Rosanna and maybe Cabot as well. Carly goes home to find Craig questioning Jack about Cabot and Rosanna. After, Jack asks Carly if she thinks Rosannas return has anything to do with Cabot. Meanwhile, Barbara interrupts Paul and Jordan and stuns Jordan by backing up Pauls demand that he be fired. While Barbara, privately, gets Paul to reconsider, Jordan packs his bags telling first Jennifer and then Rosanna about the development. Jennifer rushes to Barbara and Paul to get some answers. Rosanna, however, uses the development to get closer to Jordan and kisses him. Just as Craig bails Katie out of jail, she is stunned to see Margo bringing Russ in. She learns about Russ attack on Pilar. Katie doesnt believe it, which only alienates her from Mike further. Later, Katie confronts Pilar. Pilar shocks Katie by declaring that she is an idiot, who has only made things easier for Pilar.

Source: CBS

12241 :49x12 - Ep. #12241

Jordan questions Rosannas sudden come-on. She smoothly covers and the two play a sexy game of cat and mouse. Rosanna again offers Jordan the opportunity to work for her but he hesitates. Meanwhile, frantic Jennifer and Barbara try to locate Jordan. Jennifer confides in her mother that she is drawn to Jordan and Barbara encourages her feelings. At the Lakeview, Jordan manages to hide that hes leaving Rosannas suite from Jennifer. Jack grills Carly but she plays dumb about Rosanna having any current involvement with Cabot. Later, Jack calls Canada to warn them of a possible kidnapping attempt. Meanwhile, Carly alerts Rosanna that Jack is suspicious of her. Rosanna worries that Jack will complicate things by causing increased scrutiny on Cabot but wont elaborate. Jordan is called to BRO where Barbara makes a heartfelt pitch to keep him. Jordan agrees and Jennifer invites him to a home cooked dinner the next evening. After, Rosanna isnt pleased to find a message from Jordan saying hes staying on at BRO. When Chris leaves for his second shift, Alison goes to Metro to train. Doc shows up with an arm full of ladies and starts a party by buying rounds for everyone, telling football war stories and giving Alison lavish tips. When Curtis discovers Docs credit card is denied, he covers by using his own. Doc thanks him and promises to pay him back quickly. Meanwhile, Molly goes to Kim with concerns about Docs colorful past. Molly then gets an SOS call from Aaron with news of Docs denied card and Molly and Kim go to Metro. All is well when they arrive and Kim and Doc decide to celebrate Doc signing her offer. Alison freaks when she sees Kim and tries to sneak out but Kim spots her.

Source: CBS

12242 :49x13 - Ep. #12242

Barbara informs Jordan that Carly accepted her offer to work at BRO. Carly is shocked to find that Jordan has been rehired. Jordan covers for Barbaras vision problems. Later, Carly and Jordan size each other up. Carly tries to get information from Jordan about Rosanna and Jennifer. Jordan denies having a relationship with Jen but Carly learns that she will be cooking dinner for him tonight in Barbaras suite. Carly tips off Rosanna about Jennifers plans for dinner and Rosanna intimates her intentions to interrupt. Jack questions Rosanna about De Grassis trip to Canada. He threatens to have Rosannas credit card records subpoenaed and she finally breaks down, admitting that she had Dr Grassi break into Fairwinds to get her Cabots brush and comb. She claims she gave them to Cabots birthmother so he would have something to remember Rosanna by. Jack feels terrible, and is ready to let it go. But Rosanna trips herself up in a lie, and Jack vows to get more information. Alison hides her tips from Metro when Chris comes in. He goes to shower and Kim busts Alison on being at Metro last night. Alison insists that she only ran down to pay Aaron back some money she owed him and asks her not to tell Chris. Chris enters and gently but firmly reminds his mother that their affairs are none of her business. Ben is called to Dr. Schillers office, where he finds Jessica. He is taken aback, since he thought they were in the discussion stages about having a baby. Jessica declares that this is what she wants. They have a heart-to-heart and decide that they want to have a baby. They prepare to have the tests done to see if its possible for Jessica to get pregnant.

Source: CBS

12243 :49x14 - Ep. #12243

At Metro, Curtis calls Doc, hoping that he can get the money back before his father notices the charge he made. Doc runs right over to pay him back but its too late Ben already knows. He calls Curtis to the house and lays into him for using his emergency credit card. Doc shows up to take the blame and after a heated discussion, everything is resolved. Ben takes away Curtiss credit card to teach him a lesson. This just convinces Jessica all the more that they are ready to have a baby. Lily goes to Dusty at Metro and asks him to cover for her with Holden about her trip to Chicago. He refuses and announces that he wants out of the Rose Foundation. Molly overhears and comes across a business card for the Windy City Caf that fell out of Lilys purse. Molly surprises Lily by coming to her rescue and covering for her with Holden. Lily is grateful and confides to Molly that she is singing in Chicago as Violet Palmer and when she does it, it makes her feel closer to Rose. Molly urges Lily to come clean to Holden, certain he would understand. Later, Dusty confronts Molly about lying to Holden. Molly insists that she is tired of seeing everyone in pain, especially Holden. Frustrated Dusty declares that he is done with the lot of them! Alison tries to cook for Chris but fails miserably. He's pleased regardless. Later, Alison has to sneak out the bedroom window to get to Metro so she can avoid Kims inquisition.

Source: CBS

12244 :49x15 - Ep. #12244

Walker gets Barbara in to see Will. Meanwhile, Paul becomes very concerned when Jennifer informs him that Walker and Barbara are discussing a possible fundraiser with BRO, one that Paul didnt know about. When Jordan backs up this story, Paul becomes even more suspicious and calls Walker, who claims they are at Metro. At Metro, Paul realizes he has been lied to and goes to confront his mother. Rosanna reveals to Carly that she will get Cabot back and keep him out of danger if she marries Jordan. Jennifers date with Jordan is interrupted by Pauls arrival. Later, as set up by Rosanna and Carly, Carly breaks things up when she insists that Jennifer come to BRO immediately. After Jennifer leaves, Rosanna calls with an auto emergency and Jordan goes to help her get her car out of a ditch. While Jennifer is starting to put together that she has been set up, Rosanna slips and falls in the mud and into Jordans arms where they seem ready to kiss. Nancy realizes Alison is lying to Chris and calls her on it. Alison confides in Nancy all the money she has made and begs her to keep her secret. After warning Alison not to hurt Chris, Nancy agrees to help her.

Source: CBS

12245 :49x16 - Ep. #12245

Struggling with her condition, Barbara almost gives herself away to Paul. Walker steps in to save the day. Walker and Barbara continue to grow closer. A suspicious Paul searches Barbaras suite and finds papers giving BRO authority to Jordan. Paul arrives to tell Barbara he knows what she has done. Rosanna and Jordan nearly kiss, but theyre interrupted by Jennifer and Carly. Jennifer suspects that Carly and Rosanna are purposefully trying to keep Jennifer and Jordan apart, but keeps it to herself and gets the date with Jordan back on. Later, Rosanna schemes to get Jennifer out of town. Meanwhile, Jennifer kisses a surprised Jordan. Jessica and Ben realize it may be more difficult for her to get pregnant than they thought. To brighten her mood, and celebrate the end of her suspension, Ben takes Jessica to Metro where they run into Doc. Doc learns Jessica and Ben have no children and discovers that Jessica is a brilliant lawyer. Doc makes a comment about career women not having time for children and an upset Jessica leaves without Doc knowing she heard him.

Source: CBS

12246 :49x17 - Ep. #12246

Paul confronts Barbara about the papers she signed giving Jordan the authority to act on her behalf, but Barbara continues to keep her illness from him. Carly shows up with the news that Cabot Motors will be sponsoring the BRO fashion show. Paul questions Carly about Rosannas sudden generosity after forbidding Carly to work there. Carly cant reveal the truth, that it is all part of a plan to keep Jennifer away from Jordan. She tries to convince him that this has nothing to do with him, but Paul continues to believe that Barbara is planning to destroy him. Jordan pulls out of the kiss with Jennifer. He insists that he cant afford to get involved with her now since they work together. Jennifer suspects that he has feelings for Rosanna, but Jordan denies this. Jennifer maintains that she thinks Rosanna is after him. Later, Rosanna arranges to bump into Jordan. She tells him that he is her first friend in this new era of her life. Jordan is moved when he learns of Rosannas gift to BRO and they grow closer. Meanwhile, Barbara assures Jennifer that she hasnt lost Jordan. Mike finds Pilar at the Wagon Wheel, working as a maid. She says that she doesnt want to be a burden to him, now that Russ is no longer a danger to her. Henry fills Katie in about this turn of events and urges Katie to stop worrying about Pilar harming Mike. Katie goes to the Wagon Wheel anyway with a wild story to try and bribe the manager into letting her bug Pilars room. The manager tells Pilar about Katies plan and surprisingly, Pilar wants her to bug the room. Later, Henry sets it up so that Katie and Mike come face to face.

Source: CBS
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12247 :49x18 - Ep. #12247

Katie and Mike talk, and it seems they may finally be reconnecting. But when Katie warns Mike about Pilar again, he refuses to listen to her. Meanwhile, Russ calls Pilar, threatening to make a deal with the DA. She goes to the police station to tell Russ to sit tight. She wants Mike for herself and thinks she is making headway. Later, Katie and Henry bug Pilars room while she is at dinner with Mike. Pilar is pleased that everything is working perfectly. Walker insists that Barbara live up to her end of the bargain and allow him to bring up Ben to examine her. She agrees and Walker retrieves Ben from the Lakeview Lounge where he is sitting with Jessica and Margo. Ben informs Barbara she needs radiation therapy immediately. Barbara confesses to Walker that she is afraid and he promises to be right by her side during the treatment. Meanwhile, Doc and his date arrive in grand fashion while Jessica tells Margo she overheard Doc making assumptions about her. The hotel manager asks for Margos assistance with a rowdy customer, who turns out to be Doc. She gladly handcuffs him and drags him down to the police station for disorderly conduct. Doc is his charming, flirty self and Margo learns Doc created the disturbance so his date wouldnt get in trouble. Doc calls Jessica to represent him but she hangs up on him. Lily decides she wants to sing one last time and leaves Holden a note as she slips out. She goes to Metro and appeals to Molly to cover one more time. She insists she needs this to finally let go and Molly agrees. Holden wakes up and finds the note. He takes off to find answers. Holden confronts Molly, who finally admits she knows where Lily is.

Source: CBS

12248 :49x19 - Ep. #12248

Molly brings Holden to the Windy City Caf, where he is thunderstruck to see Violet take the stage. He starts to jump up but Molly urges him to sit and listen. Lily lovingly dedicates her first song to her sister and husband and starts to sing. When Lily spots Holden in the audience, she runs off the stage. Holden catches up with her and they have a serious discussion. To her surprise and relief, Holden is understanding and wants her to finish the song. She does and they happily head home. Paul asks Carly to take her designs out of BRO. She refuses, and Paul vows to stop her and everyone else who is on her side. Walker tells Barbara that Ben has set up an off-hour time and a fake name for her first radiation treatment. Walker is very supportive as a disguised Barbara arrives at the hospital. Bob reminds Chris not to neglect Alison while working two jobs. Chris assures his dad that things will Alison are better than ever. Meanwhile, Emily catches Alison working at Metro. She agrees to keep quiet but tries to persuade Chris to let Alison get a second job so that she can contribute. Chris admits that he doesnt want Alison working at Metro with Aaron. At Metro, Alison gets ripped off when a customers bill doesnt get paid and Molly tells her that she is responsible for making up the money. Alison promises to work until it is paid. Meanwhile, Chris gets Alison a job working at the clinic. At the police station, Jessica refuses to represent Doc but Margo manages to persuade her. A huge football fan, Lisa drops all charges against Doc after he promises to behave himself. Margo informs Doc he is free to go but warns him she doesnt want to see him around here again. Later, Doc asks Jessica just how married Margo really is.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Gregory Michael as Clark Watson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12249 :49x20 - Ep. #12249

Paul has a dream that Barbara, Rosanna and Jordan oust him from the company. He confides his suspicions to Jennifer who insists that he has it all wrong. She thinks that Rosanna wants Jordan romantically, but Paul is not persuaded. Later, he becomes even more suspicious when Barbara gets rid of him so she can talk privately to Jordan. Barbara appeals to Jordan to end his friendship with Rosanna for business reasons. He argues against this, but ultimately agrees. Carly warns Rosanna of Pauls suspicions but Rosanna maintains Paul cant hurt her anymore because she no longer trusts him. Rosanna is afraid that that she will not be able to make Jordan commit to her as quickly as she would like him to. Later, Jordan comes to Rosannas suite to announce that he needs to put distance between them. Rosanna confesses that she wants more than a friendship and pulls him into a kiss. Hal and Emily confront Walker about helping Barbara see Will. After, Emily wonders if Walker has romantic feelings for Barbara. At the hospital, Emily mentions this to Carly. They spot Barbara, who is there for her radiation treatment. Carly confronts Barbara just as her vision begins to fail again. At Metro, Lily tries to mend fences with Dusty but he gets rid of her when he sees two men enter the club. One of them, Starziak, is an old associate of Dustys from the wrong side of the law and he wants Dusty to launder money for him using the Rose Foundation. Dusty tries to argue against this, but Starziaks goon punches him. Lily returns after the men have gone and sees that Dusty is injured. He covers and they make amends. Then he asks her for a current financial report from the Foundation.

Source: CBS

12250 :49x21 - Ep. #12250

Paul goes to BRO looking for Jordan, but the place is deserted. He confronts Jordans assistant, who is forced to reveal that Jordan is with Rosanna. Paul walks in on a scantily clad Rosanna with Jordan. Rosanna convinces Jordan to let her deal with Paul and they face off. Paul accuses her of planting Jordan at BRO but Rosanna denies this, claiming that she never heard of him before he came to Oakdale. Paul threatens her not to make an enemy of him and she blows him off. Later, Paul breaks into Rosannas suite and finds her file on Jordan. Carly questions Barbara, who manages to cover. Barbara assures Walker she has everything under control, but hes concerned about her continuing this charade. They argue and Walker ends up agreeing to go with Barbara to Las Vegas for the show and for further treatment. Once back at the suite, Carly tests Barbara and realizes that she is blind. Alison learns that Chris got her a job working with him at the clinic. Desperate, she lies she enrolled in a ceramics class at OU. She later confides to Nancy why she cant quit Metro and Nancy warns her to stop digging herself in deeper.

Source: CBS

12255 :49x26 - Ep. #12255

Jennifer is stunned by Jordans sudden marriage to Rosanna. She is also shocked to learn that Jordan knew about Barbaras blindness all along. After she runs out of the chapel, Jordan begs Rosanna to allow him to tell Jennifer the truth about their marriage. Rosanna insists that when she gets Cabot back, Jordan can tell Jennifer everything. Later, Jennifer tells Jordan that she doesn't want Barbara to know that he is married until she is better and he agrees. Rosanna calls her contact to say that she has married Jordan, and wants her baby back. It turns out to be Annabelle Fettle, who shows up and announces that she doesn't know where the baby is. As Rosanna demands an explanation, Cabot is safe in Craigs arms! In Barbara's hospital room, Barbara asks Paul if their reconciliation has been a sham since the beginning. Paul admits it has but is surprised when Barbara says that she understands. She takes responsibility for what Will did to Rose and gives Paul the option to walk away from her right now. Paul asks Walker if it would be all right for Barbara to attend the fashion show. Walker agrees. Barbara assumes that he just wants her there to support him as the company's new owner, but Paul tears up the papers he got her to sign and declares that they are starting over. Barbara then asks Paul and Jordan to make peace as Jennifer and Paul take Barbara home from the hospital. Henry arrives at Deerbrook and discovers that Katie has given up. He arranges to be committed to the hospital himself so that she won't be there alone. Meanwhile, Pilar persuades Mike to let her comfort him.

Source: CBS

12256 :49x27 - Ep. #12256

At the BRO fashion show, Carly learns Jordan and Rosanna are married but theyre interrupted before she can get the scoop. The fashion show is a huge success, and Barbara, assisted by Paul and Jennifer, is able to conceal her blindness as she walks the runway to great accolades. Barbara gives credit to Carly, and offers her her own line under the BRO umbrella before heading back to Oakdale Memorial for surgery. Up in the suite, Rosanna freaks when Annabelle Fettle reveals that someone knocked her out and when she came to, the baby was gone. Jack arrives and Rosanna begs him to help her find her son. Meanwhile, Craig lets a very large, muscular European woman into his motel room and mysteriously tells her she knows what do to. Jack has Fettle arrested and Jordan finds Rosanna collapsed and sobbing. When Paul hears whats going on, he wants to help but Jack insists that he stay out if it. Craig calls Rosanna. He wants her to meet him at a wedding chapel to remarry him, so that they'll be a family again. Margo and Tom are shocked to find Doc in their kitchen cooking dinner. Margo is surprised, and a little disappointed, when Ben and Jessica arrive but covers. After dinner, Margo walks Doc out and he invites her on a lunch date. She turns him down but kisses him on the cheek. Inside, Jessica notices Margos hand trembling and busts her on having a serious crush on Doc. Chris surprises Alison with a gift: her very own potter's wheel. He asks her to make a plate for Bob and Kims anniversary. She tries to beg off but cant. Nancy demands that Alison come clean, but she insists that she can't disappoint Chris and his parents. She will just have to learn to make the plate.

Source: CBS

12257 :49x28 - Ep. #12257

Rosanna puts off Jordan, grabs Carly and rushes to the chapel to meet Craig. Jack learns that Craig contacted Rosanna with news of Cabot and he goes off to track them down. Meanwhile, Lucy has shown up in Vegas looking for Rosanna and she encounters Paul. She reveals that her father called her and said they were all going to be a family again. Paul uses Lucy's cell phone to find out where Craig is staying. Paul leaves and Lucy ends up in Rosanna's suite, where she meets Jordan. Meanwhile, Rosanna and Carly get to the chapel and Craig learns that Rosanna just got married to Jordan. Jack, Jordan and Lucy arrive and all try to get Craig to tell them where Cabot is. Meanwhile, Paul finds Cabot at Craig's motel, and per Craig's instructions, Dalma, the guard, knocks Paul unconscious. Sparks from the broken lamp ignite and the room catches fire. Dalma runs away, leaving Paul and the baby in danger. Jessica warns Margo about her "crush" on Doc. Margo denies, but after she receives flowers, she agrees to be careful. At WOAK, Doc gets served papers from his ex-wife who is suing him. He goes ballistic and is caught attacking the process server on air. Kim catches sight of the brawl at WOAK and storms to the station. She tells Doc he's out of chances. Doc summons Jessica to get him out of yet another fix, interrupting her and Ben's plans for romance. Alison calls Aaron and asks him to help her find an artist she can get to make the anniversary plate for Kim and Bob. Unfortunately, Aaron can only find expensive plates. Alison attempts to work on the wheel on her own, and between the lies and the spinning, she gets nauseous.

Source: CBS

12258 :49x29 - Ep. #12258

Lucy reveals the location of Craigs motel room, where everyone suspects he is keeping the baby. Meanwhile, as the motel fire worsens, a crying Cabot wakes up Paul. Jack, Rosanna, and Jordan get there and Rosanna can hear her baby crying in the burning room. She is stunned when Paul emerges from the flames with the baby. Lucy and Carly lambaste Craig for his attempt to blackmail Rosanna into coming back to him by kidnapping Cabot. Craig realizes that he has lost everyone that matters to him and that he is truly alone. Later, a thrilled Rosanna reconnects with her baby. She thanks Paul for saving Cabot's life. When Paul hears that Jordan and Rosanna got hitched, he realizes that something is up. By pretending to be drugged up, Henry is able to trick Katie out of her hopeless state. They come up with the scheme to get to Russ at the jail in order to expose Pilar but Henry finds out he can't get himself un-committed. They try to plot their escape but are thwarted by the orderly and the nurse, who decide to keep them separated. Meanwhile, in an impulsive moment, Mike makes love to Pilar. She now has him exactly where she wants him and snaps a photo of herself and a sleeping Mike in bed together post lovemaking. Starziak roughs up Molly when she tries to stonewall him and Rocco from finding Dusty. Dusty is furious and declares that he won't do business with them any more. Starziak insists he'll put the squeeze on Lily if necessary and they come to blows. Molly is able to get rid of the thugs and demands an explanation from Dusty. He reveals the truth about the money laundering and she threatens to expose him to Lily.

Source: CBS

12259 :49x30 - Ep. #12259

Pilar drops by Deerbrook to show Katie a picture of her and Mike in the afterglow of their romp in the sack. Katie freaks out, and is even more determined to find out what Pilar is up to. She and Henry agree to pursue the Russ angle. Back at the cottage, Mike tells Pilar that their one night of passion was just that - one night. Pilar pretends to be relieved that she and Mike didn't wreck their friendship, but there still is undeniable sexual tension between them. Jordan tells Rosanna he wants out of the marriage. She pleads with him and he grudgingly agrees to another two weeks. At the hospital, Jennifer and Paul are there to support Barbara, as she is about to have surgery that will hopefully restore her sight. When Barbara wonders where Jordan is, Paul gently reveals that hes on his honeymoon. Barbara is stunned to hear about Jordans marriage to Rosanna and cant figure it out. As she is wheeled off to surgery, Walker vows to be there for her. Carly arrives to check on Barbara and thanks Paul for saving Cabots life. They discuss Jordan and Rosanna and Paul notes that he knows something else is going on but he wishes Rosanna well. Jordan runs into Jennifer, who wonders how he could hate her so much that he'd lie to her about the whole Rosanna thing. Desperate, Jordan blurts out that maybe his marriage isnt what it seems. Jack visits Rosanna, hoping to see the legal proof of her adoption. Rosanna hedges until Annabelle shows up with the paperwork. Jack leaves and Rosanna's overjoyed until Annabelle shows her a shocking addendum.

Source: CBS

12260 :49x31 - Ep. #12260

Walker informs Paul and Jennifer that Barbara is out of surgery and it went well. Jennifer is cool but gracious towards Jordan, which only makes him feel worse. He is tempted to come clean with Jen, but Carly reminds him that Cabot's safety is at stake. Paul and Jennifer visit with Barbara, and Walker arranges a call from Will. Barbara declares that this is her best success of all - her family being together. Rosanna wont sign a contract naming Jordan as the adopted parent. Annabelle holds firm and eventually, Rosanna concedes. Carly arrives and Rosanna considers having Jordan sign long enough for the papers to go through, then the two of them can get divorced. Carly reads the contract and points out a codicil saying Rosanna and Jordan must stay married for two years. Rosanna is devastated as Jordan enters and sees the adoption papers. With Katies help, Henry makes his escape and heads to put pressure on Russ. Meanwhile, Pilar gets closer to Mike and they wind up making love again - this time at Mike's initiation. Katie is busted and questioned about Henry's disappearance. She stonewalls but learns later that the staff doctor has gone to the police station where Henry has just arrived to question Russ. Kim asks Margo to have Tom speak to Doc about his behavior. Margo decides to talk to Doc herself and arranges a meeting. Though Margo's intention is to lay down the law, they wind up having a great time together.

Source: CBS

12261 :49x32 - Ep. #12261

Rosanna explains to Jordan that he has to sign the papers and adopt Cabot, too. He protests that he never agreed to that, but when she tearfully pleads that she'll lose her son again if he doesn't sign, he gives in. Rosanna drops the bomb that they have to stay married for two years. Jordan flips and accuses Rosanna of having known this all along. A panicked Rosanna begs him to just sign so she can keep Cabot and promises she'll find a way out of this. Jordan signs but warns her shes got two weeks to make everything right. Katie desperately tries to reach Henry to warn him that the doctor from Deerbrook is at the police station. Meanwhile, Henry pulls out all the stops to convince Russ that Pilar is planning on taking off for the good life with Mike and leaving Russ in the dust. Henry finally gets a message from Katie, and manages to sneak out. But back at Deerbrook, he and Katie are busted, and Henry is hauled off to solitary lock-up. Mike discovers the photo Pilar took of them post lovemaking but shes able to cover. Russ calls and demands to see her right away. He issues her an ultimatum: either she gets him out of here and delivers the money she promised, or hell talk. Meanwhile, Mike asks Margo to check on Katie, deciding not to contact her himself. Lucy confides in Lucinda about Craigs shenanigans in Vegas. She's so upset that she decided to move back to Montega. Craig begs Lucy not to leave him. He apologizes and pleads for another chance, swearing he'll change. Lucy realizes he cant change. She holds firm - he is her father and she loves him, but cannot deal with him anymore. Lucy calls Montega and leaves a message for her mom.

Source: CBS

12262 :49x33 - Ep. #12262

Carly reveals to Rosanna that Jennifer is still holding out hope for herself and Jordan. Rosanna confronts Jordan, accusing him of saying something to Jennifer about their marriage not being legit. They argue and Jordan walks out. Paul shows up and asks what's going on, but Rosanna won't confide in him. Instead, she asks him to make sure that Jordan doesn't suffer at BRO because of his marriage to her. Paul persuades Barbara not to fire Jordan. Later on, Carly is shocked when Rosanna reveals who is behind the marriage scheme. Rosanna tries to force Annabelle into setting up a meeting with her boss, but she refuses. Taking matters into her own hands, Rosanna goes to the prison and demands to see James Stenbeck. Lily wants Holden to be there when she forgives Dusty for what she thinks was an innocent mistake. Starziak calls Metro and alerts Molly that he is watching Lily and Holden. Molly reports this to Dusty, who remains mum about the threat when Lily and Holden show up to say all is forgiven. Molly exposes the truth and an angry Lily accuses Dusty of setting up the Rose Foundation as a front. She declares that she's cutting him out of its operation. Holden blames Dusty for putting Lily and their family in danger. Chris asks Alison when the commemorative plate for his parents will be finished. Alison is on the brink of freaking out when Aaron shows up with a plate that he's had made. Alison shows the plate to Chris and Susan before Aaron has a chance to tell her that the true artisan's name is on the back. As Alison attempts to get the plate away from Chris, she drops it and it breaks.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12263 :49x34 - Ep. #12263

Stenbeck refuses to see Rosanna, who goes to Paul for help. Paul guesses that Stenbeck is behind the return of the baby and the marriage to Jordan. Although Paul is hesitant about having Stenbeck back in his life, he agrees to help Rosanna. Jordan and Jennifer run into each other at BRO. She again questions him about what he meant when he told her his marriage wasn't what it seemed, but he wont say. If she's so angry with him, Jordan challenges her to punch him if it will make her feel better. So, she does. Alison is forced to try to make a new plate to replace the one that broke. Aaron tries to help her but it's a disaster. Finally, Aaron agrees to buy her another one, getting her even deeper in debt. Meanwhile, Chris gets his shift at the clinic covered so that he can take Alison for a night out at Metro, where Alison is due to report for work. Still trying to get pregnant, Ben and Jessica make love at the hospital. Jessica has asked Margo to cover for her at a meeting between Doc and his ex and to keep Doc from misbehaving. The ex provokes Margo and Margo figures out that she had plastic surgery. Together, Margo and Doc realize that the woman secretly had Doc pay for the surgery, so the case is dropped. Doc and Margo are celebrating when Jessica arrives. In private, Jessica accuses Margo of having strong feelings for Doc.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12264 :49x35 - Ep. #12264

At Metro, Margo insists to Doc that she's a happily married woman. Tom arrives and the moment is uncomfortable until Tom steps away and Margo decides they've got to end this right away. Meanwhile, Alison finds herself doing double duty as a date and a barmaid when Molly won't give her the night off. Just as she's fumbling for an explanation to Chris, Tom and Margo, Molly interrupts with the news that Alison is relieved of duty. James agrees to see Rosanna and Paul. Rosanna begs James to remove Jordan from the papers. James informs her that Jordan has more claim to the kid than she does - since he is Cabots biological father! Rosanna's horrified that James engineered the entire thing. Jordan tells Carly that he's more determined than ever to stick with the two-week limit on this marriage. Hes suspicious when he hears Rosanna is with Paul. Carly finally admits that Pauls father James Stenbeck is the one pulling the stings and makes Jordan promise not to repeat what she's said. Jordan explains that he doesn't want to get close to Cabot because, despite the adoption agreement, he's just not prepared to be a father. Rosanna and Paul enter and claim they know nothing more about Jordan's connection than before they met Stenbeck. Jordan says she'd better figure something out in the next two weeks and leaves. Rosanna doesn't want to say anything to Jordan about Cabots paternity until they know if Stenbeck told the truth. Jennifer feels better after socking Jordan, and shares her feelings with her mother. Barbara warns her to be careful. Later, Jordan finds Jennifer at BRO and, after an awkward moment, surprises her with a kiss.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12265 :49x36 - Ep. #12265

Jordan confides in Jennifer that his marriage to Rosanna is a sham that is only intended to help her hold on to her son. Meanwhile, Paul persuades Rosanna that they have to assume James was telling the truth about Jordan being Cabot's father. She insists on getting a DNA test and asks Walker to administer it. Rosanna and Paul decide that it is best to keep Jordan busy until they can get to the bottom of things so they begin to encourage a relationship with Jennifer. Pauls sudden interest in her love life makes Jennifer suspicious. Later, Jordan walks in on Rosanna and Walker as they discuss the paternity test. After Margo finds out that Henry has become a patient at Deerbrook, she and Tom pay him a visit. Katie persuades them to get Henry out of Deerbrook. Later, a stranger watches Katie through the window. Meanwhile, Russ pressures Pilar to get him out of jail, threatening to expose her plan to get to Mike. Pilar tries to convince Mike that they should not testify against Russ, but Mike refuses. After, Russ calls again and warns that hell talk to the police in the morning unless Pilar does something. Barbara asks Walker to remove her bandages early. He does, and she is relieved to find that her vision seems to be restored. Barbara is happy when she receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers - but is horrified to discover that they are from James!

Source: CBS

12266 :49x37 - Ep. #12266

Henry insists that Katie isnt crazy. He tells Margo and Mike about Pilars plot, and his visit to Russ. Mike is alerted when Henry reveals that Pilar visited Deerbrook to taunt Katie with a photo of Pilar and Mike in bed. Mike and Margo wonder if they could have been wrong about Katie and vow to find out. Later, Pilar returns home and attempts to seduce Mike. He turns down her advances, but doesnt reveal why. Meanwhile, Henry admits to Margo that he put a personal ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine urging Simon to come home because Katie needs him. At Deerbrook, Katie sees the man watching through the window but the doctors think shes delusional. When Katie realizes its Simon - she wonders if she really is losing her mind. At the police station, Russ finally agrees to give Pilar 24 hours to raise bail or hell spill all. After, Pilar makes a mysterious one-way call asking someone to meet her at the Lakeview Lounge. Jordan walks in on Rosanna and Walker, who covers. After, Rosanna surprises Jordan by assuring him that he will be out of the marriage and adoption shortly. Jordans suspicious that everything is suddenly falling into place so easily but Rosanna manages to convince him its legit. Barbara is shaken by James flowers and immediately dumps them in the trash. She summons Paul, who is thrilled to learn that Barbara has her sight back. Jennifer joins them and since everyone is so happy, she decides to keep mum about James. Jordan shares the good news from Rosanna, but Jen is concerned. Later, she questions Lucy about Rosanna and Cabot. Lucy doesnt know much and suggests Jennifer talk to Craig. Walker asks Barbara out. She declines, pointing out her troubled past. Walker insists hes not interested in the past but the future. She agrees, and secretly vows not to let James mess up her life again.

Source: CBS

12267 :49x38 - Ep. #12267

Rosanna confides in Carly she has a plan in motion to get her lawyers to nullify the adoption contract naming Jordan as the father. Meanwhile, Jennifer goes to Craig and asks about the agency in which Cabot was placed in hopes of finding out who is behind this whole mess. Meanwhile, Jordan learns that Barbara received flowers from James Stenbeck. When he questions her about James, she brushes him off. Craig calls Rosanna and threatens to put a wrench into her plans by suing for joint custody of Cabot. A fuming Rosanna goes to Fairwinds and announces that Craig is evicted and thanks to her, broke! Back at the hospital, Barbara catches Jennifer and Jordan in a kiss. Barbara pulls her daughter aside, and Jen explains the truth about Jordan and Rosannas sham marriage. Jennifer reveals that someone, possibly dangerous and powerful, is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Barbara realizes it might be James and asks Walker to take her to see him. Later, despite warnings from Jordan, Jennifer continues to pursue the issue and pretends to be Rosanna as she sets up a meeting with Annabelle. Meanwhile, Rosanna gets the DNA test results and learns Jordan is Cabots biological father. Simon surprises Katie by masquerading as a doctor and taking her out of Deerbrook. Back at the cottage, Simon tells Katie that hes turned informant for the Australian government. Hes out of danger and wants her back. Meanwhile, Pilar questions Mike about his aloofness from last night. Mike claims hes just distracted with work. Margo and Mike decide to lean on Russ to see if hell crack. But when they get to the police station, they discover Russ has bailed himself out (thanks to Pilar). Meanwhile, Russ calls Pilar and says hes not leaving until he gets whats promised to him.

Source: CBS

12268 :49x39 - Ep. #12268

Rosanna tries to convince Carly that shes right not to tell Jordan the truth about being Cabots father. Rosanna gets a call saying her lawyers have drawn up a new contract, which Jordan will sign and thereby give up custody of the boy. A thrilled Jordan heads to the courthouse. Jennifer is unsuccessful in getting any info from Annabelle, but Fettle drops a hint about biology which alerts her. Jennifer then finds the DNA report and learns the truth. After briefly struggling with what to do next, she goes to the courthouse to stop Jordan from signing away his rights as a father until he knows the truth. Meanwhile, Barbara visits James. He reveals that Jordan is Cabots father and that hes been setting up a new family. He then sends her a package with an old photograph of a boy in the arms of a woman standing in front of an orphanage. Barbara wonders what Jordan Sinclair is to James Stenbeck. Alisons attempt at pottery has resulted in a horrible plate to give to Kim and Bob for their anniversary. Unbeknownst to Alison, Nancy takes pity on her and goes out to get her a plate. Meanwhile, Aaron also shows up with another new plate. At the end, Bob and Kim and Chris are confused by the presence of three plates! Doc brings Margo some dumbbells and suggests that they meet for a rendezvous in the Lakeview. Jessica arrives to talk to Margo about her fertility problems, but Margo keeps spacing out and having sexual fantasies about Doc. Jessica asks Margo to go with her to a fertility specialist, which Ben doesnt know about. Margo agrees, even though she knows that Doc is waiting for her.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12269 :49x40 - Ep. #12269

Rosanna pleads with Jordan to sign the adoption papers and Jordan agrees, thinking its best for the child. But Jennifer stops him, urging him to be absolutely sure of what hes doing. Rosanna surprises everyone by being understanding, and offers to give Jordan time alone with Cabot. Carly confides in Jack about Cabots true paternity and that Stenbeck is somehow involved. Hes sympathetic but warns he wont look the other away if the law is being violated. Rosanna summons Carly to the courthouse with Cabot. In the corridor, Rosanna reveals to Carly and Paul that shes planning on leaving town for good right now! Jack enters and doesnt let Rosanna go. After learning that Rosanna was planning to take off with Cabot, Jordan demands a police guard be stationed outside Rosannas Lakeview suite. Sierra is back in town for Lucys graduation. Shes accompanied by her new husband Alan Drake. Sierra catches up with Lucinda at the lounge, while Lucy finds a disheveled Craig at his new home, the Metro. Lucy breaks it to Craig that shes leaving Oakdale for Montega after graduation. Craig pleads with Lucy not to leave when Sierra enters. She announces that shes not alone and introduces her new husband to Lucy and Craig. The jig is up for Alison. Confronted with three anniversary plates, Alison confesses all to Chris, while Nancy fills in Bob and Kim. Chris is forgiving, but Alison is humiliated and tells Chris she can no longer face his parents. Alison packs her bags and moves out. Chris blames Kim for forcing Alison to feel unwelcome. He calls Susan to talk to Alison, but she didnt go home. Meanwhile, a distraught Alison shows up at Aarons looking for a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on.

Source: CBS

12270 :49x41 - Ep. #12270

Simon tries to reach out to Katie, but shes self protective and distant. Henry comes home and is overjoyed to see them both, but quickly picks up on Katies feelings toward Simon. Margo arrives and discovers Katie and Simon together. Katie begs her not to send her back to Deerbrook and Simon convinces Margo to have Katie released into his custody. Later, Simon kisses Katie. Meanwhile, Mike confronts Pilar about what he knows of her visit to Katie at Deerbrook. Pilar insists that she did it all for Mike. Pilar then calls Russ and says she needs one last favor. Mike phones Henry who comes over and informs him that Simon is back. Lucys graduation party ends in disaster when Craig makes a spectacle of himself and Lucy goes off after him. Meanwhile, Starziack pays another threatening visit to Dusty who shrugs him off as Molly witnesses. Later, Lucy goes to Metro looking for Craig and is jumped by two thugs. Alison asks Aaron to be her roommate and he refuses. Aaron suggests that she move in with her mom, so as not to complicate her relationship with Chris. At the Hughes house, Emily and Susan question Chris about Alisons disappearance. Kim and Susan have words, while Chris tells Emily he thinks he knows where Alison is. Susan and Emily arrive at Aarons and Alison agrees to live with Susan. Susan and Emily leave, and Alison and Aaron end up in a pillow fight which Chris shows up to see. Alone with Alison, Chris admits that hes jealous because Alison turned to Aaron and not him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Marie Masters as Susan Stewart | Daniel Oreskes as Kenny Starziak | Mike Dooly as Russell Tyler | Sean Haberle as Don Creel | Kenneth R. Simmons as Wade Larson

12271 :49x42 - Ep. #12271

Mike is stunned to learn Simon is back in Oakdale. Meanwhile, Katie pulls away from Simons kiss and wont get close to him. He realizes the reason is Mike. Mike shows up and Simon blasts him for not taking care of Katie. An emotional Katie and Mike share an intense moment as Katie explains to Mike that what they had was special, but its over now. Mike is devastated as Katie turns to Simon and the couple makes love. Margo wants to know what it will take to convince Doc shes not interested. He tells her a private conversation. Margo rebuffs this idea, and Doc follows her into the womens locker room, insisting they have this out. Margo tells Doc off, but her words are not convincing enough. He kisses her and she responds. Alison and Chris reconcile, but Alison insists that she cant stand living with his family. Chris suggests they find a place together, but Alison points out they have no money the only option for her is Susans and Chris agrees to move there with her. Chris breaks the news to his family and Kim is surprisingly okay, thinking a taste of life in the Stewart house may just bring him home. Later, Chris walks into the Stewart home, and sees Susan naked. Jessica tells Ben shes taking a fertility drug. Hes upset, but ultimately supports her. At Metro, Lucy is attacked and everyone blames Dusty. Although Molly maintains that he knows more than hes letting on, Dusty refuses to cooperate with Hal. To Craigs dismay, Sierra decides that Lucy will leave Oakdale today.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sean Haberle as Don Creel | Chloe Whiteford as Jill

12272 :49x43 - Ep. #12272

Rosanna is alarmed when Jordan demands to see Cabot alone. Carly urges Rosanna to cooperate with Jordan, if she wants to keep her baby. Jordan is uncertain how he feels about being a father, but his attachment to Jennifer continues to grow stronger. Rosanna is not pleased when Jennifer shows up with Jordan. Rosanna remarks that shes not sure she wants Jennifer around her son, but Jordan points out that this is not about what she wants. Rosanna is concerned that Jordan will end up cutting her out of Cabots life if he truly bonds with the child. Meanwhile, it seems that Jordan is finally starting to feel a connection with his son. Margo and Docs kiss is interrupted and a horrified Margo flees from the locker room and runs right into Tom. He can see something is wrong, but assumes it has to do with Katie. After, Doc is stung when he sees Margo kiss Tom. Margo insists Tom take her home and make love to her. Everyone is freaked out in the Stewart household as Alison learns that Chris saw her mother naked. Alison fears this is a bad omen, but Chris assures her that everything will be fine. Susan breaks the tension, but later tells Chris that they should forget what happened. She asks him not to tell Kim about this. Craig is thrilled when Lucy agrees to stay in Oakdale one more day. Meanwhile, Dusty decides to take matters into his own hands.

Source: CBS

12273 :49x44 - Ep. #12273

With Jennifers help, Jordan bonds with Cabot. Rosanna confides in Paul shes worried about what Jordan will want with Cabot, but convinces herself not to worry. However, she is less than pleased when she finds Cabot in Jennifers arms. A determined Jordan announces that hes not going to walk away from his son. Meanwhile, Barbara and Paul come to the shocking conclusion that Jordan could be James Stenbecks son - and possibly Barbara's as well. As they consider this possibility, Jennifer and Jordan make love for the first time. Dusty confronts Starziak with a gun in the steam room. He tries to convince Dusty that he didnt send the two thugs who tried to snatch Lucy. At Metro, Lucy says good-bye to Craig. Dusty recalls the thugs who snatched Lucy and he wonders whether or not what Starziak said is true. Could the guys who attacked Lucy have no connection to Dusty after all? Dusty presses Lucy for info about the guys, but Craig steps in to stop his questioning. Carly gets a big fat check from Barbara for her work at BRO. She sets up a fun surprise for Jack, giving him a new red Corvette.

Source: CBS

12274 :49x45 - Ep. #12274

Barbara is desperate to warn Jennifer away from Jordan, but Paul cautions her against saying anything for now. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jennifer wake up in each others arms in the next room! Barbara walks in on this and begs her daughter to stay away from Jordan he is married with a child but Jennifer refuses. Jordan is determined to see James Stenbeck and find out how he got into this whole mess. Jennifer and Jordan turn to Jack, who agrees to help. Paul confesses his belief that Jordan is James son to Rosanna, who reels but finds comfort in Pauls arms. Later, Rosanna tells Carly that if there is going to be a war with Jordan over Cabot, Rosanna wants Paul on her side. Meanwhile, Paul and Barbara take off on a mission to find out about Jordans past. Henry interrupts Katie and Simons romantic breakfast with the news that theyve been robbed. Katie is upset that most of the pieces stolen were irreplaceable family heirlooms. Henry tells Margo he is sure Pilar is the one who robbed them to get bail for Russ. Mike wakes to find Pilars bags packed and a note from her that shes out looking for a place to live. Meanwhile, Pilar meets with Russ who has been bailed out with money from Pilar. She asks him for one more favor. Later, Pilar returns to the cottage and tries to worm her way closer to Mike, but he pulls away. Suddenly, a rock comes crashing through the cottage window. Mike finds an apparently drunken Russ, shouting threats that hell get even with Pilar for putting him in the slammer! Behind Mike, Pilar smiles.

Source: CBS

12275 :49x46 - Ep. #12275

Jordan and Jennifer wait as Jack goes to see James about Jordan. Jennifer expresses her fears about James, but Jordan insists that he has to pursue anyone who can give him information about his past. Later, Jack reports that James claims to know nothing about Jordan, but agrees to see him. After, Jack takes Jordan to the prison to meet James. Meanwhile, Paul and Barbara question the director of the orphanage about Jordan and discover that Barbara isnt his mother. They also learn that a woman named Annie Weatherbee brought Jordan to the orphanage and stayed on to protect him. They get Jordans birth certificate and confirm that his father is James, but his mother remains a mystery. Henry confides in Katie that he went to Margo with his theory that Pilar was the one who stole the jewelry. Katie is afraid that this will put her between Mike and Pilar again. Meanwhile, Margo arrives at Mikes right after a drunken Russ leaves. As Margo tells Mike about the robbery, it is obvious that Pilar did in fact steal the jewelry. Although Pilar professes to be innocent, Margo privately tells Mike that she is beginning to think she has been wrong about Pilar all along. Later, Mike comes to Katie to say he thinks hes been wrong about everything. Meanwhile, after some investigating, Simon gets information on who pawned the jewelry and gets the jewelry back. Later, Pilar meets with an angry Russ, who demands more money as Simon watches. Simon confronts Pilar and she says it took him long enough to show up!

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12276 :49x47 - Ep. #12276

Upon their discovery that Jordan is in fact James son, Paul and Barbara rush back to Oakdale with the proof. Meanwhile, an edgy Rosanna lambastes Carly for letting Jennifer into her suite to find those test results. Carly assures Rosanna she didnt do it on purpose and Rosanna confides to Carly her fears of Cabots lineage. Paul arrives and confirms Rosannas worst nightmare. Meanwhile, Jennifer informs Barbara that Jordan is visiting James. Barbara alerts Paul that Jordan and James are together and Paul leaves to find out whats going on. At the prison, James explains his involvement in Jordans life but doesnt reveal that Jordan is his son. The two men face off. Paul enters, assuming Jordan knows the truth and blurts it out to a shocked Jordan. Mike tells Katie he finally believes her about Pilar but she maintains that it doesnt change anything. Shes with Simon now and she has to trust him again. Meanwhile, Pilar lets Simon have it. It turns out that Simon hired Pilar to come back to Oakdale to break up Mike and Katie. Pilar insists she wants the money he promised her but Simon refuses. Pilar threatens to go to Katie with everything, but Simon knows she stole Katies jewelry. She pleads her case and he agrees to think about what to do next. Later, Simon gives Katie back her jewels and vows to never break another promise to her again. Elsewhere, Mike kicks Pilar out of the cottage. At the shooting range, Margo cant get her kiss with Doc out of her head. Doc seeks her out and says he knows she wants him like he wants her; its only a matter of time. He gives her his room key and leaves it up to her. Later, Margo arrives in front of his door with his key.

Source: CBS

12277 :49x48 - Ep. #12277

Jordan reels from the news that James is his father. Paul demands answers, but James has a prison guard throw him out. Alone, Jordan blasts James for abandoning him, and then manipulating and controlling him. He refuses to have anything to do with James, and storms out. Meanwhile, Barbara reveals to Jennifer that Jordan is James son and begs her to break things off with him. Later, Jordan returns and Jennifer runs into his arms. Rosanna comes up with a desperate plan to take the baby and run. Paul shows up and although she manages to bypass his questions, he realizes something is up. Paul arrives as the airport as she is about to board her plane. Rosanna begs him not to stop her and Paul hugs her, urging her to go far away and never look back. Dusty desperately tries to convince Craig, Lucinda and Lily that it wasnt him but Lucy the thugs were after but no one believes him. A frustrated Dusty warns that hes done all he can and heads out, as a mystery man follows. Meanwhile, Craig says good-bye to Lucy and puts her in her limo to the airport. Outside, Dusty realizes the limo driver is one of the men that abducted Lucy. As he moves to take off after it, hes grabbed by an IRS agent and arrested! A very conflicted Margo stands outside Docs hotel room. Finally, she slips the key under the door and walks away. Later, they both end up at the gym to blow off steam. Jessica arrives and Margo tells her that shes put an end to Docs flirtation. Jessica is glad but feels faint and she goes off to buy a pregnancy test. Later, Margo enters the mens steam room and finds herself face to face with Doc.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12278 :49x49 - Ep. #12278

Jennifer warns her mother to not interfere with her relationship with Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan, Carly and Jack learn that Rosanna has fled with Cabot and everyone suspects Paul of helping her go. Paul claims innocence, but then makes a surprising emotional appeal to Jordan to let Rosanna go for Cabots sake. Jordan rejects Pauls plea and makes it clear to his brother that he will find Rosanna and the baby. Meanwhile, Rosanna changes her flight plan and thinks she is truly safe. Dusty escapes from the IRS agent and manages to follow the limo and grab Lucy from the driver. Lucy is terrified by Dustys actions, but he works hard to get her to understand she was in the middle of being kidnapped. Lucy feels better when Dusty promises to call the police, but Dusty realizes he is going to be arrested for money laundering and hangs up the phone. When Lucy asks when the police will be here, Dusty informs her there has been a change of plans. While a disappointed Jessica realizes she is not pregnant, Margo and Doc find themselves in the steam room and unable to resist each other. They are interrupted and Margo takes off. She confides all in Jessica, fearing her attraction to Doc is beyond her control. Later, Jessica confronts Doc, unaware that Kim is within earshot.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee

12279 :49x50 - Ep. #12279

Jordan tells Jennifer and Paul hes going to James for help in finding his son. James is pleased when Jordan shows up at his prison cell and vows to find Rosanna and Cabot. Jordan wonders what he wants in return, and James claims nothing, but requests that someday he bring Cabot by to see his granddad. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Paul go to Barbara to tell her that Jordan has turned to James for help, but Walker insists Barbara needs rest. Walker promises Barbara hell protect her from James and they kiss. Jordan returns to the Lakeview and fills Jennifer in on his meeting with James, while Paul leaves a frantic message for Rosanna. Realizing he cant turn to the cops, Dusty tells Lucy shes not going anywhere. Lucy tries to escape, but Dusty stops her. He tries to calm her, but she wants out, so Dusty ties her up. Later, Dusty unties sleeping Lucys feet and ponders his next move. Meanwhile, news of Lucys abduction reaches Hal, Lucinda, Lily and Craig. Lily comforts a distraught Craig and brings him home, much to Lucinda and Holdens dismay. While tearing into Doc for courting Margo, Jessica doubles over and is rushed to the hospital. Shes okay, but Dr. Schiller wants her to come off her fertility drugs. Jessica decides shell get a different doctor. Meanwhile, Margo takes Jessica s condition as a sign and declares that she and Doc can no longer see each other. Kim walks in on a goodbye hug, but Doc is able to cover. Later, Doc and Margo share a charged look and Jessica takes note.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12280 :49x51 - Ep. #12280

Katie envisions her future with Simon, fighting off any doubts that she isnt doing the right thing choosing him over Mike. Meanwhile, Simon is paying off Pilar for the work she did to put distance between Mike and Katie. After, Mike rejects Pilar, who cannot seem to let him go. Later, Simon and Katie discuss plans for their future. When Pilar shows up at Katies, Simon fears that Pilar will ruin everything. The local newspaper announces the Six Keys to The Kingdom contest where the first team to solve the clues in the paper and gather 6 keys wins $300,000. Various teams including Tom and Casey, Alison and Chris, Aaron and Curtis and Susan and Emily begin to form while Henry scrambles to find a partner. Alisons lack of knowledge puts her at a disadvantage. When Chris is forced to leave her and go to the hospital, and she ends up on a wild-goose chase. Tom and Casey solve the clue, and win the first part of the contest. Meanwhile, Margo still cant get Doc out of her thoughts. She has to drop off some things for Tom at WOAK and Doc misreads this as a sign she wants to see him and follows her. Margo tries to resist, but once again they end up kissing and accidentally fall to the ground, only to be discovered by Alison.

12281 :49x52 - Ep. #12281

Mike tells Henry he thinks Pilar has left town for good. Meanwhile, Simon manages to hide Pilar from Katie and reiterates his love for his wife. Pilar threatens to spill all to Katie unless Simon agrees to help her get Mike back. Simon appears to give in, but once Pilar is gone he proposes to Katie that they leave for Australia immediately. Alison assumes that Margo and Doc are a team in the contest and Margo allows her to think that. Once Alison is gone, Margo shocks Doc by admitting that her feelings for him are not going to go away. Meanwhile, an upset Alison realizes that Chris cant be her partner due to his responsibilities at the hospital. She decides that she needs to team up with someone with a great knowledge of Oakdale history in order to win and turns to Nancy. Later on, Alison innocently mentions seeing Margo with a partner and Tom senses that something is wrong. He confronts Margo but she covers. Later, Doc overhears Tom express his worries about Margo while Margo, alone, breaks down. As Sierras husband, Alan, arrives, Craig and Lily are reeling over Dustys kidnapping of Lucy. Meanwhile, Dusty is trying to convince Lucy that there may be a way out of all of this. Dusty arranges a meeting with Craig and Alan to give the conditions for Lucys release. He is concerned for both himself and Lucy. Once alone, Lucy remains suspicious of Dusty and, fearing that he may abandon her or simply keep her, struggles to get free. Meanwhile, Craig demands to know where Lucy is.

12282 :49x53 - Ep. #12282

While Dusty meets with Craig and Alan, Lucy manages to get free. Craig agrees to protect Lucy, so Dusty reveals her location. Meanwhile, Lucy is about to escape when her real kidnappers arrive, dressed as state troopers. They try to convince her to come with them, but she recognizes them and hides in the bathroom. Dusty grabs her as she is climbing out the bathroom window. Craig, Hal and Alan arrive at the abandoned house, finding only the bloody towel that Lucy used when she cut herself climbing out the window. Eslewhere, Lucy accuses Dusty of sending the kidnappers to get her but Dusty swears he had nothing to do with their return. Dusty lays down the law to Lucy and says that she can stay with him and hell try to help her outor she can take off on her own. Katie is stunned when Simon says he wants to leave right away and live in Australia indefinitely. Pilar returns and tells Simon that she wants him to convince Mike that Katie has changed her mind about Pilar. Simon says that Mike will never believe that. Pilar warns that Simon had better make him believe it by tonight, or Simons marriage is over. Katie finally agrees to go to Australia, but insists on having a going away party first. Walker advises Barbara to back off of Jennifer and Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan gets a letter from Stenbeck at Barbaras suite, and Jennifer realizes that Stenbeck is having them watched. Barbara and Walker show up and Barbara announces that she wont try to come between them, as long as Jordan has nothing to do with James. Later, a box of cigars arrives at the suite with a note for Jordan from James. Barbara vows that James may have Jordan in his grasp, but he will never have her daughter.

12283 :49x54 - Ep. #12283

Paul confronts James, demanding to know his true motives regarding Jordan. James accuses Paul of not having any loyalty to blood and blows him off. Meanwhile, Barbara warns Jennifer about anything related to Stenbeck but Jennifer declares shes with Jordan no matter what. Jordan goes to visit James and sets down some rules. James appreciates his son s nerve. Stenbeck insists that he isnt asking for a thing and promises he will help him get his son back. Barbara shares her fears with Paul. Jennifer urges them to accept that she and Jordan are together and Jordan knows what hes doing. Paul privately tells Barbara he is determined to keep Jordan from ever finding Cabot. Paul places a call to Rosanna to warn her that someone might know her location. Dusty takes Lucy to an abandoned warehouse and ultimately wins her trust. Meanwhile, Craig reels over the findings of blood and learns from Hal that Dusty still has Lucy. Nobody knows what is going on, but Hal suspects Lucy may be in real danger. Craig storms off, vowing to kill Dusty if something happens to his daughter. Simon takes Katie to the hospital, secretly hoping to run into Mike. While Katie packs up her locker, Simon invites Mike to the Lakeview Lounge for a man-to-man chat. He tries to spin a tale to put Pilar in a better light, but Mike isnt buying any of it and leaves. Pilar arrives and threatens Simon again before taking off. Katie arrives and Simon claims that he was trying to make peace with Mike. Later, Katie and Simon head home, but Pilar gets there first.

12284 :49x55 - Ep. #12284

Jordan is on an airplane, on his way to Bermuda, when Paul sits next to him. Jordan is determined to find his son and Paul is just as determined to stop him. They argue, and a full-scale war is declared. When the plane lands, Paul is detained by two police officers and he realizes that Jordan has set him up. Meanwhile, in Bermuda, Rosanna is making plans to take the baby to the beach when she gets Pauls message that shes being followed. She frantically grabs Cabot and is on her way out when Jordan arrives. Doc tells Margo that hes booked them a hotel room at the Harbor View Inn in Bay City. Guilt-ridden, she ultimately agrees to meet him there. She confides in Jessica, who thinks its a bad idea. Margo is certain that this afternoon is all she needs to get Doc out of her system. After, Tom comes in looking for Margo, and Jessica covers. Later, Jessica arrives at the hotel, where Doc informs her that Margo was called to Katie's and never showed up. When Doc starts going on about how disappointed he is, Jessica loses it. She rails about her failure to get pregnant and Bens refusal to consider in vitro. Doc comforts her and they end up in a passionate kiss! A horrified Simon finds Faux Snickers murdered. He hides the truth from Katie, who is frantic that Faux is missing from his cage. Simon tracks down Pilar. He realizes that shes off her rocker with her obsession for Mike and warns her not to come near Katie or his house again. Meanwhile, Katie tells Henry about Faux, and about her plans to move to Australia with Simon. Henry is heartbroken and questions Simons reliability. Katie is certain that Simon will never let her down again. Later, she shares her plans with Tom and Margo.

12285 :49x56 - Ep. #12285

Paul continues to be detained by the Bermuda authorities. Meanwhile, Rosanna tearfully begs Jordan not to take her baby away. He swears that he has no intention of doing that, but he wants Rosanna to come back to Oakdale with him and work out a compromise. As they are debating the point, Paul arrives and says that agrees with Jordan because she cant run from James. On the plane, Paul comforts Rosanna and promises to watch Jordans every move. Barbara finds Jennifer preparing for the arrival of Jordan and his son. They argue over her continued relationship with Jordan. Later, Barbara confides in Walker that it may be time to act on her motherly instincts. Following their passionate kiss, Doc and Jessica make love. Afterwards, Jessica is immediately filled with regret. She insists it was a mistake, and that they must never speak of it again. Meanwhile, Tom senses something is bothering Margo, and doesnt buy her explanation that shes just upset about Katie leaving town. As he presses the issue, Casey calls his dad away for help with the six keys contest. Margo then drives to her rendezvous. Just as Jessica is scrambling to get dressed, theres a knock on the door. Doc realizes its Margo! Alison takes the second clue to Nancy who immediately solves it, deducing that the key is at Luthers Corners Church. Alison takes off, but when she arrives at the church, there is a private baptism going on and she cant get in. Tom and Casey also figure out the clue, and Aaron follows them to the church. Alison hears them arrive and locks the door. But the guys knock and an usher arrives, who busts Alison. He makes them all wait outside until the service has concluded. Tom is puzzled when Alison insists that she saw Margo and her partner Doc Reese in the courtyard searching for the first clue.

Source: CBS

12286 :49x57 - Ep. #12286

Jessica hides in the bathroom as Doc diverts Margo. When she goes, Jessica swears shell never speak of or think of this again and leaves. Margo encounters Ben at the Lakeview Lounge and advises him to go easy on Jessica. Ben arranges to meet Jessica and tells her hell reconsider the in vitro route. Guilty Jessica apologizes for their fight. Meanwhile, Tom is confused by Alisons comments about Doc and goes in search of answers. He learns from Kim that Doc took the evening off and eventually meets up with Margo but remains suspicious. Dusty and Lucy grow a little closer as they both learn to trust each other more. Dusty goes off for food and leaves Lucy his cell phone. Later, Lucy admits she appreciates everything Dustys done. Alison and Aaron both find the second key at the church, but Aaron actually grabs it first. Alison convinces Aaron to let her have it because she needs to show Chris that she can contribute to their relationship. Later, Chris worries that Alison will drop out of the contest but is floored when Alison arrives with the key. He is thrilled when she confesses that Nancy is her secret partner. Nikki Munson returns purporting herself to be a full fledged Federal Agent investigating the Donovan money laundering case. Jack learns that shes still a rookie at the agency and is basically assisting the actual agent assigned to the case. Nikki begs her father to let her take a shot at the case and Hal gives in. Meanwhile, Susan and Emily argue over the contest and break up their partnership. Later, things start off on the wrong foot when Emily interrupts Hal hugging Emily. Emily is less than pleased when she learns that Hal has invited Nikki to live with them.

Source: CBS

12287 :49x58 - Ep. #12287

Simon continues to worry that Pilar will spill all to Katie. He reassures her about Faux. Meanwhile, Mike awakens to find Pilar watching him. He makes it clear that it doesnt matter what Pilar did or didnt do, he will only love Katie. A distressed Pilar decides that Katie must die. Later, as Simon and Katie prepare for their goodbye party, Pilar secretly arrives. An anguished Tom confides his suspicions about Margo to his father. Bob urges restraint, but Toms emotions seem to have the better of him. Meanwhile, Margo is surprised when Jessica is suddenly much more understanding of Margos situation with Doc. Later, Doc stops Jessica, insisting they must talk about what happened last night. In the warehouse, Dusty dislocates his shoulder while trying to protect Lucy. She helps him fix it and the two grow closer. Meanwhile, Nikki questions Molly about Dusty. It becomes apparent that Molly is being followed. Nikki and Emily arent getting along. Emily is dismayed at the idea of her staying longer.

Source: CBS

12288 :49x59 - Ep. #12288

At the party, Henry is suspicious that Simon might have known Pilar from before. Simon covers and Katie buys it, but Henry has his doubts. Later, Katie finds Pilar with a knife to Snickers throat. Jessica and Doc have it out about what happened between them and are nearly discovered by Ben. Meanwhile, Tom is about to confront Margo, but his family interrupts. Margo senses something is wrong, but suspects it may just be her guilty conscience. A stunned Kim overhears Toms suspicions and confronts Doc. Meanwhile, Tom shocks the party by angrily telling Margo he knows what she has done. Jordan quiets the baby and has a bonding moment with Rosanna, but he and Paul are still at odds. Jordan makes it clear he wants to be a full-time father and Rosanna invites him to live at Fairwinds. To Paul and Jennifers surprise, he agrees and Jennifer and Paul insist they'll be spending a lot of time there, too.

Source: CBS

12289 :49x60 - Ep. #12289

Pilar forces Katie to leave with her at knifepoint and takes her to the boathouse where she intends to kill her. Henry and Simon discover Katie is missing and while Simon goes out to look for her, Henry contacts Mike. Mike calls Pilar on her cell phone and figures out her location. As Pilar is about to get her revenge, Mike arrives. While Mike distracts Pilar, Katie pushes Pilar down and she falls on her knife and dies. Simon shows up to find Katie in Mikes arms. Later, Mike tells Margo that he lost Katie because he didnt believe her about Pilar. At home, Katie questions Simon about his relationship with Pilar. At the party, Tom finally confronts Margo about Doc. Margo denies having done anything wrong, but Tom can tell she is hiding something. At home, Tom asks if Margo is intrigued by Doc because their marriage is boring to her. When Margo finds out about Katie, she blames Tom for keeping her from helping her sister. Jessica arrives and tries to persuade Tom to give up pushing Margo about Doc. Tom insists he cant give up until he knows the whole truth. Meanwhile, Kim threatens to fire Doc if he interferes with Margo and Toms marriage. Seeing Tom and Margo fighting has made Chris realize that he wants to hold on to Alison and what they have. He asks her to marry him. Carly learns that Rosanna is allowing Jordan to move in to Fairwinds and doesnt think its a good idea. After, Paul tells Rosanna that he wants to be the one to look out for Rosanna and Cabot. Later, Jordan finds out that Rosanna has decided to allow Paul to move into the house, too.

Source: CBS

12295 :49x66 - Ep. #12295

Paul confesses his feelings to Rosanna. He gets Rosanna to admit to her feelings for him but she insists she cant think about anything but Cabots welfare for now. She agrees to leave the door open between them. Meanwhile, Barbara goes to James to let him know that his plan for Jordan and Rosanna is falling apart. She indirectly asks James for his help in making sure Jordan and Rosanna stay together. Soon after, Cabot mysteriously appears in the middle of Fairwinds, when neither Paul nor Rosanna put him there! A new clue appears in the paper and Chris, Alison, Emily and Susan are all trying to figure it out. When Nancy cant help, Alison goes to Aaron. He agrees to help her, and Alison doesnt tell him about her engagement. Meanwhile, Bob helps Chris with the clue. Chris hurries to the dance studio where the key is apparently hidden and finds a tango lesson underway. Emily and Chris agree to take a tango lesson in order to get to the key. They are dancing together when Alison and Aaron arrive outside. Alison is about to go in when Aaron notices her ring. Tom confronts Margo about the compact and she tells him its not hers. Tom asks her one more time if it was only a kiss between her and Doc. Margo confirms the lie and they agree to try to move on. Jill has overheard everything. She confronts Margo after Tom leaves, promising to keep quiet about what she has witnessed on one condition. Meanwhile, Ben tells Jessica hell agree to in Vitro. At the hospital, Jessica bumps into Doc and admits shes been too hard on him. Then Dr. Schilling informs her she isnt a candidate for in vitro because shes already pregnant! Doc looks on as Ben hugs Jessica to celebrate the good news.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Marie Masters as Susan Stewart | Traci Godfrey as Dr. Schilling

12296 :49x67 - Ep. #12296

Jill tells Margo shell keep quiet on the condition that Margo helps Jill get Doc into bed. Meanwhile, Tom warns Doc to stay away from Margo. Margo comes to the hospital looking for Jessica and runs into Doc. She explains the situation with Jill and Tom and Bob almost catch them talking. Doc is forced to hide under Bobs desk while Margo gets rid of them. When they are alone, Doc insists he doesnt want any part of Jill. Margo begs for Docs help and he agrees to think about it. Later, Margo confides in Jessica about Jill blackmailing her. Margo mentions that Tom found a compact near Docs car, and Jessica realizes that it is hers. Spooked, Rosanna resolves to find out who moved Cabot. Paul theorizes that Phyllis must have moved the baby. Rosanna admits to Paul how grateful she is for his help. Elsewhere, Barbara is having lunch with Walker and gets a call from James reporting that he has already started creating problems at Fairwinds. Barbara calls Paul and confirms this. Walker notes Barbaras improved mood and she suggests they host a party together to announce their relationship. Chris and Emily manage to get a hold of the key while pretending to be part of the tango class. They decide to team up to get the keys for Alison as a wedding present. Outside, Aaron cant believe Alison is engaged. She is able to convince him how wonderful a wedding present the keys would make. Later, Alison tells Chris about partnering with Aaron, but he keeps his partnership with Emily a secret.

Source: CBS

12297 :49x68 - Ep. #12297

Jessica advises Tom to let go of his suspicions about Margo by symbolically throwing away the compact. Later, Jessica learns shes just a week pregnant and realizes the baby could be Docs. Jill is pressuring Margo to honor her deal by setting her up with Doc. Doc assures Margo hell handle it. He meets with Jill, flatly turns her down and sends her off. Meanwhile, Tom tells Margo about Jessicas advice to throw away the compact and decides to take it. Later, Margo confides in Jessica that shes tempted to investigate the tossed out compact to find out about Docs mystery woman. Jessica rushes to the country club, where she finds Margo holding the compact, which she recognizes as Jessicas. Nikki Munson is taking heat from her boss about her unauthorized deal with Dusty. Hal steps to her defense and Nikkis given a twelve-hour reprieve. Meanwhile, Craig reunites with Lucy but is dismayed to learn that Lucy completely trusts Dusty, who is after Don Creel. In an effort to save himself, Craig casts more suspicion onto Alan and Lucinda vows to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, Dusty calls Nikki to say their deals still on and keep Craig from messing things up. Later, Craig is worried that Dusty is getting to close to the truth. Henry admits to Mike that hes lonely without Katie and needs a friend. Mike agrees to meet Henry for lunch. At the police station, Henry runs into Nikki and is smitten. At Metro, he sees her again and convinces Mike to introduce him to her. Mike is surprised to realize its Nikki, and the old friends share a hug, to Henrys chagrin.

Source: CBS

12298 :49x69 - Ep. #12298

A jealous Margo confronts Jessica about the compact and the fact that she has said nothing to her about her meeting with Doc in his car. Jessica claims all of her actions were only to help cover for her with Tom. She insists that Margo has known her for a long time and that she should know shes telling her the truth. Margo apologizes. Ben happens upon an emotional moment between the women and assumes that Jessica has told Margo about her pregnancy, which sparks Margos suspicions once again. Rocco has brought some food and a plastic knife to Molly in the elevator. She sharpens the knife to a point and when Rocco returns, Molly attacks. She nearly escapes, but Rocco overpowers her. Suddenly, Holden arrives and saves the day! Jack arrests Rocco as Molly begs Jack not to leave her alone. He promises to stay by her side. Rosanna realizes Phyllis did not move the baby and her alarm is renewed but Paul covers with Jordan and Jennifer. Barbara arrives to invite everyone to a party to show that shes changed her attitude, but Paul doesnt buy it and confronts Barbara about her motives. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Jordan take the baby out to Java and are horrified when they realize Cabot has been switched with another baby. To Henrys dismay, Nikki and Mike are old pals and start catching up. Henry tries to get a date but Nikki assumes that Henry and Mike are proposing they all go out on the town. After Nikki leaves, Henry makes it clear to Mike that he wants Mike to make himself scarce when the date occurs.

Source: CBS

12299 :49x70 - Ep. #12299

At Java, Jordan and Jennifer are relieved when a woman returns Cabot, and assume it was an innocent mix-up. Back at Fairwinds, Barbara eavesdrops as Jordan explains what happened. Paul and Rosanna finally tell Jordan and Jennifer about Cabots movements around the house and Paul realizes this has James written all over it. Paul, Rosanna, Jordan and Jennifer make a pact that until this is resolved, one of them will always be with Cabot. Later, Paul and Rosanna end up in a passionate kiss. Theyre on the verge of making love when Cabot cries, interrupting. Barbara calls James, filling him in on the latest at Fairwinds. James admits nothing, but is obviously pleased. Margo is shocked to learn that Jessica is pregnant and didnt tell her. Jessica covers. They make amends, but later, a suspicious Margo calls the Harbor View Inn. At Java, Kim confronts Doc with a letter from Jill. Doc swears Jill is just trying to make trouble because he rejected her, but Kim knows this is about Margo. She orders Doc to end the problem or hes fired. Dusty manages to sneak into the window of Lucys room. Shes thrilled to see him. Dusty informs her that hes got a lead on Don Creel. Lucy gives him her good luck charm, which she puts around his neck. She tells him to be careful, and kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, Don and Wade catch up with Craig at Metro and threaten to rat him out unless he pays them a million dollars. Craig arranges to meet Don tomorrow. He vows to settle this once and for all, pulling a gun out from under the bar. At Lilys house, Holden blindsides Lily when he announces that hes offered to let Molly stay there with them. Carly says her cousin can stay at her place, where Jack can protect her, but Molly insists that she feels safer with Holden.

Source: CBS

12300 :49x71 - Ep. #12300

Susan, Alison, Chris and Emily meet at Java to discuss the wedding, when Kim arrives with her own wedding plans and wedding planner. Chris, Emily and Alison all cut out separately in pursuit of the latest clue, leaving the wedding planner to referee Susan and Kim. Emily meets Chris at the Lakeview and they trace the key to a bottle of wine in the cellar. They head down to the wine cellar but have to hide as Lisa and Casey enter. Later, Chris and Emily uncover the key but are surprised by an unexpected moment of sexual tension. As they are about to bolt, they realize theyve been locked in. Meanwhile, Alison and Aaron meet up with Nancy, who leads them to the wine as well. As they are about to go, Alison gets word of the war breaking out between Susan and Kim and runs out, much to Aarons disappointment. Dusty is hot on Don Creels trail. Meanwhile, Creel calls Craig, demanding his money, and Craig realizes his only option is to eliminate Creel. After setting up an alibi for himself with Lily, Craig heads over to the rooftop. With his voice disguised, he calls Alan and gives him a false lead out to the Old Mill. Craig then meets up with Creel, and shoots him. Meanwhile, Dusty has surprised Lucy at Lilys, but Lily walks in on their embrace and Dusty departs. Lily tries to warn Lucy about Dusty when Craig walks in. Lucy is stunned when Craig claims he is sorry for misjudging Dusty . Meanwhile, Dusty has caught up to Creel on the rooftop, who with his dying breath says that Lucys father set up the whole operation. Hal and Nikki find Dusty with Creels body, and he urges them to consider looking into Craigs involvement.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Elsen as Wade Larson

12301 :49x72 - Ep. #12301

Dusty presents his case, but Hal remains dubious about Craigs role in Creels shooting. Nikki convinces her dad to at least question Craig. Hal's doubts seem to be confirmed when Lily provides Craig an alibi. Munson receives the ballistics report and confronts Dusty with the fact that the bullet that killed Creel came from Dustys gun. Meanwhile, Nikki notices that Dusty is torn over whether to tell Lucy about what he suspects. Later, Wade shows up and threatens Craig. Margo gets confirmation from the Bay City hotel staff that Jessica was indeed in Docs room that night. Meanwhile, Ben is surprised that Jessica is so agitated about her pregnancy. Jessica covers with Ben and with Doc who comes by and notices a book on pre-natal care. Later, Margo confronts Jessica, declaring she knows Jessica slept with Doc. In the wine cellar, a trapped Emily and Chris open a bottle of wine while Alison is forced to deal with Susan and Kim on her own. An emotional Alison makes Kim and Susan see how much this wedding will mean to her while Chris and Emily grow closer. Once out of the cellar, an uneasy Chris and Emily give Alison a made up story of why they were together and couldnt be reached.

Source: CBS

12302 :49x73 - Ep. #12302

Margo confronts Jessica, who scrambles to cover the truth. Eventually, she is forced to admit that she slept with Doc. Margo realizes the baby could be Docs and is furious that Jessica intends to deceive Ben as well. Meanwhile, Ben witnesses Jill go ballistic, blabbing to everyone who can hear details about Doc and Margos affair. Jill is fired because of her actions and vows revenge on Doc. Later, Ben comes home and Margo seems ready to expose the truth. Wade threatens Craig, blackmailing him for twice as much money and giving him half the time, and noting he could rat him out about shooting Creel. Meanwhile, Hal remains suspicious of Dusty while both Dusty and Nikki fear letting Lucy learn the truth. Later, Lucy asks Dusty who is framing him for murder as Dusty debates whether or not to tell her his suspicions about her father. Everyone comes to Barbaras celebratory dinner but Jack and a security guard are there to prevent anything from going wrong. During dinner, James contacts Barbara and calls her on her true motives. Later, Jack warns Barbara not to get into trouble. Meanwhile, Rosanna confides in Carly that she and Paul are growing closer. At the end of dinner, all eyes are temporarily diverted from Cabot by a toast and the lights go out.

Source: CBS

12303 :49x74 - Ep. #12303

When the lights come back on at Barbaras, Cabot is gone! Rosanna attacks Barbara, accusing her of arranging the whole evening to take Rosannas baby but Barbara vehemently denies any involvement. Rosanna gets a call from Fairwinds, where Cabot was found in his stroller. The baby is perfectly healthy, but wearing a clown suit and Paul is convinced of James involvement. He pledges to a distraught Rosanna that he will find a way to stop James. A frustrated Jordan vows that he and Rosanna will do whatever it takes to protect Cabot. Back at Barbaras, Carly cautions Walker not to be blind to Barbaras past. Later, Walker asks Barbara if she was involved in Cabots disappearance, and she lashes out at him. Dusty cant bring himself to tell Lucy he suspects it was Craig who shot Creel. He is touched by Lucys unwavering faith in him. Meanwhile, Craig is trying to come up with a way to pay Wades two million dollar blackmail threat. When Sierra arrives, he thinks he has found his answer. Craig and Sierra go at the police station where Craig tries to quell Lucys adamant defense of Dusty. Meanwhile, Lily questions Alan and becomes more than a little suspicious of her new brother-in-law. Dusty asks Nikki to see if the medical examiner can establish not just the time of death, but also the time Creel was shot. Margo is on the verge of spilling the truth to Ben but cant do it and storms out. Jessica panics when Ben reveals what happened with Jill at the country club. Jessica tracks Margo down to tell her about the Jill problem. Margo is mortified, but rebuffs Jessicas offer of help. Jessica appeals to Margo not to throw away their years of friendship but Margo is unmoved.

Source: CBS

12304 :49x75 - Ep. #12304

Paul visits James in prison and finds Jordan and Cabot there. In spite of Pauls protests, Jordan allows James to hold the baby. Paul and Jordan return to Fairwinds with Cabot and Paul tells Jordan that they are in a war with James. Rosanna is alone with Cabot when she finds a note from James tucked inside his shirt. It says that the person he really wanted to see was Rosanna. Although her father is skeptical, Nikki urges Hal to call the medical examiner and look into Dustys theory about Creels shooting. Working on her sympathies, Craig lands a check for two million dollars from Sierra. Craig reports to Wade that he will soon have the blackmail money. Lucy convinces Lily that Dusty is not a murderer and asks her to help get Dusty a lawyer. Hal returns to Dusty and Lucy and reveals that Dustys theory checks out. Creel was shot before Dusty arrived at the rooftop. When Holden and Lily have to go out at the same time, Molly insists that they let her stay with Natalie and Faith. When she is alone with the girls, Starziak shows up and threatens Molly. Later, Molly fills Holden and Lily in about this, and Holden promises to stand by her. But Lily tells Holden that Molly has to go.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12305 :49x76 - Ep. #12305

Rosanna visits Stenbeck and asks him what he wants from her. She reels when James explains that in order to secure Cabots well being, she must forgo thoughts of annulment with Jordan and consummate the marriage. Meanwhile, at Fairwinds, Barbara learns that Paul is more devoted to Rosanna than ever. Shes less than pleased when she runs into Jennifer and Jordan, who are planning a romantic holiday. Barbara calls James, who assures her the plans are in motion to break up the couples. Later, Rosanna returns to Fairwinds and makes a play for Jordan. Paul enters and discovers them in an intimate embrace. Dusty and Lucy learn that the medical examiner discovered that Dusty could not have killed Creel and Dusty is free to go. Elated Lucy wants to stay by Dustys side, but he sends her away. Meanwhile, Craig meets with Wade to arrange the money drop. Wade leaves just as Dusty shows up to announce his plans to expose Craig. Meanwhile, a rejected Lucy goes in search of Sierra and finds Craig with Dusty. Dusty exits and Lucy and Craig share a warm moment while a hidden Wade observes all. After leaving Lily and Holdens house, Molly is taken into protective custody. Although she is hesitant to testify, Nikki convinces her to do so. Jack tells Carly about Mollys predicament and Carly sympathizes with Lily not wanting to involve her family in a possibly dangerous situation. Soon after, Molly shows up on Jack and Carlys doorstep, asking to stay with them.

Source: CBS

12306 :49x77 - Ep. #12306

Paul agrees that Jordan and Jennifer should take their trip, which disrupts Rosannas plans for seducing Jordan. Paul assures Rosanna that hell look after everything. Jennifer and Jordan leave, and once theyre alone, Paul declares his love for Rosanna. Rosanna wants to respond but holds back. Paul kisses her and she cant help but give in until Cabots cries pull her out of it. Dusty questions Alan and is satisfied that he isnt behind things. Dusty then asks him about Craig. Alan cant conceive of Craig doing such a thing, but Dusty makes his case. Meanwhile, Hal calls Craig to go over his alibi once more and reveals that Creels dying words were that Lucys father was behind everything. Hal gets it on the record that Lily never actually saw Craig, but only heard him, which weakens Craigs alibi. Scared, Craig continues to make Alan look guilty in Lilys eyes. Meanwhile, Lucy confides in her mother her feelings about Dusty. Sierra is surprised at the depth of Lucys feelings but remains diplomatic. At Metro, Lucy visits Dusty who, determined to get Craig, fights his feelings and tries to push her away. Lucy is crushed but notices he keeps the charm she gave him around his neck. Carly agrees to let Molly stay with them, but Molly hears Carly expressing concern to Jack. Molly and Carly face off and have a breakthrough in their strained relationship.

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12307 :49x78 - Ep. #12307

Molly learns that Jack and Carly have decided to protect Parker and Sage by taking them to stay with Emma. At the Snyder Pond, Jack and Carly discuss how lucky they are. Meanwhile, Holden visits Molly to offer her support, but when he leaves, Starziak shows up and shoots the cop assigned to protect her. Molly discovers the cops dead body and then finds Starziak. Alison and Susan argue over wedding dresses as Aaron finds out that an Oakdale teenager has already accumulated five Keys to the Kingdom. Aaron catches up with Alison at Fashions and, with some help from Lisa, they solve the latest clue. However, Alison cant get the wedding dress that she is wearing undone fast enough, so she and Aaron take off with her still in it. Emily tells Chris that shes decided that she wants to give up the game and make things right with Hal instead. She goes to the police station and learns from Nikki that Nikki has been ordered back to Washington. Nikki sees Emilys relief at this news and calls her on it. The two get into an argument, and Hal sides with Nikki. Emily returns to Chris and says shes back in. Lucy announces to Dusty that shes told her mother that she doesnt want to go back to Montega; she wants to stay in Oakdale with him. Dusty tries to change her mind, but Lucy counters every one of his arguments. Finally, Dusty sends Lucy away and she starts to cry. Dusty tries to wipe her tears away and ends up pulling her into a passionate kiss.

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12308 :49x79 - Ep. #12308

Having dropped the kids off at Emmas and left a policeman guarding Molly, Jack and Carly go skinny dipping in the Snyder pond. After, they make love in the back seat of the car, unaware that Starziak has Molly. Jack and Carly return home and come upon the cops dead body on the porch. Jack draws his weapon and rushes in to nab Starziak while Carly comforts a hysterical Molly. Jack calls Hal, who sends backup. Molly begs Jack to get Starziak out of there. To calm Molly down, Jack decides to take Starziak to the hospital himself. As Jack drives, Starziak manages to get a knife from his boot and hold it to Jacks throat. At Fashions, Kim, Lisa and Susan are distressed that Alison left with the wedding dress. Alison and Aaron rush to Snyder Pond in search of the next key in the contest. Alison struggles with one of the teens ahead in the game and they both end up in the pond! Alison gets the key, but must return a muddy mess to face the music at Fashions. At the Old Mill with Chris searching for the key, Emily trips and falls on a rusty nail that punctures her hand. Chris gently tends to her, and a close moment is interrupted by the arrival of some other treasure hunters. When Emily faints, Chris picks her up and carries her out. Mike and Henry come to the police station to pick up Nikki, but shes not there. Later, Mike and Henry are shocked to find Nikki hustling pool at Yos. She explains that she had a really rough day at work and forgot about their plans. Henry comes on too strong, and she blows him off. Mike appeals to her to give Henry a chance, but she reveals shes being sent back to Washington. Mike urges her to quit her job if she's unhappy. Soon after, Nikki gets a call about Jack from Hal and rushes out.

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12309 :49x80 - Ep. #12309

Jack is able to stop Starziak from escaping, but the car swerves into a bridge. Jack comes to Starziaks rescue, but he turns the tables and Jack dangles from the car over the bridge. Meanwhile, Carly has an uneasy feeling about what is going on, but covers with an agitated Parker. Later, Carly learns Jack has not made it to the hospital as Jack, Starziak and the car go over the bridge and into the water below. Ben realizes Margo and Jessica are fighting and assumes that Margo must have slept with Doc. Later, Doc learns that Jessica is pregnant. Margo confronts Doc about his night with Jessica. When Margo hears all about Jills scene at the club, she realizes she must tell Tom everything. Meanwhile, Jill fills Tom in on what she knows. As Margo arrives to find Tom, she is horrified to find Tom with Jill. Chris and Emily are almost caught again by Alison, who is puzzled by Chris preoccupation. Emily and Chris consider stopping their secret, but decide to continue for Alisons sake. Meanwhile, Alison confides in Aaron, who clearly has stronger feelings for her than he is letting on.

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12310 :49x81 - Ep. #12310

Carly panics when she finds out that Jack never showed up at the hospital, but covers for Parker. Later, Emma offers to stay with Parker while Molly and Carly go to the police station and Holden goes to search for Jack. Carly walks in as Nikki learns from Hal that Jacks license plate was found at the crash site on the bridge. Nikki and Molly try to prevent Carly from going to the bridge but she heads out anyway. Nikki questions Molly as to why Jack took Starziak away without backup. Carly learns from Hal that it appears Jacks car went over the bridge. Rosanna asks for Barbaras help in creating distractions so that she can create a real marriage with Jordan. Later, Paul arrives and warns Barbara not to interfere with his relationship with Rosanna. Rosanna overhears Pauls optimism about their relationship and feels awful but insists that Barbara proceed with the plan. Barbara agrees to help Rosanna. Tom confronts Margo with everything Jill has told him. Furious about her lying, Tom packs a suitcase and leaves, making it clear he wants a separation. Margo is left completely heartbroken. Meanwhile, Doc figures out that Jessica is pregnant with what could be his child. Shes surprised when he announces that he wants her to be happy with Ben and that he wont make a claim on the child. Ben finds Jessica with Doc and Doc exits gracefully. Casey calls, upset at the trouble between his parents, and Ben suggests that he and Jessica offer their support to their friends. Margo overhears Ben talking about how he thinks Margo slept with Doc, and she wants to set the record straight.

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12311 :49x82 - Ep. #12311

While Hal tries to calm a hysterical Carly, the police discover Jacks car but no sign of Jack or Starziak. At the police station, Nikki informs Hal, Carly and Holden that due to heavy rains, the currents are strong and the search area is expanding quickly. Carly confronts Molly and blames her for Jacks possible death. Later, Holden comforts a guilty Molly. Carly returns home and is stunned when Parker insists that Jack was calling for her earlier. Meanwhile, Hal, dealing with his own grief, turns to Nikki for comfort. Margo appears ready to tell Ben all when a call about Jack stops her. After, Ben asks Jessica if she is hiding something from him. She covers and is desperate to find a way she can stop Margo from talking. Later, a distraught Casey fails to get answers from his mother about what is happening between his parents. Meanwhile, Tom runs into Doc and informs him he has left Margo. When Doc urges Tom to reconcile, Tom loses it. He attacks Doc and gets them both arrested. Emily has to cover the true story about her injury with Alison, who admits that Chris seems distracted lately. Emily and Chris have an awkward encounter. Later, Chris assures Alison that he does want to marry her and kisses her passionately to prove to her - and himself - that this is true.

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12312 :49x83 - Ep. #12312

Carly has a dream and fears Jack has drowned. Later, she arrives at the station to learn a body has been found and rushes to the bridge, just in time to see a body bag being pulled from the river. Meanwhile, Parker tells Rosanna about Jack calling to Carly last night. Margo and Jessica arrive to find Doc and Tom in jail. Jessica is scared that Margo will expose her and privately begs Tom to reconcile with his wife. Later, Doc points out to Margo that if she tells anyone else about his affair with Jessica that she could be ruining the life of Jessicas innocent unborn child. He insists that no one else know the truth. Meanwhile, Tom realizes that Jessica was the one who slept with Doc. Alison and Chris make arrangements to meet with a minister. Later, the minister mistakes Emily for Alison and remarks that Chris and Emily look very much in love. Meanwhile, Alison gets upset when Aaron says that if Chris is reluctant to marry Alison for any reason, then she shouldnt get married. After, Alison thinks she has done well with the minister and is excited about the wedding, unaware of what is going on between Emily and Chris. Barbara informs her children that her eye condition may have returned and gets Paul and Jennifer to agree to come with her to New York City for treatment. She phones Rosanna to say that now is the time to make her move on Jordan.

Source: CBS

12313 :49x84 - Ep. #12313

Carly and Hal identify the body as Starziak, and Carly continues to cling to the hope that Jack is alive. But when Hal changes the mission from rescue to recovery, Carly has to face the fact that Jack could not have survived. Later, the Snyder family is stunned by the news. Parker overhears Emma and Lily discussing the police searching for Jack in the water and sneaks out the house, assuming that Jack is at Snyder Pond. Meanwhile, Lily walks in on Molly comforting Holden. Lily takes Holden in her arms, leaving Molly on the outside. Alan alerts Craig that Dusty accused him of being behind Lucys kidnapping. After, Craig goes to Lucindas pool house where Sierra and Alan are staying and plants incriminating evidence to frame Alan. Meanwhile, Lucy and Dusty identify Wade Larsens photo from pictures Nikki has brought. Dusty finds out Wade has checked into a hotel in Reno, Nevada and decides to go there to question Wade about whos behind the kidnapping. Lucy wants to tag along, but Dusty insists she stay in Oakdale. When Dusty leaves, Lucy gives her bodygaurd the slip and sneaks out. Jessica begs Tom not to tell Ben the truth about her and Doc. Tom wont promise but admits he knows this news would destroy Ben. Later, Tom finds Margo at the police station and tells her he wants to continue with their plans to separate. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to make a romantic dinner for Ben but is plagued by her guilt.

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12314 :49x85 - Ep. #12314

At the bridge, Carly and Hal prepare to break the news about Jack to Parker. They arrive home to find a distressed Emma and Parker gone. Meanwhile, Parker has ridden his bike to the Snyder Pond, where finds a rowboat and goes out into the middle of the Pond in search of Jack. He loses his balance and falls into the water! Carly and Hal arrive at the pond, see Parkers bike then the empty boat and inner tube floating on the empty pond! Rosanna cant go through with seducing Jordan, and finally breaks down and admits the truth. Jordan refuses to be blackmailed by James, but agrees they must keep Cabot safe. In New York, Paul begins to suspect Barbaras up to something. Over Jennifers objections he calls Walker, and gets confirmation that Barbara is lying. Paul decides to wait until Barbara reveals more of her plan before confronting her. Craig is trapped in the pool house when Alan and Sierra unexpectedly return. On the verge of making love, Alan and Sierra are interrupted by Lucys bodyguard who reports that Lucy gave him the slip. They head out to look for her. Meanwhile, Dusty kicks in Wades hotel room door and demands to know who hired him and Creel to grab Lucy. Just as Wade is about to expose Craig, Dusty sees Lucy outside the door and knocks out Wade in order to keep Lucy from learning the truth. Furious, Dusty throws Lucy out. Wade gets up, attacks Dusty and escapes. Dusty comes to and finds Lucy tending to him. Meanwhile, Sierra discovers that Dusty and Lucy are in Reno. Meanwhile, Craig calls Wade and demands to know what hes done with Lucy. Wade reveals that Lucys with Dusty in a Reno hotel room, but Wade warns Craig hes coming back to collect his money.

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12315 :49x86 - Ep. #12315

Carly and Hal realize that Parker has fallen into the Snyder Pond. Carly goes right in to look for him while Hal organizes a search party. Meanwhile, Parker is close to drowning and has a near-death experience where his dead half-sister Nora appears to him and begins to pull him toward the white light. Just then, Jack appears and urges Parker to keep fighting, saying its not yet their time to go. Strengthened by Jacks words, Parker revives as Carly finds him. Later, Parker tells Hal and Carly about seeing Jack and insists that Jack is still with them. Sierra catches up with Lucy and Dusty in Reno where she makes Dusty promise that he will break off his relationship with Lucy and send her back to Oakdale. Dusty begins shoving the money Wade left behind into a suitcase in an effort to push Lucy away. She takes off, upset, and Dusty follows. Lily finds an unnerved Craig packing, and he continues to make Alan look guilty. Later, Wade calls Craig to say that he is back, having lost his money, and that the police are after him. Wade demands Craigs help, then starts a small fire in Cals Den to convince Craig that he means business. Craig maintains that he cant help Wade, who vows to take matters into his own hands. At the same time, Lily searches Alan and Sierras room where she finds Lucys trust fund papers, the ones that Craig planted. Alan then interrupts her and Lily is alarmed when Alan announces plans to take Lucy back to Montega. Molly admits to Holden that she fears Carly was right to call her dangerous and because of this, she is going to stay out of Holdens life. Holden tries to change her mind and insists that she can always count on him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Elsen as Wade Larson

12316 :49x87 - Ep. #12316

Kim fires Doc, citing his contracts morals clause among other reasons. But Docs luck changes fast. On their way out, they run into the Country Clubs manager, a big fan of Docs, who offers him a job as a golf instructor. Meanwhile, Margo pleads with Tom to reconsider leaving, but hes determined to separate at least for now. They talk to Casey and Tom blames the separation on the fact that hes had to work long hours. Casey wonders if something else is up, but Tom covers for Margo. As Tom heads out, Margo drives devastated Casey to the Country Club for his golf lesson. Theyre surprised to find Doc is the new golf instructor! Lucy is furious with Alan and Sierra for making her leave Reno and Dusty. Meanwhile, Lily tells Craig that Sierra and Alan plan to take Lucy to Montega tonight. Craig tries to brush aside her concerns, but Lily tells him she found Lucys trust fund papers among Alans things. Back at the house, Lily bursts in with Craig behind her and insists Lucy stay in Oakdale. However, when Lily goes, Craig declares that Alan should take Lucy to Montega - and not let her out of his sight. Lucy gets defensive, and accuses Craig of trying to keep her from Dusty. After, Lucy gets a call from Wade who claims to be phoning on behalf of very injured Dusty. He says that Dusty wants her to visit him in at the hospital.

Source: CBS

12317 :49x88 - Ep. #12317

Dusty gets to the parking garage just as Wade nabs Lucy and speeds away. Nikki arrives and Dusty gives her a partial description of Wade. Meanwhile, Craig is concerned when Lucy is gone, but Sierra assumes her daughter has gone in search of Dusty. Lily suggests to Craig that they alert the cops as to Alans possible involvement, but Craig nixes the idea. Dusty finds Sierra and Craig at Lucinda s house and openly accuses him of being behind everything. Craig denies, and Sierra and Lily back him up. While Sierra, Lily and Dusty argue, Craig slips out and calls Wade, who declares that hes taking Montgomery down. Meanwhile, Lucy makes a daring escape attempt from Wades car trunk, but Wade knocks her out and puts her in a Plexiglas box. Wade videotapes Lucy as he buries her alive. Carly and Hal return with Parker, who still insists Jack isnt dead and relays his underwater vision. Hal goes upstairs to console Parker while Emily comforts Carly. Emily confides that Hal is shutting her out. Later, Hal assures Carly hell find a way to make Parker come to terms with Jacks death. Margo refuses to let Doc anywhere near her son and takes an angry Casey home. Later, Casey confronts his mother about having an affair with Doc and ruining their family. Meanwhile, Curtis calls Ben and Jessica to the Lakeview Lounge to celebrate their pregnancy. Tom arrives and Ben invites him to join them. Tom admits that he and Margo have separated. Jessica is upset, but Tom insists that the marriage was dealt an irrevocable blow. After, Ben tells Jessica he hopes that Tom and Margo will get back together again and be as happy as they are. Jessica then prays to herself that she and Ben will stay happy.

Source: CBS

12318 :49x89 - Ep. #12318

Dusty and Nikki search for clues to find Lucy. Elsewhere, Sierra receives a tape of Lucy being buried alive. Wade calls and instructs Sierra to have Alan, alone, bring two million dollars to the bell tower in exchange for Lucys location. Suspicious of Alan, Lily secretly tells Craig where the drop is - and then follows. Alan arrives with the money, and a gun, but so does Craig. Wade reveals the truth about Craigs involvement and Alan vows that both men will get the justice they deserve. However, Alan and Craig end up in a struggle and Alan shoots Craig in the arm. Lily arrives right at this moment and in an attempt to disarm Alan, she is knocked out. Wade shoots Alan dead and goes to take Lily as a hostage when Craig lunges at him and Lily and Wade go out the window. Craig barely manages to grab Lily with his wounded arm just as she lets go of the ledge. Meanwhile, Dusty sees the tape and realizes where Lucy must be. He rushes to a construction site and digs a lifeless Lucy out of the box. Barbaras scheme is exposed and Paul, Jennifer and Walker reject her. Meanwhile, Rosanna continues to fret over Cabots safety. She and Jordan come to the conclusion that the only way to protect their son is to truly make love. They kiss - as Paul watches. Chris persistent thoughts of Emily make him uneasy about the wedding - and he ends up in a fight with Alison. Alison blames her mother and believes only Emily can resolve things. A reluctant Emily tracks Chris down who admits that he thinks he is making a terrible mistake.

Source: CBS

12319 :49x90 - Ep. #12319

After a few tense minutes of CPR, Dusty gets a lifeless Lucy to respond. Dusty apologizes to Lucy for pushing her away and promises hell never let her go again. They kiss. Later, Dusty brings Lucy home, and she has a joyful reunion with Craig, Lucinda and Lily. Painfully, Craig extends his hand to Dusty and thanks him for saving his daughter. After, Dusty overhears Craig say hes certain that Alan Drake was behind Lucys kidnapping. Dusty goes ballistic and calls Craig a liar as Lucy walks in. Carly brings Parker to the police station, where Hal, Margo and other cops conduct a little ceremony to try to help Parker accept Jacks death. But Parker insists that Jack will be back. After, Carly returns to the bridge alone, and says an emotional and tearful good-bye to her husband. Meanwhile, Jack opens his eyes in a mysterious location, and a woman hovers over him wearing a nurses uniform. Paul pulls Jordan away from Rosanna and decks him! Rosanna tries to explain that she and Jordan have decided to make a go of their marriage, but Paul doesnt buy it. Rosanna and Jordan finally fill Paul in on James ultimatum. Alone with Paul, Rosanna begs him to accept her decision for Cabots sake but Paul refuses. To prove that she loves him, too, Paul kisses Rosanna and then carries her upstairs to bed! Aaron finds an upset Alison at the Country Club. He proposes a new strategy for winning the next key. Meanwhile, Emily assures Chris hes having a completely normal case of cold feet. Chris is still unconvinced, and Emily wonders whether its the big wedding he doesnt want - or Alison. Later, Emily and Chris end up in steamy lip lock which Aaron witnesses!

Source: CBS

12320 :49x91 - Ep. #12320

Dusty reluctantly explains to Lucy why he believes Craig is responsible for the kidnapping. Craig then tells Lucy his version of what happened at the Bell Tower and Lily confirms that Alan is the guilty party. It looks like Craigs tracks are covered when suddenly Lucinda delivers the news that Alan isnt dead. At the hospital, Dusty tries to reach out to Lucy but, overwhelmed by his accusations against Craig, she rebuffs him. Sierra pleads with Alan to fight for his life, and Alan opens his eyes. A nurse named Julia tends to the injured Jack at a country hospital in Missouri. Jack thinks he knows who she is, although he cant seem to remember his name or how he got there. Following the doctors advice, Julia encourages Jacks belief that he knows her. Meanwhile, Molly and Carly have a run-in at the bridge. Carly breaks down and goes to sit in Jacks Corvette, where shes joined by Mike who takes her out for a ride. Molly comforts Holden as he gives in to his grief. Later, they share an awkward moment when Holden finds her getting ready for the shower. Aaron doesnt interrupt Chris and Emilys kiss. He goes to Alison, trying to bring himself to tell her what he just saw. But Alison wont let him say anything negative about Chris or the wedding. Aaron decides to keep quiet but is furious later when a contrite Chris shows up with flowers for Alison. Meanwhile, Emily goes to find Hal in the police station, and he apologizes for shutting her out. She starts to cry and Hal, mistaking her guilt for grief over Jack, consoles her.

Source: CBS

12321 :49x92 - Ep. #12321

Craig worries Alan will expose him, but Drake suffers another relapse. Later, stabilized and alone with his wife, Alan manages to speak Craigs name to Sierra. After, Craig causes Alan to have another episode - which leads to his death - and Montgomery is certain hes in the clear until Sierra reveals that Alan spoke his name as he took his last breath. Meanwhile, an emotional Lucy thanks Dusty for saving her life, but his belief about Craig keeps them apart. Rosanna fears she has ruined everything by giving into her feelings and sleeping with Paul. Meanwhile, Jordan is forced to break up with Jennifer. Paul summons the governor, deciding to fight James in a new way. Encouraged by Pauls new plan, Jordan tries to reconnect with Jennifer, but she blows him off. Meanwhile, a smug James is stunned to learn that the governor has authorized his transfer to a maximum security facility in California. Margo tells Tom that Casey suspects that something has happened between her and Doc Reese. They discover their son is gone. Meanwhile, Casey confronts Doc. Tom and Margo bond a bit while searching for Casey. Later, Casey coldly rejects his mother. Margo and Casey are surprised when Tom supports Margo, insisting Casey listen to her. Meanwhile, Jessica and Doc share a sincere conversation about all that has happened when suddenly, Jessica doubles over in pain.

Source: CBS

12322 :49x93 - Ep. #12322

Jennifer blasts her mother and announces that shes moving back to Europe. Later, Jennifer is shocked to run into Jordan, who apologizes for pushing her away and shows her annulment papers he and Rosanna had drawn up. Meanwhile, Barbara begs for Walkers forgiveness, but he refuses to give her a second chance. James is truly blindsided by the news of his transfer while Paul thoroughly enjoys watching his father squirm. James asks Rosanna if shes sure this is what she wants but Rosanna stands by Paul. Later, Barbara gets an audiocassette from James asking for her help. Back at Fairwinds, Paul, Rosanna, Jennifer and Jordan toast to finally being free, while James vows that its not over. Craig insists that Alan uttering his name as his final word means nothing. At Lucindas, Dusty and Craig continue to argue, with Lily defending Craig. After, Lily is forced to tell Sierra that it appears that Alan was behind Lucys kidnapping. Sierra refuses to believe it, but Lily explains that she saw a copy of Lucys trust agreement in Alans luggage. Later, Sierra finds all of the evidence Craig planted, as Lucy watches. Lucy returns to the main house with the evidence and tells Dusty he was wrong about Craig, going into her fathers arms. Doc rushes Jessica into the hospital. Ben arrives and gets the devastating news that Jessica has lost the baby. Ben and Jessica cry together over the loss of the child. Later, a surprisingly vulnerable Doc enters and comforts her. Meanwhile, Ben asks Walker to do a genetic work-up on the fetus to see if there were any problems they should take into account when trying again.

Source: CBS

12323 :49x94 - Ep. #12323

Rosanna shares the happy news with Carly that she and Paul are in love and James is being transferred to a maximum-security prison. Elsewhere, Jennifer reports to Barbara that she is staying in Oakdale to be with Jordan, but that she still wants no part of Barbara. On the tape from James, Barbara hears a subtle threat to Will if Barbara doesnt do what James demands. She makes a call for a helicopter. During his transfer, James cons the state trooper into removing his handcuffs, and then fakes a seizure. He grabs the state troopers gun and shoots both state troopers. He boards the helicopter that Barbara has sent and heads back towards Oakdale. Jack remembers a song from his wedding, which Julia knows as well. She suggests that he look inside his wedding ring. He does and discovers that his name is Jack. Julia explains that she used to wear a wedding ring, and hers was inscribed, too. Lily tells Craig that Sierra doesnt want to turn over the evidence against Alan, but Craig talks Lily into ignoring Sierras wishes. Meanwhile, Dusty tells Nikki that he thinks Alan is being set up as Lucys kidnapper. Nikki goes to Lucindas, where she collects the evidence against Alan. Later, Dusty reminds Craig that he knows Craig ordered the kidnapping, and that he will not change his mind. Lucy walks in on their argument. She declares that Dusty is killing her with his suspicions and begs him to give it up. Meanwhile, Sierra finds a letter from Alan saying that he has gone to get her daughter back for her because he loves her so much.

Source: CBS

12324 :49x95 - Ep. #12324

James has made his escape and is headed to Oakdale. Meanwhile, Paul, Rosanna, Jennifer and Jordan decide to take Cabot to the carnival to celebrate their freedom. Paul asks Rosanna to marry him and she accepts. Jordan panics when he thinks he has spotted James. He calls the warden and learns of James escape. Jordan and Jennifer dash to the carousel to warn Paul and Rosanna, who is on the carousel with Cabot. Jordan tells Paul whats going on and Paul looks up to find Rosanna and Cabot have vanished! Lucy and Dusty admit their feelings for each other, and vow to take things as they come for right now. Dusty chooses to let go of his accusations of Craigs involvement for Lucys sake. Meanwhile, Sierra learns the police are closing the case and pinning everything on Alan. Craig comforts Sierra and says something that reminds her about the two million dollars she gave him. Shaken, Sierra goes to Dusty and asks him to tell her everything he suspects about Craig. Dusty refuses and advises her to let it go, but Sierra insists that she cant. Aaron confronts Chris about his kiss with Emily. Chris claims it was nothing and accuses Aaron of wanting Alison for himself. Later, Chris goes to Emily, who downplays the kiss and their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Alison gives Aaron a wedding invitation. Although he refuses, Alison talks him into attending. She shows him the new clue to the Keys to the Kingdom game and the two go off in search. Meanwhile, Emily has spotted the new clue as well but Chris says he cant be her partner anymore. A hurt Emily goes off alone until a confused Chris gives in and follows her.

Source: CBS

12325 :49x96 - Ep. #12325

Hal is informed that Stenbeck has escaped. Meanwhile, a frantic Paul, Jennifer and Jordan search the carnival for the missing Rosanna and Cabot. Jordan turns on Paul. Meanwhile, Rosanna pleads for her baby in the underground hideaway where Stenbeck has taken them. Stenbeck rails against Paul but Rosanna defends him and reveals she loves him. Later, James, dressed in a clown suit, orders Paul to meet him secretly. Elsewhere, Jennifer discovers Barbara trying to destroy the tape that Stenbeck sent her. Barbara confesses what she did but insists that she did it to protect Will. Jennifer tells Hal everything and as Hal confronts Barbara, Paul arrives at the cabin. He hears Rosanna and the baby inside and is about to find them as James comes out to greet him. Parker shows Carly and Mike the repaired compass hes found, a gift from Jack intended for Carly. Parker wants to use it to locate Jack. Mike persuades Carly to let Parker hold on to his hope of finding Jack in order to let Parker deal with Jacks death in his own way. Later, Parker writes a note to Jack and places it in a bottle to later drop in the river. Meanwhile, Jack is anxious to leave the hospital. Julia continues to play into Jacks idea that he remembers her. When Julias son JJ arrives, Jack begins to think that JJ is his son and Julia is his wife. Emily and Chris go to Frankfurters mattress store to search for the key where they fall into a bed together and start to make out passionately. Meanwhile, Alison and Aaron mistakenly get embroiled in a hot dog eating contest at Mabels, thinking its the place where the next key is hidden. Later, Nancy points Aaron and Alison in the direction of Frankfurters.

Source: CBS

12326 :49x97 - Ep. #12326

Chris and Emily hide under a bed, but Aaron and Alison discover them. They come clean regarding the six keys and point Alison in the direction of the next one. Alison is ecstatic about finding her fifth key, oblivious to Chris and Emilys discomfort around each other. Later, Chris promises to do right by Alison and Aaron begrudgingly agrees not to say anything about the kiss. Convinced that Julia is his wife, Jack asks her to take him home. She rushes out of the room, overwhelmed and not sure what to do. Dr. Greenwood entreats her to continue to play along. Julia returns to Jack and tends to his fever. Later, Julia is sent home and Jack checks himself out of the hospital on a search for anything that could jog his memory. Meanwhile, Carly and Parker head back to the bridge so Parker can send Jack his letter. Carly finds comfort in Parkers hope. They return home to Mike and Sage when Holden arrives. He urges Carly to finally hold a memorial for Jack, and while not entirely ready, she agrees. At the police station, Barbara denies any knowledge of Rosanna and Cabots whereabouts. Jordan and Jennifer accuse her of helping James escape but Barbara attempts to defend herself. Meanwhile, James invites Paul into the cabin, and gives him a choice. He explains that theres bomb on the premises and Paul will only have enough time to rescue either Rosanna or Cabot - but not both. James flees and Paul is faced with the decision. Rosanna calls out for him to save Cabot first, but Paul decides to free Rosanna and takes her to safety. Just as hes about to go back in for Cabot, the cabin explodes!

Source: CBS

12327 :49x98 - Ep. #12327

Rosanna wakes up in a hospital room, and demands that Paul and Carly take her to the explosion site. Hal informs Jordan, Rosanna, Paul and Carly that forensics has found evidence that Cabot perished in the explosion. Rosanna is devastated. She then gets a letter from James stating that he gave Paul a choice of who to save, and Paul chose Rosanna and not Cabot. Rosanna turns on Paul and leaves with Carly. Sierra tells Dusty about giving Craig two million dollars before Lucy was kidnapped. Dusty reveals that Wade had a suitcase of money in Reno, but insists that they might both lose Lucy if they voice their suspicious about Craig. Sierra maintains that she has to take that chance. Meanwhile, Craig is not pleased when Lucy announces that she has decided not to enroll at Williams. Lucy and Craig go to Sierra and find her with Dusty. Lucy is surprised when Dusty sides with Craig. Sierra convinces Lucy to hold off on making the decision while Craig privately asks Dusty not to complicate Lucys life any further. Julia finds Jack sleeping on a park bench. She takes him home to her apartment and he remembers nothing about it. Julia finally admits to Jack that she never knew him before he was brought into the hospital. But, she will help him find out who he is. Holden and Molly meet at the church before Jacks memorial service and Molly sees how much pain Holden is in. After, Molly appeals to Lily to be more sensitive to Holdens grief over. Lily snaps at Molly to mind her own business. Later, Molly tells Holden she has decided to leave Oakdale because there is nothing for her here. He insists that he is here and they begin to kiss passionately.

Source: CBS

12328 :49x99 - Ep. #12328

Lily feels conflicted about her failure to be there for Holden. Meanwhile, Holden and Molly break away from their kiss horrified - and rush off. Later, Molly tells Carly that all the things she said about her were right, but Carly surprises Molly by forgiving her cousin, knowing that Jack would want her to. Meanwhile, Lily apologizes to a guilty Holden who admits that he kissed Molly. Lily is rocked but quickly insists everything will be fine between them. Both hide their fear that this is really not the case. Doc informs Margo that Jessica has suffered a miscarriage. Margo goes to comfort Jessica and the two women begin to renew their friendship. Later, Tom convinces Casey to return home. Margo is hopeful for a chance of reconciliation and is devastated when Tom gives her separation papers. Meanwhile, Ben realizes that Doc has sent Jessica flowers and then gets a call from Walker that the test results are back. Doc arrives to comfort Jessica just as Ben realizes that Jessicas child was not his. Jordan finds Rosanna and she is unable to talk about Cabots death with him. Later, in the church, they blame themselves for making the choices they did. Later, overwhelmed by grief, Rosanna allows Jordan to take her into his arms and comfort her.

Source: CBS

12329 :49x100 - Ep. #12329

Craig and Lucy are devastated by the news of Cabots death and comfort each other. Meanwhile, James comes to say goodbye to Barbara, and to let her know that from now on she is on her own. Rosanna learns that Barbara helped James escape and attacks her. Barbara professes her innocence but Hal arrests her anyway, just as James takes a very much alive Cabot away with him. Jack confides in Julia his fears that he will never remember who he is. Julia is encouraging and Jack continues to bond with her and her son. Meanwhile, Parker refuses to go to the memorial since he believes Jack is not dead. Later, Carly is shocked when Parker begins instinctively playing Jack and Carlys wedding music while Jack simultaneously plays the same tune to Julias amazement. Ben realizes Doc must be the father of Jessicas baby and goes home to confront Jessica, only to find Doc there. Ben keeps his calm until Doc is gone and then, reveals the test results and declares that he knows the child was Docs. Holden is surprised when Molly shows up at the memorial and they realize their kiss is not as easily dismissed as both of them would like.

Source: CBS

12330 :49x101 - Ep. #12330

In Reno, Dusty tracks down Naomi, the maid from Wades motel, and gets her to admit she took the money that Wade left in his room. She gives him the bag she found the money in and Dusty finds proof that connects Craig to Wade and the money. Carly is shocked to hear Parker playing her wedding music on his little keyboard and Parker insists that Jack is playing the music, too. At Julias house, Jack is at the piano strumming the same tune as Parker. Jack is frustrated at his inability to remember anything, but is comforted by Julia, and grows more comfortable with her and her son. Meanwhile, those gathering for Jacks memorial service are stunned as Hal arrests Barbara for aiding and abetting James escape. Chaos erupts, but Emily reminds everyone theyre here for Jack. Carly arrives and the service is conducted as Holden, Hal, Margo, Hal, Carly and Craig all beautifully eulogize Jack. Dusty suddenly pulls Lucy outside where he hands her the proof that Craig was behind her kidnapping. Barbaras put in jail, despite her continued insistence that shes innocent. Jennifer refuses to bail her mother out, believing Barbara is just as guilty as James in Cabots death. Barbara swears she would never harm a child, but Jen intends to let her rot in jail. Margo and Tom share a moment, but he still wants her to sign the separation papers. She refuses and vows to not give up on them. Holden reveals to Molly that he told Lily about their kiss. Molly covers her disappointment and leaves, but her car wont start and Holden ends up taking her home. Jessica is forced to confess her infidelity with Doc. Ben is blinded by hurt and anger and unmoved by Jessicas tearful profession of love and sorrow. Ben packs his bags and moves out.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12331 :49x102 - Ep. #12331

Lucy is rocked by the proof of what her father has done. At first she pushes Dusty away, but soon realizes that she must come to terms with this herself. Dusty makes it clear that whatever she wants to do he will support her and Lucy insists on seeing her father without him. Meanwhile, Carly and Craig have a heart to heart where Carly points out Craigs better qualities. Its obvious how much Lucy means to him and how afraid he is that hell lose her. Later, Lucy confronts her father. Jennifer tells Rosanna and Jordan the latest about her decision to testify against her mother. Rosanna appears to be keeping it together but later, among her sons things, she breaks down in Cabots crib. Jordan sees Rosanna weeping in the crib and picks her up and carries her off. Barbara faces a grim future while James delights in his own with Cabot. Jessica confides in Margo that Ben has learned the truth. Meanwhile, Ben goes to confront Doc. Ben insists on fighting Doc who knocks him down. Ben refuses to end it and hits Doc, sending him flying and possibly hurting his hand as Jessica and Margo arrive. When Jessica tries to help Ben, he angrily blows her off.

Source: CBS

12332 :49x103 - Ep. #12332

Jennifer confides her doubts about Barbara and love for Jordan to Nikki. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rosannas grief over Cabot leads them to make love. Holden has taken Molly home from the memorial service. She tells him that his honesty to Lily shows that his allegiance still lies with his wife. She urges him to go home to his family and he kisses her goodbye. Unbeknownst to them, Lily has been outside watching everything. After Holden leaves, she steps inside to give Molly a piece of her mind. Lucinda visits Dusty and orders him to break things off with Lucy, but he insists that he cannot. At the church, Lucy confronts Craig about the receipt for Wades money transfer. Though he hedges at first, he is forced to come clean. He swears he was only doing it because he loved her, but Lucy wont hear it. Devastated, she rushes from the church, vowing hell pay for what hes done to her. She meets Dusty at the police station, ready to nail Craig, but has a last-minute change of heart and goes with Dusty back to his place. After injuring his hand in the fight with Doc, Ben goes to the ER, where a very sorry Jessica meets him. Bens not interested in hearing her apologies and says that shes always willing to put someone else before their relationship. He doesnt want to see her anymore, and she goes, tearfully. Outside, she runs into Margo and Doc and Doc tries to explain about the fight, but Jessica insists that its time for him to go.

Source: CBS

12333 :49x104 - Ep. #12333

Craig worries the bank receipt could send him to jail and sets a plan in motion. Meanwhile, Dusty and Lucy admit their love for each other. They are about to make love when the fire alarm goes off. Craig who had set the whole thing up searches Dustys room for the receipt, which he comes up with. Dusty and Lucy return and finally make love, but Dusty realizes Craig took the bank receipt. Later, Craig burns the receipt as Dusty makes a cryptic call. Rosanna and Jordan wake up to a very awkward morning after. Jennifer arrives and goes into denial about what she thinks happened between them, but Jordan confesses the truth. Jennifer walks out on him. Rosanna decides she needs to go somewhere without any memories. Later, Hal, more determined than ever to put Barbara away, calls upon Jennifer to make sure Barbara doesnt make bail. Jennifer arrives, too upset off her break up with Jordan to speak at the arraignment - until Jordan gets there. Its the day of Alisons bridal shower but Chris and Emily are still fighting their attraction. No one shows up since Alison forgot to send out the invitations and another fight erupts between Kim and Susan. Alison proclaims the whole wedding a disaster and rushes out. Later, a tense Chris asks Bob if he had doubts about getting married.

Source: CBS

12334 :49x105 - Ep. #12334

Jennifer rails at Jordan outside the courtroom while Nikki leads in Barbara. Barbara tries to guilt Jennifer out of testifying against her, but Jordan urges Jennifer not to let Barbara get away with what she did to Cabot because of what happened between them. Jennifer agrees to testify - for Cabot and not for Jordan. Inside the courtroom, Barbara launches into a speech about how everything shes done has been done out of love for her children. Suddenly, she makes a break for it and dives out of the window! Mike shows up at Carlys and informs her that Parker called him over to help him go look for Jack. Mike persuades Carly to take the kids out for a drive. As they are driving, Parker sees a sign for a water park and insists they stop. Meanwhile, at Julias house, JJ wants Jack to come along on the trip he and his mom are taking to a water park. At the park, both Mike and Jack head to the shop to buy bathing suits, but miss one another while Carly and the kids pass by Julia and JJ. Later, Jack stops dead in his tracks when he sees Carly and the kids at the snack bar! Aaron learns about the fiasco with the shower invitations. Emily assures Alison that everything is going to be fine. Later, Alison shows up at Aarons, for a surprise shower he has put together for her with all her friends. Overwhelmed Alison wraps her arms around Aaron, who is clearly affected. Meanwhile, Chris learns about the shower fiasco and Susan urges him to go find Alison at Emilys to cheer her up. Emily, feeling sad and lonely due to her continued distance from Hal, opens the door to Chris.

Source: CBS

12335 :49x106 - Ep. #12335

In the aftermath of Barbaras flying courtroom escape, everyone scrambles to track her down. Hal and Nikki coordinate the search, while Jordan tries to work his way back into a panicked Jennifers good graces by comforting her. Meanwhile, Barbara gets to a phone booth and calls Will, assuring him that shes coming for him soon. Next, she heads to Hals where Chris and Emily are struggling with the sexual tension between them. Barbara takes them hostage. Jack has a near-miss with Carly at the water-park. It gets to him, and he spends the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what this blonde woman means to him. Meanwhile, an unknowing Carly runs into Julia and asks her to look after Parker while she runs off to change Sage. She is horrified on her return to find Parker and JJ involved in an argument about a toy. Later, Parker catches a glimpse of Jack but is stopped when a guard apprehends him. Lucinda goes by Dustys room to talk some sense into her granddaughter, but Lucy instead asks Lucinda for her blessing. Lucinda cant give it but is certain that Lucy will ultimately make the decision thats right for her. Elsewhere, Dusty has Craig kidnapped under the guise of killing him, but Craig calls his bluff. Back at Metro, a shady character named Dominic wanders in and cryptically asks Craig about Dusty.

Source: CBS

12336 :49x107 - Ep. #12336

Alison arrives at Hals and hears Barbara fire a warning shot to let Chris and Emily know that she means business. A frantic Alison calls Hal - who gets word from Barbara that she wants to make a deal: his wife for their son. He turns her down. After tying Chris and Emily up face-to-face, she tries to lure Hal to the boathouse, but Hal quickly realizes she is going after Will. Later, to everyones shock and horror, Barbara crashes through the gate of the mental hospital and into the admissions area. Aaron comforts Alison and they learn of Chris and Emilys location. Meanwhile, Chris and Emily give into their passion and begin to kiss. Parker continues to insist he saw Jack and for a moment Carly believes she spots him as well, but it is someone else. Carly tries to get Parker to stop saying that Jack is alive, but her son convinces her he might be right. She tells Mike they must go back to the water park, as a picture taken of Jack on a water-ride surfaces. Meanwhile, Jack continues to enjoy his new life with Julia and JJ. They grow closer and he moves in to kiss her. An old cronie from Dustys past, Dominic, shows up and offers Dusty the chance to get involved in a boxing deal in Oakdale. Later, Dominic meets Lucy. When Dusty refuses the deal, Dominic tells him that he may not think he belongs in the boxing world, but he doesnt belong in Lucys either.

Source: CBS

12337 :49x108 - Ep. #12337

Carly convinces Mike to go back to the water park with her. Meanwhile, the park employees are throwing the picture of Jack away. Carly uncovers the photo, but raindrops have blurred the face and Mike points out it could be anyone. Parker insists that when Jack finds the message he sent him in the bottle, he will come back to them. Jack and Julia are interrupted and Jack apologizes for trying to kiss her. He leaves and is drawn to a bar, Costellos, where he begins to play the piano. Later, Julia shows up and spots Jack playing and singing. Meanwhile, JJ plays down by the river near his house and finds the bottle Parker sent to Jack. Hal has a gun on Barbara, who has just plowed into the mental hospital. Barbara forces him to put down his gun and then knocks him out cold in her search for Will. She finds her son locked up, but he doesnt respond. Later, Hal nabs her but they are both stunned when Will calls out for Dad to leave Mom alone. Meanwhile, Margo sees Emily and Chris kissing and warns her about playing with fire. Later, a guilty Emily makes it clear to Chris that she does not want to be near him again. Dusty rebuffs Dominics offer, but wonders if Lucy can really be happy living the kind of lifestyle he lives. Lucys presence drives him to distraction. He closes the bar and the two share a romantic and sexual moment.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12338 :49x109 - Ep. #12338

Convinced by Parker that Jack could be alive, Carly decides to consult with a psychic. Alone with Carly, the psychic doesnt feel any connection to Jack, but she does sense something when Parker enters the room. Parker feels the connection too and hopes the psychic will confirm his belief that Jack is alive. Meanwhile, Jack revels in his previous nights singing success, having been offered a job singing at Costellos. Later, JJ presents him the bottle with Parkers note, and asks Jack to retrieve the message inside. Julia interrupts and demands the dirty bottle to be thrown out. However, JJ secretly removes the bottle from the trash and hides it in his bedroom. Much to Hals chagrin, Dr. Michaels evaluates an agitated Barbara and suggests that she be admitted to the State Mental Hospital for 30 days. A very in control Barbara smiles at the news that she will be committed to the same hospital that Will is in. Emily warns Chris that she will tell Hal everything if Chris doesnt leave her alone. Meanwhile, Margo fills Tom in about finding Chris and Emily together, and laments that Toms brother is making the same mistakes she did. With Toms approval, Margo has a heart-to-heart with Chris, and advises him to choose whether or not to be with Alison before anyone gets hurt. Molly informs Holden and Lily that shes moving to Los Angeles. Later, Lily questions Holden as to where they stand now that Molly isnt in the picture. Holden points out that Molly was never the problem in their marriage - they are.

Source: CBS

12339 :49x110 - Ep. #12339

Jack nervously prepares for his first night of singing at Costellos. Julia and JJ assure him hell be fine, and Julia gives him her fathers watch to wear for good luck. Later, Julia drops by Costellos to see Jack, and he is blown away to see her all dressed-up. Jack is a big hit. Celebrating with Julia, he impulsively pulls her into a kiss. She responds until she suddenly pulls back and runs away. Against Hals wishes, Barbara is transferred to the state hospital. Dr. Michaels assures him that Barbara will not be allowed access to Will. Carly continues to press the psychic for answers who urges Carly to trust in her sons beliefs. Later, Hal shows up at Carlys and is horrified that Carly is encouraging Parkers fantasies. He insists on taking Parker with him and threatens that, unless Carly stops all of this nonsense about Jack being alive, he will take Parker away from her for good. Meanwhile, at the state hospital, Barbara is prevented from having any contact with Will. But Will comes to his mothers room and declares that hes going to get them both out of there. Lily and Holden discuss their marriage. Holden insists they can no longer ignore the growing distance between them. He suggests that she ask Craig to move out, and Lily initially argues but ultimately agrees. They promise to work on rebuilding their marriage. Nikki brings Jennifer to Metro for a little sister bonding. She promises to help Jennifer with her broken heart and family dramas. Henry spots Nikki and calls Mike, begging him to get to Metro right away. When the boys arrive, Henry suggests to the girls that they go back to Mikes place. At Mikes, they get into a game of strip poker and when Mike loses his shirt, both Nikki and Jennifer are impressed.

Source: CBS

12340 :49x111 - Ep. #12340

Emily tells Carly that last night, Parker said if Carly doesnt find Jack soon, shell lose him forever. Carly worries shes running out of time, and calls the private eye who has found a woman who works at the water park who mightve seen Jack. Carly interviews the woman and discovers that Jack was with another woman at the park. Meanwhile, as Jack escorts JJ to the bus stop, Julias ex-husband, Les, shows up, furious that Julia ran out on him and violated their custody agreement. He starts to get physically threatening when Jack returns and rescues her. Chris confides in Bob that theres someone else on his mind. Bob strongly recommends that Chris postpone the wedding until hes absolutely sure that marrying Alison is what he wants, but Chris maintains hes sure hell be the best husband Alison could possibly want. Meanwhile, Alison and Susan are horrified when the wedding champagne flutes arrive and the engraving is wrong. A guilty Chris gallantly insists on handling the problem himself. He takes the glasses to Bay City and returns with the news that the glasses will be re-engraved in time for the wedding. Alison is overjoyed and begins to pull a distracted Chris upstairs. Tempted by Dominics offer, Dusty visits the gym, but remains non-committal. Meanwhile, Craig follows Lucy to Metro. He tells her that Rosanna is at Emmas and could use a visit from Lucy. Lucy accuses Craig of trying to use Rosannas grief to get close to Lucy. Dusty enters and tells Craig to get lost but Craig reminds him hes a co-owner of Metro, and they will be seeing a lot more of him from now on. Once Craig leaves, Dusty says he thinks he knows a way for both Dusty and Lucy to get away from Metro.

Source: CBS

12341 :49x112 - Ep. #12341

Jack assures Julia that despite his memory loss, he knows he is nothing like Julias ex. Julia agrees and they kiss - and neither one wants to stop. Meanwhile, Carly realizes that Jack was with the woman whom she met at the water park. She recalls JJs name and ultimately gets an address and rushes off to find him. Later, Jack and Julias near lovemaking is interrupted by a knock on the door! Jordan visits Rosanna. When she learns that Jennifer has broken with him, Rosanna wants to make things right. Meanwhile, as Will comforts his mother, Paul returns to town determined to find out from Barbara where James is. Jennifer convinces Paul that his hope is futile and Paul worries about Rosanna. But, before Jennifer can tell Paul about Rosanna and Jordan, Rosanna unexpectedly shows up. Paul attempts to apologize and reconnect, but Rosanna remains unmoved. Jennifer then informs Paul that Rosanna slept with Jordan. Meanwhile, Will reveals that he actually hates his mother and is plotting some kind of revenge. Aaron runs into Dusty and Lucy and learns they are a couple. Lucy confides to Aaron her fear that Dusty feels he needs to change for her. Meanwhile, Dusty tells Dominic he wants in on the boxing plan.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12342 :49x113 - Ep. #12342

Jack assures Julia that despite his memory loss, he knows he is nothing like Julias ex. Julia agrees and they kiss - and neither one wants to stop. Meanwhile, Carly realizes that Jack was with the woman whom she met at the water park. She recalls JJs name and ultimately gets an address and rushes off to find him. Later, Jack and Julias near lovemaking is interrupted by a knock on the door! Jordan visits Rosanna. When she learns that Jennifer has broken with him, Rosanna wants to make things right. Meanwhile, as Will comforts his mother, Paul returns to town determined to find out from Barbara where James is. Jennifer convinces Paul that his hope is futile and Paul worries about Rosanna. But, before Jennifer can tell Paul about Rosanna and Jordan, Rosanna unexpectedly shows up. Paul attempts to apologize and reconnect, but Rosanna remains unmoved. Jennifer then informs Paul that Rosanna slept with Jordan. Meanwhile, Will reveals that he actually hates his mother and is plotting some kind of revenge. Aaron runs into Dusty and Lucy and learns they are a couple. Lucy confides to Aaron her fear that Dusty feels he needs to change for her. Meanwhile, Dusty tells Dominic he wants in on the boxing plan.

Source: CBS

12343 :49x114 - Ep. #12343

A cop who has come to fill out a report knocks on the door and interrupts Jack and Julia as they are about to make love. The cop leaves and Julia wants to pick up where they left off, but Jack is worried hell hurt her. Julia reassures Jack shes sure about this but Jack has a vague memory of a woman and he decides they cant go any further until they find out who he is. Meanwhile, Carly finds herself knocking at the wrong door. She is completely confused, but realizes if theres a chance Jacks still alive she has to keep looking. Later, Carly has a dream that shes reaching out to Jack as Jack hears Carlys voice say I love you, G-Man. Paul questions Rosanna about her making love to Jordan. Though hes upset, Paul tries to fight for his and Rosannas love but Rosanna shuts him down. Furious, Paul confronts Jordan and blames him for letting James in and causing Cabots death. Jennifer stops them from coming to blows. Paul later tells Jennifer he isnt giving up on Rosanna. Meanwhile, Craig visits Rosanna. She warms up to him a bit, but remains guarded and wont accept Craigs dinner invitation. Lucinda is impressed with Jordan when she meets him for the first time. A groomsman cancels so Alison suggests Aaron fill in. Chris and Aaron think its a bad idea and Aaron declines. But Chris sees how much this means to Alison and convinces a reluctant Aaron to do it. Alison is thrilled but the guys arent quite as comfortable with the situation.

Source: CBS

12344 :49x115 - Ep. #12344

A cop informs Jack and Julia that they had to release Les and asks Julia to come down to the station and sign a restraining order. She refuses but Jack promises to protect her. After, Julia reveals to Jack that she discovered the shoes he was wearing when he was brought in were made outside of Chicago. Jack and Julia decide to take a road trip. Later at a rest stop, they encounter a couple of hippies who recognize Jack! Meanwhile, Hal receives a call from a police chief in a small town who says his officers brought in a guy whos acting like a cop and says his name is Jack. Hal and Carly rush to the town but are heartbroken when the man turns out to be a phony. The man admits he found Jack laying on the riverbank and took his wallet. When he went back later, Jack was gone. Carly and Hal are stunned to realize Jack could be alive.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Chris Orf as Wyoming | T. Erik Hart as Sky Dog

12345 :49x116 - Ep. #12345

Carly takes Parker and Hal down to the riverbank where Jack was last seen. Parker doesnt feel a connection, but later admits that he feels that Jack is moving away from them and believes that Jack has taken his ring off. Meanwhile, the two hippies tell Jack and Julia that they knew Jacks ex-wife Julia and she was crazy. Dubious, Jack realizes that the hippies story proves why he responded to Julias name. He then recalls drowning and assumes he came to be by the river as a result of the other Julias craziness. He decides he wants nothing further to do with his former life and takes off his wedding ring. He hands it to Julia as a promise that from now on, his life is with her. Aaron unleashes his frustration at Alison, telling her shes missed the point of why he entered the contest and why hes been so devoted to her. Alison thinks that hes just jealous of Chris. Aaron goes to the gym where he beats a punching bag and imagines Chriss face on it. Later, he confides in Lucy about what happened and she calls him on being in love with Alison. Meanwhile, Emily urges Chris to forget about his so-called love or else she will tell both Hal and Alison the truth. Alison shows up and attempts to find out what is going on between them, but Chris covers. Later, Emily finds Hal and tries to open up to him about Chris, but he is too preoccupied with Carly to pay much attention. Emily then calls Alison and says she has something urgent to talk to her about. Dusty brings Lucy to the gym and Lucy, knowing that their future is riding on a boxing deal, offers Dusty her trust fund. He refuses but later agrees to accept the offer and get out of Metro if he cant find a fighter.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12346 :49x117 - Ep. #12346

Will arranges to have a family visit. He then goes to Barbaras room and gives her a stolen nurses uniform to come to his room. Later, Will has an emotional reunion with his father, brother and sister. A disguised Barbara bursts into Wills room to find herself facing Hal, Paul and Jennifer! Chris scrambles to keep Emily from telling Alison the truth. Alison arrives at Emilys, as does Susan, with Alisons wedding dress in hand. Seeing Alisons excitement over the wedding, Emily cant bring herself tell Alison. Chris shows up and seeing Alison in the wedding dress, he realizes he cant break her heart. A shocked Emily and Susan return to the kitchen to find Alison and Chris in a major lip lock. Chris silences Emily by firmly stating that he and Alison are getting married and that everything is going to be fine. Meanwhile, Aaron laughs off Lucys claim that hes in love with Alison but soon realizes shes right. Aaron admits that he saw Chris and Emily kissing. Lucy urges Aaron to tell Alison, but he is hesitant. Bob refuses to let Ben resume surgery because of the injury to his hand. Ben asks for more pain pills, and when Bob declines, Ben begins to sweat. Mike, Nikki and Henry get together again and, much to Henrys chagrin, Nikki takes the boys indoor rock climbing. In an effort to impress Nikki, Henry refuses to let Mike help him, and ends up falling. At the hospital, Ben diagnosis him with a concussion and informs Mike and Nikki that theyre going to have to keep Henry awake all night. After explaining that Henry only needs to take Tylenol if he complains of a headache, Ben writes a prescription in Henrys name and pockets it.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12347 :49x118 - Ep. #12347

Carly decides to make a television appeal in stations within a 500-mile area of where Jack was last seen and enlists Kims help. Meanwhile, Jack and Julia end up making love as Carly appears on the screen. But, Julias cable goes out and they dont see her. The hippies, however, still parked at the rest stop, recognize Jacks photo and try to call the phone number posted but they cant get through. Kim informs Carly the station has over 300 messages but theyll be mostly crank calls. Carly remains hopeful one of them will lead her to Jack. Later, Jack asks Julia to marry him. Barbara falls into Wills trap and is busted entering his room. She is taken away and Paul enlists Jessicas help to get Will released. Will tells Hal he realizes now that hes not the one who belongs in here but his mother is. Hal assures Will theyre working on getting him released and Will declares that he never wants to see Barbara again. Jessica prepares to file a Friends of the Court petition and begin procedures for having Will released. Jessica encounters Ben at the hospital and he announces that he wants a divorce. Jessica is upset but Ben walks off. At the Lakeview, Paul and Jessica discuss Wills case and Jessica shares with Paul her troubles. They bond over their self-destructive tendencies. Nikki and Mike are stuck having to keep groggy Henry from falling asleep. Jennifer shows up and Nikki confides in her sister that shes interested in Mike.

Source: CBS

12348 :49x119 - Ep. #12348

The morning after her televised appeal, Carly commiserates with Rosanna over the abundance of crank calls that have come in. When Sky Dog and Wyoming call, Carly assumes theyre scamming her and hangs up. Later, Rosanna leaves as Sky Dog and Wyoming show up and demand money in exchange for information. Meanwhile, Julia gets a call from the hospital asking her to fill in at the last minute so Jack agrees to take JJ to a baseball game in her place. Later, Jack notices tread marks at a rest stop where hes stopped with JJ. He gets a bad feeling and makes a call on a pay phone. Thinking hes calling Julia to warn her, he gets an electrified Carly instead. Paul accompanies Jessica to Lily and Holdens house and asks them to sign a friend of the court petition to support Wills release from the mental hospital. Lily is outraged and makes clear she doesnt believe in Wills innocence. Jessica gets Paul to leave before too much damage is done. Once theyre alone, Holden asks Lily to consider the possibility that a child of their own might make a serious mistake some day. Later, Holden decides to sign the petition in support of Will while Lily is dumbstruck and remains fiercely opposed. Barbara is stunned when Will shows up at her bedside and reveals that his scheme to bring mother and son together was a ruse to get him released. Will blames her for ruining his life and causing him to be committed in the first place. He declares that he hopes his mother rots in this place! Utterly devastated and alone, Barbara breaks down while Will takes comfort from big brother Paul and confesses hes scared of Barbara. Paul vows to move heaven and earth to get Will out of there.

Source: CBS

12349 :49x120 - Ep. #12349

Carly is rocked when she hears Jacks voice on the other end of the line, but Sky Dog grabs the phone from her. Panicked, he throws it, breaking the connection and the hippies flee. Carly insists she heard Jack on the other end of the line and finally gets Hal to trace the call. Meanwhile, Jack races home and is puzzled when he realizes that he didnt speak to Julia. Julia has received a note from Les, reminding her that he is still around. Jack asks Julia again to marry him right away and she says yes, but then points out that they cant get married because Jack has no identification as to who he is. Later, Jack asks Frank to get him a new life. Alison appeals to Aaron to reconsider being in her wedding. Meanwhile, Chris is determined to put out all fires and have their wedding day come off. Later, Aaron stops Alison from going to the wedding rehearsal and an unnerved Emily is forced to stand in for her sister. When Emily must take Chris hand, she freaks and pulls away. Later, Susan overhears Margo warning Chris that he is making a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, Aaron confesses to Alison that he loves her. Emily learns from Lily that Hal is trying to get Will released from the mental hospital, but Hal has no time to discuss it with her. Later, upset and covering what has happened with Chris, Emily declares that she will not have Will in her house. Tom and Margo share a moment and the connection between them is still evident. It begins to appear the couple is headed toward reconciliation.

Source: CBS

12350 :49x121 - Ep. #12350

Carly has Jacks phone call traced to the rest stop. She and Rosanna head there in the hopes of finding a clue to where Jack is. Jack is gone, but Carly finds JJs baseball cap hidden in the bushes. Carly sees JJs name written inside the cap and recalls meeting Julia and JJ at the water park. She is certain that they have a connection to Jack. Meanwhile, Jack meets with a computer geek about obtaining new identification documents. Later, Jack returns home to Julia and announces that he, Julia and JJ are going to be a family. Aaron professes his love to Alison and reveals that Chris is involved with another woman. Alison doesnt buy this and lashes out at Aaron, convinced that he is merely jealous of her relationship with Chris and runs inside the church. Chris sees an upset Alison and whisks her away for a real wedding rehearsal and comes off looking like super groom. Later, Alison confides in an increasingly alarmed Susan that Aaron accused Chris of having an affair. Meanwhile, Emily and Hal quarrel over his decision to bring Will into their home without bothering to consult her. They admit that outside obligations have created a rift in their marriage. Hal is called away before they can discuss it further, and a vulnerable Emily runs into Chris at his and Alisons honeymoon suite. Emily tells Chris not to say a word and leaves a vulnerable Chris alone when Alison calls to say that she loves him. Chris returns to the sentiment as Aaron drowns his sorrows. Following the rehearsal, Margo is hopeful for a future with Tom.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12351 :49x122 - Ep. #12351

Chris and Alisons wedding day has arrived and Susan is about Chriss possible involvement with Emily. She confronts Emily, who has no choice but to confirm and Susan blasts her. Meanwhile, Bob gives Chris one last opportunity to come clean but Chris assures his father he wants to marry Alison. Later, Alison runs into Aaron, who just wants her to know that he hopes shell be happy. Jack and Julia prepare to marry in front of a Justice of the Peace at Costellos. Jack asks JJ for his mothers hand in marriage and he gives it. The ceremony is about to begin when Les interrupts and causes a scene. JJ summons his courage and denounces his father. Jack suggests Les stick around and witness the wedding and creation of a new family. When Jack and Julia are pronounced husband and wife, Jack warns Les to stay away from his family. Meanwhile, Carly calls a forensic artist to sketch portraits of JJ and JJs mom. Unable to capture JJs likeness, Carly asks Parker to help. He does and experiences another connection to Jack as he hears Jacks wedding music in his head. Spinning to the music, Parker passes out as a horrified Carly and Rosanna rush to his side. Paul and Jennifer pick Will up at the state hospital and bring him back to Oakdale. Meanwhile, Holden and Lily square off about Wills release. Emily decides to take Daniel and stay at her mothers for a week and Hal thanks her for meeting him halfway. Back home, Will admits his concern about his reentry into Oakdale. Paul assures him everything will be okay and goes upstairs. Will starts to make an omelet and hears a knock at the door. Knife in hand, he opens the door and startles Lily.

Source: CBS

12352 :49x123 - Ep. #12352

At the wedding, Nancy gives Chris his grandfathers watch and says that she knows Alison and him with be as happy as she was with her Chris. This weighs heavily on Chris as he prepares to take his place at the altar. Kim and Susan arrive in the same dress, but Lisa helps to diffuse the volatile situation. Later, Alison takes her place next to Chris, oblivious to what is going on. Chris fights his feelings as Aaron unexpectedly shows up. Aaron wtinesses Alison speak her vows and leaves, assuming the marriage will take place. But when the minister asks Chris to say his vows, Chris takes a long pause. Carly is relieved Parker is okay but horrified when he tells her that they are losing Jack. Carly realizes she must stop searching but makes it clear she is not giving up hope. She must believe that Jack can find a way back to her. Meanwhile, Jack throws away his old wedding ring, prepared to begin life with his new family. Later, Julia is rattled when she finds the picture of Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage in JJs bottle. Will and Lily are shocked to see each other. Lily cant forgive Will and Will bristles at her remarks but Paul defends his brother. Later, Lily orders Luke to have nothing to do with Will as Will realizes Lily will always hate him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12353 :49x124 - Ep. #12353

All hell breaks loose as Chris calls off the wedding and Alison learns the truth about Chris and Emily. An angry Alison informs Hal that her sister is still the slut shes always been and Emily prepares to come clean with Hal. Later, a distraught Alison jumps into Snyder Pond, desperate to drown her wedding dress when Aaron shows up. Carly confides in Emma her dilemma of whether or not to stop searching for Jack but Emma urges her to do everything possible. Carly decides to take the sketch to Lucinda, but it blows away. Taking it as a sign, Carly goes to the riverbank and tells imaginary Jack that she must stop searching for him now, but shell always hope hell come back to her. Meanwhile, Julia reels from her discovery of Carly, Parker and Sages picture. She questions Jack about memories of another family, but Jack assures her shes his only family, now and forever. Later, Julia decides not to tell Jack about the photo. Nikki, Jennifer, Mike and Henry go to Metro after the wedding fiasco. Jordan approaches Jennifer but she gives him the cold shoulder and grabs Mike to dance. Mike and Jennifer have a warm conversation while they are dancing, much to Nikkis disapproval. Later, Nikki warns Jennifer she has dibs on Mike. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Jordan chat and Lucinda offers Jordan a job. Lucy finds a fighter off the Internet and he turns out to be good. Dusty is forced to admit he needs to find a boxer who Dominics fighter can beat.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: T. Erik Hart as Sky Dog

12354 :49x125 - Ep. #12354

Aaron pulls Alison out of the pond, and she lets him have it for not telling her about Chris and Emily. Emotionally drained, Alison breaks down in his arms. Meanwhile, Chris tells Hal that hes in love with his wife. Emily declares that she doesnt love Chris, and she never wants to see him again. Hal walks out on Emily but later, has a change of heart and they reconcile. Chris shows up at the pond and Aaron gets rid of him. Lost and alone, Alison kisses Aaron. She tells him she wants to make love, but he refuses. Hurt and embarrassed, she takes off. Barbara breaks out of the hospital and comes to see Will. She believes Will is not well and belongs at the hospital with her. Later, Paul warns Barbara that if she comes near Will again he will kill her. Lucy is concerned that Dusty will land himself in jail because of this boxing scheme, but he assures her that he won't let that happen. The issue continues to be a source of conflict between them.

Source: CBS

12355 :49x126 - Ep. #12355

Its the morning after Chris and Alisons aborted wedding ceremony and both are missing. A frantic Susan and Bob and Kim get into over the previous days events. Meanwhile, Emily finds Alison asleep in a pew in the church. Alison blows off Emily, swearing she will never forgive her for what she did. Meanwhile, Chris wakes up alone in the honeymoon suite. Kim is sympathetic to her son, but Bob blasts him for his irresponsibility. Aaron admits to a surprised Holden that hes in love with Alison, but she hates him. Holden advises Aaron that, if he really loves Alison, he shouldnt give up on her. Later, Aaron encounters Alison at the Snyder Pond. Alison is mortified that she threw herself at Aaron, but he swears that he will always be her friend. Alison finally returns home to Susan. Later, Alison answers the door and finds herself face-to-face with Chris! Paul and Will run into Lily at the Lakeview. Paul urges Lily to see that Barbara, not Will, is the problem. Lily surprises Will by offering her hand, but Will gets freaked out and pulls back. Meanwhile, Barbara is now in the maximum-security ward at the hospital where someone is suspiciously watching her. Barbara flips out when Walker calls her on her scheming. Later, the mysterious watcher approaches Barbara, and its Dr. Rick Decker! Meanwhile, Lily returns home to Holden and fills him in on what happened. She does not believe that Will is well but to her horror, Holden says he thinks Lily is the one putting the kids at risk with her inability to let go of her anger. Jennifer sets up Nikki to be alone with Mike, but later, Mike admits that he is too hung up on Katie to be in another relationship. Meanwhile, Henry tries to hit on Nikki again, but she lets him down easy.

Source: CBS

12356 :49x127 - Ep. #12356

Chris tries to make peace with Alison but strikes out. Emily shows up as Alison is throwing Chris out. Emily informs Alison that she and Daniel will be moving in for a while but Alison tells Susan that either Emily goes or she goes! Rick Decker pretends to be Barbaras doctor and she opens up to him about her problems. However, Dr. Decker gets creepy when he pulls out a syringe and threatens to ease her pain. Meanwhile, Will learns Emily and Daniel are leaving home and takes it personally. Hal coaxes him to go fishing and they go to Snyder Pond. At the same time, Holden and Lily are arguing about Lilys attitude about Will. Luke walks in on them and Holden and Luke arrange to go fishing to the pond, too. Luke has a run-in with some bully teens and Will saves him from being thrown into the pond. Holden arrives to find teens tormenting Will, and Will standing up to them. Holden chases the kids off and Luke tells Holden that Will saved him. Holden then gets the idea that Will could come work on the farm for money. Hal gets Will to consider the job and Will decides to do it. Lucy and Dusty encounter Dominic at Metro, and Craig learns Lucy is involved with Dusty in a fight scheme. When he tries to warn her against it, Lucy lets slip that Dusty is planning to sell off his share of the club so the two of them can get away. Craig vows to stop Lucy from leaving.

Source: CBS

12357 :49x128 - Ep. #12357

Holden asks Rosanna about Will working on the farm, but Rosanna refuses, assuming that hiring Will would mean seeing a lot more of Paul. Later, Rosanna and Will bump into each other at the pond. Fishing Alisons wedding dress out of the water, the two bond and Rosanna agrees to let Will come to work for her. Later, Paul shows up and comes face-to-face with Rosanna. Barbara is nearly killed by the man whom she learns is not a doctor but a patient Rick Decker, the serial killer. Barbara realizes how insane he is and tries to figure out some way to use him. She forgives Rick and says she thinks this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Susan refuses to choose between her daughters. Alison starts to storm out of the house, but Emily again tries to make peace. Alison is nearly won over until she realizes that Susan and other people in town knew about Emily and Chris and did nothing to stop the wedding. Aaron decides that he needs to put himself first, and has been flirting with two girls at the bar. Just as he is about to take them home, Alison shows up. Aaron chooses to let the girls go in order to deal with Alison but when she asks him if she can stay with him, he refuses. Mike admits to Nikki that hes still not over Katie and isnt interested in romance. She appears to accept that and makes plans to have dinner with him. After, Jennifer tries to warn Nikki not to get her hopes up about Mike, but Nikki is confident that the dinner is in fact a date.

Source: CBS

12358 :49x129 - Ep. #12358

Julia wrestles with her dilemma of whether or not to tell Jack about the photo. When Jack has a memory of a woman and describes her, Julia recognizes the description from the photo and frets that her happiness is slipping away. She notices a photographers stamp on the back of the picture that reads Oakdale, Illinois. She then calls the hospital and takes off the next day. Meanwhile, Parker is at a birthday party at Als when he starts to feel odd. Carly goes to get him and take him home. Later, Parker whispers in her ear that he feels Jack and hes stronger than ever! Paul runs into Rosanna at Snyder Pond. Rosanna tells him she cant look at him without seeing the face of the man who didnt save her baby. Paul passionately explains the hell hes been through since that night and says that he stills loves her with all his heart. Alone, a wistful Rosanna recalls Pauls marriage proposal. Alison is stunned when Aaron tells her he cant be the one to pick her up and rescue her all the time. Alison realizes that she has to start taking care of herself and she goes to Als, where she is hired as a waitress. Meanwhile, Aaron works out his frustrations at the downtown gym and piques the interest of the gyms manager, who thinks Aaron should talk to Dusty about an upcoming match. Craig summons Dominic to try to get information about Dusty, but Dominic blows him off. After, Dominic finds Dusty at the gym and warns him that Craig is asking questions. Dusty urges Dominic to stay the hell away from Craig Montgomery.

Source: CBS

12359 :49x130 - Ep. #12359

Julia claims shes going to work but travels to Oakdale. At Als Diner, shes shocked when a waitress identifies her photo as Jack Snyder, who tragically died. After looking the name up in the phonebook, a floored Julia heads to Milltown. Back at Julias house, Greta the state social worker is concerned about Jacks marriage. Jack lies about getting his memory back and assures Greta that his past was not worth going back to. Meanwhile, Carly and Mike take Parker on a picnic to Snyder Pond. Julia arrives at Milltown where she tells the babysitter she may have some information about Jacks whereabouts. Julia gets directions to the pond but in her haste she leaves her pen behind. She gets to the pond and freezes at the sight of Carly and Parker. Aaron goes to Als for breakfast and is shocked to find Alison as his waitress. Aaron is impressed by her determination to take care of herself. Hal tells Emily how much he loves her and Daniel, and asks her to come home. Meanwhile, Susan is distraught that Alison didnt come home last night. Alison turns up and explains about her job at Als and her desire to get her own place. Emily reaches out to Alison, but she insists there is no room for Emily in her new life. As Nikki prepares for her night with Mike, Jennifer worries that her sister is setting herself up for a big disappointment. But, Nikki is certain that she can change Mikes mind. Meanwhile, Jordan meets with Lucinda at the Lakeview dining room to accept her job offer. Jennifer and Nikki run into Jordan, who congratulates Jennifer for taking over BRO. Jennifer is disappointed to learn Jordan will be staying in Oakdale. Later, Nikki gets a call from Mike, canceling the date.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12360 :49x131 - Ep. #12360

At the Snyder Pond, Julia watches Carly with Mike and Parker assumes they are a happy family. Satisfied that Carly has moved on, Julia returns home. Jack fills Julia in about his visit from the social worker and reassures Julia that she and JJ are his life now. Still anxious, Julia surprises Jack by suggesting they get out of town. Back at the pond, the sketch of Julia and JJ finds its way back to Carly and Parker. Mike thinks its a sign and Parker says he can feel Jack in the air. Back home, the babysitter tells Carly a woman was there who claimed she had information about Jack. When Carly shows her the sketch of Julia, the babysitter recognizes her. Nikki is disappointed about her canceled date with Mike but a persistent Henry convinces her to go out with him instead. Meanwhile, Jennifer orders Mike to Als Diner and blasts him for breaking the date with Nikki. Mike tells her to mind her own business when Jennifer gets a phone call about an explosion at BRO. Craig visits Rosanna at Emmas and Rosanna informs Craig shes hired Will to work at the farm. Will and Paul arrive for Wills first day and overhear Craig warning Rosanna to stay away from crazy Will. Later, Paul and Craig face off while Rosanna assures Will he will prove all his naysayers wrong. Craig accuses Paul of using Will as an excuse to get close to Rosanna and says if Will does anything to hurt Rosanna, theyre going to have to answer to him. Paul cautions Craig not to lay a hand on his little brother or else. Barbara begins to seduce serial killer Dr. Decker and they get closer.

Source: CBS

12361 :49x132 - Ep. #12361

Rosanna hurries to Carlys house, encouraged to hear that the woman from the water park was there. Hal arranges for the forensic sketch of Julia to be wired to every precinct within a hundred miles of Oakdale. Meanwhile, Julia remembers leaving the pen in Carlys house and works to convince Jack to pack up and leave. At the hospital, Julia runs into a highly suspicious Greta, who nails her for running away. Julia is about to leave when she spots a cop posting a copy of her sketch. Meanwhile, Parker discovers the pen that Julia left behind, labeled St. Genevieve Hospital. Carly throws her arms around Parker, thrilled that she has a significant clue to Jacks whereabouts. A dejected Craig meets with Lily at the Lakeview. Lily is sympathizing with Craig when Dominic enters and mistakes Lily for Rose, an old acquaintance of his. Craig encourages Lily to go along with Dominics mistake in order to get more information about Dustys boxing scheme. Nikki and Henry are on their date when Henry chokes on an olive and Jordan performs the Heimlich. Nikki and Jordan take Henry to Snyder Pond to sober up and discuss Jordans rocky relationship with Jennifer. Meanwhile, while Mike repairs BROs damage, Jennifer is struck by Mikes shirtless physique in a pair of ripped-up jeans. She gets an idea for a new fashion/marketing concept and enlists Mikes help as a model. Nikki calls and overhears Mike in the background. She is furious and hangs up. Dusty and Lucy continue their search for a fighter to take on Rafael Ortega. Theyre trying out Tony, a brash young fighter from New Jersey but he is quickly flattened by his opponent. When Tonys opponent removes his headgear, Dusty and Lucy are stunned to see that its Aaron!

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12362 :49x133 - Ep. #12362

Freaked out by the sketches around the hospital, Julia dashes home and insists she and Jack leave immediately. Jack finally agrees, but realizes that somethings up. Meanwhile, Carly and Rosanna go to St. Genevieve hospital. After learning some details about Julia, Carly notes the similarities between her and Jacks other wife Julia, and fears Jack is in danger. Carly gets hold of Julias address and her and Rosanna show up on Julias doorstep and start pounding on the door. Craig persuades Lily to act like Rose for Lucys sake and Lily arranges to meet Dominic at Cals Den. Once there, Lily really starts getting into the part of Rose and Dominic reveals that the fight is rigged. Later, Lily is disappointed when Craig says he doesnt need Lily to pretend to be Rose anymore. After, Lily, still dressed like Rose, is caught by Holden. Meanwhile, Aaron asks Dusty for a shot in the ring, but Lucy privately tells Dusty she doesnt want Aaron involved. Later, Dusty brushes Aaron off. Dominic gets wind of whats going on and demands that Dusty sign Aaron on. Although Jordan urges her not to, Nikki goes to BRO to confront Jennifer and Mike. Nikki and Mike have a heart to heart and Mike apologizes for leading her on. Meanwhile, naked and hung-over Henry discovers himself in the back of Nikkis car with nothing but Nikkis coat and pashmina for cover. He decides to go in search of Nikki and Jordan but manages to set off her car alarm and get locked out.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12363 :49x134 - Ep. #12363

At Julias house, Carly and Rosanna learn from Kayley that Jack and Julia have moved to Nashville. Carly calls Hal, while Rosanna finds the torn picture of Carly, Parker and Sage. Convinced that Jack is in danger, Carly and Rosanna take off before Hal arrives. Meanwhile, Jack, Julia and JJ get to the rest stop where Julia spots the Wanted poster of her and JJ. She grabs it before Jack or JJ see it, but theyre detained when a trucker finds JJs Ipod in the restroom. Later, Jack comforts JJ who is upset about the sudden move. Soon after they leave, Carly and Rosanna arrive at the rest stop and speak to the trucker who gives them information on where Julias car was headed. Hal and Nikki arrive at Julias house at the same time as Kayley, accompanied by the St. Genevieve police chief. Kayley reveals that Jack and Julia are married, and Nikki realizes that Jack must be using a false ID. Barbara and Rick cook up a scheme to escape the hospital by ambulance. They swipe the keys while Head Orderly Otis Griggs is in the mens room. Rick makes impressions of the keys in soap but accidentally drops the key ring. As a confused Otis wonders how his keys got on the floor, Rick and Barbara hide in a stall. Will wants to work for Jennifer, and Paul and Jennifer explain that its not safe until Barbara is behind bars. Later, Will takes the picture of Barbara off the wall and smashes it with a hammer. When Jennifer and Paul return, Will covers. Holden is furious to discover that Lily dressed up like Rose to help Craig, after promising that they wouldnt get mixed up in other peoples problems anymore. Lily thinks Holden is overreacting, but admits feeling like something is missing in her life. Unable to find common ground, they agree to separate.

Source: CBS

12364 :49x135 - Ep. #12364

With help from the St. Genevieve Police Chief, Hal nails Blackmoor. Carly and Rosanna are at the rest stop when Hal calls to report that Jack has a fake Kentucky drivers license. Hal orders Carly to let the police handle this, but Carly insists she cant. She hitches a ride when she gets the tip that a woman matching Julias description was seen near Louisville. Meanwhile, Jack, Julia and JJ settle into a motel in Louisville. Certain their troubles are behind them, Jack and Julia make love. Later, Jack is stunned when he comes across his own badge! Barbara and Rick make it out of the mens room without getting caught. Thrilled Rick kisses her, but Barbara gently brushes him off. Barbara takes advantage of a pottery class to melt down some gold jewelry and make the keys needed to escape. She continues to lead Rick on and dreams of getting Will back. Under pressure from Dominic, Dusty reluctantly offers Aaron the deal and Aaron accepts just as Lucy arrives to hear it. Dusty apologizes to Lucy for breaking his promise, but explains that he didnt have a choice. Lucy accepts that Aaron is a big boy who can make his own decisions. Later, as guest singer Ryan Cabrera takes the stage and begins his song, Dusty takes Lucy in his arms and they dance. Emily causes a ruckus at Als which forces Alison to sit down to talk. She makes a heartfelt appeal for Alisons forgiveness, and just when it looks like she might forgive her, Alison gets up and walks away. After, Emily sees a warm note on the back of the check from her sister. Later, Aaron confides in Alison about his boxing match. She thinks hes crazy, but he insists that hes good.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John James (1) as Rick Decker | Lou Bonacki as Alfonso | Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12365 :49x136 - Ep. #12365

Alison is concerned about Aaron getting into trouble because of Dustys scheming, but Lucy is offended by Alis accusations. Alison is surprised to realize that Aaron knows that the fight was organized as a showcase for Dominics fighter. In private, Aaron tells Alison to chill and stop meddling. At the gym, Craig calls to warn Dominic about Lucys involvement in the whole affair. Dominic urges Dusty to be a man and tell his girlfriend to butt out or Dominic will. Later, Holden confronts Craig about Lilys recent portrayal of Rose. When Craig suggests Holdens marriage is on the rocks, Holden lets Craig have it. Dusty enters and cautions Craig if he doesnt leave him and Lucy alone, he will tell the cops about his kidnapping scheme. Later, Lucy finds Dusty at Metro, and he surprises her by saying that he wants her to stay out of the fight. Carly is hot on Jacks trail as she pursues him with the trucker. Rosanna returns to Milltown where she finds Parker drawing a picture he insists will help Carly find Jack. Rosanna fills Carly in on Parkers drawing. Meanwhile, Julia wakes up alone in bed. She questions Jack, who shows her his badge. Julia lies that a hospital orderly returned it and claims that she didnt want to show it to Jack until they got settled. Julia promises she wont keep anything from him again as he insists they go to Oakdale so he can get some answers about his past. He promises not to leave or let her down, and she agrees they can go to Oakdale. But, just as Jacks leaving, he opens the motel door and sees Carly!

Source: CBS

12366 :49x137 - Ep. #12366

Jack and Carly finally come face to face. Although he doesnt remember her, he is drawn to her. Carly gently tries to conjure up his memories and ends up telling him shes his wife. Julia shows up and Carly lashes out at her. Julia attempts to defend herself, and Jack is very protective of her. Jack reveals that he and Julia are married, but Carly insists that Julia has lied to him, and dares her to tell him the truth. Rosanna has her hands full with Parker and Sage when Paul arrives and helps her out. Rosanna realizes how wonderful he is with children and how kind he can be. Barbara and Rick continue to plot their escape but Otis, the orderly, and Alfonso are onto them. Barbara and Rick avert disaster when Otis calls for a room check but an annoyed Rick wants to take Alfonso out. Alison and Will have a heart to heart at Als. Will appreciates Alisons support. Jessica gets divorce papers from Ben and confronts him, interrupting a meeting between Ben and Bob. Bob leaves, and tells Ben though he cant operate yet, hes glad Bens off painkillers. Jessica and Ben have it out, and Ben declares that he needs Jessica to stay out of his life. Jessica starts to leave, but then sees Ben popping a pill. She takes the pills out of his coat and calls him on still taking them.

Source: CBS

12367 :49x138 - Ep. #12367

Carly demands that Julia tell Jack the truth about the way she tried to keep him from his family in Oakdale. Julia insists she found out about Jacks other life after she and Jack were married. JJ walks in on this tense moment and worries that Carly is here to take Jack away. Carly makes a passionate argument why Jack should return home with her, but he stuns her by saying he cant leave Julia and JJ because he loves them. Meanwhile, Paul helps Rosanna keep Parker distracted while they wait for news from Carly. Their closeness results in a soft, tender kiss followed by Rosanna flashing back to memories of Cabot. Craig sees Lucy and Lucinda having breakfast together. He tries to work his way back into his daughters life, but she blows him off. After Lucy leaves, Lucinda blasts Craig for being an emotional terrorist. Craig points out that in this one instance, he and Lucinda are on the same side and would both like Lucy to dump Dusty. Lucinda cant disagree, and an unlikely alliance is formed. At Als, Alison leaps to Wills defense when a teen bullies him, leaving Will grateful and Susan impressed. Lucy arrives to have a heart-to-heart with Alison about Dusty. Alison advises Lucy to give Dusty an ultimatum: either he accept her as an equal in their relationship or they call it quits. Jessica confronts Ben about the pills hes been taking but Ben grabs the bottle back. He insists theyre ibuprofen but Jessica suspects otherwise and feels obligated to fill Bob in. Ben is livid, and accuses Jessica of trying to destroy his career because shes angry about the divorce. Later, Bob demands that Ben hand over the pills and Ben has no choice but to comply.

Source: CBS

12368 :49x139 - Ep. #12368

Carly is stunned by Jacks refusal to go home with her. Jack insists he wont abandon Julia and JJ, but he will come to Oakdale. Carly finally agrees to go, but gives him a deep, passionate kiss before she does. Jack informs Julia that theyre going to Oakdale. Jack is angry when Julia admits she did know about Carly but only recently. Meanwhile, Paul thinks that Cabot will always stand between him and Rosanna, but she makes it clear that she wants a second chance with him. They kiss but their reunion is cut short when Carly arrives home. Paul leaves and Carly fills Rosanna in and finally breaks down, devastated by the fact the Jack doesnt remember her. Later, Carly must explain to Parker that Jack will be home tomorrow, even though shes not sure he will be. Dominic has arranged for a press conference to announce the fight and introduce the fighters. Lucy is upset when she reads about it in the newspaper. Alison urges Lucy to let Dusty know that she wont let him shut her out. When Lucy shows up at the gym, Dusty maintains that hes only trying to protect her. She wont be patronized by him, and he realizes he has been treating her like a child. When the press conference starts, theres little interest in Aaron, but when Rafael is introduced, the press goes wild. Lucy strains to get a good look at Rafi, and when their eyes finally meet, everyone is stunned when Rafi pushes past the press to embrace Lucy! Jessica is surprised when it turns out to be ibuprofen in the pill bottle. Ben accuses Jessica of trying to humiliate him in order to get back at him for filing for divorce. Bob must follow up and explains that the simple way to clear this up is for Ben to take a urine test. An angry Ben refuses and storms out.

Source: CBS

12369 :49x140 - Ep. #12369

At the Lakeview, Julia and JJ are nervous as Jack prepares to go see Carly. Julia admits to JJ that Carly is Jacks wife. Meanwhile, Carly learns Julia and JJ are in Oakdale with Jack and realizes Julias hold on Jack is stronger than she thought. She rallies Jacks loved ones together to fight for him and make him remember who he was. When Jack is late, a worried Carly heads to the Lakeview to look for him. Meanwhile, Jack stops by Als Diner to pick up a treat for Parker. Just as hes leaving, a patron grabs Alison, pulls out a gun and orders her to empty the register. Jack confronts the robber and as they go crashing through the front door, a gunshot goes off. Old friends from their childhood in Montega, Lucy and Rafi reconnect. Lucy reveals that the fight is weighted and that Aarons expected to lose. Rafi, upset, confronts Dominic. Later, Rafi tells Aaron he wants to train him so when they can have a real fight. Lucy assumes Dustys going to be angry with her again for interfering, but Dusty surprises her when he says Lucy belongs by his side. Jennifer asks Mike to be the signature model for Street Trash Jeans. Mike reluctantly agrees on the condition that Jennifer makes peace with Nikki. Jennifer tries but strikes out. Meanwhile, after a business meeting with Lucinda, Jordan approaches Jennifer about World Wide buying BRO. A furious Jennifer blows him off. Later, Jordan confides in Nikki that Jennifer rejected his offer and Nikki has an idea that could help both her and Jordan.

Source: CBS

12370 :49x141 - Ep. #12370

At the Lakeview, Carly is looking for Jack but finds Julia instead. The women immediately face off. Carly accuses Julia of keeping Jack from the house. JJ spots Carly arguing with his mother and yells for her to stop. Later, Julia realizes that Lisa is not a huge Carly fan and slowly presses for details about Carlys less-than-perfect past. Meanwhile, after subduing the robber at Als Jack comes home to Milltown where he remembers no one but senses a strong connection to Parker. Carly arrives and makes an emotional pitch for Jack to remain with her and their family. Just when she seems to be getting through to Jack, JJ calls and tells Jack about the Carly/Julia incident. A protective Jack explodes and orders a rocked Carly to stay away from his wife and son. Jennifer is surprised when Paul suggests that they might want to take Jordan up on his offer. He adds that she should consider forgiving him. Meanwhile, Jennifer is uncomfortable with the relationship between Nikki and Jordan. Alison accidentally tells Holden about Aarons new boxing career. Later, a horrified Holden bumps into Aaron, thinking his son is out of his mind.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12371 :49x142 - Ep. #12371

Desperate to remind Jack that shes his wife, not Julia, Carly suggests medical treatment for Jack. He says he will consider it. Meanwhile, Julia continues to think about what she has learned about Carlys past and gets a hold of Mikes address from Lisa. She pays Mike a visit and makes no secret of her intentions. She asks if he and Carly have reconnected but Mike lets her know that hasnt happened and that Jack and Carly have an ideal marriage. A defeated Julia leaves, only to run into Carly who accuses her of trying to dig up old dirt. Alison is surprised to run into Chris. Holden confronts Aaron about his boxing plans. He realizes that Aaron is, in part, doing this for Alison but still remains opposed to his sons decision. Meanwhile, Craig surprises and charms Rafi, but Lucy knows what he is really doing and calls him on it. Later, Alison and Lucy see Rafi blasting away at the punching bag, and realize that Aaron is in deep trouble when he steps into the ring. Paul admits to Rosanna he doesnt want to leave her tonight and Rosanna tells him to stay. They are on the verge of making love when they are interrupted by Will. Later, Paul pushes any worries aside and he and Rosanna make love.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12372 :49x143 - Ep. #12372

An impatient Barbara is determined to escape from the psychiatric hospital and get to Will. When the Chief of Staff informs Barbara and Rick theyre about to be separated, Barbara, desperate, pretends to be suicidal. Rick saves the day and tells Barbara the escape is on for Halloween night. Paul has an unsettling dream that Will reacts badly to his renewed love with Rosanna. He confides in Rosanna and she suggests having a dinner together. At dinner, Will assures Paul he isnt feeling abandoned and approves of Paul finding happiness with Rosanna. As long as his mother is locked up, Will is fine. Holden warns Dusty hell hold him responsible if anything happens to Aaron. Lucy and Alison concoct a scheme to distract Rafi from training so Aaron can get into better shape. Lucy takes Rafi out for a picnic, which infuriates Dominic. An annoyed Dusty calls Lucy back to the gym. Lucy and Rafi are about to leave when they discover their car has a flat tire. As Rafi fixes the flat, he injures his hand. Carly confronts Julia who divulges shes found out all about Carlys past. Carly accuses Julia of digging up dirt but Julia claims shes just trying to get to the truth. Jack arrives and takes Julia back to their suite. Later, Julia reluctantly opens up to Jack about what she knows about Carlys checkered past. Meanwhile, Carly consults with Jessica about a legal move she can make to get Jack away from Julia and back home where he belongs.

Source: CBS

12373 :49x144 - Ep. #12373

With Jessicas help, Carly hopes to prove to the court that Jack needs guidance from his legal wife until he gets his memory back. Meanwhile, after hearing about Carlys sordid past from Julia, Jack is having second thoughts about spending too much time with her. He receives a summons to his competency hearing. Julia wants to run but Jack is sure hell show the judge hes perfectly sane. Carly arranges for Ben to be the medical specialist at the trial and unknowingly asks Jessica to fill Ben in on the case. Things are tense but Jessica convinces Ben to come to court on Carly and Jacks behalf. After, Ben fights the urge to take a pill. Carly shows up to court and is shocked to see Jack with Julia. Jack makes it clear that he is not taking this lying down until the judge declares Jack and Julias marriage null and void. Carly is thrilled but its obvious that Jack isnt. Lucy apologizes to Dusty about what happened with Rafi. At the same time, Dom reams Rafi for his irresponsibility. Craig overhears this and later gives Rafi a photo of him and Lucy as children to show Lucy. Lucy wants to drop the fight and leave town now, but Dusty wont go. Dusty watches the closeness between Lucy and Rafi carefully. Craig adds fuel to the fire and later, Craig begins filling Rafis head with how jealous Dusty is. Meanwhile, at the gym, Alison has decided to be Aarons trainer and actually has some good advice. Jennifer persuades Mike to pose for an immediate fashion shoot with a world-class photographer. Mike is stiff and boring until Jennifer gets him to loosen up and turns the shoot into a success. Later, Jennifer gets a little too close to some wires and gets electrocuted!

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Theresa Marra Siliceo as Photographer's Assistant

12374 :49x145 - Ep. #12374

Carly makes an impassioned plea to be granted the authority to take care of her husband. Jessica calls Hal, Ben, and Greta, the social worker from St. Genevieve, to testify to Jacks abnormal behavior. Later, Jack argues that although he may not remember his past, he is capable of making decisions for himself. However, the judge declares Jack incompetent and grants Carlys petition for temporary guardianship. The judge orders Jack to move back into Milltown. Later, Jack says a heartbreaking good-bye to Julia and JJ, which Carly can only watch. Back at Milltown, Jack tells Carly that his heart belongs to Julia and no judges order is going to change that. Meanwhile, an increasingly agitated Ben hurriedly signs the court papers placing him in charge of Jacks case, then rushes out into the hallway and takes more pills. Mike finds an electrocuted Jennifer and resuscitates her. He takes her back to the cottage, and sparks fly when he has to help her get out of her wet clothes. They resist the sexual tension. Later, they get very close to a kiss again, but are interrupted by a knock on the door. Paul is informed that legally ousting Barbara from BRO will require a lengthy court battle. He visits Barbara, requesting that she sign the company over to him and Jennifer. Barbara refuses, insisting that shell get out soon and reclaim both her company and her son. Paul blasts her, and vows that shell never see Will again. Later, Rick becomes suspicious when a frantic Barbara rebuffs him yet again. Later, Paul meets Jordan at Metro, and asks him if he and Worldwide would be interested in bankrolling Jennifers new company. Later, Jordan shows up at Mikes looking for Jennifer and is surprised to find her in Mikes robe.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Theresa Marra Siliceo as Photographer's Assistant | Kathy Cortez as State Nurse Rivera (uncredited)

12375 :49x146 - Ep. #12375

Jack settles back into Milltown, angry about the court order. He is good to the children but continues to give Carly the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Julia deals with an unhappy JJ. She goes to talk to Jack about JJ but is stopped by Holden, who tells her not to make her situation worse. Though he sympathizes with her, he advises her to leave Oakdale for the thirty days in which Jack will be at Milltown. Later, Julia goes to ask Lisa for help getting a job. Dom confronts Craig and threatens to hurt Lucy if she continues to interfere with his fighter. Craig pleads with Lily to help him one more time by being Rose, and she reluctantly agrees. After talking to Dom, Lily realizes that theres something fishy about the fight. He invites her to the weigh-in and Craig argues that she should go. At Mikes, Jordan rises above his discomfort and informs Jennifer he has bought Street Trash Jeans after Paul told him Barbara wouldnt let go of BRO. Jennifer is upset that Jordan will be her boss but realizes she has no choice. Jordan suggests replacing Mike, but Jennifer wont hear of it. Jennifer and Mike agree to keep things professional but privately cant deny their mutual attraction. Barbara tries to convince the suspicious Rick that shes not using him and they continue to plot their escape. After, she fantasizes about how she will foil Ricks escape attempt, be deemed a hero and be able to return to an adoring Will. Later, Rick is not pleased to see Barbara secretly chatting with the orderly.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12376 :49x147 - Ep. #12376

Dom teases Aaron that he doesnt have the rage it takes to be a champion boxer. Meanwhile, Lucy has prepared Metro for the press reception after the weigh-in. She tells Dusty she doesnt want to go to the gym because she doesnt want to make any more trouble for him. To Craigs chagrin, Dusty insists that Lucy be by his side. During the weigh-in, the press asks Rafi and Aaron to spar. Everyone is stunned when Aaron knocks Rafi down! At the Halloween party at the Mental Ward, Barbara is unaware that Rick is onto her and watching her every move. When the time comes to make their escape, Rick confronts Barbara and pulls out another syringe, threatening to use it on her if she doesnt cooperate. Frightened Barbara has no choice but to go along with their original plan. But during the escape, Barbara grabs the syringe and plunges it into Ricks neck! Lily and Holden attempt an evening out to catch up. Craig calls Lily and asks her to play Rose once more at the weigh-in, but Lily refuses. She confesses to Holden that Craig needed a favor and Holden is pleased she turned him down. Dom enters and approaches Lily, assuming shes Rose. Lily is busted and Dom realizes that Lily has been playing him. Later, a furious Holden declares that he is giving up on their marriage. Ben takes a urine test to get his job back. Later, Bob happily informs Ben that he passed his tox report and will be reinstated immediately. Jessica tries to apologize, but Ben wants her to stay out of his life and sign the divorce papers. Later, a guilty Ben recalls having Curtis take the urine test for him. Vowing to do better, Ben throws his pill bottle away.

Source: CBS

12377 :49x148 - Ep. #12377

Carly rebuffs Jacks demands to see Julia and JJ while he is in the hospital taking tests to regain his memory. Hal warns that Carly could be making a huge mistake. Jack is cold to Carly at the hospital and she reconsiders her position. Later, Carly learns that Julia has been hired as a nurse at Memorial. Meanwhile, Julia and Jack are thrilled to run into each other and happily embrace. Everyone is shocked when Aaron knocks down Rafi and the fighters have to be separated. Aaron is triumphant and he and Alison grow closer. Later, Dom tells Dusty the plan that Aaron must go down in the third round of the match and warns of consequences if he doesnt go along. Meanwhile, Craig realizes something is going on with Dom. When Aaron refuses to listen to Dusty about taking the loss, Craig goes into the locker room and realizes that Rafaels gloves have been weighted. Barbaras effort to kill Rick fails. After their escape, he takes her to the Old Mill to murder her. Meanwhile, at a Halloween party at the Lakeview, Will makes a connection with a girl and they decide to go somewhere to talk. He goes to meet her at the Old Mill, unaware that her friends have convinced her not to go. While at the Old Mill, Will finds Rick choking his mother to death!

Source: CBS

12378 :49x149 - Ep. #12378

Will finds Rick choking Barbara and isnt sure whether he wants to save his mothers life or not. Will runs off and Rick laughs at Barbara, saying that her own son left her to die. Suddenly, Will hits him from behind with a blunt object. Rick staggers off, but not before warning Barbara hell be back to make her pay. Barbara thanks Will for saving her life and pleads with him to let her hold him. Meanwhile, Hal learns Rick forced Barbara to leave with him. After finding out Will was headed to the Old Mill, Paul races there and is stunned to find his brother in Barbaras arms. Jack and Julia are joyfully reconnecting when Carly bursts in and witnesses their intimacy. Devastated Carly admits to Holden shes going to have to face the fact that Jack is in love with Julia. Holden urges Carly not to give up. Meanwhile, Jack stuns Julia with his plan to fight Carly by filing for divorce. Craig cant wait to tell Lucy that Dustys involved in a fixed fight, but she snubs him. Meanwhile, Bud worries that Rafi wont fight when he realizes his gloves are loaded. Staring at Lucy, Dom assures Bud hes sure Rafi will go along. Meanwhile, Aaron refuses to go down in the third round. Dusty works to get through to him, pointing out that in spite of losing, Aaron will still get paid and Aaron appears to accept this. Later, Emily races to Metro and alerts Alison to Rick Deckers escape. Alison refuses to return to the Lakeview with Emily, insisting that she feels safer with Aaron looking after her.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Lowry as Les Sweeney | Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12379 :49x150 - Ep. #12379

Lily and Holden come face to face at the hospital on their way to see Jack and things remain tense between them. Meanwhile, Jack and Julia meet with a divorce lawyer, who explains that Jacks divorce petition will not hold up in court until Jack is declared competent. Jack orders him to move forward with it anyway. After, Carly arrives with a special treat for Jack, something that she hopes will make him fall in love with her all over again. But Carly is crushed when Julia accidentally reveals Jacks divorce plans. After Julia leaves, a tearful Carly begs Jack to give her and their life together a chance, but he cant do it. Later, Jack stuns himself and Carly when Lily enters and he greets her as Rose. Will and Barbara separately learn that Hal and Paul have arranged for her to be transferred to a prison to ensure shes safe from Rick Decker. While Will protests to Paul that it isnt fair that Barbara be punished for something she didnt do, Barbara refuses to go to jail. Paul and Will arrive and Will announces that he has a solution to keep Barbara safe and out of jail - she can move in with Hal. Dusty suggests Lucy not attend the fight in the hopes that she wont find out about the set up. When she protests, Dusty distracts her with two tickets to London so the two of them can take off from Oakdale the following night. Meanwhile, Aaron confronts Rafi about his being told to throw the fight. An angry Rafi confronts Dom who warns him that he has ways of making people do what he wants. Later, Dusty advises Rafi and Aaron to go along with Dom for their own good but Aaron and Rafi secretly agree that theyll fight a fair fight. Meanwhile, Dom points Lucy out to a shady associate.

Source: CBS

12380 :49x151 - Ep. #12380

The night of the fight has arrived. Alison comes to Aarons locker room and he nearly tells her about the fix. The two share a passionate good luck kiss. Meanwhile, Rafi visits Lucy at Metro and admits that he considers her his good luck charm. She hugs him, wishes him luck and promises to be watching on TV. Later, Rafi tells Dom that he refuses to go along with the set up. Dom makes a mysterious phone call. Just as the fight is about to begin, Rafi realizes that theres something wrong with his gloves. Meanwhile, Craig goes to Metro and tells Lucy about Rafis weighted gloves. Refusing to believe Craig, Lucy runs out of Metro. But Sal, Doms man, pulls a gun on both Craig and Lucy and orders them back inside. Hal and Paul offer all kinds of arguments to dissuade Will, but he insists that Hal should take Barbara in. Will even offers to move out to make it happen. Later, Emily comes home to find Barbara in her kitchen! Jack believes Lily is Rose and both Carly and Holden urge her to go along with it. Jack remembers Rose, Carly and Emily being held captive in the spa and desperately trying to find Carly. Julia interrupts the moment. Carly stuns Jack and Julia by saying that Julia and JJ can visit Jack anytime they want and that after the 30 days, she wont fight the divorce. Meanwhile, Lily challenges Holden about allowing her to play Rose to help Jack, but not Craig. Holden insists their problems are much bigger than that. Carly confides in Lily her belief that by the time the 30 days are up, Jack wont want a divorce. Later, Jack is wheeled out for more tests with Julia at his side but he looks back at Carly.

Source: CBS

12381 :49x152 - Ep. #12381

Rafi realizes that his gloves are loaded and that Dom is responsible. When he informs Dom he wont fight, Dom calls Sal, who hands his phone to Lucy. A panicked Lucy reveals that she and her father are being held at gunpoint. Dom makes it clear hell have Lucy killed if Rafi doesnt fight and bring Aaron down in the third round. Rafi has no choice but to enter the ring. Knowing his gloves are lethal weapons, he allows Aaron to punch him but doesnt punch back, taking a beating until the third round, when he pulls back, punches Aaron once, and floors him. Emily is stunned to find Barbara in her kitchen, behaving as if she owns the place. Hal, Paul and Will respond to Emilys screams and Hal explains that Barbaras life has been threatened by Rick Decker and because of Wills passionate plea, Hal is allowing Barbara to stay. Emily reminds Hal that Barbara tried to kill her! She loses it and announces that she and Daniel will be staying at her mothers until Barbara leaves. Paul takes Will to the Lakeview for dinner and calls Jennifer to inform her about Barbaras current address. Jordan overhears and blasts Will for engineering Barbaras freedom. He maintains that hell never forgive Barbara for helping James Stenbeck escape. Meanwhile, Jennifer, who is with Mike on their way back from a photo shoot, laments the never-ending turmoil that comes with being Barbaras daughter. Distracted, Mike gets lost, hits a pothole and goes off the road. Ben is on call at the hospital, struggling to deal with the effects of prescription pain medication withdrawal.

Source: CBS

12382 :49x153 - Ep. #12382

Craig has broken free, knocking out Sal with a chair. He unties Lucy and she rushes to the gym to find Dusty. Margo comes to Metro and Craig explains the whole story, including Dustys involvement. At the gym, Rafis attitude makes Dusty realize that something more has gone down. When Dusty confronts Dom, Dom blows up at Dusty, insisting he knew Aaron was supposed to go down in the third round. Lucy overhears this and steps out of the shadows to confront Dusty. Meanwhile, after being tended to by Chris at the gym, Aaron is rushed into the hospital and attending Ben realizes he needs surgery. Fighting drug withdrawal, Ben prays to be able to do the surgery and goes off to prepare. Meanwhile, Holden comforts a despairing Alison. Chris informs Holden they have to operate and be prepared for anything. Rafael enters just in time to hear this and Alison begins to cry. Carly takes Jack home, and they discuss their past. The couple shares a close moment which nearly results in a kiss. Stranded, Mike and Jennifer decide to make an adventure out of their situation. Mike gets Jennifer to relax and they share a romantic kiss, just before being rescued by a State Trooper.

Source: CBS

12383 :49x154 - Ep. #12383

At the hospital, Holden and Alison are faced with the horrifying possibility that Aaron may not survive his injuries. As Aaron is being wheeled off to surgery, Alison runs beside the gurney and whispers that she loves him. Alison confides in Emily about her kiss with Aaron and her fear they wont have the chance to continue what they started. Holden goes to the chapel where he begs God to save his son. Julia finds him there and takes him in her arms to comfort him as Lily enters. Julia leaves but when Lily tries to comfort Holden, the distance between them remains. Meanwhile, Rafi is devastated to overhear the seriousness of Aarons condition. When he hears Alison blaming herself for what happened to Aaron, he almost confesses until Bud pulls him back. Meanwhile, an edgy Ben works to save Aaron. John enters the OR and is concerned when he sees Bens state. After the operation, Ben is troubled as he looks at the medical report. At the gym, Lucy reels from the realization that Craig was right about Dustys involvement in the fight. When she asks Dusty if he knew about the loaded gloves, Dusty is shocked and attacks Dom. Margo takes the gloves she finds in Rafis locker in as evidence and she, Dom and Craig head to the hospital where Rafi admits the truth. Later, Lucy rejects Dustys attempt to explain. Carly and Jack get closer at Milltown. Later, Lily stops by to check on Jack and he realizes that Lily was playing Rose for Jacks benefit. Jack insists hes not upset and tells a thrilled Carly hes glad that hes remembering more. After, Carly is stunned to find Julia on her doorstep. Carly says its too late for a visit but Julia insists that she has to talk to Jack now.

Source: CBS

12384 :49x155 - Ep. #12384

Dusty and Lucy share an emotional conversation in the aftermath of the fight. Lucy is upset that Dusty was in trouble but didnt confide in her. He apologizes and asks her for another chance, but she refuses. Dusty is crushed when Lucy declares that its over between them. Rafi confesses the gloves were weighted and Dom punches him. Margo has them both arrested. Alison confronts Rafi, tearing into him for hurting Aaron. Lucy defends her old friend, insisting that he didnt have a choice. Aaron is out of surgery but Ben remains shaken. John is concerned and presses Ben, who reacts defensively. Later, John begins a quiet investigation on Bens behavior in surgery. Meanwhile, Dusty visits Aaron, encouraging him to get better. He vows to help take care of Aaron from now on. Later, Craig gloats as Dusty is arrested. Julia interrupts a close moment between Jack and Carly to inform Jack of Aarons condition and to bring him to the hospital. In the chapel, a distressed Lily fails to reach Holden and realizes that their marriage is over. Julia and Jack arrive to see Holden, who appreciates his cousins effort. Holden tells Jack how grateful he is that Julia sat with him during his time of need. Jack catches up with Julia and professes his love for her, and promises that she is his future. When Carly sees Jack and Julia kiss, she is forced to go and leave them alone. Later, Carly vents her frustration to Lily that everything seems to go Julias way. Meanwhile, a hidden man spies on Jack and Julia.

Source: CBS

12385 :49x156 - Ep. #12385

Julias ex-husband Les secretly watches Julia as she and Jack drop JJ off at school. After Jack leaves, Les observes sees Julia and JJ run into Carly who has brought Parker to school as well. Later, Jack admits to Julia that he is feeling something for his Oakdale family. Meanwhile, Les approaches Carly claiming that he is Julias long-suffering ex husband. He hopes to take JJ and Julia back to El Paso, with a little help from Carly. Paul fills Rosanna in about Barbaras latest move to Hals. Elsewhere, Barbara continues to slowly draw Will in by getting him to come to the house to pick up his MP3 player. Later, Rosanna surprises Paul by asking him to marry her, but he declines. Kim visits Barbara, who blows her off because Will is coming over. After, Kim points out to a shocked Emily that she is in no position to be so unforgiving towards Barbara given her own recent antics. Kim says that Barbara will reveal her true nature - good or bad - soon enough. Mike and Jennifer are both excited by the kiss they shared - only to be dismayed when the other seems to downplay the incident. Nevertheless, their attraction is too strong to deny and they end up kissing on the couch and seem to be on the verge of making love.

Source: CBS

12386 :49x157 - Ep. #12386

Julia feels secure about her future with Jack and JJ. Meanwhile, Carly inadvertently helps Les by giving him valuable information. She ultimately agrees to help him keep Jack and Julia apart so that Les can reunite with his son. Carly brings Jack to the boathouse, the place where he first gave her the compass. Hes shocked and shes thrilled when he starts to remember his promise to Carly that he would always be there for her. Meanwhile, Les grabs JJ at the school courtyard and confronts Julia, telling her that he knows for a fact that Jacks not going to save her. Paul turns Rosannas proposal down, fearing she did it for the wrong reasons, mainly Barbara. Meanwhile, Barbara is nearly caught on the phone with Will by Hal but she covers. After, shes pleased to hear that Emily has no plans to return home. Rosanna confides her feelings to Will and their friendship grows. Later, Will comes up with a plan to have Rosanna deliver Barbaras things to her, instead of him. Jennifer and Mike are interrupted when Jordan arrives for a business meeting. Later, Jennifer and Mike realize that they need to take things slowly, but their good mood fuels Jordans suspicions that something is going on between them.

Source: CBS

12387 :49x158 - Ep. #12387

At the boathouse, Jacks starting to remember how he felt about Carly. Meanwhile, Les terrorizes Julia and JJ. JJ manages to get away and find Holden. As Les is strangling Julia, Holden arrives and saves Julias life. Holden calls Jack and tells him what happened. A guilty Carly realizes her role in this. At the hospital, its obvious that Les and Carly have met before. Julia tells Jack that Carly was working with Les to keep Jack distracted so Les could confront Julia and steal her son. Jack is enraged, and makes it clear he never wants to see Carly again. Alison urges Emily to reclaim her home and not to leave Barbara alone with Hal for one more minute. Meanwhile, a cold Rosanna delivers the supplies Barbara asked Will to get. Rosanna nails Barbara on trying to exploit Will and puts her on notice that it stops here. Rosanna leaves and a frustrated Barbara smashes a dish and accidentally cuts herself just as Hal arrives home. He bandages her up and she confesses to him how it feels to be a public joke. Hal is mildly sympathetic. After, Hal is helping her with the clasp of a necklace when Emily arrives in time to see. Jennifer and Will try to get Paul to change his mind about marrying Rosanna. Paul gets an idea, and calls Rosanna over. Paul announces that they need a sign that marriage is their destiny. He hands Rosanna a pack of cards and asks her to choose one. If it matches the card he chooses, then theyre meant to be. Rosanna is reluctant at first but she eventually picks a card, thrilled its the same. Shes kissing him when she knocks the deck of cards to the floor and realizes theyre all the same card!

Source: CBS

12388 :49x159 - Ep. #12388

At the police station, Dusty and Lucy are both greatly affected by the sight of one another, but cover. Lucy begins to tell Dusty about Aarons inadequate insurance coverage, but soon discovers that Dustys already made arrangements to personally cover all of Aarons medical expenses. Later, Tom offers Dusty a deal to rat out Dom in exchange for having all charges dropped. Dusty refuses, insisting its too dangerous. Rafi is devastated to hear about Aarons condition. Dusty watches as Lucy attempts to comfort her old friend. Later, Dusty agrees to roll over on Dom if the charges against Rafi are dropped. When Rafi is informed hes free, Lucy realizes that Dusty made it happen. Craig is stunned to see Sierra, who lashes out at him for turning Lucys life upside down again. He tries to make her see that they are on the same side, but Sierra declares that that she is not on his side, and plans to keep him out of Lucys life. Everyone is thrilled when Aaron opens his eyes, but their joy is short-lived since Aaron is not responding. Ben becomes gravely concerned as he examines Aaron and decides to run more tests. Holden corners John, concerned that Ben seems to be holding back and John assures him that he will get to the bottom of things. As they wait for news on Aaron, Lily tries to comfort Holden, but the distance remains between them. Later, Ben reports that Aaron has brain trauma and will have to be taken back into surgery. Meanwhile, John secretly meets Bob and says hes afraid they might have a liability problem. Emily announces to a thrilled Hal and a not-so-thrilled Barbara that shes moving back in. She sends Hal to her mothers to pick up her things and then lays down the house rules to Barbara. Inwardly furious, Barbara apologizes to Emily for intruding and promises she will stay out of the way.

Source: CBS

12389 :49x160 - Ep. #12389

Hearing about Aarons second surgery, Bob begins to have serious concerns. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Margo shes signed the divorce papers and fills her friend in about how she accused Ben of abusing painkillers. With divorce papers in hand, Jessica finds Ben at the hospital when John interrupts with the news that Ben is dismissed from Aarons case. Later, Jessica tries to get Ben to open up about what is going on but he wont. Meanwhile, Bob informs Holden, Lily and Alison that Aaron is stabilized, but it's likely theres been some brain damage. Paul and Rosanna tell Carly that theyre engaged. She breaks down and reveals what happened with Jack, Julia and her abusive husband. Rosanna advises Carly to go to Jack and plead her case. Later, Carly goes looking for Jack but finds Julia instead. Carly tries to explain, but Julia accuses her of playing the victim to get what she wants. Julia declares it doesnt matter if Jack gets his memories back or not because Jack loves her now. Carly insists shes confident that once Jack remembers their love, hell come back to her and both women realize they are up against powerful adversaries. Realizing Dusty took the deal to save Rafi, Lucy is concerned for his safety, but he sends her away. Meanwhile, Craig learns that Sierra is staying in Oakdale for good. At the police station, Craig and Dusty face off while Dom is led out and utters a threat to both of them. Meanwhile, Lucy finds Sierra at home and confides she blew it with Dusty but Sierra says it may not be over between them. Rosanna and Paul ask Will to be their best man and to come live with them after theyre married. Will is thrilled and says yes to both offers.

Source: CBS

12390 :49x161 - Ep. #12390

Rosanna encourages Carly to play dirty in order to get her man back! Together with Emily, they come up with a plan to win Jack over at Rosannas wedding. Meanwhile, Paul and Jordan make amends and Paul asks his brother to his wedding to represent the closest thing Rosanna has to Cabot. Later, Jennifer runs into Mike at the police station and they both learn that the other is going to Rosanna and Pauls wedding. Mike suggests they go together, but Jennifer declines, determined to keep their relationship professional. Later, Jordan asks Jennifer to go to the wedding with him, but she claims shes already going with Mike. She goes off to ask Mike to be her date. Lucy tries to convince Holden that Rafis not to blame for Aarons accident. Holden attempts to pay Aarons medical bills, but John informs him its already been taken care of by Dusty. Later, when Dusty sneaks into Aarons room, Lucy finds him there and tells him about Aarons possible brain damage. As Dusty leaves Aarons room, Holden confronts him. Meanwhile, Alison and Curtis call Nancy over to Metro to help gather up some of Aarons favorite things. After, Alison goes into Aarons room and when she makes a bedside confession of love to him, he opens his eyes and starts to talk! Alison finds Holden and pulls him into Aarons room to share the great news but Aaron senses somethings wrong with him. Meanwhile, Lucy admits to Dusty she may have been a little harsh over the boxing thing and doesnt think they should be apart. Ben asks Curtis to keep the fact that he took the urine test for him a secret. Later, Ben runs into Jessica, who warns Ben that Johns on a warpath and may blame Aarons condition on Ben.

Source: CBS

12391 :49x162 - Ep. #12391

A thrilled Rosanna comes upon Paul decorating the barn for their wedding. Paul is surprised when Rosanna says she wants to make Fairwinds their home. She doesnt want to run from memories of Cabot; she wants to embrace them. When Will hears this, he is inspired to stop running from the past. Meanwhile, Emily tries to get ready for the wedding without alerting Barbara, who is suspicious. After, Barbara overhears that Paul is getting married tonight. Although Lucy makes an emotional appeal for them to reconcile, Dusty insists he cant be the man Lucy wants him to be and walks away. Lucy is devastated. Meanwhile, Alison and Holden are trying to keep a freaked Aaron calm about his numbness. He goes off for tests and everyone agrees not to discuss the fight around him. Later, Rafael arrives to apologize. When he unknowingly reveals to Aaron that he had brain surgery, Aaron reacts badly and demands to know whats wrong with him! Alison returns and throws Rafi out. Later, Alison and Holden learn that Aarons left side is paralyzed. A distraught Rafael encounters Lucy in the courtyard and the two console each other in an embrace. Dusty walks in on this scene but leaves unnoticed. Jack and Julia come to Milltown to ask Carly to sign divorce papers. Unable to deal with this, Carly says shell look at the papers after Rosannas wedding but Jack gets angry. Things get ugly and Carly tosses them both out, finding that Jack slipped the papers under the door. Later, Jack decides that he and Julia will attend Thanksgiving at Emmas, hoping Carly will realize theyre together for good. Mike agrees to go to the wedding with Jennifer on the condition she settles her unfinished business with Jordan.

Source: CBS

12392 :49x163 - Ep. #12392

Barbara confronts Will and Hal about Pauls wedding. Shes livid to learn that Will plans to live with Paul and Rosanna at Fairwinds but feigns indifference. Later, Barbara lures the policeman inside for coffee, then goes upstairs to nap. Will arrives at the Snyder Barn, to Pauls relief. Will tells Kim about his conversation with Barbara and shes concerned. Meanwhile, Barbara climbs out of her bedroom window and struggles to remove her electronic tracking anklet, vowing to get to the wedding. A shell-shocked Carly confides in Emily what happened with Jack as Rosanna shows up to get into her wedding dress. Carly swears Emily to secrecy, not wanting to ruin Rosanna s wedding day, but Rosanna realizes somethings up and works with Emily to comfort Carly. Meanwhile, Julia suggests they wait until after Thanksgiving to push Carly to sign the divorce papers. Jack asks again if Julia and JJ will join him at Emmas for dinner and when Julia is still reluctant, Jack asks her to go with him to the farm and ask Emma. Later, Carly, Rosanna and Emily arrive at the farm and when Carly sees the barn decorated for the wedding, its so reminiscent of her wedding to Jack she can hardly breathe. She rushes out and runs right into Jack and Julia. Jack sees the barn and has a similar reaction, but downplays it. Emma hustles Jack and Julia out of there but not before Carly realizes that the memories of her and Jacks love are in him somewhere. Before the wedding, Tom and Margo share a moment. Elsewhere, Jennifer ties up loose ends with Jordan. After, the ceremony begins. At Java, Jack gets down on one knee and proposes to a stunned Julia. Thrilled, she accepts, just as Rosanna walks down the aisle.

Source: CBS

12393 :49x164 - Ep. #12393

Paul and Rosanna are married in the Snyder Barn with their close friends and family present. When the ceremony is briefly interrupted by a gust of wind, Paul fears Barbara could have escaped in time to disrupt his wedding. Meanwhile, Kim nabs Babs as she is trying to escape. She tries to cover but Kim doesnt buy it and advises Barbara to dig down deep inside herself to find the person she used to be. Barbara agrees but as soon as Kim leaves, Barbara vows to find a way to get Will to love her again. Carly realizes that if she can get Jack back to Montana, the memories would come back to him. Emily and Rosanna help her plan a way to get Jack to Montana where Carly will be waiting to recreate their wedding. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all, Jack and Julia romantically celebrate Jacks marriage proposal. After the wedding, Paul takes a thrilled Rosanna back to Fairwinds to begin their new life together - but the mood is disrupted when they find a baby booty that once belonged to Cabot. Lucy interrupts Dusty talking to her mother and hears enough to wonder if he really loves her in spite of the fact that he just broke up with her. Dusty attempts to blow her off but Lucy pulls out all the stops to get him to understand how much she loves him. Just when Lucy seems to be getting through to him, Lily interrupts and questions them about Craigs sudden disappearance. Sierra and Lucy assure Lily that Craigs so-called disappearance is another one of his bids for attention but Lily is concerned, having found Craigs cell phone mysteriously dropped outside her front door. Later, Lily finds more evidence suggesting that Craig was forced to leave.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12394 :49x165 - Ep. #12394

Carlys plan to lure Jack to Montana is nearly wrecked when Jack decides to take Julia, but it all ends up going as Carly hoped. However, something about the whole situation doesnt sit right with Jack and he goes to Holden to ask questions about his brother (who supposedly has summoned him to Montana). Later, Julia sees Carly with a suitcase and though Carly is able to cover, she is suddenly stuck with guilt. Later, Jack and Julia share a romantic goodbye while Carly tells Emily that she will do anything to get Jacks love back. Later, Emily confesses to Hal Carlys plans to get Jack back and Hal is appalled at their dishonesty. The unexpected sight of Cabots booty disturbs Rosanna. She reassures Paul that their love can overcome anything and they have a romantic night, but unbeknownst to Paul, she remains troubled. Meanwhile, Barbara steals a drug from her doctors office even as she reassures both the doctor and Hal that she has changed. Lily is worried about Craigs disappearance but she puts her fears aside for Holden who is beginning to think that something in the hospital has caused Aarons paralysis. Later, Holden urges her to let go of her concerns about Craig, but unable to, she goes to Hal for help. Meanwhile, after reviewing Aarons case file, Bob suspends Ben pending an investigation and both are upset that Aaron shows no signs of improving.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12395 :49x166 - Ep. #12395

As Carly prepares for Jacks arrival in Montana, Julia promises JJ that theyll soon spend all of their holidays with Jack. While Jack is on the plane headed to Montana, thinking hes going to see his brother and sick mother, Holden finds out from Emma that Jacks family is nowhere near Montana. Holden goes to alert Julia, who immediately suspects Carly of setting a trap. Holden lets Julia into Carlys house where they get confirmation that Carly has gone to Montana. Julia takes off for Montana, hoping shes not too late. Meanwhile, Jack walks into the barn where he married Carly and is furious when he realizes he was duped. But, as Carly passionately begins to recite their wedding vows, Jacks memories suddenly start to return as he slowly joins in reciting them with her. Lily, Holden, Emma, Nancy, Alison, Luke, Faith and Natalie bring Thanksgiving to Aaron in the hospital. Nancy reads a prayer that reminds everyone that they are blessed to be together, but a distraught Aaron cant find anything to be thankful for. Later, he is humiliated when he cant serve himself pie and asks everyone to leave. Alison refuses, insisting that she loves him and wont allow him to lose hope. Jennifer shows Mike the pictures of him in Vogue and then they make Thanksgiving dinner together. Jennifer serves a happy Mike meatloaf and as they are getting to know each other, Jennifer inadvertently mentions Australia. Mike assures her its okay and that Katie is not the one on his mind. Later, Jennifer falls asleep in Mikes arms and Mike tells the absent Katie he hopes shes happy. Meanwhile, Katie is at an unknown location reading Vogue, shocked when she spots Mikes Street Jeans ad.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12396 :49x167 - Ep. #12396

On a plane to Montana, Julia vows to bring Jack back with her to Oakdale. Meanwhile, Jack and Carly share an emotional reunion as they recite their wedding vows and Jacks entire memory comes flooding back. Jack tells Carly how sorry he is for not remembering her before, and how much he loves her. Julia shows up and surprises Jack and Carly when she reveals that she is excited that Jacks memory has returned. Julia is certain that Jack will be staying with her. Carly insists that is Jacks decision to make, but Julia feels he has already made it. Later, Jack tells Julia that he loves Carly and cannot leave her. Rosanna and Paul find Mike and Jennifer asleep in front of the fire and are sure somethings going on with them, even though they deny it. Meanwhile, Katie is thinking about Mike and uses information from Margo about Craigs disappearance as an excuse to impulsively fly home. Meanwhile, Mikes feelings for Jennifer deepen. Paul gives Rosanna a beautiful crystal box to keep their cherished photos and memories in. But, later on, as she holds it, she is startled to hear the sound of a baby crying and drops the box, shattering it. While Sierra and the others insist to Lily that Craig is probably not in danger, Craig awakens to find himself being taken care of by a kindly monk, whom he slowly realizes is somehow in on the scheme to kidnap him. The monk urges reflection and repentance. A horrified Craig realizes the monk has no intention of releasing him from his monastery cell.

Source: CBS

12397 :49x168 - Ep. #12397

Julia reels from Jacks admission of his love for Carly and wants to know if he is saying that he no longer loves her. To Carlys dismay, Jack admits he is in love with both women and isnt sure what to do. He declares that he wants to go back to Oakdale and see all of his children. As Jack goes off to make airplane reservations, Julia and Carly are left to look at each other and their rivalry is stronger than ever. Later, when Jack emotionally reconnects with Parker and Sage, Julia is forced to tell a distraught JJ that shes not sure if Jack is coming back. Lucy is hopeful when Dusty shows up at her grandmothers but is devastated when he rejects her once again. Dusty reports that Dom might somehow be involved in Craigs disappearance, but Sierra remains unconvinced that anything is wrong. Meanwhile, Craig continues to be held by the monk against his will. Following Dustys warning, Lucy begins to have concerns about Craig, which Sierra cant help her shake. Rafi agrees to help Lucy find out what happened to Craig and the two grow closer. Meanwhile, Brother Francis tries to get Craig to reflect on his past but just as he is about to, he sees a chance to escape and takes it. Paul and Will are surprised to see Rosanna upset but she covers, assuming it was her imagination, and renews her love for Paul and her friendship with Will. Later, Rosanna hears the voice of a baby calling out for its mother and is freaked to find a doll in the hallway.

Source: CBS

12398 :49x169 - Ep. #12398

At the Lakeview, a distraught Julia confides in Holden what happened in Montana. At Milltown, Carly tries to seduce Jack who slept on the couch but he remembers his promise to Julia that he would come home. She is trying to convince him to stay when Holden arrives. He is overjoyed that Jack has his memory back, but concerned about Julia and urges Jack to make a choice. Jack tells Carly that he thinks it would be better if he lived at Emmas for a while. Later, Jack tries to make Julia understand his dilemma. After, JJ overhears Jack telling Lisa its hard enough choosing between the two women but JJ makes it even more difficult. Assuming hes somehow at fault, JJ runs away. Despite Rafis protests, Lucy summons Dom to Lucindas house to offer him money for Craigs return. Dom taunts her but finally admits he doesnt have her father. Lucy doesnt believe him and threatens to testify against him. Meanwhile, Dusty meets with Tom, prepared to give his deposition against Dom. Later, Dom warns Dusty to get Lucy off his back or theyll both be sorry. Craig is returned to his monastery cell after his failed escape attempt. He tries to bargain with the monk, but Brother Francis insists that Craig will be released only when hes proven he has truly changed. Later, Craigs captor watches him from a television screen. Aaron is hopeful when he gets some feeling back in his right leg but upset to hear Bob tell Alison that Aarons condition might not improve. Later, Alison overhears Bob talking about a liability investigation. She convinces Chris to get the hospitals incident reports on Aarons surgery for her. Meanwhile, Ben comes clean to Curtis about his suspension and the reasons behind Curtis having to take the drug test. Concerned, Curtis calls Jessica.

Source: CBS
Director: Maria Wagner

12399 :49x170 - Ep. #12399

Just as Carly and Jack are getting closer, a frantic Julia calls to report that JJ has run away. Jack and Carly go to Julias Lakeview suite and Carly realizes the depth of Jacks involvement with JJ. Carly and Lisa face off and Carly tells Lisa to help Julia come to terms with the fact its over with her and Jack. Meanwhile, Jack gets word that JJs been sighted and Jack, Julia and Carly rush over to the school courtyard. Jack finds JJ, but he runs off, nearly getting hit by a car. When JJ, Jack and Julia finally come together, Carly witnesses the tender family moment and everyone feels horrible when JJ explains he left thinking he was the reason Jack wasnt coming back. Ben confesses to Jessica everything about the operation and his abuse of painkillers just as Holden learns about the incident reports from Alison. Jessica tells Ben the choice is his; he can say nothing or own up to his mistakes. Aaron and Chris have a heart-to-heart about Alison and Aaron and Chris admits he thinks Alison and Aaron are meant to be. A depressed Aaron realizes that he cant give Alison what she deserves and pushes her away, determined to leave the hospital without her. Meanwhile, Holden demands Bob stop covering things up and questions Bens performance during the surgery as Ben walks in. An angry Holden declares that Bob will be hearing from his lawyer and storms off. Ben tells Bob theres something he needs to hear. Barbara drugs and hypnotizes Emily so that she can take over the household. Meanwhile, Rosanna continues to be tormented by memories of Cabot and assumes that Will is responsible for the incidents.

Source: CBS

12400 :49x171 - Ep. #12400

Jack assures JJ that he loves him very much and promises him that he will always be his father. Jack takes JJ back to the hotel with Julia. Jack gives Julia a good-bye kiss, which quickly heats up. But Jack stops things before they go too far and leaves. Julia calls Lisa to watch JJ and heads out after him. Meanwhile, Carly shows up at the suite looking for Jack. Lisa lies that Jack and Julia are out on a date just as Julia comes to Milltown looking for Jack. Later, both women realize Jack is not with the other. Meanwhile, Jack sits in the Lakeview Lounge, struggling with his feelings for Carly and Julia. Jennifer invites Mike to Lucindas to celebrate the successful launch of Street Jeans and they nearly run into Katie! Margo busts Katie on coming home for Mike, and wonders if Katie is ready to tell him the truth. After, Margo and Tom each admit they miss the other. At Lucindas, Sierra notes Jordans discomfort over the Street Jeans ad but he covers. After, Lucinda, Mike, Jordan, Jennifer, and Sierra toast to Street Jeans success. Later, Jordan opens up slightly about his lost relationship with Jennifer. Meanwhile, Katie is about to approach Mike but Jennifer appears and she and Mike end up in a smooch! Despite Alisons protests, Aaron leaves the hospital alone. Lucy advises Alison not to let Aaron push her away. Meanwhile, Curtis takes Aaron home but refuses his help. Curtis reluctantly leaves and Aaron grows increasingly despondent as he tries to do things on his own. Later, Alison barges in. She announces that shes moving in and not taking no for an answer! Ben finally confesses all to Bob, who is rocked to learn that Ben faked the drug test. Ben insists that he made big mistakes, but not during Aarons surgery. Bob warns Ben that he has to report this and tells Ben he will need a lawyer.

Source: CBS
Director: Maria Wagner

12401 :49x172 - Ep. #12401

After spotting Mike and Jennifer kissing, Katie flees - and runs right into Margo, who reminds Katie that she allowed Mike to believe she had gone off with Simon. Katie reveals that she has divorced Simon and wants Mike back. Margo urges Katie to come clean with Mike. Later, Mike and Jennifer snuggle at his place when Mike announces that he is quitting Street Jeans so they can move ahead with their relationship. Things get passionate until Jennifer pulls back. Mike runs her a bath and agrees to wait until its right for both of them. Later, Katie comes to the cottage and finds herself face-to-face with Jennifer - in Mikes robe! Trying to get to the bottom of Craigs disappearance, Rafi goes to Dom claiming that he wants to fight again and asks Dom to manage him. Dom is suspicious, but Rafi seems to convince him. Dom tells Rafi to meet him at the gym, but Dom is on to Rafis scheme. Meanwhile, Dusty summons Tom to Metro to report that Dom has made threats but Tom cant do anything due to lack of evidence. Later, Dusty calls Lucy over to Metro to order her to stay away from Dom but she reminds him that he has no say in what she does any more. Aaron tries to throw Alison out but to no avail. She hires someone to come to the house to give him a massage but the massage therapist Alison found in a newspaper ad turns out to be a hooker! Alison and Aaron share a hearty laugh and Aaron admits it feels good to laugh again. Tom and Margo take another step toward reconciliation when they talk about Christmas with Casey, and realize all their son wants for Christmas is for his parents to reunite.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes
Director: Habib Azar

12402 :49x173 - Ep. #12402

Margo meets with Lily and reveals that after tracing Craigs credit cards, she thinks that he really might be in trouble. At the cottage, Mike and Katie share an awkward reunion. Assuming that Mike and Jennifer are sleeping together, Katie decides to let Mike think shes still with Simon. She leaves and goes to vent to Margo, who reveals her concerns about Craig. Meanwhile, Mike assures Jennifer that he has moved on. Lucy and Dusty face off as she calls him on still wearing the necklace she gave him. She tells him to take it off if it means nothing to him but when he does, Lucy is devastated. She declares that its over and leaves. Meanwhile, Rafi goes to the gym, unaware that Dom is setting him up. Dom leaves his jacket for Rafi to find and when Rafi begins ruffling through it, looking for anything to help confirm Dom is behind Craigs kidnapping, Doms suspicions are confirmed. Later, Rafi consoles a miserable Lucy. Meanwhile, Lily continues to look for answers about Craigs disappearance. She goes to Dusty and reiterates that both she and Margo think Craig has met with foul play. Dusty then vows to find Craig in order to protect Lucy. Aaron moves his leg and Alison encourages him. Alison gives Aaron a sponge bath and they grow closer. Jordan and Sierra run into each other while Sierra wrestles with a Christmas. Jordan lends a helping hand and they end up decorating it together. After, Sierra expresses her hope that they run into one another again soon.

Source: CBS
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12403 :49x174 - Ep. #12403

A sad JJ is missing Jack when Julia suggests a visit to Santa Claus to cheer him up. Meanwhile, at the Christmas Fair, Carly is disappointed to learn that Jack is having dinner with Julia and JJ later. Nancy presses Jack into serving as a last-minute replacement for Santa. When JJ crawls in his lap, he asks Santa for his dad to come home. Jack is in agony and admits to Carly that having to make a choice between his two families is killing him. Later, Carly tells Rosanna that she loves Jack too much to see him in this kind of pain. She decides shes going to help make Jacks decision easier by signing the divorce papers. Sierra is suspicious when Lucy tells her mother shes decided to take her advice and back away from her search for Craig. Meanwhile, Rafi overhears Dom planning to fly somewhere to take care of Craig personally. He hurries to tell Lucy the news. Later, Lucy tells Sierra that she and Rafi are taking an impromptu ski trip to Aspen. Lucy and Rafi race to the airport to steal Doms flight plan and notify the police of Craigs whereabouts. But, when they get inside Doms private jet, theyre horrified to discover Dom holding a gun on them. Brother Francis confronts Craig with photographs of Cabot, Lucy, Bryant, and Sierra, and asks him to own up to the impact hes had on their lives. Alone in his cell, Craig breaks down as the hidden camera is watched by Sierra! Rosanna confesses to Paul that she said something terrible to Will by practically accusing him of deliberately trying to freak her out. Now, shes convinced the toys and voices were all in her mind because she misses Cabot so much. Later, Will and Paul talk privately about Rosannas vulnerable state and decide to turn Fairwinds into a Christmas wonderland.

Source: CBS
Director: Habib Azar

12404 :49x175 - Ep. #12404

Jack seems to be on the verge of making a decision about Carly and Julia. Meanwhile, despite Rosannas protests, Carly sends the signed divorce papers to Jack. After Jack receives the papers, he goes to tell Carly he has come to a decision. While Julia finds part of the divorce papers and thinks it is a definite sign that she has won, Jack tells Carly he has come to realize that she is the one he wants to be with forever. Sierra talks with Lucinda about how she hopes Craigs imprisonment will help him change for the better. In the cell, Craig starts to break as he is confronted by the ghosts of the family that once loved him. Meanwhile, Dusty and Lily discover a broken rosary, which leads them to information about Sierras ties to a Monastery. Back at the cell, Craig sees the camera in his room and realizes someone is watching him. Doms plane takes off. He handcuffs Lucy and Rafi and then parachutes out of the plane, leaving them to die. Rafael manages to break free but as they rush for the controls, the plane spins out of control. As Paul and Will create a winter wonderland in Fairwinds, Will comes upon the Nativity set. Thinking the sight of the baby might upset Rosanna, they decide not include it in their decorations. Paul exits the room to go attend to a blown fuse, and Will leaves the baby out on the table to go help. When Rosanna comes home, she freaks at the sight of the baby and accuses Will of purposefully leaving it out. Paul tries to defuse the situation, but Will takes off.

Source: CBS

12405 :49x176 - Ep. #12405

As Carly and Jack reunite at last, Jack realizes he has to tell Julia hes made his choice. Meanwhile, Julia, assuming that Jack has chosen her, prepares a romantic evening. Jack arrives and breaks the news to a devastated Julia its over. Julia tries to be strong but collapses after Jack leaves. After throwing her engagement ring away she retrieves it, unable to let go. Meanwhile, Carly thanks God and Parker for Jacks return. When Jack comes home, the two finally make love. Sierra and Lucinda watch Craig on the monitor, not aware that he knows hes being watched. Craig appears contrite on camera while planning his revenge. Later, Lily and Dusty confront Sierra about her link to Craigs disappearance but Sierra explains her way out of it. Once alone with Sierra, Dusty tells her he doesnt quite buy it but doesnt care what she did with Craig, as long as Lucy is safe. Sierra assures him that Lucy has given up the pursuit of Dom and is on a ski trip with Rafi. Dusty remains suspicious but agrees to back off. Meanwhile, Lucy and Rafi survive the crash but are still handcuffed together. They flee the plane, fearing it will blow up, and rush out into a snowstorm in an unknown location. Rosanna frets over having jumped to the conclusion that Will had planted the nativity baby and she and Paul go to see Will at Hals in order to apologize. Meanwhile, Barbara continues to drug Emily. She hears Hal and Will talking about the fact that Will has left Fairwinds, and she pries it out of Hal that Rosanna is haunted by the ghost of Cabot. Later, as Will accepts Rosannas apology and agrees to go back to Fairwinds, Barbara is plotting her next move.

Source: CBS

12406 :49x177 - Ep. #12406

JJ shows up at Milltown, saying that Julia was crying and begs Jack to come home right away. Julia arrives and Jack breaks the news to JJ that hes going to live with his first family - but assures the boy that hell always love and care for JJ. Carly reveals to Holden that Jack has chosen her. Holden offers to have a celebratory dinner for Jack and Carly but also warns that Julia will forever be a part of Jacks life. Carly hopes that Julia will leave town, but Julia has decided to stick around for JJs sake. Holden is proud when Aaron walks into Als Diner. Later, unbeknownst to Aaron, Alison gets the manager to give Aaron a job as the cashier and Aaron reluctantly agrees to take it. A sick and confused Emily continues to be manipulated by Barbara. Meanwhile, Will wakes up after a nightmare in which Rosanna accuses him of haunting her and threatens to send him off to the loony bin. Paul tries to comfort Will and Rosanna feels badly. Later, Rosanna assures Paul that she doesnt fear Will. Meanwhile, Hal tries to reassure Will that he wont be sent back to the mental hospital. Later, Rosanna finds Cabots Christmas stocking hanging over the fireplace. Its evident that Rosanna thinks Will is responsible, just as a drugged Emily returns home and reports to Barbara her activities at Fairwinds. At Lucindas, Mike questions Katie about not wearing her wedding ring. Katie claims that Simon is buying her a new and improved one. Mike explains that hes not modeling anymore and remarks to Katie that he is a different person now. Later, Mike reveals to Jennifer hell continue to model for Street Jeans but Jennifer senses his change of heart has something to do with Katie.

Source: CBS

12407 :49x178 - Ep. #12407

An emotional Will insists that he was not responsible for hanging Cabots Christmas stocking on the mantel. Paul and Will consider that Barbara is behind these mind games. They confront Barbara, who acts deeply offended. She points out that shes wearing an ankle alarm and couldnt leave the house even if she wanted to. Paul and Will return to Fairwinds where Paul begins to wonder if Rosanna could be doing this to herself. Meanwhile, Barbara congratulates hypnotized Emily on a job well done. Aaron gets a much-needed boost to his self-esteem with his new job at Als Diner. Later, at Holden and Lilys house, Aaron and Alison help with Christmas decorations. Aaron admits to Alison that he feels more positive than hes felt since his accident. Jessica meets Ben to discuss the hospitals handling of a possible lawsuit against him. John informs Ben and Jessica that he suspects Ben and Bob are keeping evidence to themselves. Privately, Jessica reveals to Ben that Bob hasnt reported the fact that Ben faked his drug test and Ben cant believe Bob would risk his own career to help him. To avoid involving Bob any further, Ben hands John his letter of resignation. Katie joyfully reunites with Henry. She catches him up on her status with Simon, and how she needs his help convincing Mike shes still happily married. Henry cant believe she doesnt tell Mike the truth but Katie insists Mikes happy with Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jennifer continues to believe Mike is drawn to Katie but he denies theres anything there. He maintains that Katies a married woman and he is happy right where he is - with Jennifer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tanner Cohen as Squatzie Tubbs | Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12408 :49x179 - Ep. #12408

Jack reveals to Carly that Julia is probably not leaving town and admits that because of JJ, a part of him is happy about that. Meanwhile, Julia tells Lisa that she is moving on, even though she continues to wear her ring from Jack. Julia realizes she cannot stay at the Lakeview any longer and goes to Holden for help, unaware that he and Lily are having Jack and Carly over for dinner. Julia arrives at Lily and Holdens house as Jack and Carly are sharing a kiss. Sierra reassures Dusty that Lucy is safe. Meanwhile, Lucy and Rafael finally find shelter in an old mining shaft. Lucy and Rafi bond as they attempt to call for help and explore their surroundings. Lucy is freezing and Rafael ends up trying to warm her with his body heat, vowing that they will get out alive. Meanwhile, Dusty demands that Sierra prove to him that Dom is not the one behind Craigs disappearance so Sierra shows Dusty the monitor that looks into Craigs cell. Later, Craigs efforts to prove to Brother Francis that he has reformed are foiled and Craig decides to start praying to give the illusion to his captors that he is repenting. Meanwhile, Dom has set a trap for Dusty, assuming he is the only person left alive with information about the botched boxing match, now that he has taken out Lucy and Rafi and Craig is missing. Dom arranges for someone to fiddle with the electrical outlets at Metro and when Dusty arrives, he is electrocuted!

Source: CBS
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12409 :49x180 - Ep. #12409

Julia is mortified to have interrupted Carly and Jacks dinner party. Carly wants to know if shes stalking them but Julia explains she only came to speak with Holden. Julia rejects Jacks offer of help and breaks down with Holden. After, Jack shares his frustration with Holden, who points out this is a difficult time for everyone. They decide to go to Emmas hoping to arrange for a home for Julia and JJ for the holidays. Meanwhile, Carly secretly wishes Julia would just go away. A concerned Sierra learns that Lucy isnt at the family cabin. She attempts to locate her daughter and Jordan tries to keep her from panicking. At Metro, Curtis finds Dusty unconscious, having been electrocuted. When he wakes up, Dusty immediately realizes an attempt was made on his life. He calls Sierra and is horrified to learn that she hasnt made contact with Lucy. Dusty thinks the ski trip was all a ruse and that Lucy is still going after Dom. Meanwhile, Rafael and Lucy are making the best of things at the mine. Lucy is worried about her father and Dusty, but Rafi helps her toughen up and focus on their survival. Jessica tries to get Ben to rescind his resignation and demand an administrative hearing to clear his reputation but Ben refuses. At Als, Ben and Jessica fill Curtis in on everything. Alison lashes out at Ben and both Curtis and Aaron learn that Ben has been accused of malpractice and subsequently resigned. Later, Jessica is shocked when Alison blurts that she read the incident reports. An angry Curtis storms out with Ben and Jessica following and Aaron demands to know why Alison has been keeping things from him. Later, Aaron discovers Alison got him the job and leaves disgusted. Meanwhile, Jessica vows to get her hands on the reports and keep fighting for Ben.

Source: CBS
Director: Habib Azar

12410 :49x181 - Ep. #12410

Jack and Holden convince Emma to let Julia and JJ move onto the farm. Holden tells Julia, who refuses, but later accepts, realizing it will be best for JJ. Meanwhile, Emma counsels Jack, who has made his decision to stay with Carly, but is still having trouble juggling the two families. Carly and Lily discuss Lily and Holdens on-going marital difficulties. Carly points to herself and Jack as an example of what love can overcome, and urges Lily not to give up. Later, as Jack and Holden prepare to tell Carly and Lily that Julia and JJ are moving into Emmas, an unsuspecting Carly walks into Emmas kitchen and finds herself face-to-face with Julia. Paul gingerly suggests to Rosanna that she might be behind the strange occurrences at Fairwinds, but she adamantly denies it. Paul agrees to talk to Hal and bring Wills doctor into this. Meanwhile, Will commiserates with Alison at Als Diner. Elsewhere, after a near miss with Hal, Barbara sends a hypnotized Emily out on another haunting mission. Will returns to Fairwinds and sees an intruder, who he recognizes as Emily, as she thrusts the doll she was planting at Will and gets away. Paul and Rosanna find Will with the incriminating evidence in his hands! During a publicity photo op at Metro, Mike gets roped into questions he doesnt want to answer. Katie rescues him and they talk. Henry distracts Jennifer so Katie and Mike can have more time alone together. Later, some nurses come in from the hospital and spill that Katie got her old job back. A suspicious Mike demands to know if Katie is staying in Oakdale for good. Henry places a phone call, pretending to be Simon and saves Katie from the hot seat. A relieved Katie hands the phone out to Mike, saying that Simon wants to say Merry Christmas.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12411 :49x182 - Ep. #12411

Carly is shocked to find Julia in Emmas kitchen. Julia explains that she was invited to stay but an outraged Carly demands that she leave Oakdale. Julia and Carly wind up in a catfight, which Holden arrives in time to witness. Meanwhile, Jack is with JJ at Als trying to assure him that theyll find a way to merge as a family. They arrive at the farm just as Holden is pulling the two women apart. After, Carly and Jack argue and she remarks that he made his choice but isnt ready to live with it. Meanwhile, Holden assures Julia she should stay and enjoy a Snyder family Christmas. At Fairwinds, Will looks guilty and attempts to explain his innocence, but Rosanna is now convinced its been Will all along. Alone with Paul, Will pleads with his brother to believe him, leaving Paul torn between his wife and his brother. Rosanna and Hal enter and Will declares that he wants to leave Fairwinds. Hal thinks Will should talk to his shrinks at the mental institute. Will attempts to tell his father the truth but when Hal seems uninterested, Will shuts down. Meanwhile, Rosanna realizes that Paul believes Will but he promises her that his first priority is to keep Rosanna safe. Meanwhile, Hal discovers that Will has run off. On the phone, Henry as Simon asks Mike to look after Katie during the holidays. Later, Mike comments to Jennifer how strange the request was for him. Jennifer agrees but suggests they both honor her request and keep Katie company during the holidays. Meanwhile, Katie is convinced that Mike will call her and shell win him back from Jennifer. Henry warns that Jennifer is actually a good person but Katie is confident that the more Mike is around her, the more he wont be able to resist.

Source: CBS

12412 :49x183 - Ep. #12412

Will confronts Emily about torturing Rosanna and Barbara is horrified to realize that her machinations have endangered Will. Barbara reaches out to Will but he rejects her and leaves. Upset, Barbara nearly throws away the vial of medication shes been using on Emily - but decides there's a way to make things work. Meanwhile, Alison tries to patch things up with Aaron, but he remains indifferent. She decides to move out and begins to pack as Aaron goes to Als. Suddenly, Will shows up at Alisons door, begging for her help. At Als, Chris realizes what is going on and tells Aaron he is a fool to let Alison go. Craig gives Brother Francis a letter to give to the person who is holding him and tells the monk that he knows a family member is behind his kidnapping. Meanwhile, Lucinda appeals to Sierra to release Craig so he can help them deal with Dominic Ramsey and find Lucy, but Sierra doesnt trust him. When Sierra receives the letter, she debates setting Craig free but ultimately decides not to. Meanwhile, Lily discovers that Sierra has ties to a monastery and a monk named Brother Francis. She enlists Margos help to question him. The monk comes to Lilys house and is evasive. Later, upon realizing that the police cannot search the monastery, Lily takes matters into her own hands. She goes to the monastery dressed as a monk and finds an astonished Craig. Jessica questions Chris about Ben's case. An angry Curtis continues to keep his distance from his father. Later, Ben finally admits to Jessica that he wants to fight the accusations that have been made against him and needs Jessicas help to do so.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes
Director: Greg Saccaro

12413 :49x184 - Ep. #12413

In the silver mine, Rafael surprises Lucy with a Christmas tree he cut down outside. The two get close and make use of their surroundings. When Lucy cleans the aluminum tub they have found, Rafi decides to take a bath and accidentally reveals his naked self to Lucy. After, its Lucys turn to bathe but when she emerges, she finds a rattlesnake slithering close to Rafis sleeping body. In following up leads surrounding Lucys kidnapping, Dusty finds the name of a pilot Dom regularly uses and has Lucinda talk to him. Dusty traps the pilot into revealing information concerning the flight that he took Lucy and Rafi on but the pilot escapes. Meanwhile, Jordan, posing as a boxing promoter, learns from Dom that Rafael tried to come back to him just before he disappeared. Later, Lucinda, Sierra, Jordan and Dusty converge to share what they dug up. Dusty decides to confront Dom and Jordan follows him to help. Lily helps Craig escape from the monastery. At first suspicious that she had something to do with his kidnapping, Craig later thanks Lily for saving him. When he demands to know who did this to him, Lily, who cant betray her sister, refuses to tell him more. Chris and Aaron have a heart-to-heart about Alison and Aaron begins to see things in a new light. He returns home and makes up with Alison. When he finds Will with Alison, he agrees to help. Meanwhile, as Paul and Hal search for Will, they realize Alison may know something about his whereabouts. They go to talk to her but when they rush inside Aarons apartment, Will is gone. Meanwhile, Rosanna remains upset by what she thinks Will has done.

Source: CBS

12414 :49x185 - Ep. #12414

A poisonous snake bites Rafi. Desperate to save his life, Lucy sucks the venom from his wound and keeps him warm as Rafi moves in and out of consciousness. Meanwhile, Doms pilot alerts Dom that Dusty is on Rafi and Lucys trail. When the pilot remarks that if necessary, he wont hesitate to rat Dom out, Dom pulls out a gun and shoots the pilot dead, just as Dusty enters. Dusty tries to get Dom to reveal where he took Rafi and Lucy but Dom gets increasingly threatening until Jordan arrives, pretending to have a gun. When Dom realizes Jordan is bluffing, he throws Dusty and Jordan into lockers until he can decide what hes going to do with them. Craig drags Margo back to the monastery and uses her influence to force Brother Francis to reveal who was behind Craigs kidnapping. Brother Francis admits it was Sierra and Craig vows to get even. Katie invites Mike over to help her decorate her Christmas tree, hoping hell be flooded with memories of last years tree trimming and fall in love with her again. Meanwhile, Jennifer finds out about Katies request from Mike and is instinctively suspicious that Katie might be trying to spend a little quality time with her ex. Jennifer shows up at Katies instead of Mike, who had a work related emergency. A game of cat and mouse ensues, as Jennifer lets Katie know her intentions toward Mike are serious.

Source: CBS
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12415 :49x186 - Ep. #12415

Against Henrys advisement, Katie invites Mike and Jennifer to Christmas dinner while scheming to separate the two. Katie sends Jennifer into the kitchen with Henry, while she enlists Mike to help her with holiday chores. To Katies chagrin, Jennifer comes out smelling like a rose. JJ ruins Julias Christmas celebration by refusing to open his presents before Jack arrives. Julia calls Jack, who then calls on Holden to step in until Jack can pull himself away from Carly. Meanwhile, in a tender moment, Carly gives Jack their compass but is interrupted when Hal and Parker arrive. Hal, working hard on the search for Lucy and Rafi, needs Jack back on the police force. Jack agrees, but Carly takes a little longer to come around to the idea. Later, Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage share a warm, Snyder family Christmas. Back at Emmas, Luke takes thrilled JJ for a ride on one of the horses, and relieved Julia thanks Holden by flinging her arms around him, just as Lily walks in the door. All three play it off, but its clear that its gotten to Lily. Later, JJ runs into arriving Jacks arms. Bud, sick of Doms murder spree, unlocks Dusty and Jordan, who immediately attempts to enlist his help in getting information from Dom. Bud reluctantly agrees to try. Meanwhile, Brother Francis shows a bewildered Sierra Craigs empty cell and admits that Craig may have been feigning his penance. After, Craig locks Sierra in the cell. But Sierra uses the news about Lucy to bribe Craig to free her. At the Lakeview, Dusty insists Craig will have no part of their locating Lucy. Having no choice, Craig leaves. Lucinda and Hal arrive to report a SOS signal was picked up in the mountains and theyre sending a plane, as Dom overhears. Meanwhile, Lucy and Rafi hear a plane and think they are saved until they hear it go down.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Colleen Feehan as Sage Snyder | Bianca Pagano as Sage Snyder
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12416 :49x187 - Ep. #12416

Dusty and Jordan learn from Sierra that the rescue plane sent for Lucy and Rafi crashed in the mountains of Idaho. Dusty fears that Dom will learn that Lucy and Rafi are alive and go after them. Sierra wants to call the police but Dusty convinces her to wait for Bud to give them more information. Sierra reluctantly agrees and Dusty and Jordan rush to the downtown gym where they discover Bud stuffed in a locker and shot. As Jordan calls for an ambulance, Dusty presses Bud to reveal what hes found out. Bud manages to choke out the words Sawtooth Mountains. Meanwhile, Craig summons Sierra to Lucindas library and blasts her for her heartless treatment of him. Sierra gives as good as she gets, confronting him with the knowledge that he was involved in her late husband Alans death. Craig threatens to expose Sierra for her kidnapping, but Sierra insists that she was trying to save his soul. She then drops the bomb that Lucy was out looking for Craig when her plane went down and wants to know how many people have to suffer in order to save him. Meanwhile, Lucy is slipping into despair, realizing that their rescue plane has crashed and no one knows where they are. Rafi attempts to keep her spirits up and reassure her that it isnt their destiny to die. Later, Lucy steps outside to check the status of the blizzard and returns minutes before an avalanche hits. Katie is determined to spend uninterrupted time alone with Mike so that hell fall in love with her all over again. To accomplish this, she enlists Henrys help to keep Jennifer occupied while she invites Mike over to her house. There, Henry once again pretends to be Simon and places a call to Katie, informing her their marriage is over. Katie is devastated and Mike comforts her, just as Jennifer realizes shes been had, and angrily confronts Henry.

Source: CBS

12417 :49x188 - Ep. #12417

While Jennifer confronts Henry, Mike comforts Katie and their old feelings begin to arise until a call from Jennifer puts Mike on to Katies ruse. Katie admits that she and Simon have been apart for a long time but reveals that everything shes done has been for Mike. Mike realizes that Katie has lied to him again and again about Simon and angrily leaves. He returns to Jennifer while a devastated Katie tells Henry she has lost Mike for good. Dusty and Jordans efforts to get to Rafael and Lucy are blocked by Margo who demands answers regarding Buds dead body. Dusty and Jordan are escorted to Lucindas before heading to the police station to give statements. At the station, Dusty receives a threatening phone call from Dom, telling him that hes going after Lucy and Rafi. Jordan tackles a cop, allowing Dusty to make his escape. Meanwhile, as the avalanche traps Rafi and Lucy, they realize they could die in the mine very soon. Rafi declares his love for Lucy and the fraught turns sexual as the two begin making passionate love. Alison finds Will in the alley, waiting for her to get off work. She encourages him to tell her who is behind the hauntings but, for her own sake, he keeps his information to himself. She convinces him that Paul will be on his side and to call him. Will does and confides in his brother the truth about Emily. Meanwhile, Barbaras efforts to get Emily to confess are thwarted when Alison shows up to visit her sister. Barbara is startled by Alisons arrival and drops her vial, leaving her unable to drug Emily any longer. As she is dragged away by her guard to her court-mandated assessment session, she fears that Emily might realize the truth. Later, Paul confronts a puzzled Emily about what she has done to his family.

Source: CBS

12418 :49x189 - Ep. #12418

Emily is shocked and then furious when Paul confronts her and ends up throwing him out. Paul wont give up and sneaks into the house while Emily is out trying to find Hal. Paul discovers the receipt for the doll that was used to haunt Rosanna but is nearly caught when Emily returns home. He slips out of the house but later, Emily realizes that someone was in the house. Meanwhile, Paul tells Will that he has proof of what Emily has done. Jessica has gathered all the information she needs to prove that Ben wasnt responsible for Aarons condition, including evidence that points the finger at the anesthesiologist who was on duty the night of the operation. Aaron learns of Jessicas investigation and uses his good arm to deck the doctor who caused his condition. Meanwhile, all of Jessicas findings are presented to Bob and though Ben is cleared of all charges, he cannot return to the hospital due to the fact that he lied about his drug test. Jessica feels horrible but Ben takes responsibility. Jessica then admits to Ben that she loves him while Aaron and Alison want to tell Curtis the good news about his father and ring in the New Year in style. Jack is delayed at the gym crime scene and is unable to pick up JJ as previously arranged. Fearing that Jack is pushing himself further and further away from JJ, Julia tries to console her disappointed child when Holden arrives. Holden saves the day when he offers to take JJ horseback riding. After, Jack shows up just in time to see Julia hugging Holden and thanking him for being so good to JJ.

Source: CBS

12419 :49x190 - Ep. #12419

An anxious Dusty has made it to a rangers station but is stranded by a blizzard. He is frustrated when he learns that it may be 4-5 days before searchers can go out. Later, Dusty finds out about the avalanche and charges out into the snow. Meanwhile, still trapped by the avalanche, Rafi tries to talk about his future with Lucy. Though she is thinking of Dusty, Lucy is warmed by Rafis declarations of love. Jack goes to see JJ but finds Holden and an upset Julia instead, JJ having already left for his sleepover. Holden leaves and Julia blasts Jack for not keeping his word. Jack insists he needs Julias help in explaining his job to JJ and wonders whether her anger stems from her inability to realize that they are over. Meanwhile, Lily finds Craig at the hospital suffering from a panic attack and she decides to stay with him instead of having dinner with Holden. Craig confides in Lily his problems and she advises him to change his ways. Back at the Lakeview, an obnoxious man at the bar harasses Julia until Holden comes to the rescue. Holden has just learned that Lily is with Craig, and he toasts the New Year with Julia. Will tells Hal that it was Emily behind the hauntings and Hal has trouble believing it. When Hal promises to Will that hell get to the bottom of this, a discouraged Will insists that they already have. Later, Hal goes home in search of Emily while Paul tells Will its time to go home to Fairwinds. Jessica gets a surprise offer for a drink from Ben and they go to Metro where they encounter Aaron and Alison. Aaron apologizes to both Curtis and Ben and shakes Bens hand. Ben and Jessica take another step towards reconciliation while Alison and Aaron ring in the New Year with a kiss.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Lowry as Les Sweeney

12420 :49x191 - Ep. #12420

Lucy and Rafi struggle to stay awake and remain alive in the freezing cold mine. In her delirious state, Lucy sees a vision of Dusty and just when things look their bleakest, Dusty appears and Lucy rushes into his arms. Its obvious that Lucy and Rafi have been close, but Dusty ignores it and helps them get ready to go home. As they prepare to leave, Dom shows up with a gun in hand. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Sierra get Jordan released from jail and his charges reduced. Later, as Jordan reassures Sierra that Lucy is safe, Lucinda hurries in with Lucy on the phone for Sierra. They have a short yet emotional conversation but Lucy hangs up before she realizes that Dom has arrived. Hal confronts Emily with the evidence that she is the one who haunted Rosanna, but she denies it and Hal doesnt know what to think. Later, when Rosanna learns the truth about Emily she tries to get Will to forgive her, but he resists. Rosanna and Paul go to confront Emily, who, confident in her innocence, offers to take a lie detector test. Later, Emily has a fleeting memory of herself holding the doll that terrorized Rosanna, and is suddenly concerned about going through with it. Alison and Aaron seem on the verge of making love, but Aaron is not ready because he is self-conscious about his arm. Later, Alison gets a call from Will and they learn about Emilys situation. Though Alison is outraged that Emily would be suspected, she confesses to Aaron that she worries Emily might be capable of committing the crime. Alison is very upset and Aaron offers to take care of her for a change. Tom and Margo have a heart to heart about what went wrong between them, and Tom tells Margo he wants to reconcile.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12421 :49x192 - Ep. #12421

Dusty, Lucy, and Rafi face certain death as Dom decides to kill Lucy first, forcing the men to watch. As Dom rails at Lucy for ruining his plans, Dusty rushes Dom and tries to wrestle him for the gun, which goes off. The shot sets off another avalanche, burying Dom and allowing the threesome to escape. An emotional Dusty tells Lucy he is so glad that he found her and Rafi in time, unaware of what happened between them in the mine. Meanwhile, Craig arrives to hear the good news about Lucy and sees Sierra in Jordans arms. Lucinda enters to discuss business with Jordan. Later, Jordan admits to Lucinda that he cares about Sierra. Lucinda is pleased and hopes Jordan help her make sure that Craig doesnt manipulate his way into Sierras life yet again. Craig seems a changed man and claims he wont tell Lucy about Sierras kidnapping scheme, insisting that their daughter has been through enough. Sierra remains suspicious of Craig and his motives. While Julias efforts to contact Jack are rebuffed by Carly, Jack makes it clear to Carly that he wants to stay in JJs life. But, Carly continues to see Julia as a problem that must be dealt with. Meanwhile, Holden decides he can no longer live as he has been with Lily and tells his shocked wife that he is moving out. While a devastated Lily tries to come to grips with what has happened, Holden runs into Julia. He confides in her about the separation and the fact that hell be moving in at the farm. Julia tells Holden how sorry she is although part of her is very happy about the news.

Source: CBS
Director: Habib Azar

12422 :49x193 - Ep. #12422

Lily and Holden break the news to Luke and Faith that Holden is moving out. Luke raises the question of divorce, but they avoid getting into it, though Lily is obviously very upset. Meanwhile, Carly goes to Emmas and tells Julia that the life of a cop is sporadic and both she and JJ need to understand that. The conversation does not go well and Julia winds up threatening to remove both herself and JJ from Jacks life. Carly tries to backpedal but when Julia pushes her buttons, both women warn each other to back off. Later, Holden finds Julia worked up and making him a welcome home pie. They share a warm moment. Meanwhile, Lily goes to Emmas with a photo of her and the kids. There, she encounters Julia who lets slip that she spent New Years Eve with Holden. When Lily asks Holden why he didnt mention it, he responds because it was none of her business. Emily takes the lie detector test. Alison tries giving her advice to beat it, but Emily continues to have fleeting memories of herself with the doll, causing the meter to go crazy. Meanwhile, Will tells Paul he doesnt want to move back into Fairwinds. At Henrys urging, Katie decides to try to get Mike back one last time. Meanwhile, Jennifer learns about Katies lies. Jennifer makes an impassioned speech against deception and Mike is affected. Jennifer asks if Mike still has feelings for Katie and Mike denies. Later, Jennifer blasts Henry for trying to bamboozle her and Mike. Henry insists that Katie and Mike have a love that will never end and its just a matter of time until they get back together. Meanwhile, Katie presses too far with Mike and Mike declares that he loves Jennifer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Cassidy Hinkle as Faith Snyder | Ned Luke as Detective Langston | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Christopher Tavani as Luke Grimaldi | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman

12423 :49x194 - Ep. #12423

Emily has failed the polygraph test but when Paul demands she be arrested, Hal resists. Meanwhile, Emily calls Alison and asks her to look through Daniels backpack for a hand-drawn map of Fairwinds. Emily orders her to destroy it and Alison is left with the dilemma of whether or not to turn it into the police or to destroy the evidence against her sister. Meanwhile, Will shows up at the police station and overhears Hal once again questioning Wills version of events. When Will realizes that Emily failed the polygraph, he offers to take the test himself. Will passes the test and having no choice, Hal turns the case against Emily over to Margo. As Margo reads Emily her rights, Alison and Aaron burn the incriminating map. Katie accuses Mike of using Jennifer to push Katie away. Mike insists hes genuinely in love with Jennifer and that Katies the one who plays games. Devastated, Katie wishes Mike the best. Meanwhile, Jennifer questions Henry about why he is so relentlessly supportive of Katie and Henry surprises her by admitting hes in love with Katie. He tells her that if Jennifers smart, shell settle for Mikes friendship but Jennifer has no intention of settling. Later, Jennifer expects the worst but is delighted when Mike tells her he loves her and looks forward to waking up with her, when shes ready. Meanwhile, Katie returns to fill Henry in. Henry advises her to move on, as Mike has. When Katie wonders what he has in mind, Henry asks her to marry him. Ben admits to Bob he cant stop thinking about Aarons case. There has to be a reason his leg works but his arm remains useless. Bob assures Ben hes been cleared of any responsibility but Ben pushes and Bob agrees to order more tests.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Ned Luke as Detective Langston | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman
Director: Maria Wagner

12424 :49x195 - Ep. #12424

At the police station, Lucy, Dusty and Rafi give their statements about what happened with Dom. Alone with Lucy, Rafi says that when they made love, it meant something to him and though Lucy agrees, their conversation is cut short. Meanwhile, Craig tells Sierra that he blames Dusty for putting Lucy in danger and Sierra accuses Craig of already breaking his promise to be a new man. Craig swears he has changed, but insists that Dustys life is not the life for Lucy. Later, Lucy, Rafi and Dusty enter for an emotional reunion. Lucy is overwhelmed to see Craig safe and sound, but then demands to know where he was. Craig keeps his promise and says that he just needed to take a little break. Lucy is furious, but Sierra supports Craig. Later, Rafi is not pleased to discover that Lucy left with Dusty and admits to Craig that hes in love with her. At Metro, Dusty confesses that he still loves Lucy and wants her back. A distraught Lily blames Carly and Jack for her loss of Holden. Carly advises Lily to go tell Julia to stay the hell away from Lilys man! Meanwhile, Julia finally takes off her engagement ring. After, she goes to Carlys house and claims to simply be dropping off a box of things that Jack bought for her. Carly doesnt believe her and opens the box to find a sexy negligee. A furious Carly rips it to shreds. Later, Lily goes to the farm looking for Julia but finds Holden instead. Holden insists that Julia has nothing to do with the fact that their marriage is in trouble. Later, Lily and Carly decide its time to get rid of Julia. Meanwhile, Holden confesses to Julia that Lily thinks Julia has designs on him and Julia responds by kissing him! Flabbergasted by Henrys proposal, Katie insists shes not in love with him. Henry reminds her that she wasnt in love with Simon when she married him. Katie decides to accept his proposal, certain Mike will never let the wedding happen. Meanwhile, Mike and Jennifer finally make love and pledge their love to one another.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman
Director: Maria Wagner

12425 :49x196 - Ep. #12425

Paul asks Rosanna to put all the craziness aside and concentrate on both their marriage and convincing Will to rejoin their family. Meanwhile, Emily admits to Alison she can remember committing the acts, but doesnt know what made her do them. At Fairwinds, Alison tells Rosanna and Paul that Emily shouldnt be blamed for something she doesnt remember doing. Paul insists that Emilys memory, or lack there of, wont excuse the torture she put Rosanna through. Rafi confides in Craig his feelings for Lucy and his hopes that Lucy feels the same way. Though he doesnt spell it out, he implies to Craig that things got intimate with Lucy while they were trapped in the cave. After, Sierra warns Craig not to use this information to drive Lucy and Dusty further apart but Craig vows hell stay out of it. Later, Craig gives a gracious toast in which he thanks Dusty for saving his daughters life. Tension mounts as Dusty and Rafi both vie for Lucys attention, and Lucy goes off with her mom. Julia and Holdens kiss is interrupted by a call from Jack, apologizing about not getting JJ. She tells Jack shes fine and hangs up. Holden tries to defend Jack, but Julia insists that Holdens really been her only friend. Later, Jack wonders if Holden and Lilys split had anything to do with Julia and JJ. Holden tells Jack to remind Lily that shes the one who ruined their marriage. Meanwhile, Lily calls Julia to the Lakeview to make her an offer. Shes willing to help her financially get back on her feet, if it means leaving her husband alone. Julia doesnt go for it and threatens to go to Holden with Lilys attempt at bribery. Back at Milltown, Jack admits to Carly that he couldnt get through to Holden and thinks Julia has been distracting him from fixing his marriage. Later, Lily returns to Carly, furious that their plan backfired, when Carly says theyre going to get dirty and shes got a plan.

Source: CBS

12426 :49x197 - Ep. #12426

Mike and Jennifer read Henry and Katies wedding announcement in the paper. Mike bursts out laughing but Jennifer thinks Henry could be good for Katie. Meanwhile, Henry presents Katie with a gorgeous engagement ring and assures Katie no matter what her reasons for the wedding, hes having a blast. Later, Mike and Jennifer run into Katie and Henry at Metro where they see Katies huge rock. Jennifer and Henry toast to things worth waiting for, while Mike confronts Katie, certain the whole wedding is a sham. Kim tells Paul and Rosanna that Will is hurt and tries to convince them to reach out and mend fences. Kim mentions Emilys physical sickness during the time of the hauntings and is surprised that Emily could even carry out the devious deeds. Paul confronts Emily who begs him to help her figure out how and why shed do such a terrible thing. Later, Emily suggests Paul talk to Barbara since she was the one taking care of her when she was sick and immediately, the pieces start to fall into place for Paul. Meanwhile, Rosanna tracks down Will at Als and tries to gain his forgiveness. Will is gruff and non-committal, even when Rosanna presents him with a new car. Carly suggests Jack take JJ on a trip, along with Holden and Luke, so he can spend some quality time with JJ away from Julia. Jack thinks its a great idea and heads to the farm to ask Julia. Meanwhile, Lily comes to the farm to suggest the trip to Holden but is interrupted when Julia reveals that Lily tried to bribe her to leave town. Holden tears into Lily and she leaves. Later, when Jack shows up and suggests the trip to Holden and Julia, both agree. Lily meets up with Carly and they reveal their idea to get everyone out of town so they can come up with a plan to get Julia out of their lives.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman
Director: Maria Wagner

12427 :49x198 - Ep. #12427

Emily convinces Paul that shes telling the truth about being sick and not remembering why she did the things she did. Paul questions her about Barbaras helpfulness and Emily realizes Paul could be onto something. When Alison concludes that Emily could never have drawn the map of Fairwinds with such details without help, Paul promises to keep searching for the truth. Later, Paul runs into Barbara whos learned from Tom that shes being allowed to move about town. Paul alerts Barbara that he may be helping Emily, and later, Barbara warns Emily neither Paul nor Hal will be able to save her. Rosanna thinks shes made headway with Will when he accepts the car. But, Will remains upset that everyone seems to be ready to give Emily the benefit of the doubt, when nobody gave it to him. Angry and feeling alone, Will takes the car to a hilltop and lets it crash. Later, as Rosanna is about to give Paul the happy news about Will, Will reports to Rosanna that he totaled the car. Mike refuses to believe Katie and Henrys engagement is real, despite Jennifers belief that it could happen. Meanwhile, Katie is banking on the fact that Mike still has feelings for her and wont let the wedding happen - even though the wedding is exactly what Henry wants. Aaron goes to the hospital for tests and encounters Ben and Jessica. He learns that Ben encouraged him to have more tests done because he believes Aaron can still get the use of his arm back. Thrilled, Aaron asks Ben to stay and look at his results. Later, as Aaron shares the optimistic news with Alison, Ben sees a problem in Aarons test results.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson
Director: Maria Wagner

12428 :49x199 - Ep. #12428

On the trip with JJ and Luke, Jack and Holden confront each other about the role Julia has in their lives and how that affects what is going on with Carly and Lily. Meanwhile, Carly and Lily put their plan into motion as they set Julia up in front of Emma, making it appear as if she had stolen the compass Carly once got from Jack. Julia is outraged, but then sees as opportunity, leaving in a huff. Carly is confident about what they have done, but Lily is uneasy. Meanwhile, a crying Julia rushes to the cabin and straight into Holdens arms. Craig reveals to his daughter that he knows she and Rafi made love. Lucy admits to her father that she doesnt know what to do and Craig offers genuine, loving advice. Elsewhere, Rafi and Dusty come face-to-face. Dusty questions Rafi and reaches the conclusion that Rafi and Lucy slept together in the cave. Later, Dusty and Lucy meet and as she begins to confess that she slept with Rafi, shes stunned when he explains that he already knows. While Aaron wants to celebrate the possibility of getting the use of his arm back, Ben informs Bob that a dangerous blood clot is forming and must be removed at once. Soon after, Aaron collapses at Metro and is brought into the ER. Realizing no other doctor can perform the surgery, Bob reinstates Ben who vows that he will do all he can to save Aaron.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larrabee | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Kathleen Widdoes as Emma Snyder
Director: Habib Azar

12429 :49x200 - Ep. #12429

Jack and Holden are shocked when Julia reveals that Lily and Carly tried to frame her. Jack decides to head back to Oakdale. Julia apologizes for ruining the trip but Holden, concerned that its late, suggests she stay. They share beers and their problems in front of the fire and Holden admits he can see why Jack fell in love with her. They kiss and things quickly get passionate. Meanwhile, Jack confronts Carly, who admits that she wants Julia gone and Jack freaks, realizing this will set him even further back with JJ. Carly tells Jack that its time to let JJ go. Ben rushes Aaron to the OR. Alison calls Lily alert her but she cant reach Holden. Later, Ben reports that Aaron is out of danger. Lily decides to drive up to the cabin to tell Holden about Aaron as Holden and Julia make love in front of the fire! Ben finds Jessica, and they take a step toward reconciliation. Later, Aaron squeezes a thrilled Alisons hand using his bad arm. Lucy is relieved when Dusty assures her he is not mad about what happened between her and Rafi in the cave. He accepts responsibility for pushing her away. Dusty says that what happened between Lucy and Rafi didnt mean anything and they should pretend it never happened. Upset, Lucy insists that what happened between her and Rafi did mean something to her. They reach an impasse, and Dusty turns away. Meanwhile, Craig fills Sierra in on his talk with Lucy about Dusty and Rafi, and how he advised Lucy to follow her heart. After, an upset Lucy cries to Craig and Sierra that things are over for good with Dusty. Meanwhile, a frustrated Dusty struggles to deal with his feelings.

Source: CBS

12430 :49x201 - Ep. #12430

Holden and Julia have made love when Lily enters to tell him about Aaron. Julia doesnt blow Holdens cover and pretends to make peace with Lily. Holden thanks Lily for bringing him the news about Aaron but doesnt give her the warm embrace she was hoping for. After Lily leaves, as everyone is preparing to head back to Oakdale, Luke sees Holden kiss Julia but keeps it to himself. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack argue over Lily and Carlys attempt to set up Julia and Carly admits she hates Julia and wishes she didnt exist. When Jack tries to get Carly to promise to leave Julia alone, Carly refuses, leaving them at a standoff. Paul tells Emily he believes her, and he questions her about any memories she might have about Barbara manipulating her. She cant come up with anything except that when she was sick, Barbara was constantly serving her tea. They realize that Emily might remember something if she was back at home. Meanwhile, Margo questions Will about the car that he wrecked. After talking about the importance of forgiveness, Rosanna and Will strike a tentative peace, and Rosanna promises shell make his car problems go away. Margo confronts Katie about her wedding to Henry and refuses to see it as a good thing. Later, Katie vows to Henry that theyll have the best wedding ever. Katie convinces Henry to ask Mike to be his best man. Mike at first refuses but then accepts when Jennifer says she thinks the wedding is for real. Jennifer assures Mike shes not threatened by the wedding and is just glad she has Mike.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman

12431 :49x202 - Ep. #12431

Paul posts Emilys bail and they head back to Barbaras kitchen, hoping to jar Emilys memory. A livid Emily discovers that Barbara has rearranged her kitchen back to the way Barbara had it when she lived there. Emily recalls Barbara pushing her to drink tea, and Paul realizes that the tea may have been drugged. They pack up Emilys teacups to take to the lab and get tested as a stunned Barbara arrives home. Barbara interrupts Mike and Jennifers romantic morning together with the news that shes been given limited freedom to move around town. She also mentions that she plans to start using her Lakeview Suite, where Jennifer lives. At Metro, Henry tells Katie that theyre broke. He suggests they elope, but Katie refuses, insisting they have to have a big wedding. Henry sets Katie up for an interview with Louie, the manager of a downtown gym. Henry convinces Louie that Katies the perfect person to revamp the gym. When Mike shows up, Katie accepts the job. After, Mike asks Jennifer to move in with him. Aaron and Alison are thrilled when Bob and Ben report that Aaron is headed for a full recovery. Bob then offers Ben his job back. Later, Jessica invites Ben to dinner to celebrate and they kiss. Chris informs Aaron and Alison that hes leaving Oakdale and wishes them the best. Alison is ready to move on with Aaron, but Ben gives them the distressing news that Aarons post-op recovery means no strenuous activity - including sex - for at least six weeks. Later, Chris says an emotional good-bye to Bob and Nancy. Rosanna gets Will off the hook for the car incident. Margo and Rosanna enlist Casey in a plan to convince Will to throw a party at Fairwinds. Casey approaches Will, who sees right through it and Casey admits it was Rosanna and Margos idea. But Casey manages to convince Will that the party will be great and Will ultimately agrees. Later, Will and Rosanna take a step towards reconciliation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rick Zahn as Louie | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman | Zach Roerig as Casey Hughes
Director: Maria Wagner

12432 :49x203 - Ep. #12432

Rafael confides in Sierra his feelings for Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy and Dusty come face-to-face. She tells him that she loves him more than ever and reaches out to him. But Dusty cant get past the fact that she still cant deny her feelings for Rafi. Later, Rafi makes his case to Lucy for why they should be together and kisses her. Meanwhile, Dusty gets a talking to from Lucinda. She says he would be a fool to let Lucy go with all the love she has for him and Dusty is moved enough to head to the jewelry store. Barbara confronts Paul and Emily about taking the dishes. Barbara rails at Emily for what she has done to Will and Emily feels badly about what Will is going through. Hal agrees to test the dishes, but his hesitancy to believe her unconditionally causes Emily to feel she must move out for the time being. Katie is discouraged when she realizes how hard renovating the gym will be, but she remains convinced she can reawaken Mikes feelings for her. Later, when Mike and Jennifer get their directions wrong and wind up at Katies gym for a photo shoot, Katie is thrilled until the happy couple reveals their plans to move in together. Once Mike and Jennifer leave, Katie hits on a new scheme to have Mike do the renovations for the gym so that Katie and Mike can spend lots of quality time together. Henry is all for it and continues to keep his feelings to himself, secretly hoping the wedding will happen after all.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rick Zahn as Louie | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson

12433 :49x204 - Ep. #12433

Dusty thanks Lucinda for her help after he reveals his plans to marry Lucy. Lucy is urged by Rafi to admit she cares about him. Lucy admits that she cares for him but not in the same way that she does about Dusty.
Guest Stars: Jake Weary as Luke Snyder

12434 :49x205 - Ep. #12434

Rattled Lily goes to see Carly who is dealing with the unexpected arrival of Jack and JJ. Jack explains the importance of having JJ there, thinking that it might help the families merge in the long run. Carly agrees to do her best to get along with the boy, for Jacks sake. Later, when Lily tells Carly that Luke saw Holden kiss Julia, Carly realizes that Julia pawned JJ off on Jack to be alone with Holden. She urges Lily to get to the farm immediately. At the farm, Julia seduces Holden and the two of them begin to make love. A devastated Lily walks in on them while JJ overhears an angry Carly call Julia a tramp. Dusty is ready to propose to Lucy when he learns shes decided to go away to Williams. Lucy explains that she needs to do this for herself and Dusty understands and pockets his ring. Rafi enters, upset off of hearing the news from Craig and makes a play for her to stay, but to no avail. Lucinda and Sierra arrive and Lucy asks them to help her pack. Once the women are out of the room, Rafi blames Dusty for driving Lucy away, but Dusty points out that if Rafi really loves Lucy, hell let her go. Later, Dusty gives Lucy the necklace back, and they kiss goodbye. Lucinda tells Dusty that was quite the gallant gesture, but emotional and upset Dusty leaves quickly. Alison and Aaron unsuccessfully try fighting off their sexual tension. Aaron calls Ben, accidentally interrupting a dinner between Ben and Jessica that Curtis engineered. Ben tells Aaron that sex is lovely, but not worth dying over. Later, Jessica makes a regrettable comment about passion taking over and realizes shes just lost the ground she was gaining with him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larrabee | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder
Director: Habib Azar

12435 :49x206 - Ep. #12435

At the farm, Lily loses it after finding Holden and Julia in bed together. Julia tells a devastated Lily to blame Julia if it makes her feel better, then leaves. Holden admits to Lily that he has already slept with Julia and feels that he hasnt been unfaithful to her because he hadnt believed in them in a long time. Meanwhile, Carly tries to convince Jack that Julias apparent interest in Holden is really all about Jack. Later, when Julia lets it slip that Lily walked in on her and Holden, Jack reacts in shock, and Carly is concerned that Jack appears jealous. Back at the Lakeview, Julia tells Lisa about her and Holdens relationship and a disapproving Lisa ends their friendship. Holden then shows up to console Julia for having to witness Lilys meltdown and allows Julia to hug him in public since everything is out in the open. Meanwhile, Lily smashes a family picture of herself with Holden. While Rosanna tells Paul that shes made inroads in making amends with Will, Barbara ambushes Will and tries to convince him to come home. She reveals that Paul is turning against him and trying to help vindicate Emily. Meanwhile, Emily confides in an uneasy Susan that Paul is helping her. Susan tries to warn Paul not to build up Emilys expectations and Paul berates her for not taking Emilys side. Later, Will follows Paul to the Metro and confronts him for being on Emilys side and not his. Alison and Aaron force themselves not to have sex. Alison brings Nancy over to distract them and Nancy urges Alison to see the virtue in waiting. Later, Alison constructs a wall of curtains to keep her and Aaron apart, and they share a sweet, loving goodnight.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12436 :49x207 - Ep. #12436

Will confronts Paul about helping Emily, and later goes missing. Rosanna notifies Alison, who tracks Will down at the Snyder Barn. She promises shes not mad at him just because Emilys her sister and vows shell always be there for him. Meanwhile, the dishes from Emilys kitchen are tested and come up spotless unusually spotless for an old set of cups. Hal, Emily and Paul speculate that these could be brand new cups used to replace the ones Barbara used for drugging Emily. Rosanna then bursts in with the news of Wills disappearance and begs Paul to get his priorities straight by concentrating on his family and letting Emily take care of herself. After, Barbara is brought in and remains defensive in her involvement. Paul agrees to focus more on his family. Later, Will returns. Meanwhile, Susan checks in with Barbaras old psychiatric hospital and learns that a vial of suggestibility drug has turned up missing. Lucinda informs Jordan that Sierra will be his new boss at World Wide, but Jordan realizes that its just another plot Lucinda concocted to separate Craig and Sierra. Jordan then surprises Lucinda by resigning. Later, Lucinda makes a mysterious call offering someone else Jordans old job. Meanwhile, Sierra praises Dusty for letting Lucy go without proposing, but he surprises her by saying if he had it to do over again, hed ask her to marry him. Sierra still thanks Dusty for always being there for her and they agree to always keep in touch.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson

12437 :49x208 - Ep. #12437

Barbara declares that she would sacrifice her freedom and return to jail if it would get Will out of Paul and Rosannas unsteady home and back under Hals roof. Paul ties to warn Will, but is distracted when Emily calls for his help. After, a conflicted Will agrees to move back into Hals with Barbara. Meanwhile, by tracking Barbaras electronic ankle bracelet movements, Paul and Emily find a discarded bag of dishes in the alley behind Towers. Just as Barbara and Will arrive at the police station to give the good news that they will all be living together, Paul and Emily confront Barbara with the truth. Lily begs Julia to think about what shes doing to Holdens children, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Holden tries to explain to Luke that what has happened with Julia may be serious and Luke flips. Later, Jack finds Holden and Julia hugging. Jack confronts Julia on the game she is playing but she wonders if the problem is in fact Jacks jealousy. Meanwhile, Carly finds a photo of a mystery man in JJs schoolbook and she and Lily begin to devise a plan to get rid of Julia for good. Jennifer remains slightly uneasy about the Mike and Katie situation. Meanwhile, Katie wants Henry to put her plan in motion to get Mike to do the renovations on the gym. When she pushes him to call, Katie is surprised by Henrys curt reaction but Henry convinces Katie to ask Mike herself. Katie does, but Mike turns her down and she calls him on his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Jennifer to meet him in order to say goodbye. Later, while a distraught Katie admits to Henry that she is more in love with Mike than ever, Mike is surprised when Jennifer encourages him to work with Katie.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larrabee | Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman

12438 :49x209 - Ep. #12438

Paul and Emily confront Barbara, who is devastated when Will realizes the truth and rejects her. Emily is pleased when Barbara is sent back to prison. But Barbara reminds Emily that Hal didnt believe in her and Emily must live with that. Meanwhile, Rosanna is reminded of Cabot when Jordan comes to say goodbye. Later, Will, Rosanna and Paul all apologize to each other for their actions and plan a new beginning, starting with the party Rosanna originally wanted to have for Will. Jennifer finds out what has happened and everyone seems to be looking ahead, until later when Rosanna hears the cries of her son once again. While Carly convinces Lily that she must go through Julias things to find out about the mysterious Keith, Holden and Jack nearly come to blows over Julia. Later, Lily sees Holden and Julia kiss and runs out of the room, determined to find dirt on Julia. In Julias room, she spots a letter from Keith with a Chicago address. As she is about to leave, she finds herself trapped by Julia and Holden about to enter the room to make love. Jennifer, thinking it would be the best thing for all involved to have everything out in the open, explains to Mike why he should work for Katie. Later, when Henry tells Katie that he will go try and convince Mike to work for her, he is floored when Mike so readily agrees. Henry returns with the news of Mikes change of heart, and Katie immediately suspects that something is going on but hopes that their time spent together will pay off.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12439 :49x210 - Ep. #12439

Lily must hide under the bed to not be discovered by Holden and Julia. As they are about to make love, Lily sends a desperate text message to Carly. Carly gets it and heads out but runs into arriving Emma, who has come to talk to her about her behavior towards Julia. Carly quickly apologizes and rushes out. She calls Holden and says shes coming over. Julia is suspicious but Carly is able to buy Lily enough time to escape. Back at Milltown, Lily shows Carly the letter with Keiths name and address and they decide to go find him. Meanwhile, Emma goes to the farm where she walks in on a close moment between her son and Julia and quickly lets Julia know she is not welcome at the farm any longer. Holden assures a distraught Julia that this doesnt changes anything between them. While Casey arrives with music stuff for the party, Rosanna reels from hearing a babys voice. Rosanna covers but Paul can tell something is wrong. He whisks Rosanna off to Metro so they can talk. Meanwhile, at the police station, Emily has words with Hal about his lack of trust in her. Alison shows up and takes Emily to Metro to celebrate Emilys release. Emily approaches Paul and Rosanna as she is about to tell him whats going on and a jumpy Rosanna apologizes for her reaction. Back at Fairwinds, Will shares his concerns about the party with Casey but when Alison shows up to lend moral support, Will begins to get excited. Teens start arriving and Tyson, a jock, is immediately interested in Alison. When he wont back off, Alison kisses a thrilled Will and claims that Will is her date. Meanwhile, Rosanna leaves Paul with Emily to take care of things back home. Paul reassures Emily that things will get back to normal now that Barbara is behind bars. Meanwhile, Rosanna is driving home when James reveals himself in the backseat.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Kathleen Widdoes as Emma Snyder | Zach Roerig as Casey Hughes

12440 :49x211 - Ep. #12440

Rosanna struggles to keep her wits about her as James, who is sitting in the back seat of her moving car, informs her that her son Cabot is alive and well. He tells her that if she wishes to see him again, she must use her considerable resources to get Barbara off the hook for drugging Emily. Rosanna then demands proof that Cabots alive and James says hell be in touch. Meanwhile, Kim visits Barbara at the police station and makes it clear that her latest crimes are unforgivable and Kim is washing her hands of her. Later, a desperate Barbara summons Hal to try to use his rift with Emily to her advantage but Hal tells her shes barking up the wrong tree and she deserves whats coming to her. While Will works hard to keep his crush on Alison a secret, Alison pretends to be his girlfriend to keep Tyson at bay. When Tyson continues to hit on Alison, a fight ensues and when Paul jumps in, he sends Tyson home with Margo and the cops. Later, Rosanna arrives home, and apologizes for missing the party. When Paul questions what kept her, Rosanna obeys James wishes and keeps their meeting a secret. Lucinda offers the position Jordan vacated at World Wide to Dusty, just as Sierra does the same with Craig. Later, unbeknownst to the other, both Dusty and Craig accept the job.

Source: CBS

12441 :49x212 - Ep. #12441

Julia surprises Jack by asking him to keep JJ for a few days while she looks for a new place to live. Shes grateful but Jack refuses to give her and Holden his blessing. Later, Holden helps Julia find an apartment and they make love. Meanwhile, a disguised Carly and Lily show up at Keiths condo in Chicago. As Lily stands watch and Carly goes through Keiths mail, Keiths neighbor opens her door and catches Carly red-handed! Carly covers and learns from the neighbor, Mrs. Grace, that though hes never mentioned Julia, Mrs. Grace knows that Keith has an ex. Carly asks Mrs. Grace to pass on a message that shed heard Julia was in trouble in Oakdale. Later, Lilys thrilled to hear that Emma kicked Julia out. But, her happiness is short-lived when Jack tells her about Holden and Julias possible apartment plans. Having accepted new job offers, Dusty and Craig discuss the future of Metro. They decide to hire someone to run it until they can sell it. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Sierra are floored to realize they both offered the same job to Dusty and Craig. When neither will rescind their offer, all hell breaks loose as both men show up for their first day on the job. Eventually, a compromise is reached, leaving Craig in charge of Street Jeans and Dusty supervising over new businesses. Aaron and Alison learn that Rafis visa is expiring and, without a job or a sponsor, hell have to go back to Montega. Aaron realizes that Dusty owes them both big time and goes to talk to him. At Metro, Curtis informs Aaron that Dusty and Craig are hiring someone to run the place until it sells. Alison and Rafi suggest that Aaron run it, and Aaron agrees to talk to Dusty on both his and Rafis behalf. Ben meets Jessica at Metro and they discuss the final divorce papers they have received. Ben surprises Jessica by suggesting that now that theyre officially divorced, they should go on a date.

Source: CBS

12442 :49x213 - Ep. #12442

At Julias apartment, Luke confronts Julia about her relationship with his father. Keith calls Julia and Luke hears a one-sided cryptic conversation. Later, Keith shows up in Oakdale and Lily and Carly watch him as he tries to locate Julia. Their plan is nearly thwarted when Keith bumps into Holden and almost asks him for directions to Julias place, but Lily pulls Holden away. She tells him she got a call from Lukes school, informing her that Luke didnt show up. Holden is concerned, and assures her he will find Luke. When Holden leaves, Lily knows that hes going to Julia and fears that their plans to bring Keith to town might go bust. Luke shows up and reveals that he went to Julias apartment where she acted mysterious off of a phone call. Meanwhile, Holden goes back to Julias and when Julia gets another call from Keith telling her hes coming over, she panics and gets rid of Holden. Mike starts work on the gym and Katie gets herself in a precarious position with a sheet of drywall. Mike rescues her, but finds himself accidentally covered in paint. Katie insists on washing his clothes and the moment turns sexual. They talk about what might have been, as their lips come closer and closer together. Meanwhile, Jennifer learns that Craig has taken Jordans job. She refuses to work with Craig and even threatens to quit. Sierra tries to diffuse the situation and Craig urges her to stay and make her pitch to Sierra for her new Street Jeans line. Jennifer agrees but Sierra dislikes the idea. Craig is able to change Sierras mind about the line, but cant convince Jennifer to work with him. An elated Aaron tells Alison that Dusty made him manager of Metro. They celebrate and when Rafi enters, Aaron says that he will hire him and be his sponsor.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Ryan McCartney as Java Patron | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12443 :49x214 - Ep. #12443

Rosanna hears a childs cry coming from the nursery, and finds a TV set broadcasting an image of Cabot. She is overwhelmed when James appears and she agrees to do whatever it takes to get the charges against Barbara dropped. Meanwhile, Hal apologizes to Will for not believing in him. He reveals that the D.A.s office has offered Barbara reduced jail time if shell plead no contest to the charges but Will doubts shell take it. Later, Barbara tells Jessica theres no way shes admitting to something she didnt do. Will arrives at the police station. He surprises Barbara by making a heartfelt plea to accept the deal so as not to put their family through the agony of a trial. Barbara is seriously tempted to sign the plea bargain until Rosanna shows up and tells her not to. While Craig tries to push Jennifer into agreeing to work with him at Street Jeans, Jennifer continues to resist and calls Paul to get his input. Paul is horrified and insists Jennifer walk. Paul declares that he will have nothing to do with the company if Craigs anywhere near it and storms out. After, Mike says hes supportive of Jennifer no matter what she decides. Henry interrupts Mike and Katies close moment and jokingly wonders if he should challenge Mike to a duel. Later, Henry gives Katie a wedding gown he bought off ebay, and she hurries to try it on as Margo arrives. Henry tries to talk Margo into changing her mind about being Katies matron of honor but Margo is resistant until Katie emerges in a comically awful dress. Margo feels sorry for her, and agrees to stand by her side during the wedding. When Margo leaves, Henry reveals the first dress worked its magic. He then shows Katie a second dress, a designer original thats everything Katie ever dreamed of.

Source: CBS

12444 :49x215 - Ep. #12444

Just as Barbara is about to sign the plea bargain, Rosanna rushes in and shocks Barbara by insisting she not sign. Barbara is even more surprised when James calls and orders her to follow Rosannas instructions. An emotional Rosanna reveals to Barbara that Cabot is alive and explains that she is only helping Barbara so that she can see her son again. Barbara remains wary and wonders if James is playing them both. Meanwhile, Will tells Paul that he wants to watch Barbara sign her confession. At the police station, Paul is surprised to find Barbara and Rosanna together, and Wills arrival confuses Barbara, who remains indecisive about whether to sign or not. Carly and Lily are staked outside of Julias house, hoping to see the reunion between Julia and Keith. Lily briefly runs into Keith and after, the women watch as Julia and Keith finally come face-to-face. Later, while Carly and Lily plot to have Holden discover Julia and Keith together, Keith mentions the two women he saw in the parking lot and Julia realizes that Carly and Lily are the ones who brought Keith to Oakdale. Meanwhile, Aaron sees that Holden is upset by Lukes anger over Holden and Julias relationship but when he tries to talk to his brother, Luke wont back down. Later, Jack is forced to deal with a hostile Parker and JJ, but with Holdens help, the two boys make a little progress and Jack and Holden take a step toward reconciliation. Aaron, Alison and Rafael are excited with their new roles at Metro. Alison learns that Rafael has not told his family that he can no longer box and she helps him write a letter to them back in Montega explaining all. Rafael thanks Alison but later, he rips up the letter, unable to admit his failure to his family.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12445 :49x216 - Ep. #12445

As everyone anxiously waits, Barbara announces that she will not sign the plea bargain. Rosanna is relieved but Will blasts Barbara, who is deeply hurt by her sons words. Alone with Barbara, Rosanna reveals that she plans on clearing Barbara by convincing everyone that Rosanna hypnotized Emily herself. Meanwhile, Emily is beside herself that Barbara refused to sign the deal. In an effort to scare Barbara into signing the deal, Paul proposes that Emily lie and tell Barbara that she remembers everything, and Emily agrees. Later, Emily is stunned to find Rosanna with Barbara! Lily and Carly call Holden over to catch Julia with Keith. Meanwhile, Julia tells Keith she wants his help in dealing with Lily and Carly. Holden and JJ arrive, and a panicked Julia begs Keith to go. Lily sees Keith climbing out the window, and snaps a photo with her cell phone. Inside, Julias suspicions are confirmed that Carly and Lily have been plotting against her. Meanwhile, Jack is concerned to learn Carly was with Lily, and reminds his wife of her promise to leave Julia alone. Katie has a hard time convincing the Reverend Mackenzie that her wedding to Henry is legit. Things get complicated when Mrs. Mackenzie asks about the man in the photos in Katies room as Mike shows up. When the Reverend asks Mike for his take on the couple, Mike says he hopes Katie makes Henry happy and Katie is privately devastated. Later, Henry struggles to reassure Katie. Barely able to keep his own feelings inside, he escapes outside and begins to sob, while Katie watches him from inside. After suddenly realizing how much Henry cares for her, she breaks down in Margos arms.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Carole Monferdini as Doris MacKenzie | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12446 :49x217 - Ep. #12446

Emily walks in on Rosanna as she conspires with Barbara. Rosanna pretends to faint in order to throw Emily off but once Rosanna leaves, Emily lets Barbara know she is prepared to do whatever is necessary, including lie on the stand, in order to prove her case against Barbara. Meanwhile, Rosanna calls her company doctor to order some of the suggestibility drug. Paul nearly catches her when the doctor arrives. When Emily comes by to check on her, Rosanna invites her over for tea another day. Later, James calls Rosanna and reminds her of all she has to lose if things dont go their way. Katie finally realizes that shes breaking Henrys heart and Margo urges her sister to call off the wedding. Katie is about to tell Henry but he surprises her by revealing that he knows the wedding is all about Mike and hell be okay with whatever happens. Katie is touched and emotional when Mike comes over. He assumes its another ploy to get his attention, but Katie stuns him by declaring how lucky she is to have Henry, who loves her unconditionally. Later, Henry gives Katie an old-new-borrowed-blue present and the couple prepares for their wedding day. Meanwhile, Craig proposes that Jennifer cut Mike out of Street Jeans and instead, make a music video featuring herself as the new company symbol. Jennifer is drawn to the idea, and when she tells a distracted Mike, he agrees. Sierra and Dusty plan a trip to California to investigate a business proposition of Dustys. When Sierra mentions that she wants to check it out with Craig, Dusty gets upset. They argue over Sierras attachment to Craig, given what Craig has done to both her husband and to Lucy. Ultimately, they resolve their differences and plan their trip.

Source: CBS

12447 :49x218 - Ep. #12447

Carly and Lily, who are trailing Julia and Keith respectively, continually try to spring a trap. As Lily keeps watch over Keiths new Lakeview suite, Cary sees Holden and Luke come face-to-face with an especially attractive Julia at Java. A hostile Luke keeps Julia from explaining and she runs off. She goes to Keiths room, embraces him, and asks for his help. Lily and Carly then call Holden over to the Lakeview to tell him about Julias rendezvous with another man. Holden, disgusted with the insinuation but unable to help himself, rushes up to the room and confronts Julia and Keith. Carly and Lily arrive behind him and all are shocked to learn that Keith is Julias brother! Barbara calls Paul to a meeting at the jail to keep him busy while Rosanna begins her hypnosis of Emily. Barbara explains that she knows about Emilys plans of perjury but Paul ignores her threats and leaves. Meanwhile, a conflicted Rosanna is successfully hypnotizing Emily, getting her to believe Rosanna actually drugged her, until Paul enters and wonders what Rosannas doing. Aaron remains frustrated by Bens orders of abstinence until Ben finally gives Aaron a clean bill of health. Meanwhile, Alison realizes that Rafael has not sent the letter to his family about his career. Later, Aaron and Alison head home to make love. Meanwhile, a large box of oranges arrives for a baffled Rafael and when its opened, a beautiful young girl appears!

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12448 :49x219 - Ep. #12448

Rosannas plan is nearly exposed but a call from Tom informing them that Barbaras deposition is today snaps Emily out of her trance. They all head down to the station but Rosanna is concerned that she didnt get to plant the final trigger in Emilys mind. However, when Tom begins questioning Emily, she has a flashback of Rosanna giving her the drug and gasps in horror. Carly and Lily are suspicious of Julias claims, but a picture proves that she and Keith are in fact brother and sister. Keith unloads on Carly while an angry Holden confronts Lily and announces that he wants a divorce. Carly remains unapologetic and Keith grows alarmed when he hears more of the facts surrounding Julias involvement with other peoples husbands. Later, Julia reassures Keith and begs him to keep mum about what happened to her in El Paso. Celia, Rafaels sister, has shipped herself to Oakdale and surprised her brother. As Rafael chastises her for taking such a dangerous risk in coming here, she reveals that she has no intention of going back to Montega. Meanwhile, Aaron and Alisons efforts to make love are thwarted when they realize their keys are missing. They return to Metro, and meet Celia. Aaron saves the day when an INS agent shows up for a meeting with Rafael. Rafael is warned by the INS agent to keep to the straight and narrow and Rafi feels he must get his sister back to Montega fast.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12449 :49x220 - Ep. #12449

Its Katie and Henrys wedding day. Jennifer tries to get Mike to talk about his feelings, but he shuts her down. Meanwhile, Henry worries that Mike might stop the wedding. Margo asks Katie if shes sure about marrying Henry and Katie insists she loves Henry. Just as the ceremony is to begin, Henry tells Mike hed gladly step aside for someone Katie loves more than him. Mike visits Katie in the locker room and questions whether she can live a life without passion. Katie responds that shes had passion and it didnt work. Shes ready to give it a go with a man who loves her unconditionally. Mike doesnt say anything to stop her, and Katie bids him goodbye. The wedding then begins and the minister asks if anyone objects. Emily freezes when asked if she remembers who drugged her. She runs from the interrogation room, leaving Barbara to wonder if Rosannas hypnosis of Emily worked. When Emily says it wasnt Barbara who drugged her, Paul accuses his mother of threatening Emily but Barbara tells him to finally accept that shes innocent. Later, Rosanna gets a call from James warning her not to let her emotions get in her way. Emily then shows up, and declares that she knows it was Rosanna who drugged her. On a business trip, Dusty and Sierra tour a spa that they are interested in buying. Sierra teases Dusty into taking a mud bath. Later, the spas owners inform the World Wide team that theyre not interested in selling to an impersonal corporation. However, Sierra claims that she and Dusty are married and that theirs is a family business.

Source: CBS

12450 :49x221 - Ep. #12450

Katie and Henry get married! Katie declares her love to Henry and no one is more shocked that the wedding took place than a thrilled Henry. After the wedding, Mike goes through the motions of the dutiful best man, but Jennifer notices the toll it takes on him. Later, Craig takes Jennifer away to give a pitch to Scott Reeves, a famous country western singer, to feature him in ads for her new line. Scott balks until Jennifer challenges him to a game of pool that she wins, securing the deal. When Jennifer returns to the wedding, she finds Mike deep in thought in the gym locker room. Emily declares that she knows it was Rosanna who drugged her but Rosanna advises Emily not to repeat this to anyone. Paul enters and questions Emily as to why she got Barbara off. Upset Emily rushes out and goes looking for answers. She finds Susan and asks if the suggestibility drug could be causing her confusion. Later, Hal finds a shaky Emily and takes her home to spend Valentines Day together. Meanwhile, Paul is surprised at how well Rosanna is taking everything and is determined to get to the bottom of things. Dusty and Sierra continue the charade that they are married to the owners of the spa, but a guilty Sierra winds up telling the truth. The owners are charmed by her and appreciate her honesty and say they have a deal. Desperate Alison and Aaron attempt to make love in the car and are thwarted by a cop who tells them to get a room.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Brian Gaskill as B.J. Green | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Randolph Mantooth as Hal Munson | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes | Marie Masters as Susan Stewart

12451 :49x222 - Ep. #12451

At the police station, Jack rails at Carly for the latest fiasco with Keith. She desperately tries to explain, but a furious Jack insists Carly must stay out of Holden and Lilys problems. After, Keith shows up and warns Carly that he will be looking after Julia from now on. Jack tells Keith not to threaten his wife. Meanwhile, Julia is delighted that Holden wants a divorce. He is going through marriage counseling for the kids sake, and plans to end his marriage. Now married, Katie and Henry wonder what to do next. Back home, Katie is touched by everything he has done. However, it suddenly becomes awkward as they realize its become their wedding night. Henry doesnt expect them to sleep together and Katie assures Henry she loves him, she just isnt ready. He asks if he can just hold her tonight, and she says yes. Meanwhile, Jennifer accuses Mike of not dealing with his feelings for Katie. Mike admits that he is shocked that Katie actually went through with the wedding, but his future is with Jennifer. They stop in the gym to share a Valentines Day dance but remain troubled. Aaron and Alison come home to find Celia singing and dancing amongst the mess shes made. She gushes about how shes going to be a famous singer, just like her brothers a famous boxer and Aaron and Alison suddenly realize Celia doesnt know the truth about the fight. Meanwhile, Rafi looks to Lucinda for help with Celia. Rafi and Lucinda head over to Aarons and explain shes offered to let Celia move into the pool house with Rafi. Celia is thrilled to be going to her brothers mansion but he says that they have a lot to talk about. Meanwhile, alone at last, Alison and Aaron finally make love!

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12452 :49x223 - Ep. #12452

During Lily and Holdens marriage counseling session, Lily asks Holden if he loves her. When he hesitates, Luke bursts in and appeals to his father. Trying to calm his son, Holden admits that there is a part of him that will never stop loving Lily. Meanwhile, Keith comes to pick up JJ from Carly and is upset to find that Carly has allowed JJ to go off with a friend from school. He accuses her of yet again trying to undermine Julia and when the conversation gets heated, Keith blurts out something about Julias troubles in El Paso. Covering, he declares that hes going to tell Julia not to let JJ go anywhere near Jack ever again. After, Carly meets up with Lily and informs her there is dirt to be dug about Julias past in El Paso. But Lily, encouraged off her session with Holden, insists it wont be necessary. Meanwhile, Holden goes to Julia to explain hes going to be spending more time with his family. Paul tries to find out why Emily changed her story. He gets her to re-enact what she remembers about being hypnotized and she has another memory of Rosanna. Paul realizes that Emily thinks that Rosanna is the one who drugged her. Emily confesses that she does think Rosanna did it and shocks Paul be declaring that the woman he's married to is capable of anything. Meanwhile, Will confronts Barbara, demanding to know what she did to Emily to make her change her story. Hes disappointed but Barbara maintains her innocence. Later, Will goes to Alison, who has just spent a blissful night with Aaron. Aaron leaves them alone and Will pours out his heart to her. He is embarrassed for her to see him break down but when she puts her arms around him, he kisses her.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Brian Gaskill as B.J. Green | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Dillon Blustone as Daniel Hughes

12453 :49x224 - Ep. #12453

Lily is optimistic to have Holden spend time with the family at home. When Emma cautions Lily not to get her hopes up, Lily is shaken up, but remains determined to be positive. Meanwhile, Holden assures a nervous Julia that hes still going through with the divorce. To prove hes not going away, he offers the keys to his car to Julia, who is having car trouble. Later, Holden takes a cab and winds up in a fender bender. Meanwhile, Luke is suspicious when Holden is late and calls Julias apartment asking for him. Julia gives him a cryptic response. After, when Holden calls Lily about running late, Luke voices his suspicions to his mother. Carly finds Holdens car parked outside Julias, and alerts Lily, who takes off. Meanwhile, Keith warns Julia to watch out for the women in Holdens life. Holden makes it home to find a shocked Carly while Lily barges in on Julia, demanding to see her husband. Rosanna assures Barbara that she has seen to her release. Paul tracks Rosanna down at the police station. He confronts Rosanna about what Emily said and Rosanna tries to play it off, saying Emilys state of mind is fragile right now. Paul learns that the charges against Barbara have been dropped. Rosanna pretends to be distraught, and then emotionally begs Paul to drop his vendetta against Barbara. Paul backs off, but is surprised to discover that it wasnt Jessica who secured his mothers release. Alison tries to gently deal with Wills spontaneous kiss but winds up alienating him. Meanwhile, Rafi and Lucinda are struggling with a rebellious Celia who doesnt want to go back to Montega. Rafi then tells Celia the truth about his boxing career and she is heartbroken. She dashes off and Rafi would go after her, but Aaron insists he stay at work. Later, Celia runs to Alison and asks to stay with her.

Source: CBS

12454 :49x225 - Ep. #12454

Carly realizes that Holden was telling the truth about being in an accident. Meanwhile, Lily is angrily confronting Julia. Julia provokes her and when Holden bursts in, he finds Lily physically attacking Julia. He pulls the women apart and tells Lily theres no point in continuing with their counseling, divorce is inevitable. A devastated Lily wishes Julia dead. Meanwhile, Keith informs Jack that his fatherly relationship with JJ is to be terminated due to Carlys dislike for the child. Jack goes to confront Carly, reminding his wife that she promised to stop meddling in Julias life. Jack can sense Carlys nervousness and demands to know where Lily is. Rosanna surprises Paul by suggesting they raise a child together. After, at Java, Paul breaks it to Will that Emily believes Rosanna was the one who drugged her and Will shocks Paul by thinking this makes sense. Will admits that Rosanna should be afraid of him, considering what happened to Rose, but a furious Paul wont believe it. Meanwhile, Rosanna gets a call from James claiming he is in the upstairs nursery. She runs upstairs and finds James holding Cabot in his arms. Shes overwhelmed with emotion, but James wont leave and explains their negotiations arent complete. Craig and Jennifer are toasting her success at business and billiards when a newly free Barbara waltzes in and praises her daughter. Barbara goes on that she cant wait until mother and daughter team up and begin designing together. But, Jennifer and Craig make it clear that Street Jeans is Jennifers company and she doesnt want or need Barbaras input. Barbara explains that because BRO wasnt completely dissolved when Street Jeans was formed, she does and will have a say in its future.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Aidan Wagner as Cabot / Jimmy

12455 :49x226 - Ep. #12455

Barbara senses the tension between Will and Paul and demands to know whats going on but Paul storms out. Barbara gets Will to admit that Emily is blaming Rosanna for the hauntings. Will apologizes to his mother for suspectin her and they make amends. Meanwhile, James informs Rosanna that the only way shell get Cabot back is if she leaves Oakdale for good - with James. Rosanna insists that Paul will never let her go but James says its up to Rosanna to keep that from happening. Later, a cold Rosanna tells Paul that Emily was right. Carly admits to sending Lily over to Julias after spotting Holdens car in Julias driveway. Jack blasts her for breaking her promise yet again. Meanwhile, an appalled Holden insists that Lily leave, then comforts a shaken Julia. After, Holden announces that hes having Julia get a restraining order against Lily. Lily breaks down and Carly vows to find out what Julia did in El Paso. Meanwhile, Jack arrives at Julias for damage control, but she says that after the stunt Lily and Carly pulled today, she doesnt want JJ anywhere near Carly or Jack. At the Lakeview, an upset Jennifer fills Mike in on Barbaras claim on Street Jeans. Mike agrees that Jennifer has no choice but to quit the company. When Sierra returns from her business trip with Dusty, she compliments Craig on Street Jeans and Craig cant tell her about Jennifer resigning. After, Craig begins to pressure Jennifer to change her mind, but Mike steps in and orders Craig to stop. Later, Mike overhears Henry teasing Katie about snoring and wrongly assumes they made love on their wedding night. Craig points out Jennifers discomfort watching Mike and Katie. Meanwhile, Dusty and Sierra receive a package of mud from their friends at the spa and get into a mud fight. During the struggle, they find their lips inches apart and quickly pull back.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Aidan Wagner as Cabot / Jimmy

12456 :49x227 - Ep. #12456

James reveals to Barbara his plan to destroy Paul by taking Rosanna away from him and he needs her help to make sure Paul doesnt follow her. Meanwhile, Rosanna gives a heart wrenching performance and tells Paul that she never loved him and that she orchestrated the hautings to hurt him. She leaves him devastated, vowing she will never see him again. After, she meets with James and is thrilled to be reunited with Cabot. James orders her to say goodbye to Oakdale forever, but Rosanna remains hopeful. Later, Barbara finds Paul a wreck. Alison is won over by Celia and agrees to help her stay in Oakdale. Meanwhile, Rafael gets the passport from Sierra that will allow Celia to return home. When Rafael shows up at Aarons apartment looking for Celia, Alison cant convince him to change his mind to let her stay. She sends Celia to Metro where she meets Casey, who is setting up a music system for Metros new Karaoke night. Celia gets on stage and begins to sing, just as Rafael enters. Craig strikes out yet again when he tries to get Jennifer to change her mind about quitting Street Jeans. Later, when he confesses the problem to Sierra, she urges him to do whatever is necessary to get Jennifer back. Meanwhile, Mikes growing discomfort about Katie and Henrys marriage is evident to Jennifer. When Jennifer and Mike show up at the cottage to retrieve something Mike left behind, the discussion turns to having children when some of Henrys old childrens books appear. Later, Jennifer urges an unnerved Mike to admit that hes still in love with Katie. Meanwhile, Katie says she thinks it would be wonderful if Henry had children and Henry wonders if Katie is saying she wants to have children with him.

Source: CBS

12457 :49x228 - Ep. #12457

Carly and Lily learn from a private investigator theyve hired that theres a warrant out for Julias arrest on drug charges back in El Paso. Although Lily is hesitant, they decide to confront Julia with what they now know and get her to leave town. Meanwhile, Keith warns Julia that shes playing with fire by keeping her legal woes a secret. He urges her to go back to El Paso and deal with it but Julia refuses and threatens to disappear with JJ again if Keith doesnt drop it. Mike admits to Jennifer that he is jealous of Katie and Henry but only because he wants to start a family of his own. Jennifer gently explains that shes too focused on her career to think about a family right now, and Mike understands. Meanwhile, Katie evades when Henry brings up the subject of children. Craig shows up and tries to convince Katie that she shouldnt have married Henry when its clearly Mike she loves. She denies, but gets upset. Determined to break up Mike and Jen so she will concentrate on Street Jeans, Craig needles Henry who admits that though hes not the one Katie really wanted, things have changed between them. Later, Craig assures Henry that he knows Henry will do the right thing because he only wants Katie to be happy. After seeing Celia sing, Rafael agrees to let his sister stay in Oakdale. Sierra is hesitant but ultimately agrees to help with the INS. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Alison hes worried about Rafaels attitude, but Alison assures him that Rafis just been preoccupied with his sisters situation. Later, Casey asks Celia out on a date. Rafael steps in and says no way, making it clear to Celia that if she wants to stay in the U.S., she has to play by his rules.

Source: CBS

12458 :49x229 - Ep. #12458

A devastated Paul receives divorce papers in the mail. Meanwhile, Rosanna is horrified to realize that James plans to marry her once the divorce is final. Paul refuses to believe that his marriage is over, but Emily convinces him that he must move on. Eventually, he signs the papers, and James receives word immediately. James then slips a ring on Rosannas finger, ready to marry her. Henry shocks Katie when he reveals that he is ready to be a husband to Katie in every sense of the word. Katie agrees to give it a shot. They begin to kiss and as things heat up, Katie breaks down in Henrys arms and admits she cant do this. Meanwhile, Barbara attempts to use what has happened with Paul to appeal to Jennifers emotions and bring her back to Street Jeans but Mike points out that Babs is up to her old tricks. Barbara is shut down but when she leaves, Mike makes a subtle proposal by assuring Jennifer that her family wont always be a mess. Alison reassures Aarons first-night jitters, certain that Metros grand re-opening will be a complete success. Meanwhile, as Rafael is doing last minute chores to prepare for the opening, he catches Celia planning to attend an audition in Chicago and quickly puts a stop to it. But, Casey comes up with an excuse for Celia and whisks her away. Aaron arrives and everything is going well until a building code officer arrives for an impromptu inspection and declares that there is no way the club is opening tonight.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Doug Olear as Conrad Henderson

12459 :49x230 - Ep. #12459

Julia and Holden arrive at the police station to take out a restraining order against Lily. Later, Luke learns about Holden taking legal action against Lily. Extremely upset, Luke insults Holden and declares hes not his father. Lily slaps him and Luke races out of the house. Meanwhile, Carly blasts Keith for taking JJ away from Jack but Keith points out that Carly has only herself to blame. Elsewhere, Luke trashes Julias apartment. Later, Luke confesses to his mother what he did. Horrified, Lily sends him to his room and insists on cleaning up Lukes mess. Meanwhile, Jack walks in on a heated conversation between Keith and Julia at the police station. As Jack questions Keith, Julia returns home and finds Lily standing amidst the mess. Jennifer questions what Mike meant when he said he wanted to be her family and Mike admits he is proposing. Jennifer loves Mike, but she wants to remain focused on her career, not a family right now. After, Jennifer wonders whether she did the right thing. Later, after considering it, Jennifer says shes changed her mind and wants to accept his proposal but Craig stops her. Meanwhile, Katie tries to explain why she cant make love to Henry and Henry says he understands that shes still in love with Mike. Katie confides in Margo, who is surprised that regardless, Katie wants to stay married to Henry. Meanwhile, Henry meets with Craig, and learns that Aaron and Alison are shopping for a contractor to fix up Metro. He persuades Aaron to call Mike and Alison to call Katie, arranging for Mike and Katie to come face-to-face. Dusty and Sierra meet with an attorney about their West Coast spa franchise. Later, a letter from Lucy arrives and Dusty learns that Lucys moved on and started dating. A sympathetic Sierra advises he do the same and Dusty confesses he was hoping Lucy would come back to Oakdale. Later, hit harder than hes admitting, Dusty goes to get a drink.

Source: CBS
Director: Habib Azar

12460 :49x231 - Ep. #12460

Even though violating the restraining order could land her in jail, Lily takes responsibility for trashing Julias apartment. When Julia threatens to call the police, Lily blackmails Julia to leave Oakdale or she will turn her in for her troubles in El Paso. Julia begs for mercy, but unfazed, Lily places a call to the Sheriffs Department in El Paso. Julia suddenly attacks her. The women struggle and Lily pushes Julia who falls and hits her head on the coffee table! Meanwhile, Carly runs into Jack, who has decided to sever all ties with Julia and her family. Carly is pleased but unable to reach Lily. Meanwhile, Luke lashes out at Holden for what hes done to Lily. After, Keith tells Holden that Julias threatening to cut him out of her life and hints that theres something not right with Julia. Thanks to Henry, Katie and Mike are alone in Metro. Katie assures Mike that Henry was being premature about starting a family and Mike is visibly relieved. When Katie gets upset that shes not good enough for Henry, Mike comforts her. Meanwhile, Craig tries to talk Jennifer out of accepting Mikes proposal, but she is determined to find Mike and agree to marry him. Later, Craig joins a melancholy Henry who says he did his part and its in fates hands now. Meanwhile, Jennifer enters Metro and finds Katie in Mikes arms. Devastated, she slips out unseen, returns to Craig and vows to stay on at Street Jeans. Having learned there is a problem in the spa deal, Sierra goes looking for Dusty and finds him drunk. Sierra drags Dusty to his room where she throws him into a cold shower and pumps him full of hot coffee. Sierra orders Dusty to keep his mouth shut but when Lucinda presents her plan to deal with Hazel and Stanley, Dusty blurts that its a horrible idea!

Source: CBS

12461 :49x232 - Ep. #12461

Lily tries to attend to a moaning Julia, but flees when Keith pounds on the door. Meanwhile, Holden calls Jack to help him locate a missing Luke. Emma and Jack both try to get Holden to see that Julia is trouble, but he wont hear it. Meanwhile, a frantic Lily arrives to fill Carly in. They go back to Julias apartment to check on her, where they find her dead! Horrified Carly wants to call the police but Lily convinces her that it was all a terrible accident and they work to clean up the mess. Later, Holden comes to the apartment and finds Julia dead. Metro opens and Aaron is a success. Rafael is worried because Celia hasnt returned from running errands, but Alison assures him that Celias in good hands with Casey. Meanwhile, Casey and Celia are in Chicago and have been waiting for hours for Celia to audition. When shes finally called, she gets hit with a case of stage fright but after a pep talk from Casey, she goes in. She is promptly shut down by a harsh judge and rushes out in tears. Casey goes to bat for her and Celia is grateful, but when the two head back to the car to make their way home, they realize the car has been stolen. Meanwhile, Aaron is taking trash out to the alley behind Metro when he spots Luke burning something in a drum can. When Aaron questions, Luke is vague and explains how hes just out getting some air off his fight with Holden. After, Luke begs his brother not to tell anyone he saw him there. When Dusty makes a good pitch to Lucinda that saves the spa deal, both Sierra and Lucinda are impressed. Lucinda leaves and Sierra and Dusty says he hopes he can be the man Sierra, Lucinda and Lucy think he can be. Later, he puts Lucys letter away, having resolved to move on.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Peter Appel as Music Judge | Amanda Powell as Rachel | Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12462 :49x233 - Ep. #12462

Holden summons Jack to Julias apartment, where he assumes her death was an accident. He then learns that Keith has checked out of the Lakeview. When the police turn up no prints, Holden is convinced that someone wiped it down and Julia was murdered. Meanwhile, Luke reveals that he went back to Julias apartment and found her lying there. He discovered Lilys gloves, and burned them. Horrified by her sons actions, Lily explains that it was an accident, and urges Luke to tell the truth. Later, Carly shows up to coordinate Lilys alibi, but Lily wants to come clean. Luke convinces Lily not to go to the police for the sake of her children. Will gets a call from Casey and Celia in Chicago asking for a ride home. He goes to pick them up and on the way home, Casey and Celia continue to bond while Will can only think of Alison. Meanwhile, Emily comes to see Paul. He is puzzled that he didnt see the signs in Rosanna and thinks maybe there is more to the story. Later, amongst his mail thats been piling since Rosannas departure, Paul finds two plane tickets to go on a romantic getaway for their 1st anniversary - nearly nine months from now! Paul is convinced its proof that Rosanna truly loved him. The new management party at Metro is hopping but Rafael cant help but worry about his sister. Alison offers to cover for him and he takes off to look for Celia. When Metro gets even busier, Aaron gets upset when he realizes Rafael isnt around. Later, Tom and Margo note that Casey has a serious crush. Rafael scolds Celia for going to the audition without his permission. Later, Celia tries to get to know Will, but he insists that once she finds out about him she wont want to be friends anymore. Meanwhile, Rafael thanks Alison for being so understanding and promises this wont happen again.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12463 :49x234 - Ep. #12463

Lily is having second thoughts about lying, but Carly persuades her to let things be. Meanwhile, Luke goes to Metro and begs Aaron not to mention seeing him in the alley. Afterwards, Luke fishes Lilys partially burned gloves out of the drum can and pockets them. At the police station, Keith voluntarily comes in for questioning but when he learns of Julias death and the questions get too pointed, Keith accuses Carly and Lily of being the ones who killed his sister. Keith storms out and Holden admits Keith sounded innocent to him. Jack still thinks somethings up with Keith but Holden leaves troubled. Later, Lily comes home to find Holden waiting to talk to her about Julias death. Meanwhile, Carly watches Jack break the heartbreaking news to JJ as Keith shows up to claim him. Jennifer is frantic about the upcoming Street Jeans media event where Scott Reeves is scheduled to perform. Craig calms her and convinces her not to walk out on the company by promising to get rid of Barbara. Later, Craig expertly plays Barbara and persuades her to go to Paris on behalf of the company. Margo invites Celia to lunch with the family. Afraid his mom will grill her, Casey begs Will to come to as a buffer. Meanwhile, Celia questions Alison about mysterious Will and learns he accidentally killed his brothers fiance. Later, when Celia reveals to Will that she knows about his past, an angry Will tells Alison to quit trying to make him her charity case.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega | Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12464 :49x235 - Ep. #12464

Keith is prepared to take JJ and leave Oakdale for good, but Jack is suspicious. Later, Jack heads to the station where he meets with a woman who has evidence in Julias case. Meanwhile, Holden confronts Lily about her role in Julias death and brings up the fact that Lily did wish Julia dead. Overwhelmed, Lily nearly breaks down and confesses but she decides to keep quiet when Luke shows up. After, Holden and Lily check on JJ and Lily is completely distraught when she sees how devastated he is. Later, when Keith returns with the paper work to claim JJ, Jack arrives and shocks everyone by saying he has evidence that Keith is the killer. Emily is there for Paul as he heads to the airport, determined to fly to Santo Domingo to find his wife and get to the bottom of what is really going on. At the airport, he thinks he sees Rosanna, but it turns out to be Barbara preparing to fly to Paris for Street Jeans business. Barbara urges Paul to forget about his wife but when she says too much, Paul becomes suspicious and he insists she come clean. Alison and Will exchange heated words over Wills obvious crush and his inability to deal with it. Meanwhile, Celia convinces Rafael to let her go to lunch with Casey and his parents, as long as Will takes her. At the lunch, Celia rambles on about her singing career and disinterest in school until Will pulls her aside and warns her that she is blowing it with Tom and Margo. He makes her realize that her interests dont necessarily coincide with those of Caseys parents, and, eager to make a good impression, Celia changes her tune.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega | Dylan Denton as J.J. Larabee | Jake Weary as Luke Snyder | Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey
Director: Michael Eilbaum

12465 :49x236 - Ep. #12465

Holden, Lily, Carly and are shocked when Jack explains how Keith went to Julias safe deposit box and took out documents that were only valid in the event of Julias death. Keith argues it was sheer coincidence but Jack hauls him down to the station. Jack learns that Keith stood to benefit financially from Julias death. In addition, one of Julia's neighbors reports seeing Keith banging on Julia's door the day she died. An enraged Holden attacks Keith and later, Jack reads Keith his rights. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Lily wants to come clean but Carly points out that Keith does not appear completely innocent and convinces Lily to keep quiet for now. At Craigs urging, Henry decides he must get out of Katies life so she can have another chance with Mike. Having discovered that Katie and Margo have discussed their non-existent sex life, Henry becomes overwhelmed and is rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Although it was a panic attack, Henry lies and convinces Mike that his condition is serious and he needs to go to New York for treatment, without Katies knowledge. He makes Mike promise to take care of Katie in his absence. Later, Henry claims he is going home for a family emergency, and Katie wants to go with him. Meanwhile, Mike tells Jennifer that he may not be there at the start of her Street Jeans event because of his promise to help Henry. Mike is surprised when Jennifer assures him its no big deal. He is concerned that Jennifer has agreed to work with her mother, but Jennifer insists that Craig has taken care of Barbara which doesnt put Mike at ease. At the airport, Paul has second thoughts about listening to anything Barbara has to say about Rosanna until she produces a nasty letter written in Rosannas handwriting. Paul is devastated and blows off his mothers attempts to console him. Later, James reveals himself to Barbara and explains that he forced Rosanna to write the letter.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12466 :49x237 - Ep. #12466

As Aaron is preparing to host the Street Jeans press party at Metro, he is becoming increasingly upset that Rafi is never around when he needs him. Meanwhile, Sierra informs Rafi and Celia that Celias visa has been approved and she can start school. After, Dusty and Rafael finally have a heart to heart about the boxing fiasco. Jennifer is anxiously preparing for her big presentation, explaining to a concerned Mike that she isnt angry he wont be there. A pleased Craig compliments her handling of their Street Jeans event. Meanwhile, James alerts Barbara that Craig and Jennifer conspired to get her out of town. Outraged, Barbara cancels her trip and returns to Oakdale. As Jennifer begins her presentation to Sierra, Dusty, Lucinda and the fashion press, Barbara bursts in, determined to steal the spotlight. But, Craig quickly whisks her away. Meanwhile, Jennifer recovers and cues Blue County to begin performing. After the presentation, Jennifer confronts her mother, but Barbara warns Jennifer if shes thinking of hitching her wagon to Craigs star, her life as she knows it is over. Meanwhile, starstruck Celia enlists Caseys help in recording an impromptu demo CD she can give to Scott Reeves. She later thanks Casey with a kiss. Henry talks Katie out of accompanying him on his trip home to see his family. Later, when Mike gives him a ride to the airport, Henry urges him to look in on Katie as often as possible while Henrys away. After, Henry calls Craig and lets him know that if Mike and Katie dont get together soon, hes reclaiming his wife. Later, Mike shows up at Katies and finds her in tears. She confesses that something she said may have caused Henrys panic attack.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega
Director: Habib Azar

12467 :49x238 - Ep. #12467

Jennifer and Barbara continue to argue and Jen washes her hands of her mom. Meanwhile, Craig confronts Sierra on her involvement with Dusty after seeing their closeness at the Street Jeans event. Sierra lets Craig have it but later admits shes concerned to Dusty. He offers to help get Craig out of her life but Sierra declines. Meanwhile, Henry asks if he can crash with Craig and he agrees to get Henry another room at the Lakeview. Jennifer comes to Craigs door looking for him but finds Dusty instead who warns her to watch out for Craig. Frustrated Jennifer tells yet another person to stay the hell out of her business and goes inside. Later, Craig finds Jennifer stewing in his room. She vents to him all her problems and suddenly, they end up in a kiss! Aaron gets on Rafis case for not working hard enough and Alison defends him. Meanwhile, Celia enlists Casey and Wills to help her deal with Rafi. Will apologizes to Alison for their fight. Later, Scott Reeves compliments Celia on her voice and offers to put her in touch with his agent but Rafael bursts Celias bubble again. Barbara arrives to beg Will for help in breaking up Jennifer and Craigs partnership, and Alison accuses Barbara of being jealous of her daughters success. Barbara is livid, but Will warns his mom to leave Alison alone. Later, Alison thanks Will for standing up for her as Aaron watches from afar. Katie confesses that she and Henry have not consummated their marriage, and she and Mike are finally honest with each other about their feelings. As they almost kiss, Henry calls and the moment is lost as Katie asks about her husbands health. But Henry has been standing at the window the entire time and witnessed Katie and Mikes close moment.

Source: CBS
Director: Habib Azar

12468 :49x239 - Ep. #12468

Jennifer wakes up horrified after realizing she slept with Craig. She tries to lay all the responsibility at Craigs feet, but he refuses to take all the blame. Meanwhile, Katie reassures Mike at the Lakeview when he explains Jennifer didnt come home last night. Across the lounge, Henry watches in disguise. Katie innocently suggests Mike question Craig about Jennifers whereabouts. Later, when Mike shows up at Craigs, Jennifer hides in the bathroom while Craig lays a guilt trip on Mike for not attending the Street Jeans party. Mike leaves and Jennifer is even more embarrassed. She sneaks out, half-dressed and disheveled as she unknowingly crosses paths with a disguised Henry. Henry promptly heads to Craigs apartment and socks him. Later, a guilty Jennifer finds Mike and Katie in the lounge. Having retrieved the partially burned gloves from the alley, Luke tries to finish the job but is caught by Lucinda. He tries to cover but Lucinda doesnt buy it. Meanwhile, against Carlys better judgment, Lily decides to expose Julias illegal El Paso past to the authorities in order to taint Holdens perception of her. Lucinda arrives to tell Lily that shes concerned about Luke. Meanwhile, Tom informs Jack that they need physical evidence in order to prosecute Keith, who demands his release. Later, a cop shows up at the police station with Luke, claming he had been lingering around Julias apartment. Holden tries to talk to Luke, but he gets defensive and takes off. Another cop appears with news of a print found on Julias watchband. Luke returns home and is forced to face Lucinda. After Lucinda leaves, Luke tells a nervous Lily and Carly that the cops found a print. Meanwhile, Jack gets the results and it shows that the print doesnt belong to Keith. A concerned Holden starts to suspect Luke may have more to do with Julias death than hes letting on.

Source: CBS

12469 :49x240 - Ep. #12469

When Luke tells Lily that another print was found at Julias, Lily realizes the only thing to do is confess to Julias murder. Luke and Carly try to convince her not to, but Lily wont back down. Carly convinces Lily to allow her to come along but she wont let Luke to join them at the station. Meanwhile, Jack admits to Holden he may not be able to keep Keith much longer. Later, a Texas Ranger shows up with an arrest warrant for Julia and reveals that Julia was wanted on drug charges. Jack is further convinced of Keiths innocence when it's evident that Keith knew about the charges and didnt use the information to get JJ. A visit from Lucinda piques Holdens suspicions that Luke is hiding something. Holden questions Lily about why she has been covering for Luke but she gives him an answer that he seems to accept. Later, a curious Lucinda finds what remains of the gloves Lukes been trying to burn. Jennifer cant bring herself to tell Mike about her night with Craig. Meanwhile, Henry threatens that he will tell Katie that her backstabbing, snake of a brother tried to ruin her marriage. But, Craig warns that if Henry spills about Craigs scheme, hell have to admit his part in it. Henry finally decides to keep quiet but later, his own secret of going out of town to see family is about to be exposed when Mike reveals to Katie that Henry has been lying to her. Paul is distraught when he discovers movers clearing out his and Rosannas house. He announces that hes going to give up on love, but Emily urges him not to. After, Barbara arrives to enlist Pauls help in keeping Jennifer away from Craig. He eventually agrees to help, but only if its on his terms, not Barbaras.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12470 :49x241 - Ep. #12470

Lucinda confronts Luke with the partially burned glove she found in her fireplace but he continues to stonewall. Jack asks Carly to put aside her feelings for Julia and come to her memorial service for JJs sake. Later, Lily offers to go to the service with Holden for moral support. Lucinda presses Lily about Luke, but Lily avoids the questions and enlists her mother to baby-sit. Later, Luke becomes very agitated when he learns where his mom went and runs off. At the church, JJ kisses the photo of his mother as Luke enters quietly in the back. When Holden begins to eulogize Julia, Luke races down the aisle shouting that Julia deserved to die. Craig comes to Metro looking for Jennifer and finds Sierra instead. After a tip from Dusty, Sierra wonders if something is going on with Craig and Jennifer. Craig tries to turn the discussion back to Sierra and Dusty, but Dusty insists that he and Sierra would never be more than friends. Meanwhile, Jennifer attempts to confide in Paul about her night with Craig but cant do it. Later, Craig calls Jen on her cell and acts as though nothing has happened and a furious Jennifer hangs up on him. Meanwhile, a bitter Paul vacates Fairwinds. Rafael brings Celia to her first day of school dressed in ugly clothes. When Rafael leaves, Celia goes to change into some hipper clothes but is accosted by some mean girls in the bathroom. Casey and Will come to her rescue. Later, Rafael goes back to Metro after dropping Celia off but an angry Aaron fires him. Alison tells Rafael she can probably convince Aaron to keep Rafi if they do a good job setting up for dinner. At the end of the school day, when Celia goes to her locker, she finds her backpack has been stolen. Will has an idea who might have taken it and goes off. Celia waits in the bathroom, as a terrified Casey faces an impatient Rafael who demands to know where his sister is.

Source: CBS

12471 :49x242 - Ep. #12471

Lily and Holden are horrified as Luke, who has interrupted the service, tears up the memorial program in anger. Later, Aaron reveals to Holden that on the night Julia died he saw Luke burning something in the alley behind Metro and how he begged Aaron not to mention it to anyone. Holden is convinced that Luke is responsible for Julias death and prepares to present the torn up program to Jack. Meanwhile, Carly tries to keep Lily calm. When Luke arrives home, a freaked Lily tells him that his grandstanding has to stop or hell attract too much attention to himself! Craig advises a distraught Jennifer to come clean with Mike and clear her conscience. Meanwhile, off of Mikes reveal that Henry is in fact sick and not visiting family, Katie frantically searches for Henry and Mike offers to help. Katie refuses, insisting that they are in such a good place right now and she doesnt want to risk their friendship. Meanwhile, Henry is at Metro, frustrated and missing his wife. He calls Craig over and says he doesnt want to play any more games but Craig advises him not to come clean with Katie to save face with her. Later, Henry returns home and is embraced by worried Katie. But Henry declares that he cant ignore the love that exists between Katie and Mike any longer. Meanwhile, a frazzled Jennifer comes home to Mike and finds herself on the brink of confessing. Casey, Will and Celia scramble to cover with Rafi as they retrieve Celias clothes. Will finds them in the mean girls locker and gets them to Celia. After, the mean girls show up and realizing Will is responsible, they taunt him about his past. Casey stands up for Will. Meanwhile, Celia learns Rafael has lost his job and encourages him that they will be okay.

Source: CBS

12472 :49x243 - Ep. #12472

A distraught Lily confides in Carly her fears that Luke could be the killer. Meanwhile, an anguished Holden hands the funeral program that Luke ripped up over to Jack and tells him the fingerprints on it might match the one they found on Julias watchband. Jack is dubious of Lukes involvement but Holden explains the evidence against him. At the police station, Holden recalls fond memories of Lukes childhood while Jack examines Lukes fingerprints. Keith is released from jail and comes to confront Lily and Carly, accusing them of being involved in Julias murder. As things get violent, Luke enters and demands Keith leave his mother alone. Jack and Holden show up and Jack shocks everyone when he reveals that Lukes fingerprint from the funeral program matches the one found on Julias watchband. A horrified Lily then tells everyone Luke didn't kill Julia - she did! Henry admits to Katie that he was at the window and saw her and Mike almost kiss. He realizes that Katie and Mike would have made love had Henry not interrupted but Katie insists that hes wrong. She kisses him passionately to prove it. Henry is shocked, but responds and they make love. Meanwhile, Jennifer is close to telling Mike the truth about her night with Craig. But when Mike explains how his near kiss with Katie has proven to him how devoted he is to Jennifer, Jennifer ends up making love to Mike rather than confessing. Meanwhile, Barbara offers Craig money and power in exchange for staying out of Jennifers life. Craig refuses, certain that Jennifer is a rising star and theyre a team no on can break up. Later, Craig goes by Jennifers house and sees Jennifer and Mike kissing.

Source: CBS

12473 :49x244 - Ep. #12473

Desperate to keep each other out of trouble, Lily and Luke both confess to killing Julia. Keith tries to get Jack to arrest them all, including Carly, but Jack is determined to get to the truth. Later, Carly tries to support Lilys version of events, but Jack sees shes hiding something and threatens to leave her if she doesnt come clean. To Lilys chagrin, Carly confesses that Lily told her Luke had trashed Julias place. With Lukes confession and the matching fingerprint, Jack has no choice but to arrest Luke, leaving Lily devastated. Henry is in denial that Katie really enjoyed their lovemaking but she convinces him that he was great. Later, Mike calls Katie to check on Henry and is surprised to find Henry home and healthy. As they are talking, Henry is pleased that things are going well with Mike and Jennifer and Mike picks up on something in his tone. Mike and Jennifer enjoy the afterglow of their night of passion. Jennifer is unnerved as Mike talks about how there are to be no more secrets between them, but she clings to him, determined to make this relationship work. Later, shes thrown for a loop when Craig shows up and announces that they have to go to Singapore for a business trip. Jennifer refuses to go with him, but Craig informs her theyre a package deal and if she doesnt go along, shell lose both her business and Mike. Unaware of whats really going on, Mike stands up for Jennifer and tells Craig hes got to respect some boundaries. Meanwhile, Barbara appeals to Sierra, mother-to-mother, to keep Jennifer from falling into Craigs web. Sierra ignores Barbaras concerns, but later, she admits to Dusty that she thinks they need to keep an eye on Craig.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12474 :49x245 - Ep. #12474

Jennifer leaves Mike a note saying shes gone to work early, but she really goes to tell Sierra she wants Craig out of Street Jeans. Craig silently dares Jennifer to tell Sierra the real truth behind her problem with him, but Jennifer cant do it. Sierra leaves, telling them to work out their personal problems themselves. Craig lets Jennifer have it for going to Sierra. Jennifer insists that shes not budging from the company, but Craig counters that if she cuts him out, shed better be prepared to lose Mike. Meanwhile, Henry has called Craig to say hes so happy and wont risk it by spilling what he knows about Craig and Jennifer. Later, Mike stops by Henry and Katies place to find out if Henry is hiding anything. Henry covers but reveals that his sickness was a lie and Mike is angry. Alone with Katie, Mike confesses that Craigs putting too much pressure on Jennifer while Henry continues to be concerned about what he knows. Lily lays into Carly for betraying her and her son. Meanwhile, Luke wonders if the reason Holden turned him in was because he hated him. Holden vows that he will always love Luke and though he doesnt believe Lukes guilty, he wants to get him help. They have a warm moment and Holden almost gets him to open up, but an officer interrupts, having to take Luke to his arraignment. Lily then sees them and tries to get Luke to talk to her, but he walks off. With Luke gone, Holden blames Lily for acting so irresponsibly and making Luke look guiltier. Lily assures Holden that it wasnt Luke and that shes going to find the evidence to make sure everyone believes her. With that, she sets off to ask Keith for help. Later, when Carly checks in on Jack, he is cold and informs her that thanks to her, Keith is coming to claim JJ.

Source: CBS

12475 :49x246 - Ep. #12475

Lily surprises Keith when she presents him with solid evidence that could put her away for his sisters murder. Shes thrown when he hesitates, accusing her of using him to protect her son. Lily doesnt deny wanting to spare Luke but insists that she did kill Julia. Later, Keith shows up at Jacks with Lilys evidence. Meanwhile, after Jessicas failed attempt to persuade Luke to give up the notion of a guilty plea, Holden tries to convince his son not to throw his life away but Luke continues to stick to his story. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack face off over Carlys lie that she knew nothing about Lily and Lukes role in Julias murder. Into this argument comes JJ who has one final good bye with Jack before leaving with Keith. The moment is emotional but when Keith prepares to leave, he stops causing everyone to wonder if he really does intend to go. Sierra reveals to Dusty her concerns about Craigs involvement with Street Jeans and with Jennifer. Dusty offers to talk to Jennifer and Sierra agrees to question Craig. Later, when Sierra suggests Craig think about taking a break from Street Jeans, he is curt and she realizes Barbara may not have been so wrong after all. Meanwhile, Craig smoothly reminds Jennifer all she stands to lose should she pursue the idea of cutting him out of Street Jeans. Later, after a talk with Dusty about Craig and honesty, Jennifer feels determined to tell Mike the truth. She goes home to Mike who has drawn up plans to build her an office close to home, and prepares to tell him her secret.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12476 :49x247 - Ep. #12476

Aaron and Holden try to reach Luke and keep him out of prison but can't do it. Meanwhile, Keith gives Jack Lilys letter, which he claims he found in Julias apartment. Carly is suspicious while Jack takes the letter to the station and he, Holden and Tom use it to try and challenge Lukes story. Carly confronts Lily who stonewalls but realizing that Keith did in fact do as she asked and turned in the letter, rushes to the station. Later, Carly tracks down Keith and tries to get him to admit the truth about the letter. At the police station, Lily arrives, prepared to make a confession, just as a cornered Luke is admitting he didnt kill Julia. Jennifer comes clean with Mike about sleeping with Craig. Mike is stunned, furious and ultimately devastated as Jennifer owns up to her mistake. Jennifer pleads for Mike to forgive her, but when Mike declares that hes not sure he really knows who Jennifer is, she realizes she must go. After a final apology and declaration of love, Jennifer moves to the door when Mike suddenly tells her not to go. Rafael continues to have a hard time finding a new job. When his troubles begin to affect Casey and Celia, Will intercedes and asks Alison to help get Rafael his job back at Metro. Alison talks to Aaron, who offers Rafi his job back. While Alison gets Rafael his job back, she also manages to convince him to let Celia and Casey hang out together, provided she act as chaperone. Once Will gets word that the four of them could be hanging out, he likes the idea of being Alisons date.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12477 :49x248 - Ep. #12477

Carly implores Keith to admit that Lily gave him the letter proving her guilt but gets nowhere. Meanwhile, Lily announces to her son and all that she lied about Julias death being an accident and that she did in fact kill her. Luke is devastated but Holden remains suspicious and questions Lily after she has been arrested. Determined to keep Luke out of trouble, Lily sticks to her story and stuns Holden when she declares that she is no longer the Lily he knew before. Carly arrives at the station to plead Lilys case and is shocked when she is arrested for being an accessory after the fact. Carly is brought down to the cell next to Lily where she makes clear she will not allow Lilys lie to separate Carly from Jack and her children. Meanwhile, Jack prepares to tell Parker that his mother might not be home for a while. Elsewhere, Keith wonders if he has really done the right thing. Jennifer is shocked and overwhelmed when Mike admits that he cant bear to see her go and wants to try and get past her mistake. Later, Mike wonders why Jennifer decided to confess. She is forced to admit that Craig threatened to tell Mike all if Jennifer didnt remain devoted to him and to Street Jeans. Mike is enraged that Craig would blackmail her and heads over to Street Jeans to punch Craig out. Meanwhile, Katie questions Henry about whats bothering him and she slowly gets him to admit the truth about seeing a half-undressed Jennifer coming out of Craigs room. When Katie asks why he was holding back, Henry reveals he was insecure about Mike once again being single. Katie insists that Henry must have faith in their relationship but when she takes off to tell Mike the truth, she finds herself face-to-face with Jennifer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12478 :49x249 - Ep. #12478

Carly begs Lily to reconsider her confession now that she has also been arrested but Lily remains adamant about her guilt. Later, Carly calls Emily for a favor. Meanwhile, Keith comes to visit Lily, needing confirmation that Lily is not covering for her son. Lily assures him that she will go to jail for the crime of killing his sister. Meanwhile, Holden asks Jessica for help in getting Lily to consider an insanity plea but Lily rejects the idea. Meanwhile, as Jack is breaking the horrible news to Parker about his mother, they unexpectedly run into Keith and JJ on their way out of Oakdale. As a happy JJ is once again reunited with Jack, Jack makes it clear he doesnt believe Keiths story about finding the letter. But, as an uncomfortable Keith tries to get JJ to leave with him, all are stunned by the arrival of Les. Meanwhile, Carly receives a tape recorder from Emily and tries to get Lily to admit the truth. Katie is stunned to learn that Jennifer has told Mike the truth about Craig and that Mike is willing to give the relationship another try. Meanwhile, a furious Mike makes it clear to Craig that his time at Street Jeans is now over and he will see to it that Jennifer and Sierra have him removed. A desperate Craig then goes to Barbara and takes her up on her offer she had previously made, to set him up with an independent company and keep him away from Jennifer and Street Jeans. Unaware of whats going on, Barbara is pleased. After, Craig goes into the BRO offices and steals Jennifers designs. Meanwhile, Mike finds Katie comforting a distraught Jennifer and thanks her for her help. Katie wonders if Mike is really doing the right thing by taking Jennifer back and Mike is not too sure that he is.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12479 :49x250 - Ep. #12479

Carly tries to get Lily to tell her the truth on tape, but Lily catches on, pulling the recorder out of Carlys pocket and stomping on it. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Holden team up to help Lily. Later, Lucinda startles Lily by warning her that everything she does is out of love for her daughter. At the arraignment, Jessica insists that Lily is not mentally fit to make any decisions. Keith lashes out, assuming Lily is trying to get away with murder. Jack and Keith try to stop Les from taking JJ, but Les has a court order granting him custody. JJ is terrified, but Jack sees that the best way to fight Les is for Keith to get his own court order. Keith promises JJ hell get him back. Jack has a poignant good-bye with JJ, who bravely goes to Les. Later, Jack brings Parker to see an emotional Carly and they promise to work together as a family to overcome their troubles. Will is thrilled, thinking that he and Alison are going to double date with Celia and Casey at Als. But Alison sets up Gwen, an old friend, to take her place as Wills date. Casey and Celia share their first kiss before he brings her back to Metro. Meanwhile, an upset Will rejects Gwens advances and an angry Gwen calls him a loser. Will pushes her out of the car and smashes the dashboard with his fist. Meanwhile, Alison has promised Aaron not to get too involved in other peoples problems when a call from Gwen alerts her to what happened. Alison goes to him, and although Will angrily tells her to leave him alone, she stays and tries to bandage his bleeding hand.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12480 :49x251 - Ep. #12480

Lily insists that she knew nothing about Jessica, Holden and Lucindas decision to declare her mentally incompetent, but Keith feels hes been betrayed. Later, when something Lily says tips Keith off that she might in fact not be the guilty party, he vows to get to the truth by taking matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Carlys concerned about what will happen if Lily continues to stick to her story of killing Julia in cold blood. Jack assures Carly that hes going to find a way around this, just like hes going to figure out a way to get JJ away from Les. Later, Jack asks Jessica what she knows about child custody cases and she refers him to a Genoa City lawyer, Michael Baldwin, who specializes in the field. Despite Wills insistence that Alison leave him alone, she refuses to go until he tells her how he busted up his hand. When Alison starts to question whether she was the reason, he denies it, insisting the person hes most angry at is himself for not being like normal kids his age. She is sympathetic to his fragile state but inadvertently gives him hope for the future when she suggests they keep what happened tonight between the two of them. Celia worries Casey wont want to date her if Rafael keeps acting like hes going to kill him for being interested in his sister. Casey assures her that shes well worth the trouble until Rafael shows up and finds them together. Caseys frightened but Rafi surprises Casey and his sister by keeping calm and thanking Casey for bringing his sister home safely.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kin Shriner as Keith Morrissey

12481 :49x252 - Ep. #12481

Though Dusty finds it hard to believe, Sierra is certain that Craig is on the up and up when it comes to Street Jeans and is glad he and Jennifer have apparently put their troubles behind them. Later, a distraught Jennifer confesses to Dusty her night with Craig and that hes been blackmailing her. Sierra then enters and learns the truth, promising Jennifer that she will handle Craig. Sierra calls Craig to her office and just as he hands her his letter of resignation, Sierra rips it up and fires him. But Craig is already in business with Barbara, and declares that hes going to crush Street Jeans. Meanwhile, Barbara meets with Paul to gloat about her success in removing Craig from Jennifers life but Paul questions her motives. Later, Barbara, Paul, Dusty and Jennifer are shocked to realize that Jennifers sketches and designs have been stolen. Katie tells a relieved Henry that everything is out in the open and looking good for Mike and Jennifer. Later, Henry wonders if thats really true when he spots a sad Mike sitting by himself. With Henrys permission, Katie goes to speak to Mike and learns he is having trouble getting Jennifers act of infidelity out of his head. Aaron discovers Wills bloodied shirt and Alison confesses that she tended to Wills wounds when he had a little accident. Aaron presses and Alison comes clean. Aaron worries that Will is a powder keg ready to explode but Alison does her best to ease his mind and the couple make love. Meanwhile, Will is unable to shake his feelings for Alison. He heads over to her apartment with flowers in hand but leaves before knocking when hears the happy sounds of Alison and Aaron inside. At school, Celia questions Will about the flowers and he claims that they are a gift for her, just as Casey walks by.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 02, 1956
Ended: September 17, 2010
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