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As The World Turns: Ep. #12267

Rosanna confides in Carly she has a plan in motion to get her lawyers to nullify the adoption contract naming Jordan as the father. Meanwhile, Jennifer goes to Craig and asks about the agency in which Cabot was placed in hopes of finding out who is behind this whole mess. Meanwhile, Jordan learns that Barbara received flowers from James Stenbeck. When he questions her about James, she brushes him off. Craig calls Rosanna and threatens to put a wrench into her plans by suing for joint custody of Cabot. A fuming Rosanna goes to Fairwinds and announces that Craig is evicted and thanks to her, broke! Back at the hospital, Barbara catches Jennifer and Jordan in a kiss. Barbara pulls her daughter aside, and Jen explains the truth about Jordan and Rosannas sham marriage. Jennifer reveals that someone, possibly dangerous and powerful, is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Barbara realizes it might be James and asks Walker to take her to see him. Later, despite warnings from Jordan, Jennifer continues to pursue the issue and pretends to be Rosanna as she sets up a meeting with Annabelle. Meanwhile, Rosanna gets the DNA test results and learns Jordan is Cabots biological father. Simon surprises Katie by masquerading as a doctor and taking her out of Deerbrook. Back at the cottage, Simon tells Katie that hes turned informant for the Australian government. Hes out of danger and wants her back. Meanwhile, Pilar questions Mike about his aloofness from last night. Mike claims hes just distracted with work. Margo and Mike decide to lean on Russ to see if hell crack. But when they get to the police station, they discover Russ has bailed himself out (thanks to Pilar). Meanwhile, Russ calls Pilar and says hes not leaving until he gets whats promised to him.

Source: CBS

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