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As The World Turns: Ep. #12276

Upon their discovery that Jordan is in fact James son, Paul and Barbara rush back to Oakdale with the proof. Meanwhile, an edgy Rosanna lambastes Carly for letting Jennifer into her suite to find those test results. Carly assures Rosanna she didnt do it on purpose and Rosanna confides to Carly her fears of Cabots lineage. Paul arrives and confirms Rosannas worst nightmare. Meanwhile, Jennifer informs Barbara that Jordan is visiting James. Barbara alerts Paul that Jordan and James are together and Paul leaves to find out whats going on. At the prison, James explains his involvement in Jordans life but doesnt reveal that Jordan is his son. The two men face off. Paul enters, assuming Jordan knows the truth and blurts it out to a shocked Jordan. Mike tells Katie he finally believes her about Pilar but she maintains that it doesnt change anything. Shes with Simon now and she has to trust him again. Meanwhile, Pilar lets Simon have it. It turns out that Simon hired Pilar to come back to Oakdale to break up Mike and Katie. Pilar insists she wants the money he promised her but Simon refuses. Pilar threatens to go to Katie with everything, but Simon knows she stole Katies jewelry. She pleads her case and he agrees to think about what to do next. Later, Simon gives Katie back her jewels and vows to never break another promise to her again. Elsewhere, Mike kicks Pilar out of the cottage. At the shooting range, Margo cant get her kiss with Doc out of her head. Doc seeks her out and says he knows she wants him like he wants her; its only a matter of time. He gives her his room key and leaves it up to her. Later, Margo arrives in front of his door with his key.

Source: CBS

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