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As The World Turns: Ep. #12282

While Dusty meets with Craig and Alan, Lucy manages to get free. Craig agrees to protect Lucy, so Dusty reveals her location. Meanwhile, Lucy is about to escape when her real kidnappers arrive, dressed as state troopers. They try to convince her to come with them, but she recognizes them and hides in the bathroom. Dusty grabs her as she is climbing out the bathroom window. Craig, Hal and Alan arrive at the abandoned house, finding only the bloody towel that Lucy used when she cut herself climbing out the window. Eslewhere, Lucy accuses Dusty of sending the kidnappers to get her but Dusty swears he had nothing to do with their return. Dusty lays down the law to Lucy and says that she can stay with him and hell try to help her outor she can take off on her own. Katie is stunned when Simon says he wants to leave right away and live in Australia indefinitely. Pilar returns and tells Simon that she wants him to convince Mike that Katie has changed her mind about Pilar. Simon says that Mike will never believe that. Pilar warns that Simon had better make him believe it by tonight, or Simons marriage is over. Katie finally agrees to go to Australia, but insists on having a going away party first. Walker advises Barbara to back off of Jennifer and Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan gets a letter from Stenbeck at Barbaras suite, and Jennifer realizes that Stenbeck is having them watched. Barbara and Walker show up and Barbara announces that she wont try to come between them, as long as Jordan has nothing to do with James. Later, a box of cigars arrives at the suite with a note for Jordan from James. Barbara vows that James may have Jordan in his grasp, but he will never have her daughter.

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