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As The World Turns: Ep. #12296

Jill tells Margo shell keep quiet on the condition that Margo helps Jill get Doc into bed. Meanwhile, Tom warns Doc to stay away from Margo. Margo comes to the hospital looking for Jessica and runs into Doc. She explains the situation with Jill and Tom and Bob almost catch them talking. Doc is forced to hide under Bobs desk while Margo gets rid of them. When they are alone, Doc insists he doesnt want any part of Jill. Margo begs for Docs help and he agrees to think about it. Later, Margo confides in Jessica about Jill blackmailing her. Margo mentions that Tom found a compact near Docs car, and Jessica realizes that it is hers. Spooked, Rosanna resolves to find out who moved Cabot. Paul theorizes that Phyllis must have moved the baby. Rosanna admits to Paul how grateful she is for his help. Elsewhere, Barbara is having lunch with Walker and gets a call from James reporting that he has already started creating problems at Fairwinds. Barbara calls Paul and confirms this. Walker notes Barbaras improved mood and she suggests they host a party together to announce their relationship. Chris and Emily manage to get a hold of the key while pretending to be part of the tango class. They decide to team up to get the keys for Alison as a wedding present. Outside, Aaron cant believe Alison is engaged. She is able to convince him how wonderful a wedding present the keys would make. Later, Alison tells Chris about partnering with Aaron, but he keeps his partnership with Emily a secret.

Source: CBS

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