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As The World Turns: Ep. #12299

At Java, Jordan and Jennifer are relieved when a woman returns Cabot, and assume it was an innocent mix-up. Back at Fairwinds, Barbara eavesdrops as Jordan explains what happened. Paul and Rosanna finally tell Jordan and Jennifer about Cabots movements around the house and Paul realizes this has James written all over it. Paul, Rosanna, Jordan and Jennifer make a pact that until this is resolved, one of them will always be with Cabot. Later, Paul and Rosanna end up in a passionate kiss. Theyre on the verge of making love when Cabot cries, interrupting. Barbara calls James, filling him in on the latest at Fairwinds. James admits nothing, but is obviously pleased. Margo is shocked to learn that Jessica is pregnant and didnt tell her. Jessica covers. They make amends, but later, a suspicious Margo calls the Harbor View Inn. At Java, Kim confronts Doc with a letter from Jill. Doc swears Jill is just trying to make trouble because he rejected her, but Kim knows this is about Margo. She orders Doc to end the problem or hes fired. Dusty manages to sneak into the window of Lucys room. Shes thrilled to see him. Dusty informs her that hes got a lead on Don Creel. Lucy gives him her good luck charm, which she puts around his neck. She tells him to be careful, and kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, Don and Wade catch up with Craig at Metro and threaten to rat him out unless he pays them a million dollars. Craig arranges to meet Don tomorrow. He vows to settle this once and for all, pulling a gun out from under the bar. At Lilys house, Holden blindsides Lily when he announces that hes offered to let Molly stay there with them. Carly says her cousin can stay at her place, where Jack can protect her, but Molly insists that she feels safer with Holden.

Source: CBS

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