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As The World Turns: Ep. #12326

Chris and Emily hide under a bed, but Aaron and Alison discover them. They come clean regarding the six keys and point Alison in the direction of the next one. Alison is ecstatic about finding her fifth key, oblivious to Chris and Emilys discomfort around each other. Later, Chris promises to do right by Alison and Aaron begrudgingly agrees not to say anything about the kiss. Convinced that Julia is his wife, Jack asks her to take him home. She rushes out of the room, overwhelmed and not sure what to do. Dr. Greenwood entreats her to continue to play along. Julia returns to Jack and tends to his fever. Later, Julia is sent home and Jack checks himself out of the hospital on a search for anything that could jog his memory. Meanwhile, Carly and Parker head back to the bridge so Parker can send Jack his letter. Carly finds comfort in Parkers hope. They return home to Mike and Sage when Holden arrives. He urges Carly to finally hold a memorial for Jack, and while not entirely ready, she agrees. At the police station, Barbara denies any knowledge of Rosanna and Cabots whereabouts. Jordan and Jennifer accuse her of helping James escape but Barbara attempts to defend herself. Meanwhile, James invites Paul into the cabin, and gives him a choice. He explains that theres bomb on the premises and Paul will only have enough time to rescue either Rosanna or Cabot - but not both. James flees and Paul is faced with the decision. Rosanna calls out for him to save Cabot first, but Paul decides to free Rosanna and takes her to safety. Just as hes about to go back in for Cabot, the cabin explodes!

Source: CBS

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